One Moment


NOTE: All characters in this story are over the age of consent and clearly from my warped imagination. 18+

My first story. Multiple chapter fic.


All my life I knew I was different. I was always shy and reserved, I read books and was hauled up in my room all hours of the day unless I was hungry, then I would eat and go right back upstairs to my solitude. My name is Jennifer, but I go by Jenny for short. I’m twenty, 4’11, with brown hair, dark eyes and a baby face. My lips are full and my body is small. I don’t even think I break a hundred pounds on the scale. In short I look like a twelve year old so guys rarely come near me.

I have an older brother, Michael. He’s twenty four with dark brown hair, hazel eyes, plus a body toned and sculpted from years of football, he the direct opposite to my shy personality. When he walks into a room, everybody seems to know him, girls always throw themselves at him. He’s always out getting into something. More or less, he’s never home.

Our parents divorced when we were little, Michael took it the hardest, I was too young to understand, when we were older, Dad always said our mother wasn’t ‘the one’ he would never put himself, or subject us to a false reality. matadorbet Mike and I were never close by any means, but we never really wanted to be. We moved around a lot for dad’s job, considering he’s the head of multiple companies. I was home schooled by choice up until I was eighteen, Mike ended up getting a job, where we moved to our final location, and where we will be living permanently. We reside in a beautiful home in California, with a pool in the back yard, and plenty of space. Kid’s my age would kill for this life, but like I said, I’m different.

When we first moved in our house, Dad said I could do whatever it is I wanted to my bedroom. It was light purple with bay windows. I fell in love with it immediately. It was then I knew the perfect quote to sum up my world.

One moment can change your life in an instant.


Dad finishes loading up the car with luggage, Mike and I stand awkwardly by the side doors as he’s on his phone finishing up last minute flight details. He clicks off and hugs us both.

“You kids be good now. I don’t know when I’ll be back for certain, but I know it’ll be before the month is over.” he states, kissing my cheek. Ruffling Mike’s hair. He scowls.

“Michael matadorbet giriş no parties. Jenny, keep an eye on your brother.”

“I’m older than her.” Mike quips, Dad chuckles.

“She’s wiser. Be good!” then he’s off, turning the corner down the road and I’m left standing alone on the pavement as Mike’s footsteps lead back inside.

“Going back to your room, hermit?”

“Nothing else to do.” scoffing, I catch my brother’s gaze

“We live in California. There’s plenty to do, instead of reading your dumb little books, you see the outside world.”

“Shut up Mikey.”

“At least I have friends.”

“Your drinking buddies don’t count.”

“Correction, story book characters don’t count.”

“Fuck off.” I snap. Mike whistles lowly smirking at me.

“Damn, when Daddies away little miss innocent snaps.” his voice ascends the stairs with me. “Go cry to your little books, they’ll be there for you!” my door slams and I hear his laughter echo to the kitchen.

My bodies on fire and I feel as if I’m going to burn alive. I need a cold shower to breathe and stop the rage from building.

I stand before the full length mirror in the bathroom and look at myself. I’m self conscious, and my body is the main reason. My A cup breasts and small hips, there is no curve in any part of me. I don’t want to be dramatically bigger, but I do want to have something there. The only thing I could say I like would be my sensitivity. I’m no prude when it comes to masturbation. I may not of had boyfriends, but I had kissed a few back in high school. I know what pleasure is.

The water is lukewarm, the pelts melt into my shoulders and relax me almost instantly. I lather up my hair, piling it on the top of my head, I grab the nearest body watch, I massage my neck, working down my small chest, my nipples hardening as I sigh, down my stomach and sides the feelings between my legs heighten as I go down my legs and dip into my thighs, finally hitting my arousal, I flick my fingers against my clit, shuddering. I slide my fingers in with ease as far as they can go, pumping steadily.

“Is this how you want it sis?” his voice is in my ear. I feel his fingers slam up into me again, my walls clench, I’m so close. “My sweet little sister. Cum for me.”

My eyes snap open as my orgasm takes me. I bite my lips to keep from screaming out, the intensity of cumming blacks my vision, I slump against the wall, suds from soap and shampoo drip behind me, I can’t breathe.

I came to the thoughts of my older brother fingering me.

Suddenly, I’m so ashamed, and the pleasure is gone.

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