Our little game with panties part 2

Our little game with panties part 2
So if you read the first part you would know that up to the point I had proven to my wife that most men love sniffing a woman’s panties and pleasuring themselves to them. We had already narrowed down at least two of our friends who (when given the opportunity) helped themselves to some fun with her sweet pussy smells. And she had begun setting little traps for other guys, such as repairmen, installers, even in-laws on family vacations.

She really seemed to be hooked on the idea of other men sniffing her panties, and would fuck me like crazy imagining what they are doing alone while they think about her. So I asked her if she thought she may want to see a guy actually jerking off to her. She love the idea but wasn’t sure how we could go about this.

The first idea was to set another trap, but also hide a camera. Our first opportunity for this came the following weekend when we went away with another couple. The guy of the couple Tony, was the one in my first story who seemed to have gone ahead and jerked with her panties right in our bathroom at home when we left a pair for him to find. So he seemed the most likely candidate. Plus my wife really seemed to cum extra hard when I would fuck her and talk about him with her panties. I knew she was definitely attracted to him.

The plan was simple, there was only one bathroom at the condo we were sharing on this trip. When it came time to shower that evening before all heading out to dinner, I suggested she go first. She was to leave her overnight bag in the bathroom when she finished, open with the panties inside. I showered second, and having only a small backpack, left that sitting in the corner of the bathroom when I was finished. However, I left my phone in the front compartment, with the video camera running and facing right at her bag.

His wife actually went next, and we were treated to a short video of her undressing and then showering. She didn’t do anything special, but seeing her naked was certainly a treat. He did go last, and as expected he went immediately for the panties. The camera angle was perfect, and we had a clear view of him enjoying them. Since he was in there to shower, he stripped totally naked. Then he spent a good amount of time really sniffing and licking her pussy juices from them as he pumped his cock. Lucky for us, he was facing the camera the whole time, so my wife could see how he worked his member at the smell of her. Then he took the panties and wrapped the crotch part around the underside of his cock, and slowly stroked with them. He shot a huge load on the ground, then appeared to put his finger in it, and rub some onto the crotch of her panties. My wife and I couldn’t even wait until after dinner to check the camera, and we took turns watching it at the bathroom at the restaurant. She even told me that she had fingered herself in the bathroom while she watched him. I had never been more turned on in my life. That night we fucked loudly in the shared condo, and I am sure they heard us.

After this my wife said she really wanted to see someone do it first hand. She wasn’t ready to straight up ask a guy, or invite one over for that purpose. The point she made, and it was a good one, was that this would basically invite the guy to fuck her. Or at least he may take it that way, and she was not interested in that. So we decided that the best way to have her see it live would be to set another trap, and have her “catch’ someone in the act. We racked our brains for the next few days to hatch a plan.

Here is what we came up with. We have a hot tub on our back porch. Often when friends were over partying, we would suggest we all go in. It didn’t always work out without some planning, because if women were different sizes they couldn’t borrow a bathing suit. So we wanted to be sure that when we set this up, the couple would be up for a late night hot tub. We ended up inviting over Tony and his wife again, since he didn’t disappoint last time. But we said to them we planned a lot of drinking that night, and they could crash at our place. We reminded them to “bring your bathing suits in case we hit the hot tub late night”, and they definitely came prepared.

Late that night, we all changed and hit the hot tub. My wife took off her pants and panties, and left them sitting in the middle of the floor of our bedroom in plain sight. You had to pass the bedroom to get to bathroom, and she conveniently left the lights on in our room. We had an old baby monitor in our room, and it was one of the ones that has video so you can check on the baby. We turned it on, and it did not look like anything suspicious just sitting out on the dresser since it is a legit monitor. We hid the handheld video end in the cushion of the couch next to the hot tub. All we had to do was wait for him to have to pee.

After a while he did get up and said he was hitting the bathroom. My wife quickly got out of the hot tub to “re-fill our drinks”, and grabbed the monitor. After a couple minutes she was back in the tub with us. She later told me she saw him stop by the bedroom, walk over to the panties and give them a sniff, but then quickly rush out of the bedroom. Maybe he heard something downstairs and got spooked, or maybe since his wife was there he was being careful. either way, she was a bit disappointed. So I told her I think he just needs a bit more liquid courage. And I decided to bring out some shots for everyone. One shot led to several, and a bit later we were all totally hammered. This time when he got up to pee, he seemed to have one thing in mind…..those panties.

With the guise of re-filling drinks again my wife left us in the hot tub. She went to the kitchen and checked the monitor. There he was, swim suit around his ankles in the middle of our bedroom, panties at his nose. She could not believe her luck. As quietly as she could, she snuck down the hall to the bedroom. When she got to our room, he had his back to the door and didn’t see her. But since we had a mirror on the dresser opposite him, she could see his cock as he went to town. She didn’t want to make herself known just yet. So she told me she watched him for a few minutes, wondering when he might cum. She said the urge to finger herself was so intense, but she wanted to “catch” him and be the one in power here. So she didn’t want him to know she was turned on. She waited until she saw his head tip back, and eyes clothes, and she knew he was going to shoot his cum. Just then she cleared her throat.

He jumped around to see her as his cock was spraying everywhere. She said he looked at her like a deer in headlights, and tried to cover his spewing cock with her panties. This obviously caused him to cum all over them, and he didn’t know what to do at that point. She said she just looked at him, and said, “What the hell!”

She said he was so embarrassed he couldn’t even say a thing. He tried to mumble something and pull up his shorts, but then he just rushed by her. He got to the end of the hall, turned back around to her and said, “I am so sorry, I have no idea what came over me. I will do anything if you promise not to tell my wife or your husband. I’m so, so, so sorry.” Then he joined us back in the tub. My wife didn’t come back. I could certainly tell something had happened by the way he sat there silently. He looked like he had seen a ghost. But my wife was still not back, and I was starting to wonder what was up. Finally, I got up to pee. I am sure he was sweating bullets, figuring as soon as I found her she would tell me what had just happened. What I did find was her, in our room, on the bed, fingering herself like crazy. She had the panties he had cum on, up to her face, and seemed like she might have been tasting his cum. When I saw her, she just looked at me and told me to lick her….right now. I didn’t hesitate, and in seconds she was cumming on my tongue.

We both went back to the hot tub after that and joined them acting like nothing happened. After a while he started to think she must be keeping quiet, and started to act normally again. I asked her what she planned to do now that she had caught him, and had the upper hand. She told me she had to think about it…….TBC

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