Prostitute Stories: Lil Bit


Prostitute Stories: Lil Bit
When you’ve been cruising for whores for as long as I have you become experienced enough that you start to see patterns. You meet similar types of people, see similar behaviors, similar body types, personalities. These in turn help you develop guidelines for how to approach certain women or warning signs on women to avoid. For example here’s a sample of some of my guidelines based on experience.

If a girl gets in your car and the first thing out of her mouth is how much the date is going to cost and how long the date is going to last kick her out. These kinds of girls ALWAYS give you bad service, complain about how long you’re taking, may even try to get out of doing the date after being paid.

If at any point once a girl is in your car and she reaches to change the radio station without even asking you kick her out. The same goes for using your charger for her cell. This girl has no respect for you or your things. She’s the type that’s not afraid to cause a scene, not afraid to damage your stuff, and bold enough to attempt to steal from you.

If a girl doesn’t say a word to you and just ignores you on her cell phone kick her out. She is talking to the next date she’s lining up and will rush the hell out of your date so she can move onto him.

Sorry I already got off track back to the main point. One of the strangest things I’ve experienced over my years of doing this is running into girls with the nickname “Lil Bit” I’ve lived in a bunch of cities all across the country. In the 4 cities that I’ve stayed the longest I’ve met girls named “Lil Bit” in each one. Strangely all 4 of these girls had a number of things in common. All of these girls were black, all of them were either 18 or 19, all of them were extremely skinny, all of them were under 5 ft tall, all of them were slightly bow legged, all of them had their hair braided in cornrows, and all of them had the exact same sexy stance. It was a natural arch in their back that made their asses stick way out. How fucking weird and specific is that!? Absolutely true though. In fact these attributes were so consistent that when I met the 4th girl I predicted her name before she even said a word to me and sure as shit I was right. Each one of these girls were a fantastic experience. So now I have a rule if her name is “Lil Bit” do whatever she wants. LOL. Don’t Haggle, don’t complain, it’s going to be amazing. This story is about the very first Lil Bit I met.

This was several years ago before I lived in California I was visiting one of the cities I had lived in previously and I had the whole week off. I was staying in a hotel and my goal was to have non stop pussy going in and out of that hotel room the entire trip. It was working out too I had something like 2 girls a day. The day before I had to return I was supposed to meet up with some friends but I decided to go grab a sandwich first from one of my favorite places the next city over. On my way to the restaurant I pass this skinny little black girl who seems to be singing to herself and kind of bopping along on the sidewalk. I thought nothing of her at that moment I wasn’t looking for a date and she in no way looked like a working girl so I kept moving. I picked up my sandwich and on the way back I saw the girl again still bopping along my ho radar started tingling but I wasn’t taking it seriously so I continued driving. After a few blocks my curiosity got the better of me and I pulled a U turn and just figured I’d see what’s up with this girl. I backtracked to the same spot and sure enough she was still there and it’s on this third pass I was fairly sure she was a working girl. At this point I had never seen a girl working that young so my instincts were getting thrown off by her look. I’m going to briefly stop here to explain. In a number of my stories so far I’ve mentioned that I can tell with certainty when a girl is working but up until now I haven’t explained how. So here’s how you know.

When I say I can tell a girl is a prostitute, more specifically street walker, you probably think I’m looking for someone dressed in high heels and a tight dress walking sexy, Julia Roberts in pretty woman. While I certainly have met them, I’ve already told stories with girls dressed like this so of course they do exist. However most places across the country will never see this it’s rare. California is an exception but I’ll get into that some other story. No what I’m looking for is not the clothing I’m looking at behavior. When normal people walk on the street they are doing so because they’re going somewhere, so their body language reflects this they’re focused on where they’re going. Girls that walk the street aren’t going anywhere so they look like they’re loitering, walking aimlessly. They walk slow so the fact that I passed this girl, got a sandwich, passed her again, made a u turn by that third time I saw her that girl was basically still around the same spot. These girls also tend to walk alone unless their friends are hooking too that’s the only time you’ll see groups. 90% of the time though they’re alone. Another huge sign I only noticed after many, many years of doing this is the vast majority of hookers don’t walk around with purses again I’d say like 90%. Every woman you see walking anywhere has a purse. Prostitutes don’t walk with purses because they don’t want to get robbed. Lastly, and this is the dead give away, hookers are watching traffic when they walk. If you see a girl doing all these things you can be pretty sure she’s a hooker. If a woman fits this description and it’s late at night in a bad neighborhood there is a 100% chance she’s a hooker.

So earlier when I said on the third pass I was fairly sure this cute little thing was out on the street working it’s because I saw her watching traffic and as I drove by we fucking locked eyes. So now she knew that I knew. After waiting for traffic I tried to pull another u turn and of course now that I know she’s working I can’t find her. This happens so often! I start circling around the block but no sign. I turn down a side street and I’m slowly driving by and look in my rear view there she is in the middle of the street, running to catch up, and waiving me down. I stop the car and let her in.

At this age I was so obsessed with older women that I realized I’d been with very few women my own age let alone younger. This chick was a bundle of energy. She hopped right in and gave me this huge hug. “Oh my god thanks for picking me up! Ooh you’ve got a nice car.” She was so warm and friendly I was immediately at ease. She was also talking a mile a minute just such a sweetheart and in such a good mood. I had never met anyone that was so excited to do a date. She had dark smooth skin. She was dressed nicely with a jean skirt, a sweater with pink and blue swirls all over, her hair was pulled back into one large puff and she had on a pink headband. She was very petite, very girly. “So you’ve got me now, where are we going?” Yea so this was the one problem. We weren’t close to my hotel room and even if she agreed to go there I was also pressed for time. I decide to just get a quick BJ in the car. I was breaking one of my own rules, I normally don’t do anything in my car, but for certain girls I take the risk.

We find a quiet area in a parking lot and as soon as I parked the car, her seat belt was off, and she was bent over the center console with my dick in her mouth. She was bobbing her head up and down sucking me hard and fast just the way I like it. She sucked the tip nice and slow then she would put the whole thing in her mouth hard and fast. The thing that drove me crazy was she clearly looked like she was getting turned on. Not acting, everything just seemed so genuine with this girl. She was moaning loudly with my dick in her mouth. I pulled up her skirt and had my hand resting on her ass, I could feel her gyrating hips. She paused and lifted her head, “Are you sure you don’t want to do more?” I tell her I do but I can’t. She starts sucking me again, her ass waiving back and forth. She’s getting antsy and can’t keep her little body still. She stops a second time, looks up at me right in the eye with this sheepish, pleading expression “My pussy is really wet”. I reach back there and pull her panties to the side. Holy shit! She’s not lying. That beautiful, young, smooth, bare, black pussy was soaking wet glistening in the light. She was staring me down I felt like she was begging me to fuck her without saying a word. I couldn’t help myself I rubbed her pussy and slid my fingers back and forth over her clit. She starts moaning loudly. I slid my fingers right inside of her and her tiny little body started jerking all over the place, her hips shooting up and down trying to fuck my fingers. If anyone were to come by my car window they would’ve seen quite a show.

Sliding my fingers deep inside her was the key to make this girl go absolutely insane. She put her arms around me and started sucking my neck and then kissing me. For such a young girl she was not shy about what she liked and seemed to know exactly what she was doing. She leaned back, lifted her shirt and started pinching and pulling on her nipples. It looked fucking amazing. “I like having them sucked.” I pulled her closer and put those fat nipples into my mouth. She had perky tits and her nipples were so hard they almost pointed straight up. Her tits in my mouth, my fingers in her pussy, and her hand jerking my dick I was in heaven and it seemed like she was too. She went back to work on my dick which was standing at full attention now. Her small wet mouth was enough I was ready to explode. I told her I was about to cum. With most girls this is a warning so they don’t get anything in their mouth. She was the opposite she started taking me deeper and deeper. I shot a load in her mouth and she sucked it all up without saying a word. She continued to suck me even after I finished. When she was sure I was done she sat up kneeling in my seat and shot me a big smile. Cum was dripping from her face, her tits sticking out wet from the saliva, her pussy peaking through that skirt lifted around her waist. I was instantly in love and in that moment I honestly wanted to take this girl home with me.

I was going to be busy the rest of the night with friends and I let her know that I was leaving the next day but I couldn’t leave without seeing her again. I told her I had a room the next city over till noon If she was willing to get up early, I’d pick her up to spend the morning with me. She enthusiastically agreed to this and we exchanged numbers.

I couldn’t concentrate the rest of the night all I could think about was how badly I wanted to fuck that girl the next morning. I made up some excuse with my friends, left early and called it a night. The next morning I woke up early and called her immediately. I must have woke her up she sounded tired. I was showered and out of there in a flash I raced across town to pick her up. I arrived and called her to come out but what came out was a little surprising. I was expecting to see the sweet young girl with the puffy hair that I saw yesterday. Instead what came running out was this young tomboy wearing a baggy shirt and shorts with green camo and boots. There was no makeup and her hair was braided into these thick corn rows. She looked so different I almost didn’t recognize her. She jumped in the car “Hey what’s up?” I didn’t even bother asking why she looked so different I just took off back to the motel.

We get inside I put down our stuff and get comfortable. We chit chat for a bit before Lil Bit says “I’m ready to have some fun! I need to take a shower though” No problem. She hops in the shower I get undressed and watch TV trying not to jerk off. It seems like this shower’s taking an eternity but it was probably only 10 minutes. That’s how it is when you can’t wait to fuck.

The water turns off and out she comes with a towel wrapped around her chest. She walks over to me with this funny smirk on her face that breaks into this huge smile. She pulls open the towel, arms outstretched then pulls it around me in a hug her head resting against my chest grinning from ear to ear. I’ve never experienced a warmth like this with a working girl. I swear to god it melted my heart. She looked up at me digging her chin in my chest I bent down to kiss her. She leaned into me hard and we collapsed onto the bed giggling. She climbed on top of me kissing my neck, she smelled so fresh and clean. She continued to kiss me down to my chest, down to my stomach, down to my thighs. I was so fucking hard, she tugged on my dick and put my fat head straight into that little tiny mouth of hers. She sat there cradled between my legs, no rush, very lovingly sucking my cock. She would glance up at me locking eyes, sometimes lifting her head with that beautiful smile of hers “You really like this huh?” I was in fucking heaven. It was the second time I thought I want to take this girl home with me.

Lil Bit raises up and stretches, arching her back, those hard chocolate nipples pointing toward the ceiling. She straddles me grabs me below and guides my stiff thick rod into her tiny, wet, pink slit. This was the tightest pussy I’d ever felt. She winced as she rocked back and forth opening up for me each time going deeper and deeper. She leaned forward and placed both hands on my chest lifting her tiny little frame up and down on my cock. She starts rocking her hips faster and faster then slams down hard on my dick she moans and throws her head back her body starts jerking and twitching. I lean up and grab her tiny little ass she wraps her arms around my neck and her legs around my hips. “Did you just cum baby?” She looks into my eyes and nods yes. “Good girl” she kisses me on the lips then starts riding me. She’s grinding me hard and fast I look down and her crotch is a frothy mess. “God damn girl!” Seeing her pussy covered in that sweaty whipped cream made me stiff as a board. I grabbed her by her tiny little hips my fingers almost touching on each side. She unwrapped her legs and spread them as far as she could and I started pounding the everlasting shit out of her. “Oh shit! Oh shit! Fuck! FUCK! FUUUUUCCKKKK!”

Fucking a girl so compact is honestly the most fun thing ever it’s sex on another level. I spun this girl into whatever position I wanted, throwing her from one side of the bed to the other. She was such a trooper not once did she complain or ask about the time. Again she was genuinely having just as much fun as I was. After damn near an hour we collapsed on each other. She rested her head against my chest. “It’s too bad this is your last day here we should have met earlier”. I agreed. She kept rubbing my stomach and gave me little pecks on my chest and my neck. We talked about her family and how she dropped out of school and was running the streets. I tried to give her some advice that I know was easier said than done. She politely listened until she got tired of hearing it I guess because her hands were making their way right back onto my dick. Before I knew it my cock was back in her mouth. I didn’t tell her a thing I didn’t ask her to do anything I simply let the girl do what she wanted for however long she wanted. She was in what would be a 69 position if her pussy could reach my lips and her mouth was sealed onto my cock for so long that I eventually had to actually pry her off of me.

This time I bent her over and fucked her from the back. It was the first time I noticed she actually had a cute little bubble butt. She grunted and grabbed the sheets as she pushed back harder into me. I gave her cute little ass a wack and she screamed and flinched. Now I got the perfect view of my dick disappearing into that neon pink pussy. I grabbed two fistfuls of that little black bubble and started pumping her. I’m mesmerized by her literal brown eye staring me in the face. I rested my thumb there to test her reaction . . . nothing. I pressed on it hard again she flinched and pulled away but this time she was giggling. I pulled her right back and slid my cock back in. I decided not to push it with the anal she was already enough of a treat but I’m pretty sure she would’ve taken it up the ass. Either way at this point I was sexually at my limit. I got more than my moneys worth with this girl. I pulled out and jerked off shooting a huge load all over her back. She hops up and drags me out of the bed into the shower with her. We wash up and play some more and wash up again 😉

We used up every last second of that room before we finally left. The maid knocked on the door to kick us out. You should have seen the look of surprise on the maids face when we walked out to my car holding hands. It was priceless. I drove her all the way back home. Before dropping her off we made out in the car for a while. It would be months later until I came back into town and of course the first thing I did was try to call her. Unfortunately by that time the number was disconnected. I never saw that cute little girl again but I think about her all the time.


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