female freinds transforming me

female freinds transforming me
I always wanted to dress as a woman since I was in my early teens. I was babysitting and when the k**s were sleeping I went into the master bedroom and explored. The couple was very sexy, the wife had a very sexy body and I had gotten jealous because I was an over weight boy. when I was in the master bedroom I when through the dresser drawers and found lingerie and toys. I tried on one piece of lingerie that I knew I could fit in. I liked wearing the lingerie, I explored the toys and found a dildo. I watch a little porn before so I put the dildo in my mouth and started sucking it. I had watched the k**s more and dreamed that the wife would catch me, take me to the bathroom and turn me into a girl. there were times that the wife would take me home and I wanted to ask her what it was like to be a girl all dressed up, I also wanted the husband to take me down a country road and pull is cock out and tell me to suck it.

many years later I entered the military and after technical school I was on leave, a friend and I went out and got drunk. we went back to my moms and had to stay in the same bed. my curiosity about cock took the better of me. when I thought he was asleep I started playing with his cock, then went down and started sucking it. he had a small cock but hard as a rock. I thought he woke up but I kept sucking because he did not move. then I straddled him and tried to sit in his cock. got some inserted but not all the way because I was not lubed.

I got married while in the military I spent ten years in the military and married nine years, after the military I met up with a gay couple I met on a chat site. they lived close but out in the country. I was extremely nervous about it, the experience of the threesome was great. I was and always will be bottom. I liked that both men touching me while I sucked their cocks. one put me on all fours and started to fuck me and the other positioned himself in front of me and put my head to his cock and I started sucking it. I wish I had more contact with them but it was a one time thing because I was nervous. after the encounter I met an older woman on a chat site, we talked for a long time since she was from out of state. I finally told her about me and she wanted me and encouraged me to be with men, she always told me I was gay. I have looked for sexual encounters with men since my wife did not want sex anymore. many many years later I am in a very male dominate job and I told a woman my age about me being bi. she was surprised but understanding because she has gay friends, she told me that I need a woman’s name and named me veronica . I went to her house and talked, she wanted me to try on some lingerie of hers, I tried them on and she told me I looked good in them. I like it. she told me to keep one on until I had to leave for work. I wore it for a while then she had me put on a bra of hers and a dress. I could have worn that all day if I didn’t have to go to work. she told me that she wanted me to crossdress and meet a man for an encounter. I have been wanting to do that. she gave me the lingerie but she is holding them for me. I told a former coworker about me and she thought it was great we have been looking at clothes, wigs and heels. she calls me Victoria. she wants me to shave my body to be a woman in dress. one night after work I went to her place and talked, we ended up going to wally world and bought a bralette and G-string panties. I wore them at her place but have to keep them there so I don’t get caught by my wife. my former coworker wants me to tell my wife, I believe she wants me to be a woman full time. I want to be but I am not ready to divorce my wife for this.

more to come hopefully

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