Locked out neighbor


Locked out neighbor

It was cold, windy and rainy day, The power had been knocked out for nearly 8 hours now. I had decided to stay home from work, which proved to be a great decision. There was nothing to do, so I laid on the couch covered in about 3 blankets trying to stay warm.
My phones weather app was showing 36 degrees outside, and it didn’t feel much warmer inside.
There had been a ice storm the day before which eventually caused the power outage. I told my wife I wasn’t feeling well and stayed home from work while she went to work and our k**s went to school.
As I lay there trying to sleep I could here the torrent of hard rain pounding on the roof, I looked out the window and could see the cold rain coming in sideways.
I was nearly asleep when there was a light tapping on the door, then the door bell rang. Looked at my phone it was 11am. I got up and answered the door. It was our Korean neighbor lady from across the street. She was only wearing a t-shirt and pants, which were completely soaked through.
She said “Jason you help me I lock out of house, my key lock in car” It took a few second for her broken English to register what she said. Finally I understood and said “um ok let me grab my jacket and lets go see if we can get you inside”
We walked toward her house, the rain was cold, and pounding through my jacket. We got to her car I tried all her doors to no avail, I could see why she wasn’t wearing a jacket, it was on her seat. we continued toward her house, and checked each door and window. As we approached the back sliding door, I slipped fell into a puddle, she grabbed my arm as if to help prevent me from falling, only to cause her self to fall with me to the cold water on the ground. The rain started coming down harder and faster.
We both got up, and I said ” I think we better go back to my place and get out of this rain before we catch a cold. you can call your husband from there” She shook her head yes, and we both ran back to my house.
once we entered the house I took off me jacket, and my shirt underneath was completely soaked as were my jeans, shoes, socks and underwear. I looked over to her to see her shivering, her clothes were completely soaked, I could clearly see her cold rock hard nipples poking through her soaked shirt and bra.
I said ” I think we need to get out of these wet clothes before we get sick, we can go upstairs and get out of these wet clothes” it was still cold in the house.
Once we were upstairs I directed her to the guest bathroom where she can change her clothes, as I went into my room to change. Just as I took off my last piece of clothing I heard her say ” do you have a towel” I jumped from where I was, grabbed a towel for me wrapping it around my cold naked body, stopped at the linen closet and grabbed a towel for her, I handed it through the door for her, she eagerly grabbed it and shut the door.
I was putting on my underwear when she called for me again, I put the underwear down, wrapped the towel back around me and went to see what she wanted. This time I opened the door all the way, she looked cold and scared. she said ” I have no clothes you have any that fit me” I was about to offer up my wife’s clothes, when my dick started to get hard and do the thinking for me.
I said “your much smaller than my wife I don’t think they will fit” I paused then said ” I think that if we lay on the bed underneath the covers and hold each other we can use our body warmth to warm up”
She was shivering and her body was still shaking from the cold. I could see that she understood and there was a fearful look on her face. I reassured her and said ” I learned in survival training that two body’s are the best method for preventing hypothermia. Also I will not do anything you don’t want” this seemed to reassure her. that or she was so cold and didn’t care how she warmed up. by this point the cold air had caused my erection to go back down.
We went to the bed, I laid down first, removing and throwing the towel to the floor once I was under the covers. She then went to the other side of the bed and pulled the covers back and got in the bed. she just laid there for a minute, her body was shivering causing the bed to shake slightly too. I scooted closer to her and said ” I think you should try hugging me” before she said or did anything I spooned up against her, I noticed that her wet towel was still wrapped around her. I said ” I think if you want to warm up you need to remove that wet towel. She shook her head yes and took it off and flung it to the floor.
now we were both completely naked under the blanket. after what seemed like a long awkward silence I finally said “to warm up the fastest I think you should lay on top of me” She looked at me as she shivered, looking fearful, she said “you no try anything ok” I said ” you don’t need to worry about me, I wont do anything”
She had a blank expression, and proceeded to lay on top of me. As our naked body’s rested on each other, I first noticed her cold rock hard nipples poking into my chest, then I noticed her hairy pubic hair against my little cock. I started to feel the gravity of our situation, and before long my little 5 inch dick was becoming hard. not completely hard, just enough to where precum was leaking down onto my legs.
Thankfully she didn’t notice just yet. as we lay there I reached around her back with both hands and started to rub my warmer hands around her trying to warm up her back, on a my last few pass I rubbed my hands over her ass cheeks, on my last pass I kept my hands there on her butt cheeks. She didn’t say anything.
As we lay there together with my hands resting on her butt cheeks, I could feel my dick get harder and harder until it was laying uncomfortably against her pubic hair. By now we were both much warmer and she had stooped shivering from the cold. I’m sure she noticed my little 5 incher poking her, but she didn’t say anything.
I was getting hornier by the second. I decided to try and readjust my bottom, to relieve the uncomfortable pressure from my dick, this caused her to readjust as well which brought my cock out and pointing in the comfortable position. I could now feel my dick was now against something warmer and slightly moist, it took me about a minute to realize my dick was now resting on her pussy.
She must of weighed only 100 pounds or less, as her weight on top of me felt pleasant and not uncomfortable.
My cock was now harder than ever, my precum was leaking like crazy. with my hands still resting on her butt cheeks, I felt the need to squeeze her butt cheeks, as I did so she still didn’t say anything. as I squeezed her butt cheeks, it caused my little dick to rub against her pussy. I noticed she was wet there, either from her own arousal or from my precum.
I started squeezing and pulling her butt into my dick. I must have been rubbing my dick against her clit, because she let out a little moan. This only encouraged me to pull her ass up and down faster. I wanted to feel the inside of her pussy, so I pulled her hips up slightly, and guided my cock to her entrance. As I felt my cock head slip into her warm wet pussy I could feel her body tense up, I pushed harder until I was balls deep into her tight little pussy. Her body began to shake and she said something in Korean that I didn’t understand, as her body shook and her moans of exact got loader, I realized she was having an intense orgasm. I pounded her hard and fast, her pussy was convulsing over my dick, I could feel my own orgasm coming on, as I first felt my first shot of cum shoot deep into her pussy, then another, and another.
I felt completely drained and tired, she rolled off, looked over to me and said “you said you no do that, why you do that” I said ” don’t blame me, you wanted this as much as me, if you didn’t want it why didn’t you say something”
She had a guilty look on her face. I looked at the clock it showed 12:39, I realized while we were fucking the power came back on and the house was much warmer.
I turned to her and said “we can never tell anyone about this” She said ” no I no tell no one” I said “wait here a minute, I need to put your clothes into the dryer to get them dry for you” I got out of the bed naked, I could feel her eyes staring at my flat ass as i walk towards the door. I put her clothes in the dryer and set it for 40 minutes.
When I got back to the room she was still laying there, her eyes were glued to my tiny soft cock as I walked to her side of the bed, the smell of sex was heavy in the room. I lifted the covers, she tried to pull them back to keep herself covered.
I hadn’t seen her nakedness yet and wanted to see her completely. I pulled harder and fast until the covers all flew to the floor, she tried in vain to cover her little pussy and tiny tits. I got on top of her pulled one hand away from her titties she tried to bring her other hand out from her pussy to cover her tits. Finally I said ” you just fucked me, I think I deserve to see you naked” She didn’t say anything, just had a guilty pissed look on her face.
I decided enough of this and scooted myself so my face was nearing her pussy, I pulled her legs apart and wedged my body between her legs, she tried to cover her pussy with one hand and push my head away with the other, pulled both her hands away and buried my face into her still cum drenched pussy. Soon she stopped pushing away and started moaning.
She said something in Korean, when I didn’t respond, She practically screamed “FUCK ME” by now I was rock hard again, I took a good long look at her beautiful fury pussy as I stood at the side of the bed, pulled her hips to the edge of the bed and raised her legs to my shoulders, and watched as my dick disappeared into her sopping wet and tight pussy.
I fucked her long and hard, I was about to cum, at this point I didn’t care if she came again or not. I was ready and wanted it now.
I pushed in and out of her sloppy wet tight pussy harder and faster I could feel my orgasm coming on. “here it comes” I yelled as I filled her pussy with a fresh load. I kept my shrinking cock in her pussy. I decided to play with her clit while I stood there enjoying the view before me, Her breast small nipples a brownish pink and small but thick and very hard. Her dark hairy pussy was the sight that was the most enticing.
As I played with her clit , my shrinking cock was still inside her, Suddenly she frantically said something in Korean. her body shook her hands clenched the bed and she moaned loudly. She was having another intense orgasm. Her spasming pussy felt good on my shrinking cock.
As we both came back to earth, I disappeared downstairs, retrieved her now warm clothes. We both started getting dressed. I watched her get dressed trying to remember her every curve.
She called her husband (apparently he is making a delivery in another city and won’t be home until late) I helped her find a locksmith, they were there 30 minutes later, they opened her car. she thanked me for my help and disappeared into her house.
Nothing else ever happened since then, but I think about that day all the time

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