Out of the Darkness


Ryan laid his hand on top of his gym shorts, pressing lightly on the erection underneath. He began to slide his hand up and down the shaft in long, slow strokes.

In the total darkness of his bedroom, with no noise except for the ceiling fan, Ryan had time to think. He thought about his mother, Kristi. He thought about the robe she wore into the kitchen a half hour earlier when she didn’t expect to find him there. Before she tightened the belt around the robe in an attempt at decency, Ryan had been offered an unanticipated vision of her partially exposed breasts.

His cock involuntarily rose from his body as Ryan recalled the sight. He rubbed harder, but still at a leisurely pace. He had more to think about.

Ever since his father left on a business trip four days ago, Ryan noticed a difference in his mother. She was far more attentive of her nineteen year old son; far more talkative, even to the verge of being flirtatious. Her clothes seemed more revealing and she never wore a bra at home, to his knowledge. Then the robe incident.

Ryan slid his hand inside the shorts and he wrapped his fingers around his cock. He was certain his mother was nude under the robe when he saw her. She acted surprised he was in the kitchen. Was she really surprised? Or was it just a show?

He stroked himself a little faster. Ryan closed his eyes and allowed himself to imagine using his body to hold his mother against the refrigerator. He untied her belt. The robe fell open.


Kristi sat on the edge of her bed, deep in contemplation. Her robe lay opened, a result of her intention to take it off, but delayed by her deliberation. A moment later she stood and walked in front of the large dresser mirror. She pulled the robe off and let it sink to the floor behind her.

Kristi stared at the nude body facing her in the mirror. She tried to put herself in somebody else’s place—a nineteen year old home from college, for instance. Would she be attracted by the breasts she saw? Was the stomach too big? The hips too wide?

She ran her hands over the breasts and pulled on the tiny nipples. Kristi felt the smooth skin of her stomach and thighs. Then she hesitated before feeling the short, soft hair of her pussy. A single finger fell into her slit and she followed it up to her clit. She was wet.

Thirty seconds later, she was walking out of the bedroom and stepping silently down the hall. No lights came out of any of the rooms. She could have been completely alone. But she wasn’t.

Ryan lay in the darkness of his room, one hand pulling his shorts down far enough to allow the other hand to masturbate his rigid cock. His self-absorption was absolute; nothing existed in his world except his thoughts and his cock.

Kristi entered this world through a half-closed bedroom door. There was just barely enough light to give her a hint of what was happening on the bed. She snuck into the room in bare feet, praying there was nothing lying on the floor to trip over. When she was convinced she was still unnoticed, Kristi squinted in an attempt to confirm her first impression.

Indeed, her son was frantically rubbing his cock. She stood in place, uncertain now of her next move.

Ryan took the decision out of her hands by spinning his head in her direction. Something—he didn’t know what—told him she was there. Ryan froze in place, too stunned to react in any other way. His eyes adjusted the best they could and he soon realized his mother was naked.

While not able to make out every detail, his mental image of her nude body in the kitchen was apparently not too far off. In the meantime, he had retained enough control over his hands to put his cock back inside his shorts.

Kristi moved closer to the bed and a small amount of moonlight from the bedroom window added more detail to her silhouette. No words were spoken, but many things floated around in both of their minds.

Kristi was the one who initiated the meeting and she would be the one to continue it. When she got to the side of Ryan’s bed, she got down on her knees by his legs. She reached out with one hand and put it exactly where Ryan’s hand had been moments before, directly on top of his cock.

A shiver shot through her entire body. He was rock hard and very, very long. Kristi enclosed the cock in her fist, taking a handful of his shorts along with it. She didn’t try to do anything except hold him and feel the warmth. Ryan’s pounding heart sent surge after surge of blood through the cock and Kristi felt the result.

After a single tentative stroke, she let go of the cock. Her hands moved up to the waistband of Ryan’s shorts and she had them down below his knees very quickly. Ryan lifted one leg out of them to allow himself more movement.

Kristi stared at his cock for a few seconds, and then put her hand underneath it. At the same time, she leaned forward and put her face within inches of the throbbing cock. She lifted it up with her hand and ran her tongue from the base all the way to the tip.

Ryan’s body stiffened. She licked him again and he tried to breathe. kurtköy escort Nothing was coming naturally now, except the constant aching of his cock from trying to harden beyond its capabilities. Kristi’s tongue was all over the shaft and she had removed her hand from under it.

Her lips parted and she covered the center portion of Ryan’s cock with them. She bit him very lightly and then licked him again. Finally, a few seconds later, she took the tip of his cock and put it inside her mouth. Inch by inch she worked her way down until the entire thing disappeared between her lips.

Salty precum was what she tasted first. Afraid that she might not have much time, Kristi began an energetic blowjob.

Ryan peered down, but the darkness and his mother’s hair prevented him from seeing much. What he felt made up for what he couldn’t see. His cock had entered a heavenly, warm, wet place that clamped down around it like a vise.

Ryan felt his mother’s tongue and lips work every inch of his cock. As good as it would have felt to masturbate until he came, this was way better. Knowing he couldn’t see anything, he put his head back on the pillow and enjoyed the ride.

His Mom came into the room with a purpose and it was close to fruition. She worked her son’s cock with her mouth and her hand, waiting anxiously for the first sign Ryan was about to cum.

His moans grew louder until at last he said, “Ohhhhh God. Yes!”

Kristi jerked his cock with her hand and made sure he was deep enough in her mouth not to escape.

“Ahhhhh. Mom, I’m gonna cum.”

Kristi never changed her method of attack and she was rewarded with a violent blast of cum that erupted from Ryan’s cock. As it settled in the back of her throat, another one hit her. Then a third stream landed on her tongue, and smaller bursts started to form a pool of cum in her mouth. She managed to swallow.

Ryan couldn’t resist the urge to put his hands on the back of his mother’s head, holding her in place for the last few seconds of his orgasm. White cum dripped onto her chin as Ryan finished.

She licked the very tip and Ryan twitched in response. But he was drained.

“Oh, fuck,” he murmured.

Kristi laid her head on his stomach and watched the cock begin to soften. A drop of cum peeked out from the head and she licked it off.

Ryan was softly running his fingers through her hair.

“I hope you aren’t mad,” Kristi said quietly.

There was silence for a moment. “I don’t know what to feel,” Ryan answered.

“I’ll let you sleep.”

Kristi got off the bed and walked out, Ryan’s eyes never leaving the outline of her body in the gloom.


Kristi was growing weary of her husband’s frequent trips. They were coming more often and lasting longer, it seemed. Her thirty nine year old body craved his love-making, as opposed to the small collection of toys she kept hidden in the closet.

She surprised even herself with her increased flirting in public with men of nearly any age. She spent more time styling her thick, brown hair in waves that would make any woman her age jealous. Kristi didn’t need to do anything special with the rest of her body. She’d always had a well-proportioned figure that took limited effort to maintain.

The cumulative effect caused Kristi to, first, acknowledge internally a physical attraction to her son in the kitchen. The rush of excitement she felt knowing that he was looking at her partially exposed body was something she hadn’t experienced in many, many years. And, second, to drive her towards the unthinkable act she performed on him.

Ryan was driven by the simple fact he was nineteen. He thought he had a pretty good take on life until he found himself taunted by his mother. Yes, he had always known that she was very attractive. But to fantasize about having sex with her? To allow her to give him a blowjob? All the darkness in the world didn’t hide the fact it was Kristi who entered his room and sucked him until he came.

How was he supposed to feel? Ryan could hardly answer that question if it had been a new girlfriend, let alone his mother.

The sun came up the next day, as always, but things were now different. Ryan and Kristi met in the kitchen, this time both dressed. Uncomfortable greetings were followed by silence.

Then Kristi said, “I’m sorry about last night.”

“It’s OK,” Ryan said automatically.

“No, it’s not OK. I shouldn’t have done it. It’s not fair to you or your father,” Kristi said, sitting in a chair next to Ryan with a bowl of fruit in front of her.

Ryan didn’t know if telling her she was very good would be taken the wrong way or not. He decided against that approach. “Do you get lonely?” he asked instead.

Kristi was taken aback by Ryan’s astute question. She chewed a piece of melon, then said, “Yes.”

“Have you told Dad?”

Kristi’s eyes widened. “About last night?”

Ryan laughed. “Hell, no. About being lonely.”

“No,” Kristi said with a hint of despair. “He’d never change anything about his job.”

“Then you need aydıntepe escort to change your life,” Ryan replied.

Kristi stared at him. “In what way?”

“Go out. Meet people. Take up a hobby. Do something.”

“Ryan, that’s easy for you to say. A college kid. Not married,” Kristi said. “I live in a different world.”

“Mom, do you think I haven’t seen a change in you lately?” Ryan said. “You WANT a change.”

Kristi played with the few remaining pieces of fruit with her fork. “I’ve been acting like an idiot. Last night was the ultimate proof of that.”

Ryan put his hand on her arm. “I was thinking last night. I have a suggestion. You can say ‘No’ and it won’t make me mad.”


“When I go back to school for the summer, come with me,” Ryan said. “The apartment will be empty. You can stay as long as you want. Shop all day. Just relax. I don’t care. Just go someplace different and do different things. There will be lots of people around.”

Kristi looked bewildered. “You want your mother around?”

“If it will make you happy.”

Kristi glanced at the calendar on the wall. She’d be alone the first week Ryan would be back at school. Her heart pounded.

“C’mon,” Ryan urged.

His mother nodded. “OK. I can come home if it doesn’t work out. Thanks, Ryan.”


The experiment had every reason to fail. Ryan had friends at school and many of them would be there for the summer, like himself. They would want to spend time at his apartment. His mother, in all her youthful exuberance, would still be his mother to them.

Also, it was one thing to be around his Mom at home during a break, but quite another on campus during classes. Would she interfere with his studies? Would she interfere with his social life? Would she BE his social life?

From Kristi’s perspective, she went into it in a confused mental state. She was at an important crossroads in her life. She had to find a solution to her growing separation anxiety with her husband. She had to understand what compelled her to visit her son’s bedroom in the middle of the night. Now she’d be in a strange environment.

The days leading up to the ‘big move’ back to school were uneventful, as was the short drive to campus. Kristi felt strangely invigorated and looking forward to it much more than she had a week earlier. Ryan was confident, bordering on determined to make his idea work.

His apartment was the second floor of a Victorian mansion that had fallen into disrepair before being purchased and renovated. Three guys lived on each of the two floors, making it more than a little profitable for the owner and, yet, comfortable for the residents. They each had a private bedroom and could walk to classes. The kitchen was serviceable as long as you weren’t a gourmet cook.

With Ryan being the only renter using it during the summer, the house almost took on mansion qualities again. Except for the odd collection of furniture, Kristi liked it.

“Take John’s room. It’s the one nearest the bathroom,” Ryan said as he gave his Mom the initial tour. They stuck their heads inside and Kristi gave her approval after mocking the clutter.

“I’m in here,” Ryan said, leading them into his room. It was only somewhat tidier.

Kristi was too busy thinking of all the things she’d do to the house to make it truly renovated to pay much attention to Ryan. But she survived the tour and they emptied the car together.

The next half hour was spent unpacking and organizing. Kristi had no idea what to pack for such a ‘trip’, so she had a little of everything. The heat was building in the early summer, however, and she had a good quantity of shorts and t-shirts.

It gave her an excuse to plan on wandering the neighborhoods and shopping district to find out what was normal for the natives, which is what she did while Ryan made sure the house’s wireless computer network was still working. Kristi was relieved to find that casual wear was apparently the only acceptable gear. She wasn’t sure what else she expected, but it had been a long time since she had spent more than a few hours on Ryan’s campus, or any campus.

Overall, the excursion was informative and only a little bit expensive. When she returned to the apartment it was almost time for dinner. Ryan was still in his room, which Kristi expected was routine for him even when the house was empty. He showed a cursory interest in what she had purchased, and then said, “What do you want to do about dinner?”

“It’s up to you. Is there anything I can make us?” Kristi asked.

“Not worth eating. Want to go out?”

She shrugged. “Sure. You decide.”

“There’s a place by the bookstore. Mexican. Is that OK?”

Kristi said, “That’s fine.”

Then he added, “If you want, after we eat, I can show you a really cool bar nearby. But if you don’t want to, I mean,…”

Kristi smiled, sensing his awkwardness. “That would be fun, Ryan.”

She was flattered that he would even consider it. And she would do almost anything right now to make him happy. She had no way tuzla içmeler escort of knowing his thought process was aligned with hers. Ryan just stuck to what his nineteen year old mind knew best. Want to have fun? Find a good bar.

“Great. Go easy on the Margaritas then,” he said.

“I figured you wanted me drunk.”

Ryan actually blushed. “That wasn’t my goal. But I bet you’re fun when you’re drunk.”

“Ryan!” Kristi scolded him. “May you never find out.”


“The next important thing is: What do I wear?” Kristi asked.

“Depends on whether you want to mix in with the crowd or stand out,” he answered.

“I’m into mixing in.”

“Did you bring a tank top and shorts?” he asked.

“Several of both,” she replied quickly.

“Pick one of each.”

“When do we leave?” Kristi said, heading for the door of his room.

“Whenever you’re ready.”

For the simple act of putting on a top, panties and shorts, Kristi spent an inordinate amount of time. She spent ten minutes picking out the tank top that best accentuated her modest breasts, five minutes finding shorts and another fifteen minutes getting her hair just right.

By the time she made it downstairs, it wouldn’t have surprised her if Ryan was asleep on the couch. He was not asleep and, in fact, was very wide awake at the first sight of his mother. Ryan gazed at her undulating hair, the simple necklace that drew his eyes down to her cleavage, her skinny waist with the top tucked into her shorts, and her sculptured legs.

“God, Mom.”

“What?” Kristi said.

“I’m thinking twice about this whole bar thing now,” Ryan said. His eyes darted over her body, again, like he’d never seen her before.

“You’re a sweetie,” Kristi said, kissing him on the cheek and taking his arm. “Let’s go.”

On the way to the restaurant, Ryan said timidly, “If you want me to, you know, leave you alone in the bar or anything, let me know.”

Kristi tried not to laugh. “If you leave me alone I’ll never speak to you again. Besides, shouldn’t I be the one saying that?”

“You think there’s going to be anything better than you in there?”

“Stop it,” Kristi said. “And don’t make it sound like I’m a piece of meat. You sound like a college kid or something.”


Ryan had spoken the truth. But he was torn between protecting his mother and letting her be free. At the moment, the protection mode was winning out. That was being reinforced with each block they walked as nearly every man they passed gave Kristi double and triple looks of appreciation.

Inside the restaurant, the ogling continued and Ryan’s fear of what it would be like inside the bar increased by the minute. It didn’t help that he, as well, couldn’t go very long without sneaking another peek at the breasts inside her top or the nipples pressing against the front of the shirt.

Kristi took it all in stride, getting a thrill out of whoever was looking, whether it be her son or a stranger. She, for one, was looking forward to the rest of the evening.

They took their time eating and sat at the table and talked long afterwards. As darkness was settling in, Kristi was the one who suggested they move out into the street and head for whichever bar Ryan recommended. Most of the stores were closed so Ryan was spared having to stand around looking busy while she shopped. Instead, he led her in the direction of the establishment he suspected would have the most mature crowd and music you could talk over.

Most mature, in this case, meant twenty-something. And the bulk of the crowd would be arriving in several hours. Ryan could think of worse times to do this.

As they approached the entrance, Kristi said, “One last chance. If you don’t want to do this…”

“Hey, I was the one who suggested it,” Ryan responded. “I’m good with it if you are.”

He opened the door, watched for her response, and smiled when she stepped inside without hesitation. Noise, smoke, darkness and the odor of alcohol hit her simultaneously. It was a concoction of sensory attacks she had not experienced in a long time. She FELT twenty years younger, anyway.

Ryan took the lead and weaved through tables, past the bar where he waved casually to a barely legal female bartender, and into a back room about the size of a normal school classroom. Half a dozen tables were scattered around, with only two of them occupied by a total of six people. It was dark, but considerably quieter than in the main area of the bar.

Miscellaneous, and unrelated, stuff hung on the walls and from the ceiling. As Kristi’s eyes adjusted to the light, she began to pick out recognizable pieces of hardware and road signs. More importantly, she could make out the faces of the four guys sitting at the other tables. Two might have been students. Two were likely older, but not much. Their glances at Kristi were returned in kind.

“Is this alright?” Ryan asked once they were settled into their chairs.

“Yep. I like it.”

A young waitress appeared just seconds later, acknowledging Ryan and convincing Kristi he spent more time here than she probably cared to know about. Kristi figured it wasn’t the time or place to order her usual specialty wine, so she stuck with draft beer. Ryan followed suit, apparently not an uncommon choice on his part.

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