Italian girl for me and my boyfriend

Italian girl for me and my boyfriend
We’re on holiday. We decided to take a short break in Italy, and we’re staying on a quiet resort where there’s mountains everywhere you look, the sea is blue and warm. The weather is warm and the breeze is cool. It’s perfect for us.
We’ve done a few trips to the local area and we find a restaurant which is hidden in the trees, about 20 mins walk from our chalet. It’s a restaurant for locals. The chairs are wooden and dusty, they creak when you sit on them. The smell of cooking wafts across the air; makes our mouths water; we’re hungry. There’s only 1 other couple there, an older couple in their 60s, they are both reading books and seem unaware of our presence. I can see that you are scanning around. You’re thinking about what you could make out of this bit of wood and that, your beautiful mind is flitting like a butterfly.
The waitress finally comes out and asks us if we would like some drinks. She’s stunning. She’s tall, her hips are just slightly wider than her shoulders, she has perfect pert breasts and her white shirt, which shows off her olive skin, is breezing back and forth over her nipples which are erect. She’s completely unaware of her perfect 32E tits; which have caught your eyes attention which in turn are making you shift in your chair because your cock is ever so slightly coming to life. The chair creaks and you lean forward, you cant help it, you’re attracted to her and your subconscious is screaming it out loud, even if you are unaware of it oozing out of you. ‘I’ll have some water, thanks’ you say. ‘and for you madam?’ ‘I’ll have some water too’ I reply, and I smile. She smiles back, and her eyes scan down my body, looking at my top coming off one shoulder showing my black bra strap. Her gaze holds for just a while longer than it should, and I like it. She turns around and walks across the dusty floor, bare foot, her floaty floral skirt moving effortlessly over her arse, her perfect arse. You and I are both looking at her …. And then we look at each other and smile. We both want her.
Our drinks come, she’s busy working and you and I are sat close, you’ve got your hand on my thigh and you’re teasing me by brushing your thumb up against my clit every so often, leaning in and breathing softly on my neck, whispering how you want to fuck me deep and slow later tonight. I’m snuggled into your arms, your big strong arms, feeling wetter with each time you flex your muscles and I love watching your lips when you talk, remembering how they feel on mine. Its relaxed, natural and we feel content but caught up in a sexual excitement which has always drawn us together.
We’ve eaten our pizza (with no cheese), you’re leant back in the chair, at ease with yourself and the world. You’re giggling at the older couple who are arguing over trivial matters, and I’ve gone over to the hammock where I’m swinging in the breeze, warm and relaxed. My clit is alive but also content, I’m looking at your neck and my most favourite part of you, your legs, the way your calves flex when you shift in the chair, it reminds me of your masculine power and I want you to use it on me later.
I know why you’ve not come over and tried to tip me over in the hammock or some other stupid prank which essentially involves my downfall at your expense which is clearly hilarious, you’re waiting for her.
And, it seems, just at your request, she appears. Barefoot, short skirt, perfect nipples holding her top up, her long neck where her long black hair is moving just enough that you get the shape of her shoulders. ‘Have you finished sir?’ she asks, soft and attentive. ‘yeah, that was great, thanks’. She’s looking at you, she glances at me, checking where I am. She’s looking at your tight fitting jeans, at the perfect bulge of your cock, she’s wondering what it tastes like. You sit back in your chair, legs spread, clearly aware of what she’s checking out, and I’m intrigued at your new found confidence and I like it.
She’s so busy looking at you that she drops all of plates on the floor, she’s embarrassed. She kneels down to pick up the mess around your feet, and at the same time you stand up to help her, and her lips softly brush your groin, and now she’s really in a flap. You smile and tell her not to worry, and your erection is really starting to budge out. Her English is limited and broken and she’s saying sorry over and over and all you can do is stare at her arse in the air while she’s frantically trying to pick everything up. You put your hand on her shoulder and she jumps. ‘I’ll help you’ you say. ‘no, no, no’ she insists. But you ignore her and help her, putting things in her arms where you deliberately brush her hard nipples. I can see, from her body language she is loving your stare and your not so innocent touches. I can tell, woman to woman body language is anything but silent. I can tell from the shift in her posture, moving her legs closer together, that’s she’s getting good feelings from between her legs, shooting up her stomach and to her chest where she cant catch her breath.
You insist on following her to the kitchen, where the 2 male chefs shout at her for breaking the crockery. She is clearly upset, and walks out of the kitchen trying to hide her tears. She runs out to the back of the small hut of the restaurant to compose herself and you come over to me and tell me you are going to see if she’s ok. I reply you can, but I want a kiss first. You do what I like best, you cup my face in your hands and kiss me softly at first, then forcefully put your tongue in my mouth. ‘you’re perfect’ you whisper to me and I gaze back at you, you’re perfect too I think. ‘Go to her’ I whisper.
You silently walk around to where she is leaning up against the wall, on her phone, talking to someone I frantic Italian, her hands vocal in her explanation of events, or so you assume. You put one arm against the wall, and lift her chin up with your other hand. ‘You ok?’ you ask. She nods and says sorry again. She’s giving you that stare. The permission stare. You push her against the wall, hand on her tummy. She gasps. You know you have her. You take the phone out of her hand, and switch it off, and you place her hand on your swollen cock. It’s a risk, but you don’t care. You moan and she gasps at how big it is but she instinctively begins to move up and down in a rhythmic motion. I’m laying on my hammock and I’m pulling my nipples, and slowly and firmly moving my fingers on my clit, clockwise direction, just how I like it. I can see you and I love it that you are enjoying her.
She’s squirming around, she wants you to kiss her, but you know the rules. You’re looking at me sneakily to see if you can get away with what her mouth tastes like, but you know I’m watching. Your hand that’s on her stomach goes down, lifts up her skirt and you firmly grab her inner thigh and squeeze it. You love her reaction which is clearly that she can’t believe what you’re doing, how forward you are, how confident. Your hand moves up, you feel her soft skin, under the elastic of her pants you slide, she’s panting and you really want to realise your cock from the constraints of your trousers. You love her wet hot pussy and you slowly slide in a finger. In and out, you feel her muscles gripping you, wanting you. You stop, taste your finger, then bend down and forcefully moving her pants to one side you dive in her pussy with your tongue and you undo your trousers and start wanking. You need to fuck, you need to cum.
At this point I get off the hammock and come over. She’s in a panic that I’m there but you have her pinned against the wall. I grab her by her throat and I kiss her. She doesn’t kiss me back, out of shock, so I slow down, and put a hand up her shirt and fondle her breasts. You’re going down on her and I’m kissing and fondling her, she’s in heaven. You then move my skirt over and you start licking me too, going from one pussy to another, fingering one pussy then another, 2 woman moaning over how amazing you are. She cums hard, and you turn her round. I lean up against the wall, hold her head down. She’s got that perfect arse in the air and without hesitation you ram your cock in her. I put my hand over her mouth to drown out the sounds of her shock at how massive and thick your cock is. I know that feeling of how amazing that first entry is and I force her to take it. You’re not holding back, you are getting what you need. ‘Be careful.’ I tell you – you can have your fun but you know you need to stick by the rules. I can tell by your face and rhythm that you’re close to cumming and I’m not sharing that amazing feeling with her, I don’t care how hot she is. You smile at me, that knowing smile and you slide out of her. She’s bleeding a little from your roughness, and she’s shocked. You then sit on the chair where we ate, not giving a shit about the older couple. I sit on you. I kiss you and hold your throat. I slide down your shaft and you groan at the familiar feeling of us. I ride you until you cum in me which doesn’t take long. She’s watching us, she doesn’t know what to. I get off you, feeling full. I’m dripping.
I sit next to you and feel those amazing arms.
You ask for some water.

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