Brookdale Chapter 6

Brookdale Chapter 6

When William heard his father’s voice calling him from the basement, he already had a good idea as to what Greg had been doing and had dressed accordingly in just a pair of sports shorts.

William had only returned home from school a matter of days, but during that time he had quickly become accustomed to the realisation that, in his position as a male in the township, this gave him an automatic superiority of over the vast majority of women in the community.

The last year at school had been one of the most interesting and enjoyable times of his life. To find that the curriculum had included such things as ‘Enforcing Control’ and ‘The Detailed Anatomy of A Woman’ accompanied by live models, had proved to be a boon that was welcomed by any developing young male whose hormones were racing through his young body at a rate of knots. Although looked upon as something of a ‘nerd’ by his fellow male students, William had developed an extremely accomplished way of dealing with the opposite sex. The knowledge that he could demand and expect complete obedience from the female pupils at the school, had given him a sense of confidence in dealing with the female sex that far outweighed his sixteen years.

Indeed the pleasure of instructing one beautiful s*******n year old female student to strip off her uniform and show him the most intimate of her charms, and the satisfaction that he had felt in ejaculating into the soft, warm confines of her mouth, after requiring her to pay homage to his erect and throbbing manhood just before he left, had remained with him during his journey back to Brookdale. She unfortunately would remember him, more for the penalty that he had imposed upon her.

During his last days at the boarding school he had seen the girl, Mary-Beth who was a lithe slim brunette with an attractive figure, and William had decided that she would be the subject of his ‘graduation’ act at the school. She had screamed and begged for mercy from the thin, spotty faced youth without success, before she was strapped to the whipping block. The sight of her naked body stretched taut over a whipping block, as he delivered a solid twenty-four stroke caning to her yielding buttocks would remain with him for some considerable time
as his farewell gift. However, the pain that he inflicted upon her, she would wish to forget as soon as possible. It was not as if he had found fault with her performance, but simply decided that he would enjoy cutting the four feet length of hickory into her soft skin.

Thus when William joined his father in the basement, he was anxious to demonstrate to him that he was competent at controlling the women who were subject to his whim.

Julie’s reaction as William entered the basement was one of complete shock. “There is no way that I am going to allow that pimply faced moron to make free with me.” She screamed, as she suddenly realised what horrors lay in store for her. “No fucking way am I going to allow him to indulge his fantasies with me!!!”

Greg simply smiled, as the naked figure of Julie twisted in her bonds. “Well, son what do you think of our new maid?” Greg questioned William.

William took in the charms of Julie’s figure that her naked form exposed before him. The soft white of her shoulders, the light s**ttering of freckles on her chest which supported the succulent globes of her breasts, the sheen on her vivid red shoulder length hair, her slim waist that flared outwards into her bottom cheeks, as yet unmarked from the kiss of the whip or cane, then the slim thighs and lower legs stretching down to her trim ankles.

“Not bad Dad, not bad at all” William replied.
“She has just made an offer that you may well wish to accept.” Greg explained. “It appears that, instead of being whipped with this,” and Greg swished the cat-o-nine tails through the air, “she is willing to make use of her considerable charms to avoid the kiss of the whip. I have explained that you may well be interested in taking up her offer, but that it will be dependent on whether you find her attractive enough.”

On hearing Greg’s explanation to his son, Julie reacted and screamed “I wouldn’t let that spotty face idiot touch me if he was the last fucking man on earth. I’d cut his balls off and cook the fucking little things first.”

“Such foul language and such impossible threats, woman. If it was not my wish to hear you beg for my son to make use of you, and listen as you scream and beg for mercy I would have you gagged in order to silence your outburst.” Commented Greg, “I think that you should resign yourself to accept that, as from now, you have no rights to any opinions or wishes but are simply here to provide for our pleasure.”

“What do you think son, the cat or something else to curtail her sharp tongue?” Greg said to William, who responded by suggesting a cane may be more suitable in curbing Julie’s vitriolic tongue. “Good suggestion, a good beating with a willow switch may help the bitch realise her true place and function in this household.”

Hearing William’s views on her beating, Julie screamed, “If that little pervert touches me I will sue the arse off you, you bastards.” ~ this cannot be happening, ~ Julie’s mind was in a turmoil of emotion and disbelief. However, the d**gs from the injection were having an effect as, when she made these outbursts, she found herself feeling nauseous and confused, as if her will to resist was weakened.

~What was happening to her? Why was she feeling so helpless? ~

William simply ignored her outburst and went across to the wall of the basement and took a five feet length of willow stick from a hook. Swishing it through the air as he walked to behind Julie’s figure, still held with her wrists fastened above her shoulders, he asked “How many, Dad?”

“Cane her until she sees some sense, son” replied Greg watching as Julie struggled and squirmed in her bonds. “When the slut is prepared to accept her true position as a slave and that we are to be addressed in the proper form, as Master, then she can have some relief.”

After tapping the rod several times on Julie’s offered buttock cheeks, William raised the implement back over his shoulder and brought it down in a swift arc to cut across the summit of the unmarked ass. The stroke left a white stripe upon Julie’s tanned flesh, which quickly filled to become a red welt of pain.

During the course of the next 10 minutes, Julie’s ass was decorated from the first swell at the bottom of her back, to the top of her thighs with a series of red stripes of agony, some overlaying others, until the whole area was bright red with lines of the rod. Although only a youngster, the strength of William’s arm was such, that where the stripes had crossed, small droplets of blood oozed from the skin.

“AHHHHHHOOWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!” Screams of shock and pain were torn from Julie’s
throat, as tears sprang to her eyes with each pain writhing swat. She struggled to move out of the way of the swinging switch, but the binding of her wrists and ankles held her firmly in place. Each swat ripped a scream from her throat and caused an overwhelming wave of humiliation to wash over her. Soon her tears were streaming down her cheeks and dropping onto jiggling breasts, her cries echoing off the walls of the room. Her bottom was on fire with pain unlike anything she had felt before, and her resistance and strength of will seemed to be melting away.

Eventually, after the cane had laced into Julie’s ass some thirty times, William paused and said, “Are you now prepared to accept your new status or do I have to resort to stronger methods?”

Toward the end, Julie’s throat was too raw to scream and, her voice hoarse, but she managed to sob, “Please no more…I..I’ll do what you want…just please no more please…” There was shudder that ran throughout her being as she uttered, “Master.”

A huge grin across William’s features emphasised the pleasure he took as he watched the naked flesh before him quiver and he heard the sobbing Julie utter the word `Master.’ Now that was a word that enhanced the enjoyment of slicing the willow rod across her backside and gave credence to the philosophy that any woman can be broken, if pain and torment are applied in the correct manner.

“How do you want her, son?” Greg asked, “On her back, legs spread wide, or do you want her properly offering herself to you?” He hoped that his son would realise that to have the woman forced to offer her naked body for the male’s enjoyment was a humiliation to be enjoyed, especially in view of Julie’s initial reaction to William.

“I think that I would prefer her loose from any bonds so that she can show how much she enjoys surrendering herself.” William responded with the hint of sarcasm in his voice.

Greg was pleased. His son was obviously enjoying being in complete control of Julie and had benefited greatly from the training he had received at school. Little did Greg realise how accomplished William actually was, and how the reputation he had at the school of being a disciplinarian, who had left many of the girl students in floods of tears, was well justified.

William had already decided that he would have fun training Julie to be obedient to her betters. He recalled that, on previous occasions at the school, being very exacting in introducing the girls that he had trained to rituals involving their humiliation and discipline.

The rituals included making the female students display themselves in the most abject and intimate way, forcing them to kneel naked before him with their knees parted and hands cupping their breasts for his inspection. He would then instruct them to please him by displaying their naked body in any manner that they felt could gain his interest. If the girl failed to do so, the whip was always available

Greg released Julie’s wrist bracelets and ankle fixings and she stood, as he instructed, with her hands by her sides, tears streaming down her face. She could see her chest heaving with sobbing breathes that caused her ripe breast globes to bobble slightly, as she continued to gaze at the floor.

~What was going to happen next? Julie wondered. How much more can I stand of this torture? ~

“Display, girl.” William instructed in a menacing voice.

Julie lifted her gaze to look up at the youth. She knew that he was addressing her, but she did not know what he meant by his words. She straightened her shoulders, looking him in the eyes. “What do you mean by display? You see that I cannot hide anything,” She stopped for a moment, and then she remembered to add the required salutation “Master.”
William observed the manner of her reply and strode purposefully to where the naked girl stood with her hands by her sides. Gripping her hair in an iron fist, he forced her head back causing her body to strain in order to avoid the pain of his strength, throwing her breasts into prominence. William stared into her eyes that were full with tears as she realised that, despite appearing as only a sixteen-year old spotty faced youth, this boy was not to be trifled with. He had already demonstrated how efficient he was at wielding the cane and his demeanour showed confidence in his own ability.

“You are a slave and slaves are taught how to display themselves for the amusement of their betters! They are forced to display their most intimate charms, their breasts, their cunts and their arses in all manner of lewd offering, so that their master may examine them to see if they are worth bothering with!! On your knees, woman and offer me those sweet breasts of yours this instant.”

Releasing her hair from his grip, he shoved her to her knees on the basement floor and, whilst she knelt before him, he picked the cane again and commenced whipping it through the as if anticipating the forthcoming enjoyment of using it again on Julie’s well-toned flesh should she again prove stubborn.

“Show me your charms as enticingly as you can, or suffer the pain of the whip across that flesh!”

Julie’s tried her hardest to show him that she would not weaken so easily but when he took the switch into his hand and started snapping it back and forth, she knew that if she did not do what he ordered, she would again suffer terribly.

Julie knelt there for a brief moment, looking up at William, and she then proceeded to do her best at what he ordered of her. She could not meet his gaze, so she looked down to the floor, while her hands moved up to cup her breasts as she arched her back so they would stand out more for him.

“Let’s see those thighs apart, woman. with 18 inches between your knees or you’ll feel this in places far more sensitive than your backside.” ordered William waving the cane before her terrified eyes. Julie scrambled to comply but, sadly for her not quick enough for William as he sliced the length of willow across the soft flesh of her belly.

Julie’s screamed as she felt the cutting stroke and then, remembering that she could get far worse, she grasped her nipples in between her thumb and index fingers and squeezed them hard. She turned her head to the side, her red locks falling over her face some, slightly covering it. When she felt that her nipples were as erect as they could be, she let go and began to knead her breasts. She had no idea if this was enough, or if she should even speak any words that would gain some favour with him. Fear was starting to build up within her, and she tried her best to fight it down. She glanced up at him as she continued to squeeze her breasts, awaiting his approval or her punishment for not pleasing him.

William watched impassively as Julie attempted to comply with his orders and he saw the effort to overcome her stubbornness that such actions induced in her. He observed her breasts becoming reddened with the pressure of her fingers and the nipples maintained their erectness.

“Now show me your cunt and let me see your sex flesh,” William demanded.

Realising that any delay on her part would only lead to more and worse torment, Julie, with her hands trembling with trepidation used her fingers to ease apart her cunt lips. What further horrors await her?

William realised Julie’s stubborn streak would need to be eradicated before she submitted herself to him completely and, as she used her fingers to pull open the lips of her pussy, he traced the tip of the willow cane down over her breasts, her belly flesh and into the soft petals of her opened sex.

Moving the length of the cane back and forth in between her opened sex lips, William stared down into her watery eyes. He continued to saw the cane in its soft confines and carefully watched for any reaction. It would bring him much satisfaction to have this slave obedient to his every command with the threat of severe punishment for any failure.

Julie kept his gaze for quite some time, but fear of further punishment brought her gaze to the basement floor once again. She gasped slightly when he started rubbing the cane against her pussy, but she did not react in any other way, hoping that he would be done with this part soon.

William pulled the switch from Julie’s pussy and smelt it. “Well that’s a start, slave. You seem to understand that you must obey, and obey without delay!” He said. “However, you must realise that this is only the start of my enjoyment in your training. Keep those knees well apart and let me see your nose to the floor and your ass presented high.”

The cane swayed menacingly in William’s hand. She listened to his words, and she was scared, there was something about this boy that she just did not like, but she would listen and obey as best she could.

Julie immediately opened her legs, with her knees as far apart as she could spread them and touched her nose to the floor as instructed, while her ass was thrust up into the air for his inspection. She prepared herself, for what she thought would be more lashes and closed her eyes tightly, but still listened for any other orders from him.

Resting the cane on the summit of Julie’s upraised ass, William passed it over the marked flesh presented to him and caressed it slowly down to the crease where bottom meets thighs. He wished to explore how submissive she was when ordered to carry out actions of a more intimate nature.

William leaned down and took a firm grip of her shoulder length hair and forced her around to face him still on her knees, keeping the switch before her eyes. He pulled her face towards his crotch where his cock stood erect beneath the brief shorts that he was wearing.

“Let’s see if your anymore proficient at providing sexual pleasure for your Master, than you are obeying simple orders to display your assets to your betters. Be aware that any failures this time will make what you have suffered so far seem mild by comparison. Now, remove my shorts.”

Julie listened to his orders, and her hands immediately went to the waistband of the shorts and eased them down William’s still developing thighs. Her eyes took in the eight-inch length of engorged flesh that was revealed, as it stood out horizontal from William’s hairy groin. Realising that to procrastinate would only bring extra pain; she licked her lips once, and then placing her fingers gently around the base of the shaft, she wrapped her lips around the head of his cock, sucking gently on it. She started to work her way down his shaft in a steady rhythm, as her mouth sucked on his cock; her tongue caressed the underside of his shaft eagerly.

Julie had resigned herself to the fact that she would be forced to please William, whether she wanted to or not. However, she had, in the past, enjoyed giving this kind of pleasure to her previous boyfriends and was quite proficient at the task. She kept her movements steady, but not slow nor quick either. Soon, she had the full length of him inside of her hot mouth, and she moaned softly for a moment, and looked up at him to see his reaction to her doings.

As William felt Julie’s soft lips take his cock into her mouth, he enjoyed the caress of her tongue and he felt her accommodate his length and girth within the confines of her mouth. The steady movements of her sucking caused him to harden further and he was pleasurably surprised at her expertise.

~Was this the same woman who did not know how to display herself? ~

The youth felt his hips begin a back and forward movement as he sought to bury more of his lengthening cock between Julie’s sucking lips. This pleasant interlude went on for some minutes and William could feel the build up of heat in his testes as the stimulation continued.

Reaching down, he gripped Julie’s breasts and began to maul them in his hard hands, pinching the nipples between his fingers as his enjoyment of her efforts increased and his wish to control his release became uppermost in his mind.

“Yes, the woman has a good mouth, Dad” he commented nonchantly to Greg, as if he was talking about the performance of a car. “But she has yet to show how good she is with her cunt!”

Julie moaned softly again hearing William’s words. She could tell that she was pleasing him, but to be referred to in such a manner re-enforced her feeling of defeat. She continued with her steady rhythm, as she felt his hands reach for her swollen breasts. Her own hands reached up to gently hold at his hips, so she could ensure that she kept her breasts well presented.

Julie sped up just a tiny bit in her movements on his hard member, wanting to receive his ultimate release in her hot eager mouth. She closed her eyes for a moment, enjoying what she was doing by remembering previous episodes of oral sex, then opened them again to look up at William as her right hand moved around to his balls to caress them.

William felt his shaft continue to be sucked by Julie’s mouth and he was pleased to feel her hand on his balls, as she caressed them. He felt the build up of tension in his erect member as he pushed it further between Julie’s lips, until he could feel her hot breath against his stomach.

~Should he let go deep into her throat, or should he reserve his spend for the confines of her pussy? Decision time rapidly approached, as he felt himself nearing the point of no return. ~

Julie was relieved to feel William’s cock pulsing within her warm wet mouth. She was pleasing him, and that was good, but all she wanted now was to taste the milky white liquid that would shoot from his member soon so that her ordeal could draw to an end. She started to suck on him harder, working her mouth back and forth on his shaft as her hand continued to caress and gently rake at his balls.

Easing his stiff shaft from Julie’s mouth, which seemed to be sucking harder as if to retain it within the moist confines of her mouth, William pulled back and his erect cock pointed towards Julie’s face like an accusing finger. He allowed himself a moment to recover the control that he had nearly lost, and looked down at Julie’s naked body, his eyes expressing a sadistic pleasure as he took in the smooth white flesh.

“Get back down with that pretty arse in the air, girl.” William ordered. “Let’s see if you are able to satisfy your Master by using your sweet cunt as efficiently as you have used your mouth.”

Julie looked up at him after he withdrew from her mouth, a bit disappointed, but she knew what he wanted of her next and she was forced to obey. She quickly got on her hands and knees, parting her legs as wide as she could and thrusting her ass up to him as he ordered.

Taking a cushion from a nearby bench, William dropped it behind Julie’s upturned buttocks and knelt behind her. With a grunt of satisfaction thrust his cock to the depths of Julie’s warm moist sex. Easing his staff from between the soft and yielding lips of her offered cunt, he thrust again, his balls swinging as his belly battered her up- thrust arse cheeks.

Julie moaned loudly as he slammed into her. She had thought for a moment that she would be dry, but the episode of sucking his cock had obviously caused her to lubricate the inside of her cunt with her fluids and after the first few strokes, it felt rather good to her

On the next withdrawal, he could not resist the temptation and his hard hand came down upon the cane striped buttocks and a red imprint quickly added to the already weals that decorated the surface.

William thrust in again to the hilt and as he withdrew he felt the suctioning pull of Julie’s cunt muscles. William continued to thrust his hard cock into her with regular strokes, interspersing them with slaps to the cheeks so well presented to him.

She pushed herself back onto his cock again and again, and gasped every time his hand came down onto her ass.

“Do you like a hard fucking slave?” he questioned. Well take it!!! Take it all!!!” cried William, as he shot his load of jism with a wild roar.

Julie cried out at the moment of his climax, as her own orgasm shot through her and her body shuddered with the force of it. She yelped, then moaned loudly again as she felt him empty his seed deep in her.

William slumped down on to the kneeling slave’s back, he had felt Julie’s body shudder with her own climax and heard her yelp and loud moan. His hands came up to strongly grip her hanging breasts and he could not resist the temptation to pinch Julie’s erect nipples between his thumb and fore-finger, which he did several times.

As he recovered and felt his wilting shaft ease its way out into the cool air from between Julia’s clinging labia, William felt exhilarated that he had displayed such maturity and control in front of his father, whilst Greg looked on with a certain degree of awe and pride at his son’s ability. The fact that he had watched him bring a new slave, unaccustomed to the ways of Brookdale, to a sexual climax was certainly a mark that the boy had what it took to control women.

However, before Greg could comment, William stood up and kicked the still up-thrust bottom of Julie hard with his foot. “Who said that you were allowed to climax, bitch?” William questioned Julia. “No slave is permitted pleasure unless specifically instructed.”

Greg laughed to hear his son addressing the naked figure of Julia in such a manner. “She will be well punished for that indiscretion before the day is out, I warrant son.”

“Yes, Dad.” William replied. “By the time I have finished with her, she will pay for that pleasure in pain and agony.”

On hearing William’s words, Julia cringed as she lay on the cold floor of the basement, feeling William’s cum oozing from between cunt lips and trickling slowly down her inner thighs, to dry in a sticky puddle on her skin.

~Why oh why did she agree to serve the Community Order sentence? Why was God punishing her so?? But punish her he was, by making her suffer so much pain and terror. What more agony awaited her for having a woman’s pleasure? ~

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