GF In Charge PT3

GF In Charge PT3
In no time Beth had found a Web site that hosted videos of amateurs having sex and uploaded the video of her fucking my mouth with her dildo. I was pretty embarrassed to have a video of me blowing anything, even a strap on attached to this beautiful woman, posted on the internet for all to see. But a part of me was also pretty turned on by it! And really, that was the best attitude to have about it because I didn’t really have a say in the situation anymore.

“Ok, we need some more videos to post,” Beth stated, matter-of-factly. “I want you to become the sat or this site! Come with me.”

She took me into the bathroom and turned on the camera, again pointing it at herself to introduce the situation.

“Hi, this is Beth again and I am back here with my bitch, Patrick. We are playing a little game of Truth or Dare. Patrick has chosen Dare, what a great guy! Patrick, I dare you to eat my ass like it’s a pussy. Do you accept?”

“Yes, I accept.” I tried to contain my excitement. I loved giving girls rim jobs, there was something about how kinky it was that turned me on. But I didn’t want the people watching the video later to know how much I liked it, I think it gives them a better show if I am doing something truly “daring.”

She set the camera down on the shelf behind me, turned around and bent over the sink, sticking her ass out in the air. She braced herself by placing both hands down on the sides of the sink.

“Ok, bitch, spread my cheeks and start licking!”

I am nothing if not an obedient little bitch by now, so I did as I was told, still trying not to see too eager. I slowly got to my knees, shifted forward a few inches, reached up and grabbed both globes in front of my face with my hands and massaged her ass for a second. Then I leaned forward without spreading her cheeks at all and began kissing her butt cheeks. I practically made out with both cheeks for a minute, acting reluctant to move deeper into her ass.

“Maybe you didn’t fucking hear me!” Beth snapped. She was really liking her role as the dom! “I didn’t say kiss my ass, I told you to lick my ass hole! Now spreading my fucking cheeks, and lick!”

With that I pulled her cheeks apart and took in a breath of her ass. I extended my tongue as far as I could, placed the very top squarely on her hole and licked all the way to the tip. Beth let out an appreciative moan of approval. I went right back in, licking her ass with the entire length of my tongue. I gave her five or six full lick like that before settling in, using just about half my tongue, but licking her much faster. I could truly taste her ass and I was loving it. I could spend an hour licking her there, and I think she would let me. I tried spreading her ass even farther and pulled my face in closer. I couldn’t lick her hard or deep enough!

“Oh my God!” Beth exclaimed. “That feels so good! Yeah, that’s it, get that tongue all over my hole! I love you licking my ass! Fucking lick it some more! Do you realize that I haven’t showered since last night and that I took a dump this morning? Do you like tasting my ass after I shit just a few hours ago? ‘Cause I sure love it! Fuck yes!”

Beth turned her head and looked down at me and asked, “Do you like licking my ass hole, bitch?”

I pulled my face away from Beth’s ass. “Yes, I fucking love licking your ass!”

“Turn your face and say it to the camera, bitch!”

“I love licking Beth’s ass. It tastes so good! I just want to eat more!”

And I returned my tongue to her brown hole as she told me what a good job I was doing. Her hole started to open up for me the more I licked it and soon I was truly rimming her, moving my tongue around just the inside of her tight bum hole. I stuck my tongue straight out and began poking at her backside, spearing her ass with my tongue, trying to get it as far in as I could.

I had reamed her ass with my tongue for about 10 good minutes. She had no remnants of her morning bathroom trip left – I had licked it all up. But I was still eagerly licking the rim of Beth’s ass, looking for more. I would have licked her hole all day if she wanted me too!

The Beth looked back around at me and the camera. “Ok, you dirty little boy, your dare is complete. You did an amazing job! I can’t wait for you to lick that shitty hole again soon!”

Then she asked a question that got my hopes up high. “Do you want to fuck the hole you just ate out?”

“Oh, god yes! May I, please?” I begged.

“No, I don’t think so. I think your ass is the only one that’s going to be fucked today.”

She then looked directly at the camera saying, “I hope you all enjoyed the show. Tune in again to see what other dare Patrick does for me!” And she reach over and turned off the camera.

“Get showered up while I go post our new video online. Then we will go out for our next adventure.” Go out? In public? She was going to use my ass in public? What did she have in mind? I climbed in the shower to get ready to go out.

“And no jerking off in there!” Beth yelled from the other room. I soaped up, my dick springing to life from the touch. But I obeyed and finished my shower quickly. I dressed and returned to the living room where Beth was watching the video over again, but not on the camera, on the Web site already.

“We are getting quite a few views for this only being posted a couple of minutes,” Beth proudly announced. “Christ, it is almost as hot to watch you lick my ass as it was to feel it! Ok, let’s get a move on. Grab your keys, bitch!”

“Where are we going?” I asked, only partly caring to hear the answer.

“Does it matter? You’re going to do whatever I tell you to anyway, right?”

She had me there. I was her whore now, just waiting to hear my next command.

We left my apartment – camera in hand – and took the Metro to Dupont Circle, a well-known “gay” area of DC. Was Beth actually going to follow through with her dirty talk of having me fucked by a real cock?

“I saw online that this area has some good sex toy shops,” she explained. “I want to take you in one, let everyone watch us shop for a new strap on and some lube, and then take you in a video booth and fuck your ass. I can’t wait to walk out of that booth with the whole store watching you, knowing you just took a dildo up your ass!”

We walked a few blocks, turned a couple of corners and then were standing in front of a porn shop. Beth couldn’t contain her excitement and practically ran into the store. I followed behind. There were maybe 10 men of different ages and races milling around the store, browsing the video selection as we entered. Immediately, all eyes were on us, as I suspect always happens when a woman enters a store like this one.

We walked to the toy section and admired the selection of dildos on the wall. There were dildos of all sizes, shapes and colors. There were also butt plugs, vibrators and double headed dildos. Beth looked at the latter and said, “Mmm, now that could be fun!”

After perusing the selection for a few minutes, she grabbed a black, 12-inch double headed dildo and a blue strap on dildo that was about 9-inches long and 2-inches in diameter and carried them to the counter. All eyes were still on us, even if the men were trying to act like they were looking at the videos that interested them.

We approached the counter, Beth’s shopping seemingly complete. “We’ll take this strap on and double-sided dildo, and $20 worth of coins to the video booths,” Beth loudly announced to the clerk behind the desk, making sure everyone in the store could hear her. “Oh, and some of that anal lube for my bitch here,” she said, pointing to a tube behind the counter.

“Ok, pay the man, bitch!” Beth says, looking at me impatiently. Not only is she going to embarrass me in front of all of these men and then fuck my ass with these toys, but she is going to make me pay for it?! I submit, pull out my wallet and pay the man behind the desk. I can see a smirk on his face, but also lust in his eyes. I can’t tell if it means he wishes he were in my position or if he would like to be helping Beth fuck my mouth and ass. The purchase completed, we walk to the back of the store and down a hallway and into a small room with a video monitor in it.

Beth closes the door and tells me to strip. She begins to do the same and then inserts a few coins into the machine. A video plays of a blonde, athletically built woman sucking off a man. What’s on the video truly doesn’t matter though; our focus will not be on the screen. I had never been in one of these booths before and as I look around I notice the always rumored “gloryhole” in both walls.

I look back over at Beth as she slips her skirt from her hips and down her legs. Her body truly is stunning and I begin to wonder if I will ever get to fuck her again. I am enjoying the weekend and the toys and being controlled by her immensely, but I still want to be the one doing the fucking at times.

Beth leans in and we kiss, my hands exploring her body. It is nice to remind myself that I am with a sexy woman who is only strapping on to fuck me. She reaches down and strokes my cock and I reach down and slide my finger into her slit; she is dripping wet, anxiety building for the fuck session to come.

As our kiss ended, I caught something out of the corner of my eye. I turned my head and saw a finger poking through the gloryhole to the right of me. The finger was moving in a curling motion, inviting someone to come to it.

“I think he wants to suck your dick, baby. Why don’t you go over there and get a blow job?” Beth whispered in my ear. “You have been really good today and I can tell you are going to be really good again in a few minutes. Why don’t you go receive your release? You deserve it. I dare you to let him blow you.”

I was frozen with uncertainty. I had never received a blow job from a man before and, even though I had been sucking and fucking Beth all weekend, she was still a woman and I didn’t consider myself gay. But on the other hand, it would be nice to be on the receiving end of a blow job for once today and I sure could use the release. Ultimately, my hard, throbbing cock – and the fact that I wasn’t allowed to turn down one of Beth’s dares – convinced me to walk slowly to the hole.

I heard the now-familiar sound of the camera being turned on and Beth introducing the scenario. “And we are back,” Beth whispered to the camera. “Patrick and I are in a porn store and just bought a few new toys to use. But first, before we try them out, I have just dared Patrick to receive a blow job from a guy. This is the first time he has ever done this. Let’s watch how much he enjoys it!”

I was directly in front of the hole now and lined my cock up and began to push it through. The tip touched the man’s finger, which then disappeared. He knew he was getting what he wanted now and I could actually see his lips pressed against the hole, waiting for my cock to enter. My head slipped past his lips and as I pushed half of my dick into his waiting mouth I released a moan of appreciation. It felt so good to have a mouth on my dick. I pushed my entire length through the hole until my hips were just pressing against the wall.

I could feel the man on the other side pull his back and his lips slid across my cock until they were pressed against my cock head once again. I could feel his mouth move forward on my cock, taking it all until his lips were again against his side of the wall. It felt incredible as he continued sucking me off.

“Look, you can see how much Patrick is enjoying getting sucked off by another guy. Look at his eyes closed and his head tilted back,” Beth said, giving play by play of what our audience would soon be watching. “Tell us you love getting head from a guy, bitch.”

“I love getting head from another guy. He is doing such a good job. It feels so good. I am going to cum soon!”

I started bucking my hips, fucking the hole and his mouth. He just kept his mouth there for me to use. I kept my hips moving, pushing as far into his mouth and throat as he would let me. After just a couple of minutes, the build up from the day was too much and I exploded into the anonymous mouth.

He kept my dick in his mouth and I could feel his lips and throat moving as he swallowed my load. I imagined my semen moving down his throat and into his stomach. He kept sucking until every last drop was milked from my now shrinking cock. He finally removed his mouth and I pulled my dick back through the hole.

I turned around and saw Beth pointing the camera straight in my face. “So, how did you like receiving your first blowjob from a man?” she asked me, still recording.

“It felt great! I needed to cum so badly and his mouth did a great job of satisfying that need!”

Just then we saw a cock come back through the hole from the other side. Evidently he wasn’t just there to suck, but to have the favor returned, too.

“There you go, Beth! It looks like our friend wants the favor repaid!”

“What do you mean, ‘There you go, Beth’? He sucked YOUR dick. If someone is going to return the favor, it is YOU!”

A stood there, deer-in-the-headlights look on my face. She had the camera still trained on me. She moved it back and forth between shooting my face and the waiting dick sticking through the wall. She was definitely serious about having me suck this cock.

“I don’t know … Your strap on is one thing, but a real penis? I’m not so sure about that …” I retorted.

And then came the magic words of the weekend. “Patrick, I dare you to suck that cock.” I had no choice but to obey.

I slowly turned back to the wall and lowered myself to my knees. I saw Beth move to the side to get a better shot of what was about to happen.

“Go ahead bitch, touch his cock!” she commanded.

I had never touched a cock other than my own before. I reached my hand out and wrapped it around his engorged member; my four fingers on top of his shaft, my thumb on the bottom. I slid my hand along the length of it and then back up. I repeated this about 5 or 6 times, getting a feel for it. It felt soft even though it was rock hard. It was about the size of my own cock, maybe a half an inch bigger than my 6 inches, but about the same size around as well. “I can suck this,” I thought to myself. “At least it’s not some monster cock for my first time.” I was trying to talk myself into this.

Then I heard Beth’s voice, “I don’t think he came here for a hand job, sweetheart.”

She was right. I pulled my hand down to the bottom of his shaft. I licked my lips and tried to generate some saliva in my mouth that had become dry with nervousness. I leaned in, pursed my lips and kissed the tip of his cock. I then let it slowly slide into my mouth until just the head was in and pulled back.

I had a first taste of cock and it was time to go for the rest. The guy really had earned it with the effort he gave my cock; turn about is fair play, right? I opened my mouth and moved my head forward and then closed my lips about halfway down his dick before pulling my head back up to the tip. I then moved back down toward the base, this time letting my lips slip along the length of it. I had finally generated some saliva and that, mixed with his drooling precum, was making this blow job pretty easy to give now.

And I was loving the taste of precum! It was light and a little sweet compared to the thick, tangy load of my own cum that I had swallowed just a couple hours early in my apartment. I settled into a good pace, moving my hand and mouth along the shaft of this first dick. He just left it pushed against the wall so I could get as much of him into my mouth as possible.

With my eyes closed and concentration on servicing my first cock, I hadn’t even notice Beth move from the side of me. That is, until I felt the familiar tip of her strap on poking at my anal entrance once again.

“Ok, audience,” I heard her announce, “we are going to watch Patrick take it from both ends now. I know you are all either hard or wet by now watching this little bitch do my bidding! Here go!”

At the same time that I moved my head down on the stranger’s cock once again, I felt Beth push the cock into my ass. It had been in me enough times the past few days that she met zero resistance and was able to push all the way in me at one time. I felt her hips and the fake balls on the toy hit my ass, which pushed me forward, forcing my mouth further down the man’s cock until it was now in my throat. In a round-about way, I had just deep throated a cock for the first time. I heard him moan in appreciation of the tightness of my throat.

Evidently Beth decided that I could take her “cock” anytime she wanted now as easily as it my dick were slipping into her wet pussy because she started pounding my ass right from the get-go. I was now a whore for anal pleasure and started moaning into the cock I was sucking.

I looked like the old Chinese finger-cuff toys – both ends being filled and long, straight objects pulling me in both directions. As Beth would slam into my ass, my mouth would push back onto the cock in front of me. As she would pull back out, I would rock back to have just the tip left in my lips.

The two continued the assault on my two ends for several more minutes. We were all consumed by lust now and three voices were moaning out sounds of pleasure. Other patrons of the store had to be able to hear us. I just kept hoping that no one would call the cops on us and that Beth had really locked the door so that no one could burst in and see me like this, though its not like millions of people wouldn’t be able to see me fucked at both ends as soon as we got home and Beth uploaded the newest video!

“Fuck yeah!” Beth started saying out loud, trying to be quiet, but just not capable of not saying anything. “Fuck I love screwing your ass! And I bet the man on the other side of the wall is loving getting blown by your soft lips. Oh yeah, I bet he is fucking loving taking your virgin mouth. And some other lucky guy is going to love fucking your virgin ass. Well, virgin to the real thing, anyway!” she said with a chuckle.

The pace continued until I felt the stranger’s cock begin to hard even more. I could hear his moans increase in both pace and intensity from the other room. Beth kept pounding my ass and I felt the man begin to fill my mouth.

Spurt after spurt hit the back of my throat, giving me my first taste of another man’s cum. He filled my mouth until I couldn’t hold anymore and I began to swallow it down. At that moment, Beth noticed my swallowing and asked me to keep some in my mouth and not to swallow it all.

I felt her pull the dildo out of my ass with a pop. She moved around to the side to get a video close up of me finishing the blowjob. “Let me see what is in your mouth when he has finished cuming!”

Again taking a queue from what he had done for me, I milked every last drop from his cock onto my tongue. When he finished, I pulled my lips off of his member, keeping them tight so that I didn’t lose any of his cum from my mouth. He pulled his dick back into his own room and I could hear his wrestling around as he pulled up his pants, zipped them up, and left the room with the door slamming behind him. Evidently he was leaving the building quickly.

“Ok, just like when it was your own, let me see that load in your mouth!”

I looked up at Beth and the camera and opened my mouth. All the white, sticky fluid was pooled in my mouth for the camera to see. I rolled it around in my mouth, learning to put on a show for the audience that would be watching later. I then swallowed the load, feeling his cum fall down my throat, filling my belly.

“You are such a good little bitch!” Beth exclaimed and turned off the camera, our newest scene of my humiliation filmed for prosperity.

“Now, put your clothes back on and let’s go get a drink. I’m sure this area has some good bars with some cute boys willing to fill your mouth with their loads while I fuck your ass again!”

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