Payback – The Beginning


As the car drove down the country road, Josh shifted from side to side, his tall chiseled frame trying to get comfortable. The seat was just too stiff, plus with his mother and aunt arguing in the front seat, he could not fall back asleep anyway. They had been slinging insults at each other for at least a good hour and from what he could tell, it was only getting worse.

“Karen, you’re such a controlling bitch, you couldn’t keep a man even if they paid him all the money in the world!” Aunt Sharon blasted into his mom, and then laughed in her face.

“Oh….oh is that so……” Karen blurted out. “Well, at least I’m not known as the Cum Queen of Madison!”

Josh’s sat up in surprise. “What…..” His aunt’s eyes opened wide and her jaw dropped.

His mom was on a roll now, spewing out secrets long thought forgotten. Seeing her son jump up, she figured she would deal the death blow to her sister’s tirade of her failed marriage. “Oh you didn’t know Josh…… well, let me tell you, your auntie here is a natural born cock sucking jizz guzzler.” She glared at her sister. “She’s been swallowing so much cum, you’d think that she’s discovered the fountain of youth.”

“Whooa…..” Josh stared at his aunt.

Sharon was in shock as she looked at her sister, huge tears rolled down her cheeks. “You….you….you said that you would never tell anyone……..” Her tears were flowing as she turned away and looked out the window. Within a few seconds, she started to cry outright.

The next half hour was awkward and silent as the trio traveled down the road. Every time Karen attempted to break the silence, her sister would press her face against the window and again start to cry. Josh in the meantime had positioned himself so he could look in-between the seats and stare at his aunt. Soaking in her beauty, his eyes focused in on her lips, enjoying their fullness. His mind fantasized about how she would suck cock after cock, swallowing load after load, until thick gobs of cum would spill from her mouth. He even thought about how some guys would pull out of her mouth just to splash her face with their white cream. He thought, what a knob whore she must be, as he pressed down on his crotch to reposition his growing hard-on.

“STOP LOOKING AT ME YOU PERVERT!!!” Sharon screamed at Josh as she caught him staring at her.

“Josh……” Karen glanced back

Josh hurriedly tried to look away. “I didn’t do anything.”

Sharon let out a howling cry. “NOW YOU DID IT………..” Her sobbing became uncontrollable. “NOW EVEN YOUR SON WANTS TO STICK HIS DICK IN MY MOUTH!!!!” Her crying continued to get louder.

Karen continued to drive, looking back and forth, from her sister, to her son, to the road, trying to think of a way to get the situation back under control. About five minutes had passed, when she pulled into a rundown gas station. “OK, everyone out.” She stopped the car and everyone got out of the car. “OK, Josh…… go get a drink or something, your aunt and I need to talk.”

Josh shrugged his shoulders. “Do you two want anything to drink?” Both women glared at him and said no almost at the same time. Josh said OK and walked into the service-station office.

Once Josh was gone, Karen looked at her sister. “Come on Sharon, I’m sorry I said what I said, but you made me mad.” She tried to touch her sister’s arm, but Sharon pulled away. “Sharon…..”

Sharon walked toward the side of the building. “I don’t want to talk about it Karen and I don’t want to forgive you……” Spotting the ladies restroom, she walked in.

Karen walked in behind her. “Sharon, I’m truly sorry, please…..”

Sharon interrupted her sister. “Damn-it Karen, just shut up. You’ve already said enough shit today. Hell, your son thinks I’m a whore now……..” she wiped her eyes. “And I know you think so too…..” She walked into the only stall and closed the door.

Karen stood outside the stall, leaning on the door. “Sharon, please believe me, I’m sorry I said it……. I promise I’ll talk to Josh and straighten it out.”

“Ya, I bet you will……” Sharon looked around the stall. Lewd, nasty graffiti covered kartal escort almost every inch of the stall door and walls. The floor even had a filthy look to it, she doubted that this room had even been cleaned in the last two or three months. Ignoring her sister’s continual knocking, Sharon began reading some of the scribbling, when she saw the hole on her left side. Sitting down, it was a little lower than eye level. She lowered her head and looked through the hole. Oh my god she thought, she could see through to the other restroom, she could see the toilet and with the stall door open, she could just make out the urinal. Oh shit, it was the men’s restroom, she was looking at a glory hole……. Damn these country people are wilder than she thought.

“Sharon, please…….. I am sorry” Karen shook the door handle. “Sharon please, it just came out, I wasn’t thinking, I’ll make it up to you. I didn’t mean to say it, you just made me mad.”

Sharon continued to stare through the hole. “How?” Sharon started to smile.

Karen wasn’t even listening to her sister. “Yes…..please forgive me.” She stepped to the sink and turned on the water.

Sharon unlocked the stall and came out. “How are you going to make it up to me?”

Karen looked into the dirty mirror, spotting her sister leaning against the stall.

Hey sis,…..” Sharon motioned with her finger. “….come here.” She held the stall door open. “Look inside.”

Karen walked over to the stall and looked inside. “OK, so.”

“Well, you did say you’d make it up to me……..” Sharon smiled.

“Yes…..” Karen was starting to sound irritated. “Yes….anything, I’ll talk to Josh, I’ll make it clear to him that it was just something I said because I was mad, ……..can we go now?”

“Not just yet, I want that anything first……..” Sharon pushed her sister into the stall. “….and then you can talk to Josh.” Karen did not understand and looked confused. Sharon did not say another word, but pointed at the hole in the wall.

Karen looked at the hole then back at her sister. “Is that…….”

“Yes…….yes it is.” Sharon just continued to smile.

Karen shook her head. “No way!” She tried to push past her sister to get out of the stall.

Sharon stood firm. “That’s what I want from you Karen…..” Putting her hands on her hips. “You called me a cum guzzling whore in front of your son. You told him our secret that you swore would stay between us. And now every time Josh looks at me, that’s all he will think of……….., to him I’m Aunt Cocksucker, Auntie Cum breath.” She then swung the door open and stepped aside. “If you won’t, just how are you going to make it up to me? What, going to buy me some mints?”

“Sharon, you’re just trying to make me feel guilty.” Karen continued to look at the hole.

Sharon turned and faced her sister. “You are guilty Karen……”

Karen glared at her sister. There was an awkward silence as they looked at each other. Then Karen bent down and looked through the hole. “And just what am I suppose to do, suck every cock that walks in?” She sat on the toilet and look up at her sister.

Sharon seemed happier as she touched Karen’s shoulder. “No, I won’t ask that of you, though you deserve to have to do it. All I want you to do is suck off one man, that’s it.” She squatted down, even with her sister. “Just blow one man, and we will call it even. Hell, since we’re just passing through, no one will know who you are…….. shit, he won’t even see your face, so the only one that will know is me.” She stood back up and opened the stall door again. “I’ll just go out and pick one of these good old country boys out there, you’ll do your thing, and we’ll get out of here.” As she walked to the outer door, she turned and looked back into the stall at her sister who was still sitting on the toilet. “Oh, Karen, one other thing, I want to watch.” Karen looked shocked. “Well, how else are you going to prove to me that you actually did it?” Karen looked down in disgust, but shook her head in agreement. Sharon smiled again. “Good, just stay in here, I’ll be back as soon as I set everything up.

Sharon cumhuriyet mahallesi escort stepped outside and walked straight to the car. She opened the trunk and looked in her suitcase until she found her digital camera, she then slipped it into her purse and closed everything back up. She then went looking around for some strapping young hunk. She wanted to teach her younger sister a lesson, so she was kind of looking for someone who looked like they were just a little bigger than the rest. Walking the station, she continued to scan the prospects, even walking up to a few of them for a quick chat and of course a little feel. After walking the whole station with no real standout, she was almost ready to see if her sister would be willing to check out the next gas station with the same arrangement. But as she entered the garage area, low and behold, there he was. A strapping young buck, while everyone else seemed to be scurrying around, he stood tall, sucking on his soda, looking around like he owned the place. Sharon walked up close to him. “Hi….”

He looked at her strangely. “Hi right back.”

Sharon stepped into him, her hand brushing against his upper thigh and crotch. “What does one have to do to get some service around here?”

With a grin, the young man took another sip of his cola. “All depends what kind of service you need.”

Sharon grabbed the soda bottle from his hand, looking straight into his eyes and smiling, she took a drink. “Well, let’s just say I want to do the servicing.” She then took the cool bottle and pressed in against his crotch. The young man did not say anything as Sharon took his hand and led him around to the restrooms. At the men’s door, she again leaned into the young lads chiseled body and began whispering in his ear as she rubbed his bulge through his pants. She could feel his cock harden with each stroke. “I guess I will be getting that drink after all.” She pushed off of him, smiled and then stepped into the ladies restroom.

Sharon closed the door and locked it, she turned and saw her sister standing by the mirror looking at herself. Sharon stepped beside her. “Like what you see?”

“I can’t believe you talked me into this……” Karen brushed her hair back.

Sharon dug into her purse and pulled out some dark red lipstick. “Here, he’s outside, I told him to give me a few minutes then to go into the men’s room.” She handed Karen the lipstick. “You want to look pretty, don’t you?” She smiled.

Karen just glared at her sister, then took the lipstick and applied it heavily to her lips. She waited a few seconds then licked her lips. “So do I look like a whore………., do I look like you?” She sarcastically smiled at Sharon.

“Ya….you do.” Sharon shot back. “Now, your little chore thinks it’s me, so I’ll do all the talking, you can do all the rest.” She took her sister by the hand and led her into the stall. Sharon got on her knees and looked through the hole, until she saw the jeans enter into the stall. She pressed her mouth against the glory hole, sticking her tongue through and wiggling it about. “Hey cowboy, I’m ready for my drink.” She then pulled back and waited for her prize. Both women looked at each other when they heard a zipper go down. A few seconds later, a thick purple head began to emerge from the hole. Sharon looked directly into her sister’s eyes and took two fast licks as the shaft started to appear. “You ready for the blow job of your life?”

All Sharon and Karen heard was a gruff grunt as the young man pushed his whole shaft through the hole. Sharon stood up and began stroking the exposed shaft, her fingers rolled over the head with each passing. She again looked at her sister and mouthed it’s all yours, then stopped stroking and let go of the shaft.

Karen looked at her sister with hate in her eyes, then sat sideways on the toilet and bent forward. Her fingers slowly circled the hard shaft and pushed the skin forward, then back. She kissed the purple head, leaving a coating of her lip stick near his piss hole. She then sucked his head into her mouth, and then pulled it out with a slight pop. yunus escort

Sharon watched her sister intensely and as the young man’s throbbing cock popped out of her mouth, Sharon blurted out . “mmmm….. you taste so good.” Karen glared at her sister and was about to say something, when Sharon patted her finger against her lips and smiled an evil grin. “I just can’t wait until you fill my mouth with your cum…..” Karen still looking at Sharon mouthed you bitch, then again began to engulf the cock in front of her. She forcefully deep-throated his shaft, mixing her gags with loud slurping sounds. Slobber dripped from the corner of her mouth as her head continued to bob back and forth.

Sharon was enjoying hearing grunts and moans coming from the other side of the wall while she watched her sister face fuck the cock. She was so tempted to join her sister, but thought that she could always get some later, right now she needed to make sure Karen would never mention their secrets again. Sharon quietly opened her purse and pulled out her camera. Her sister, with eyes slightly closed was totally unaware of what was about to happen. With Karen’s mouth almost completely covering the thick shaft, Sharon took two pictures.

After hearing the clicks, Karen immediately opened her eyes, and with her mouth just releasing the thick head, Sharon clicked another picture. Shocked and surprised, Karen’s eyes and mouth were wide open, and just a half an inch away was a wet, slobber dripping cock, when Sharon clicked her forth picture.

Karen was dumb struck, she slid backwards and almost fell off the toilet seat. Sharon was quick to react. “OOOhhh….. Sorry, got to stop for a second…..” She looked at her sister. “Got a cramp in my jaw…” Glaring at her, all the while pointing at the camera. “Ya, when I get home I forgot I have to e-mail some pictures to all my friends……..” She then pointed back at the cock in the wall.

Tears welled up in Karen’s eyes, as she sat back up, leaned forward and began to lick and kiss the throbbing cock. Again she deep-throated the young man’s shaft, slightly gagging as her lips touched the stall wall. As her tongue lapped back and forth over the bloated shaft, she could feel the blood rushing through his fat veins. She bobbed up and down, slurping and sucking like a pro. Even though her mind was racing with a thousand thoughts and she was totally involved in her reluctant chore, she could hear her sister clicking away with her camera.

The young man started to moan loudly as Karen pop him out of her mouth. Both of the sisters could see his cock swell up, ready to erupt. Sharon just smile bigger as she kept clicking away. Karen wanted to stop, but was kicked in the shin by her sister, who again pointed at the camera. She grabbed the shaft and began to jack him off. Her face just inches away from his gaping piss hole as the first stream of hot white cum splashed across her upper lip. The second and third flew straight into her open mouth, causing her to heave and gag. As she pulled her face away, more jets of the young man’s seed slapped her on her cheek, ear, and in her hair. She let go of his shaft, and leaned back, completely out of breath. Moans could still be heard from the other stall as the cock twitched, dripping more of the white fluid onto the floor. And of course Sharon was there to catch it all for prosperity, taking two to three more pictures with Karen’s face and mouth plastered in cum.

Sharon dropped the camera from her face and with a smile, looked at her sister. She flaunted the camera in front of Karen, before putting it back in her purse and patting it. She turned toward the cock in the wall and lightly fondled it, squeezing out the last of the load. Sharon bent down and kissed the softening head, licking up the last of the juices. She then watched as the cock disappeared back into the hole. She put her lips close to the hole and whispered. “Thank you, I needed that.” A familiar sounding “Anytime” came the response from the other side.

Sharon still squatting by the hole, turned and again looked at her sister. Karen sat there, not moving, shock pasted across her pretty face, while cum rolled from her mouth, down her chin and onto her lap. This caused Sharon only to smile harder, and as she heard the other stall door open, she again whispered. “Oh Josh, please don’t tell your mother what we just did…….” She then playfully stuck her tongue out at her sister.

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