Our Last Summer

Big Tits

I couldn’t believe it, peeking through the crack in the bathroom door at my little brother Todd’s enormous penis. It was the biggest dick I had ever seen and it was my kid brothers. He was furiously stroking it, had been for about five minutes while I watched. I felt my body arouse, felt my nipples press out behind my bra and my sex tingle as my insides moistened. I couldn’t look away as he manipulated the long wide shaft with no lubrication, just moving the loose skin up and down his vein ribbed monster.

I waited with baited breath for the climax, knowing he had to be close from the look of his cock and balls. Not to mention the expression on his face and how his legs tightened, lifting his butt in his jeans. His cock was poking out of his zipper along with his balls, with the fly undone completely and his belt dangling and moving in the air as his hand stroked up and down the impressive tool. He had to be eight maybe nine inches, I couldn’t be sure.

Suddenly he leaned forward, went up on his toes and exploded onto the countertop, next to the sink. His cum shot to the mirror and would have gone further if it wouldn’t have been there. The first rope left a trail from the glass to his convulsing cock, running down the reflective surface to the counter just as another, even bigger, burst flew from his slit. I heard him grunt, stroke hard again, sending another rope out of his shaft. I was awestruck with his power and potency, never seeing that much cum before in my life. I swear a good seven long blasts painted the bathroom counter and a large puddle formed under his head by the time he was done.

My mouth watered, my sex quivered and dripped. His dick ceased its orgasmic show, and he let it loose to gather toilet paper in a wad to clean up the yummy mess he had made. All that glorious cum going to waste down the toilet, made me jealous and sad. I imagined him shooting that huge load in my mouth, how it would fill me to overflowing before I swallowed it down. In my musing I almost got caught watching because he was done cleaning up and about to exit. If it wasn’t for him flushing the toilet I would have been. I darted away down the hall to my room and shut the door behind me, horny as hell.

I call him my little brother even though we are the same age. I was born two minutes before him. We’re twins, both turned eighteen last Friday. This was the first time I had caught him tossing off. I knew he did it; sometimes he doesn’t clean up very well, leaving streaks on the mirror and counter in the bathroom. I lucked out this time and found the door cracked. Probably because he thought he was home alone. He thought wrong and I got the show of a lifetime.

I couldn’t get his cock out of my mind, falling on my bed with my hands already down my pants. I was very wet and my clitoris was erect, begging to be played with. I rolled over on my tummy and began to grind on my clit with both hands, rolling my nubbin between my fingers, slipping up and down in my juices. The pleasure grew quickly, my breathing became rushed as my arms pressed my breasts together, smashed on the bed. The euphoria spread through my body the more I played and tightened my ass, grinding harder on my clit until the wave crashed over my body, drowning me in bliss.

I was so wet after my orgasm I needed to change my panties. I stood up, my legs wobbly and took off my shorts, pulled my panties down, letting the cool air find my wet pussy and excited clit. It felt good, sending shivers through my body and hardening my nipples again. I thought about how good my brother’s cock would feel deep inside of me. I’d never had anything near his size and I know they say size doesn’t matter but I couldn’t stop thinking about putting that to the test. I found myself playing again, half naked in my room with two fingers in my wet tunnel when a knock on my door scared the shit out of me.

“Don’t come in! I’m not…” I started to say but the door opened anyway.

I turned, covering up, and in poked Todd’s head as he removed his headphones to talk.

“Todd! Get out!” I screamed.

“Sorry! My bad!” she said, shutting the door very fast.

He must not have heard me say not to come it and there I was half naked covering my wet pussy with my hands. It was wet because of my thoughts about him and he just walked in on me fingering myself. Well I guess we were sort of even except I got a much longer show. It was going to be weird now to see him and talk to him, but I couldn’t give away what I saw and did.

I cleaned myself up as best I could, got some new underwear and put my shorts back on. It was July our first summer after graduation before we left for different schools in the fall and would be away from each other for the first time in our lives. It was going to be strange not to have him around. We were good buds, usually talking about everything together and doing things as well. He was probably coming to talk now about something.

I headed to find him, searching the house. He was downstairs, playing pool and when he saw tuzla escort me he turned red.

“Hey, what did you want?” I asked.

“Oh, well just wanted to talk to you…. I’m really sorry about walking in on you. I had my headphones on.”

“Yeah, I figured, no big deal, I don’t think you saw much, right?”

“Right,” he grinned slightly.

“So what did you want to talk about?” I asked, picking up a stick and hitting a shot.


Sara was Todd’s girlfriend; I didn’t like her much, probably because he was always complaining about her to me.

“Oh great, what now?” I asked.

“I’m going nuts… she said she’d change but she hasn’t.”

“So she lied, she’s not having more sex with you?”

“No… none… it’s like she doesn’t like it.”

Well that explains why my little Bro was tossing off so much. Frigid Sara wasn’t giving it up. What a stupid bitch, how can she not want Todd’s cock all the time?

“That sucks, Todd… I’d dump her if I was you.. sure she’s hot but if she’s not putting out what’s the point?”

“Exactly… I knew you would understand. I think I’m going to have to. I should be getting a lot more at my age and I’m not.”

“Yes you should.” I said without thinking.

He looked at me weird but then smiled and hit a shot. I was mad, mad at Sara and really wanting to make things better for my brother. I almost convinced myself that I would be doing him a favor. I thought about suggesting I help him out when he needs some release but I didn’t know what he would think about that so I kept my mouth shut. I thought about stroking him off, maybe even sucking him to empty his large balls and curbing his urges. I was so into the thought that I didn’t hear him tell me it was my turn to shoot pool until he shouted my name again.

“Julie! Julie… your shot!”

“Sorry, I was thinking about something.”

“I’ll say… you were totally zoned out. What was so important?”

“I’m just mad at Sara, I don’t get why she doesn’t want to have sex. Did she give you any excuses?”

“Yeah, but I’d rather not say… you’ll think I’m lying.”

“No I won’t… tell me.”

“Okay, but I’m being serious, Julie, this isn’t me making shit up.”

“Fine. Tell me.”

“Sara said…. Well, she said I hurt her… she said I was too big and it hurt.”

I knew it was no lie, especially after what I saw today. A surge of lust overcame me; I took a deep breath, gathering myself.

“I see… well, you must be pretty big then. How big are you?”

“What? Did you just ask me how big my dick is?”

“I guess I did… is that weird… I mean you brought it up.”

“Sort of I guess… well I’ve never really measured it but it’s about this long and thicker then the end of this cue,” he said showing me how long on the stick and he wasn’t exaggerating.

“Wow, are you serious? I don’t know if I believe that, Todd.”

“I told you I was telling the truth and I’ll prove it if I have to.”

“Oh really, you’re going to whip it out right here are ya, Sport.”

“If I have to.”

I so wanted him to. Right here in the basement, I wanted my brother to take his cock out and show me just how big he really was.

“Well, if you are as big as you say you are I can see why Sara had problems. She’s a tiny little thing but even she can get used to it in time. It sounds like she doesn’t want to try very hard. If you are that big,” I teased.

“That’s it. I’m showing you and you’ll have to deal with it,” he said putting his cue down and unbuckling his pants.

My heart skipped a beat and began to race. I couldn’t turn away or say anything.

“Just don’t tell Mom or Dad I did this.”

I nodded as his pants hit the carpet. He hesitated looking at me before pulling his jockey shorts down over his semi hard cock. I gasp for effect, but really wasn’t surprised to see the long wide shaft falling between his legs and hovering in the air. He looked so good I fought the urge to bite my lip.

“Told you,” he said after my gasp. “It gets bigger when it’s erect.”

“Wow… Wow… that is big. I… don’t know what to say.”

He pulled his jockey’s back up, covering his yummy cock to my disappointment.

“You know there is other ways to help you out. You don’t have to screw Sara all the time. She could use her hand or even suck you.”

“Yeah, I suggested that but she says it hurts her mouth and she doesn’t like to get slimy and gross when she touches it.”

“Oh for fuck sakes!” I blurted, beside myself. “Dump her… you have to or I’ll kill her the next time I see her!”

“Wooh, settle down, Sis… why so angry?”

“It just gets my goat when I hear shit like that.”

“I see… so you don’t have a problem getting slimy or sucking dicks?”

“If you must know… No I don’t. I like it… a lot and it pisses me off when women complain about it.”

“Must run in the family,” he smiled.

“Why, because you like it when someone does it? Or you suck cock?” I teased.

“You pendik escort know what I mean. So have you sucked anything as big as me?” he asked.

“Well no, but I’m sure I could… It’s not that big that I couldn’t handle it.”

“Listen to you… you sound like a pro.”

“I do okay, but I’m not a slut.”

“I’m sure you’re not.”

“You don’t think I could do it, do you?”

“I didn’t say that.”

“Not outright but I could tell by the way you looked at me and the sound of your voice. Not all girls are like Sara… some of us love sex and love sucking dicks.”

“I’ve never met any.”

“Well… we’re few, I’ll admit but trust me… your sister is one and I could suck you easily and like it.”

“Wow… did you just hear yourself?”

I grinned, started to laugh and he joined me.

“I can’t believe I said that… I meant I could suck one like yours and like it.”

“Sure you could, like you’ll ever find out since you’ve never seen one this big.”

“Maybe not but I know I could, if I did get the chance.”

He smiled again and I could tell he doubted me, probably because of that bitch Sara, giving women a bad name. My competitive side came out, nurtured from playing so much soccer in high school and being doubted pissed me off.

“Wipe that smirk off your face. I could, don’t make me prove it to you. I could suck it all the way… swallow every inch!”

“Sure, you could… like we’ll ever know.”

“That’s it, this is bullshit,” I said tossing the cue stick on the table and walking up to him. “Take it out again and I’ll fucking show you, unless you’re too scared!”

I knew he was competitive as well and this would only make him do it to try and prove me wrong. I was fired up but also horny as hell. Not only was I going to prove to my brother I could deep throat his cock I was going to get off doing it.

“Oh, shit, you asked for it,” he said dropping his pants again and yanking his shorts down.

I looked down, he was almost fully hard. All this talk had gotten him going just like me. We were two peas in a pod apparently. I grinned, looked back at his face and fell to my knees.

“Here goes nothing,” I said, grabbing his hard shaft and pulling him toward me.

I heard him moan slightly and stumble forward. His shaft felt amazing in my hand; very wide and soft but hard if you know what I mean. I felt it pulsing and he was soon throbbing and fully erect. I bent him down, opened my mouth and heard him gasp as I took him. Fuck, he tasted wonderful. His bulbous head was perfection. My body flushed as my heart raced, taking more of him in my mouth. He was definitely going to be a challenge but after all the fuss I wasn’t about to give up.

Inch by inch I swallowed his cock and shaft, letting his wide rod pin my tongue down and stretch my lips wide. When his head hit the back of my throat I controlled the gag reflex quickly and forced the last inch deep. I held him fully engulfed for a few seconds, his trimmed hair tickling my nose, before coming off him and looking up.

“See, no problem!”

“Holy fucking shit! That was amazing!”

“Don’t ever doubt me again, little brother,” I said, giving his cock a rough stroke, and running my palm over his wet head. He flinched from the sensation but didn’t pull away.

“I’ve never felt anything like that before… how did you learn to do that?”

“Practice. Like I said, I enjoy it so I’ve practiced.”

I still hadn’t let go of his cock, my hand was moving naturally without really thinking about it. The challenge was over, I had proved my point but still I touched my brother’s hard cock and didn’t want to stop and he wasn’t exactly telling me to or moving away.

“Well hell, you must have practiced a shit load.”

“Yep, and you know, since I’m down here I could finish you off, maybe release some of that pent up pressure Sara won’t.”

“Seriously? I don’t know… I mean you proved your point shouldn’t we stop?”

“I won’t tell if you won’t,” I said leaning forward again and taking him back into my mouth.

His moan told me everything I needed to know. Little brother was a slave to the pleasure and wouldn’t stop me or tell a soul. I took him about half way this time, using my lips to hold tight to his ribbed shaft and work my tongue back and forth. I stroked the bottom half of his cock, rhythmically up and down as drips of my saliva ran down his shaft to meet my moving hand. He was oozing in my mouth, the salty thick pre-cum helped me move around on his wide member and tasted good. I could already feel him reacting, getting close in less than five minutes. Even after the huge climax in the bathroom the excitement of what I was doing had my little brother on the verge of exploding again.

I slowed my stroking, holding him off a little longer to increase his pleasure and my own. I was dripping wet, knowing I’d have to change again but not caring. My nipples were pressing out fully on my bra, I was so turned on sucking his aydınlı escort huge member I couldn’t remember being this aroused in my life. He moaned and I felt his legs tighten and checked his balls with my free hand. They were tight, really tight. The next stroke took him over the cliff and his cock exploded in my mouth just like in the bathroom. The shot of cum burst from his cock and gushed down my throat with such speed and force I almost gagged.

Easing him out until I just had his large head in my mouth, I used my tongue to deflect the spurts of semen and swallowed as fast as I could because it just kept coming. I stroked him through his orgasm, long hard downward thrusts with my hand with each contraction of his cock. I knew if I didn’t swallow it would overflow, it was that much. He came more than earlier, burst after hot burst flew in my mouth, deflected by my tongue to puddle in my mouth before I swallowed. For over half a minute he jerked and freaked out above me. I didn’t dare move or look up; wanting to make sure I captured everything he offered to not make a mess of my clothes or the floor.

Finally his cock eased down, I felt the last few contractions press out small globs of thick semen. I sucked them off his cock, swallowed them and checked again for more before taking him out of my mouth and looking up at him.

“Wow, Todd… how long have you been saving that up?”

“I don’t know… holy shit, Julie… I can’t believe we did this. I can’t believe how good that felt but it can never happen again!” he said backing away from me, pulling up his pants over his still hard cock and practically running from the room.

I knelt there, savoring the after taste of his thick load, thinking about what I had just done. Little brother was freaked out, that was for sure, but I didn’t have any regrets. I love it and hoped once he got over the shock and got horny again he’d come looking for me again. I mean a girl can dream.


As you can imagine, Todd acted much differently toward me. He avoided me, wouldn’t be in the same room alone with me and it was becoming irritating. What was worse, I know he was masturbating again and more than normal now. That pissed me off because he didn’t come to me to help him. I really thought once he got horny again he would but he opted to take matters in his own hands. I didn’t know if we would ever get to how we were before, I was afraid I had destroyed our relationship.

I overheard him talking to my mom, telling her that he broke up with Sara. So there was that but it wasn’t doing me any good like I hoped it would. He continued to avoid me, and I was getting fed up with it. Half the summer was over and then we would go to separate schools and if I didn’t try and patch things up now it could destroy us for the rest of our lives. I had to talk to him.

I waited for an opportunity and found one when he was alone in his room before bed. I was in my night shirt and short sleeping shorts ready for bed myself and my parents had already turned in. I knocked on the door and he reluctantly let me in.

“We need to talk.”

“No we don’t,” he said.

“Yes we do, Todd… you’ve been ignoring me for a week now and I know what you’ve been doing in the bathroom.”

This made him glare at me and stand up, “It’s your fault! All of this is your fault!”

“Fine, let’s hear it; tell me what’s on your mind.”

He looked conflicted, struggling with his emotions and thoughts, not wanting to talk to me about this.

“It’s all I can think about now. You fucking ruined me for life. What you did in the basement, holy shit, Julie! I think about it constantly and then I get all worked up so what do you expect me to do?”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know. I just thought you were angry.”

“I am angry but I’m also conflicted. I should not be thinking about what you did. I shouldn’t want to do it again.”

“Why? Because society tells us we shouldn’t.”

“Don’t even start. You know we shouldn’t.”

“Do I? I’m not so sure. What’s the difference between you in the bathroom and me helping you out?”

He shook his head, “No, Julie… just go, get out.”

“No, I’m not leaving… not until we work this out. We’re close, we share everything, what about all our lives and our friendship and fun we’ve had. You can’t let this one little thing ruin all of that.”

“Little thing! Are you nuts! It was huge! You sucked my cock and I came in your mouth, Julie! How is that a little thing?”

“It was just a blowjob, geez get over it all ready.”

“Not to me… that… you don’t get it do you? That, well it was the best sexual experience I’ve ever had,” he said looking down after he finished.

“Oh… well… shit I didn’t know that either, but I guess that makes sense since all you have to compare it with is that bitch Sara. Trust me there will be lots of other girls who will do that to you and even better stuff.”

“Oh really? You said yourself there is not many like you. What are my chances of finding one? You still don’t get it. You fucking swallowed my entire cock! The only girls I know that can do shit like that are porn stars!”

“Not true, I’m sure there are others… can’t think of any off hand but there has to be.”

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