Kevin’s place


Kevin’s placeKevinBack when I was eleven years old I had a friend called Kevin.One day after school we went home to Kevin’s house and sat in the kitchen reading comics.After a short time Kevin showed me a magazine with some men and boys in the nude.Kevin said he loved to look at the big cocks and the boys who had erections.I asked Kevin where he had got the magazine and he said he found It in his uncles shed and pinched It.Kevin stood up and I saw a big bulge in his pants.Kevin then pulled down his pants and boy was he hard. I found my cock getting hard and as I watched Kevin wanking himself while looking at the magazine I just had to pull out my cock and wank myself. gaziantep escort bayan Kevin then rubbed his cock against mine and soon Kevin’s cock was wet at the tip.As we rubbed our cocks I started to get all wet on the tip of my cock. Then Kevin kissed me. We both got on the couch and kissed and rubbed our cocks together. Kevin started to moan and got down and sucked my cock after a short time I sucked Kevin.we were so worked up that we wanked each other off and rubbed our cocks in each others cum.We both felt a bit guilty as we cleaned up but we were at It again after school the next day. A few days later we were sitting in Kevin’s kitchen and I saw his mothers panties, bra, slips and stockings on an airing rack. I got so hard and asked Kevin if I could feel his mum’s panties.Kevin said ok and I held them in my hands. The soft nylon was such a turn on and my cock was so hard I pulled It out and rubbed Kevin’s mum’s panties over my cock. Kevin told me to put them on which I did and Kevin got down and rubbed his face all over my cock through the panties.We took turns wanking in them till Kevin suddenly started to cum in them I pushed my cock up into them and wanked my cock till I to shot cum into his mum’s panties and over Kevin’s cock.Kevin washed the panties and dried them in front of a heater.I had been so excited wearing the panties and asked Kevin if I could wear his mum’s panties again. The next day we had another session and this time I got down and sucked Kevin’s cock loving the feeling as his cock head slid over my lips and into my mouth, soon Kevin was moaning and I tasted his cum as he climaxed.He shoot very little cum but I remember I rubbed it over my lips and with my fingers and rubbed some on my cock.Kevin laid back and I got into his mothers nightie and a pair of pink panties.I loved looking at my hard cock making a tent in her panties and watching my pre cum wet her panties.We spent lots of time in her room and I used to try and Imagine what It would be like to fuck Kevin’s mum.I used to get into Kevin’s mums panties and lingerie at every chance I got.

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