PREMED CFNM II: School Female Bathroom

PREMED CFNM II: School Female Bathroom
It was a pretty goodnight sleep, I said to myself as I slowly open my eyes and slowly stretch out all my limbs. I turn my head to look at the clock. “Oh my god!” It was 20 mins before our meeting time. I definitely going to be late.
I forgot all about the event for this morning and had to run to be there as fast as I can.

I made it and saw them all in the end of the renovated hallway. I was late for 10 mins.

Mindy: I thought you are backing off.

Susie: Relax Ray and take a rest. Our professor has an urgent meeting to attend, lab class will start an hour late.

Chaira: So we still have an hour free to go slow.

Ray: Is Dayna’s late?

I was still out of breath and have to go down the floor to sit in the corner.

Susie: I ask Dayna to get things we needed for you. Here she is.

Dayna has almost the same height and body built as my cousin Betty. The only difference is her shapely hip and firm butt. She was wearing a headband with a cute small red ribbon. Her hair was wavy and cut short to her shoulder. She also have a baby face and her lips seems smaller than everybody else. She was sucking a lollipop as she approach Susie.

Dayna: Petri dish and test tube. And the most important facial tissue.

Dayna speak as she pulled the rep lolipop in and out of her mouth. I can hear her sucking it repeatedly.

Heidi: Hello everybody! Hello Ray!

Heidi would be the best of them all. Her asian body is my type. Her waist are so narrow and her hips glide as she walk. If Mindy wear her slim fit uniform, Heidi has the maturing body that just made her body shape show off out of her uniform. She likes her outfit tight as if it was force to fit from a slim and hot body.

Ray: Hello Heidi!

Heidi: Are you ready Ray?

She asked me with a sparkling pretty eyes.

Ray: I think so?

As stood up to show my manly courage.

Heidi: I know so Ray, I know so,…

Then she gave me a big smile and then Mindy smile too.

Mindy: Ray you need to start now. The construction worker will start at 10AM. We should be done by then.

Ray: Can you let me know in case somebody is coming?

Susie: No worries, they usually come later after 10Am

Mindy: You can count on us, Ray. Now go! Female bathroom please.

That hallway near our laboratory was actually under renovation. Including two rooms and the two bathroom.

I start walking towards the bathroom door and enter. It was a little bit messy inside and I can still smell the fresh paint. There was four toilet available but I thought it would be cool if I do it in front of the bathroom mirror.

I usually enjoy masturbating in front of a mirror while I fantasize. I turn my head and check if the door was close behind me. I place the Petri dish near the faucet. Facing the long mirror I open my pants and pull down my pants halfway.

I close my eyes and imagine that they were all around me. Heidi, Mindy, Chaira, Dayna and Susie.

I imagine that Heidi started to caress my penis. Her hands on my underwear and massaging it. I got a hard on and begin to slowly squeeze the head of my growing cock with her finger. She gently squeeze and rolling it under her fingertips.

I saw Mindy stand behind me and put her hand between my legs and gently grabs my balls with her warm hands and squeeze it softly.

Chaira step in to my side and slip her hand and pull out my half erected cock. She wrapped her hand around my shaft and start stroking.

Heidi put her tip of her index finger on the drop coming out of my penis and rub it back on the head.

Dayna grab another glistening drop on the tip of my cock with her fingertips and played it by rubbing it between her finger. Like a curious girl observing the consistency of my sticky precum.

Mindy: Hey Ray!
I’ve been cut off suddenly and left my wild visualization. I open my eyes from the voice. I heard somebody .

Heidi: Ray, are you done or not?

I turn my head around while hurriedly pulled my pants up and trying to cover myself behind a post. I saw the door was open but I don’t see them.

Mindy: We don’t have much time Ray.

I heard Mindy voice from the open door and then Mindy and Heidi show themselves slowly from the door and without realizing they start laughing.

In a moment all of them start entering the room and giggling as well.

They were actually looking on the reflection of my bare butt on the mirror behind though I thought I was covered well by the post in front of me.

Heidi: Are you having trouble releasing it?

Ray: Actually kinda slow to make it hard. Give me some more time, I guess the place is not just comfortable for me.

Heidi: We were all talking and finally decided to help you since we owe you this much. And since this is for the sake of science I hope you don’t mind?

Ray: I— I am confused, I don’t mind what?

Mindy: Are you comfortable to the idea of helping you to release it? We can all give you a hand Ray. A —- Hands – Job?

Ray: I — I don’t know.
I hid my self behind the post

Mindy: There is five of us times two, equal additional ten hands. And theres three virgin hands Ray. you will be doing a huge favor for them as the subject of study.

They were all teasing and smiling as a show back my face to them.
I felt surprised and excited. I never though this will go this far. I thought I will just be depending on my own. Now it was about to become a reality.

Heidi: Ray? I know its easy and fast if we do it together, right? I know we will be paying you but you can trust us. Sorry if you got offended when we were laughing. We didn’t mean anything. Right girls?

Everybody: Sorry Ray!

Ray: Just to be honest and straight, I was not really offended. Just nervous but actually I am fine.

Mindy: I know so! Can we start helping you now? Please? We are running out of time. Heidi knows something that we don’t know. And we are curious. You will be our practice model.
Can we get down to business and get closer to you?

Ray: Ok, I am ready,…

Mindy step forward and wrapped her arm around me and gave me a tight hug.

Mindy: how do you like this for a start Ray? I know what you were thinking a while ago.

She pressed her soft breast on my chest and thrust her pelvis forward against my crotch.

Mindy: Oh my, I felt that bulge. Thank you for trusting us and not making this a fussed.

And then she move back a step and look down and saw my cock start growing under my underwear.

Mindy: See I told you we could help. Girls look at that huge bulge Ray has. He will let you see it later for a close up.

One arm was still around my neck when she put her left hand on top of my bulging underwear and start squeezing and massaging over it. My hands slowly slide around her hips and I held her waist. She was as tall as me. Pretty tall for an asian girl.

Mindy slip her hand quicly inside and grab my penis with her bare warm hands.

Mindy: Are you thinking of me when you where masturbating a while ago?

I felt my cock just jump and grow into a flag pole as she ask me that question.

Ray: Yes , I- I was,…

I said as I sigh when I felt her squeeze when I said yes.

Mindy: OMG! —- your cock has grown longer and harder suddenly

Th rest of the girls was around me and all of them are staring between my legs. Their eyes hungry and don’t want to miss any moment now when my cock is out.

Mindy was on my left when Heidi step in and slide her right hand down my front abdomen to my thigh then to my balls. She repeatedly slide her hand gently under my balls.

While she grab my right butt with her left hand, she slid her fingers and pull my balls out my blue underwear.

Heidi: Look at his balls girls. Touch it girls. But be gentle. Very sensitive on that area. Caress it and massage it gently and see how Ray reacts to it.

Chaira was hesitant to touch my balls so Heidi grab her hands and guide it there. Susie was also touching and observing my testicle when Chaira started. I felt their warm hand and fingers exploring my testicles.

Susie: It’s really true that one testicle is lower than the other.

Susie gave an anatomy moment as she place my balls on her flat open right hand. She seems talking to herself.

Chaira and Susie continue helping each other to keep on touching and playing with my balls while Heidi was teaching them.

Heidi’s left hand was still moving gently my behind staring at me and observing how I am enjoying every moment.

Dayna was also hesitant to touch me but not shy enough to look at me which also turns me on. She was actually staring at my face and observing my reaction.

Heidi: Help me behind Dayna! I will show you the spot to simply touch and massage with your finger. Come here.

Heidi pulled Dayna arm and guide her behind me.

Mindy: Chaira, I will pass you Ray’s cock. Girls are you ready to see it? Ray I think you are ready for everybody to show your hard and long penis.

I just nod and speechless.

Heidi was guiding Dayna’s hand behind me. She instructed Dayna to just put her finger on my perineum and Was pressing it repeatedly. I felt her finger poking underneath me

Heidi: Everybody will take turns, this is for Ray and for our grade. Don’t let go of his penis until somebody is ready to take turns. We need Ray to get excited and have more semen to release. Right Ray?

They were all around me squeezing themselves to take advantage to experience a cock on their hands. Only Mindy and Heidi has some experience I think.

Heidi now slid her hand up and pinch and massage my right nipples gently

Mindy: Everybody ready?

Mindy pull out my standing penis under my brief and expose it to everybody while stroking its shaft.

Chaira and Susies’s eyes become wide and surprised.

Susie: Wow Ray, I never thought you have this size .

Susie wears glasses and hows a lot of enthusiasm and curiosity. She knows I am looking at her boobs cleavage but never mind it. It was’nt because of its size but its her skin that made me wonder how much more fresh looking complexion underneath her white colar.

Heidi: Take it now Chaira, it is your turn. Wrapped your finger and just stroke it up and down.

Chaira: OMG! its so hot and hard like wood! And it is moving too.

My sexual ego started to set it as I impressed Chaira by voluntarity picking up and moving my cock for her warm virgin hands

Chaira admit she likes girls but she sure am enjoying my cock on her soft hand. She act a little bit boyish but she never dress like a boy. She still wears her hair down and long. And she she said she prefer looking like a girl.

Susie: Really!

Those word that came out from Chaira’s made me so excited that my cock started to throb hard and a drop of precum drip on Chaira’s finger. I was so near but Chaira’s hand just excite me but not enough for me to come. Chaira’s hand a real amateur.

Heidi: Ray! You really so hard and long. Girls Ray’s cock throbbing hard see it. And look at his nipple, it is also sticking out.

Susie put her finger on my cock’s head to feel the throbbing while it was slowly being stroke by Chaira.

Heidi: Use your other hand Chaira. Massage his balls too.

Ray: Ow -errrg!
Chaira’s hand was a bit too hard on my balls.

Heidi: Careful now Chaira! Ray’s balls sensitive than his cock. That’s one thing that you should get use too.

Differenciate your grip effort.

Chaira: Sorry Ray, its my first time,…

Ray: Chaira — ahhh actually your welcome,..

Everybody start to laugh and gigle.

Chaira: Susie, your turn. I am getting a bit tired.

Chaira hand in my cock to Susie. Susie held and stroke my cock sofly. While Chaira change her right hand to massage my balls

Heidi: A break is good for Ray to release more semen. Let’s move to the room for the next lesson.

My legs was tired too and shaking from the excitement. I want to let go of my sperm but I know it would feel better if I can release more. I wonder what more can Heidi do to get to that level where I am now

Dayna will perform the prostate massage today. We will be milking Ray’s prostate.

Ray: what?

Heidi: Just trust me Ray, you will truly love it.

As she put her hand together with Susie’s and stroke me for several times.

Heidi’s hand made the stroke rhythm and speed better. She guide Susie’s hand on top with additional tight squeeze as my cock slide up and down from their hands. Now there were two hands on my stiff cock.

Heidi slide up from my precum drip as she move up and over the head of my cock. She caresses and stroke the head of my cock like adjusting a knub with her fingers, before she let go and whisper,…

Heidi: Pull your pants up and let’s move to the classroom. Susie, let go of his cock. Dayna come now and please prepare me the surgical gloves.

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