Innocence Happily Lost

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Innocence Happily Lost
“Innocence Happily Lost”

By billy69boy


The following is a true account of one young girl’s first sexual encounter, which occurred at a wedding reception. The story is told in her own words, written in the style of an interview:

Author: I think most successful stories are the ones that start out with a true premise, first and foremost. The goal is to establish “believability”. So, my first questions will be seeking background information leading up to the actual wedding. I will use numbered questions so we can always refer back to any particular question later on if need be:

1. What is your connection with each other that would culminate in you getting together at the wedding? Mutual friends or relatives?

He was the son of one of my mom’s close friends from college. I only met him once before the wedding and I don’t remember much at all since I was a toddler at the time. Apparently he was very sweet and caring with me over a 3 day weekend they spent at our house.

Author: Wow that is such a perfect answer. It really establishes your relationship from the beginning, even if you were just a toddler at the time.

2. Who was getting married that day, and how did you end up talking with him?

It was some mutual friend of theirs but I honestly don’t remember anything else; I couldn’t even pick the married couple out of a line up. My mom had told me how sweet he was towards me when I was little, and just his mom visited us when I was about 9. He’s an only c***d and she told me how much fun he had with me during the time he visited.
His mom mentioned how nice it was for him to have a little sister for the weekend. I was excited to see him again when I found out he would be at the wedding but I certainly had no sexual thoughts in mind at first.

Author: Thanks. It doesn’t really matter who got married that day for our purposes. I was just trying to further establish his connection with you. So your answer gave me the details I was looking for anyway.

3. What did you wear to the wedding? Be as detailed as you want.

Again, my memory is fuzzy. I know the outfit was mostly black with some white. It may have been a halter dress but I don’t think it was, but something similar to a halter dress, I feel like. I do know mom got me platform black heels. I wore a bra and boy shorts panties that were mostly black.

Author: It sounds like a sensible, if sexy, outfit for you to wear to a wedding…I like the platform heels though. I’m not so sure about the boy shorts, unless your dress was provocatively short.

4. Tell me about the jewelry you wore. And did you wear makeup?

I remember feeling very pretty but I was by no means dressed slutty, but far more like a woman than I was used to. I chose the panties, so yeah, boy shorts were probably not the right choice but what did I know?

I did wear light makeup, which my mom had started letting me wear a few months earlier. She helped me with my makeup and we took quite a few pictures that day. God, I know I wore jewelry but for the life of me I can’t remember specifics. I know for sure my mom had me wear a necklace; I think it was my grandmother’s. I did like bracelets at that age so I’m pretty sure I was wearing at least one, but I’m not positive.

Author: I love how your story is building. Mentioning your special necklace and bracelets makes it even

6. Describe what you remember about the reception hall: did you sit near each other? What were the circumstances around you and him having a conversation?

I remember the reception hall being beautiful, with crystal chandeliers. Our moms rearranged the seating charts so we all sat at the same table. I remember it being a tad awkward as our moms pushed us to talk to each other, and then the moms left and we started to have a very pleasant conversation. I remember thinking it was so easy to talk to him, which was not the case with most boys, not that he was a boy, lol. I do vividly remember him asking me to dance a bit later and how excited I was touching him so closely. It was a slow song and he just embraced me and made me feel so special.

Author: Wow, great answer again! So it would appear that both moms definitely had a hand in influencing your situation.

Our moms were just control freaks and wanted us together, but I by no means think they were at all trying to set us up sexually. I do think they wanted us to interact with each other. I’ll maintain our moms had no idea we would have a romantic attraction. I think mostly they saw it as a reunion of the older brother with the little sister. Plus they wanted to sit with each other as they got drunk.

Author: Very interesting!

7. I would imagine that you may not have many memories of the words spoken between the two of you. Was it all just small talk, or did you both verbally agree to a secret meeting?

It was medium talk for sure. He was so sweet to me and asked me plenty about myself. I remember him blowing off this slutty girl around his age who tried to hit on him and made some comment about me being a ch1ld. He defended me, ignored her and we got right back to talking. That was when I started actually thinking about being physically intimate with him.

Author: Wow, this guy sounds like he was a Master of the art of seduction! I wish I had such a way with sweet young girls as he did!

8. Tell me how things progressed from that first slow dance right up to the ultimate dance? What words or actions transpired that finally led to your experience?

I don’t really remember all that well now how things progressed after the slow dance and he blew off the slut. I think we talked more and then danced to a fast song.

Author: It sounds like he was very smooth, and perhaps he already had an agenda early on, and who wouldn’t, if given the opportunity?

9. Did he whisper sweet nothings in your ear? Or was there physical contact, like holding hands, or hands caressing thighs, for instance?

Once he blew off the older girl to keep being with me, I knew then that I wanted him sexually. What’s funny is, for all my memory gaps, I vividly remember that girl. She was incredibly condescending towards me, and I’m sorry: I get that she was interested in him, but she was in her twenties and she really felt the need to be nasty towards a younger girl? But my heart got butterflies when he basically told her to fuck off and apologized to me for her rudeness.

It was sometime later but we were dancing and I briefly felt his erection against my body as we danced, and he would always grab me by the hand when leading me out to the dance floor, and before I felt his erection I think we sat at the table and he had his arm around me. I do know his arm was over my shoulder several times that night.

Author: Very good! So it sounds like you were getting along famously.

10. It seems as though no one at the reception objected to your escort and dance partner being older than you, with the exception of the condescending twenty something that he told off. Did he make sure he offered his “charms” to you for your approval before making any physical moves on you?

Well everything was very PG with our interactions at the reception, so no; I don’t think anyone took notice. Our moms thought it was perfectly sweet that we danced together and I don’t think anyone besides him and I recognized the sexual chemistry we had. What do you mean by “charms”?

Author: I was referring to his allowing you to get acquainted with his “charms” or more explicitly, his erection before he attempted to impose himself upon you physically with his examination of your own “charms”. In other words, did he offer to have you touch him first before he laid his own hands on you?

I felt his erection a few times later in the night when we danced. I think he was doing his best not to let me feel it though. Later we found a corner in the lobby and that’s when we kissed on some couch. I partly moved onto his lap and felt his erection fully. We made out for a while and if I remember correctly, some drunken older couple spooked us. We got up and started to walk back, and then I think I initiated it. Again memory is not clear, so just half guessing on my blurred memories, but I know we were standing and kissing and I started rubbing his crotch through his suit pants. He had me in the stairwell a few minutes later.

Author: Very nice description. I’m still trying to get a feel for who was leading the “dance” that culminated in the stairwell. Either way, it’s a great story. On the one hand, it looks like he was quite adept at having his erection available for you to “accidentally” encounter it every so often. But on the other hand, it sounds like you had already made up your mind about wanting him sexually long before then.

11. Do you feel that the encounter was mutually desired, or do you think that he led you on and you just blindly followed his lead?

No not at all, I was absolutely the one initiating things early on. Once the incident with the older girl happened I felt so close to him, and I think he tried to hide his erection on the dance floor but I still found it, lol. Again I’m not entirely sure but I think I was the one to kiss him first, but as soon as I started sucking his cock he took full control. It was not anything he said or did, just the fact that I was completely inexperienced and told him I had never given a blowjob.

Author: Wow, so things really began to get heated up!

12. Where did you learn how to kiss, and how did you end up giving him a blowjob? Was it his suggestion or did you just naturally gravitate down between his legs?

I had practiced French kissing briefly once with my friend and I suppose that was my first bisexual experience, although it wasn’t all that sexual. I would also sometimes practice in front of the mirror, lol. He whispered in my ear and asked me if I would give him one in the lobby and I blushed and nodded yes. That’s how I remember it.

Author: Now we’re talking!

13. Would you care to describe some details? What was it like? Did he hold your head in his hands? Did you choke or gag? Did he cum?

Sure, this part I remember quite well. I was sitting on the steps and he didn’t undress he just unzipped his pants and I was so excited by the sight of his penis. It looked huge but he was probably just slightly above average, but it looked huge and intimidating to me, lol. He guided my head towards his penis and I took him in my mouth. He petted my head so sweetly and ran his fingers through my hair but he let me explore his cock without any direction. He did guide me by telling me when something I did felt good. He was uncircumcised, so when he was about cum he told me. He caressed my hair and pulled his foreskin back and forth and ejaculated in my mouth and on my chin.

Author: Wow, such a great description. I’m glad to see that you remember the good parts!

14. What happened next? How did you react to him cumming? Did you know what to expect? How did it taste?

I remember trying to act graceful about it but I’m pretty sure I was a mess. I knew what to expect in theory but it was a lot more than I was expecting, lol. Plenty got in my mouth and I swallowed some but I spit most of it out on the floor. He was so happy though and pulled me to him and kissed me and said something about how beautiful I was, and that made my heart pound. We went back to the reception and basically cuddled until our moms were finally ready to leave. We hugged goodbye getting out of the taxi, but he whispered me his room number. So that’s how the sex happened. My mom fell fast asleep and I snuck over to his room.

I never want to be anything but honest with you. If this story is 75% accurate I’ll be amazed, but I do think I’m remembering the important parts correctly.

Author: Everything you shared with me has the ring of truth to it. I trust that you are giving me your best recollections, and it all feels genuine to me.

15. Now that we are up to the part at the hotel, and you are approaching his room, I’d like to hear a lot of details from here on out. You could call this the climax (pun intended!) of the whole story, so readers will be looking for the big payoff after all your wonderful background information.

So, try to give them a descriptive account of the next few steps: what happened next and what were your thoughts and feelings at the time?

I’m not remembering all that much about those details but give me a moment to try and think back. I do remember being worried it wouldn’t work out. Sneaking out wasn’t new to me, but sneaking out with the intention of having sex was 100% new!

If I remember correctly, as soon as I was out of our room and around the corner in the hall, I started worrying he wouldn’t be there; that he got bored waiting and at his age, there was plenty he could have done more interesting than waiting around a hotel room for a girl who may have changed her mind or been caught sneaking out.

I do remember the overwhelming joy I felt when he opened the door and gave me a big warm hug. It’s funny how certain things always stay with you. I so clearly remember how happy I was and excited being held by him. I even remember him smelling really good. He kissed me on the cheek or forehead, I’m not sure which.

Author: How exciting for you! It must have been such a relief to be reunited with him.

16. Now you were in his room and he closed the door behind you. What happened after that? He had to be ecstatic…what did you feel? Was it instant kissing, embracing, passionate heavy breathing right off, or was there an awkward period at first?

I walked into the room and I do remember vividly how nervous and excited I was, but I had absolutely no idea what to do; my heart was racing. I remember I said something that embarrassed me but for the life of me I can’t remember what, but soon he brushed my hair out of my face and told me how beautiful I was and then we started kissing and he held me as we kissed.

Author: MMMM, sounds nice!

17. Describe the scene as it unfolded. Were you both naked? What positions and where? Was it an all-night marathon or just a quick encounter? How did it feel? Did it hurt at first? Was he gentle or more dominant? Did you achieve orgasm? That sort of stuff…

After quite a bit of kissing and his hands all over my body, he laid me on the bed and helped me undress. Then, he quickly undressed himself and I remember thinking it was funny when he took off his underwear and his cock came popping out so erect lol, it was both intimidating and exciting. We kissed more and he got on top of me.

I remember he said stuff to me before he penetrated me but I don’t remember what: but it was something sweet and reassuring. I was on my back with my legs spread. I do remember it hurting at first, not like a horrible pain, more like being pinched. But after a bit the pain subsided and I started to enjoy it.

He was very gentle at first but became more dominant through the night. Dominant isn’t even the right word. He just became less hesitant and the sex was much more passionate. I think he was scared that he might break me at first, lol.

Author: Sounds like fun, especially for a first time experience, which can sometimes be disastrous.

18. Describe the morning after and beyond: Did you see him the next day? Have you ever seen him again? Did you keep in touch, at least for a while?

We had sex two more times that night and he started moving me around to different positions. I fell asleep in his arms and he woke me up kissing me at around 4:00 AM as I needed to sneak back into my own room. He said he hated that I couldn’t stay and we had sex one more time.

We had breakfast together the next day with our moms and they didn’t seem to suspect anything. I remember we hugged so tightly when we said goodbye and wanted to kiss each other so bad. We said we’d keep in touch but we lived in different states. I saw him only two more times. He’s been married for some time now and has a beautiful family.

Author: Wow, that’s kind of bittersweet. But in reality, it probably would have been difficult to keep a relationship going, considering the circumstances.

19. Did the moms ever find out? Either very soon after or years later? Or maybe never?

I can’t speak for his mom but I certainly never discussed it with my mom. She’s the type to not even say anything even if she knew. I definitely thought I got away with it at the time, but now that I’m a mom I realize our c***dren are not nearly as sneaky as they think they are, and sometimes we as mothers have to just let it slide. I would certainly have a discussion with my c***dren, but that’s just not how my mom is.

Author: One of the things that I like about your personal “first time” story is the fact that you portray yourself as a willing participant, rather than a young, naive schoolgirl who was taken advantage of by a perverted “older” guy. Your account of the experience pointedly mentions how sweet and wonderful and gentle he was with you for the whole wedding reception and beyond. You are also quick to point out that you had decided to be “all in” at an early stage, no doubt reacting to his defending you when that girl his age disrespected you at the reception.

20. In retrospect, what is your overall take on your experience? If you had the chance to do it all over again, would you change anything?

No way do I think he was perverted or took advantage of me. We had a connection: he was so sweet and I’m confident I looked at him as a potential sexual relationship before he did the same. I’m certain we could have done absolutely nothing romantic and he still would have been sweet to me and treated me nicely at the reception.

It was an amazing experience and I’ll always have a special place in my heart for him. The only thing I would change is, in a perfect world, we would have lived closer and been able to continue our relationship, although maybe it was for the best that we had that one amazing time together.

(Special thanks to my anonymous friend who provided the details of her touching and heartwarming “first time” story.)

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