Last Years Christmas Party


Last Years Christmas Party
The other night was my Christmas night out from where I work, it was a rather fancy dinner dance where every one can get dressed up and have a few drinks and let there hair down, oh and yes try and get that Christmas kiss and a bit more if they are lucky !!!!!!!.
I got well dressed up, as soon as I arrived I was bought drinks from the some of the male teachers and being polite I didn’t refuse so you can imagine it didn’t take me long to start feeling a little pissed.
I was asked for Christmas kisses by some of the guys, they went from a small peck to a full on the lips snog,I was starting to get wet between the legs already, then a new young teacher Mark came up to me and told me how stunning I looked, bless him he’s only 23 or 24 and asked if he could give me a kiss, who was I to refuse when a young man thought me, old enough to be his mother was stunning with that he put his arms around me and started to kiss me, his tongue went straight down my throat, this guy knew how to kiss, I responded and pulled him closer and tight into me, that’s when I felt something pushing against me it was his cock and it felt massive, I know I shouldn’t have but I thought to myself I wanted some of that, the kiss seemed to last a few minutes, then I heard a shout of put him down you’ll kill him, I looked around and it was the principal, I blushed and pulled off him.
Off I went to dance, but I couldn’t get the thought of Mark’s cock out of my mind, I wanted his young cock to fuck me or at least give him a blow job, as I danced I looked round and could see him watching me, I beckoned him over to dance he came over and he joined in dancing, when a slow number came on he grabbed me and pulled me close, his cock was still hard, my big tits were pressing into him, he whispered to me that he had always fancied me and loved my tits, I told him to have a quick feel and turned round so no one else could see, he squeezed them and I felt that young cock grow even more, your cocks hard I said to him, he said he knew and would be having a wank over me when he got home, I asked him if he had ever fucked an older woman, no he said but it was his fantasy, would you like to fuck me I asked, his tongue was nearly hanging out as he nodded yes.
People where going in and out of the room all the time to go for a smoke and probably more, so I told him I was going out and in a few minutes to follow me to the outdoor smoking area, I could feel my thong getting wet with the thought of what was about to happen, I don’t smoke but went out and waited for Mark just by the smoking area when I saw him come I went around a corner to the back of the building, no one saw me and he followed, it was freezing cold and my nipples were as hard as fuck, when we got around the corner I grabbed him and pulled him to me as soon as we kissed his hands were all over my mature body, feeling my tits, squeezing my ass I put my hand down to feel his cock it was as hard as rock and pretty big too, before I knew it he had pulled my top down and was sucking on my tits, it felt so good to have a young guy getting my pussy so wet, I pulled his zipper down and released his cock, mmmmmm it was nice, I put my head down to take it in my mouth, the end was already covered in pre cum, I licked that off and took it in my mouth, now I didn’t want him to shoot his spunk down my throat, well not yet at least I wanted that cock in my cunt first so I just gave him a few wet sucks up and down his shaft and stood back up, Mark then put his hand up my skirt, I spread my legs, he pulled my thong to one side, I was that wet his fingers went straight up my wet cunt, he started poking my wetness as though it was the last cunt on earth, I said to him “fuck me now you young stud”, I pulled my skirt around my waist, he grabbed hold off me and aimed his cock at my wet throbbing pussy, it went straight up me, there I was I a respected teacher in the school getting a quick fuck against a wall, I felt likec such a slut but didn’t care, Mark was banging away on my pussy and it was so good, for a young guy he knew how to fuck, he had already made me cum and I knew he would soon, I felt him start to fuck quicker and with that I felt his seed squirting inside me, I quickly pulled his cock out and took it in my mouth I wanted to taste his young cum too, it tasted really good, there I was in the cold, tits out, skirt still around my waist, a cunt and mouth full of cum, that’s what I call a good start to Christmas, When I had sucked him clean we tidied ourselves up I went back in first and then he followed, the funny thing was as soon as I walked in my Principal grabbed me and give me a full on the lips kiss tongue and all, wonder if he knew he was getting a taste of Mark’s cum, then when he whispered to me if I would like to go outside with him how could I refuse. As we left the room the DJ started playing the old classic `Here I go again`, how very apt.

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