On the Dance Floor: Megan Awakened


On the Dance floor: Megan Awakened

The DJ played like a boss; for a young man, twenty five or thereabout, he knew his oldies and was giving it to us full blast. I sat in a chair against the wall in the dark living room cum dancehall. The chairs on either side of me were empty, their status for most of the past two hours, since the sticking of the birthday cake had ended and the lights dimmed — more like turned off — for the only light came from the DJ’s corner, shining down on his equipment which was about ten feet from where I was sitting. It was a surprise birthday party arranged for my forty-five year old cousin, Denise, by her husband. The guests were a mixed bunch of about fifty persons ranging in ages between late teens to late sixties, mostly family and good friends.

Instead of enjoying the oldies being played by the capable DJ, Kelvin, who was Denise’s son, I was fuming and craning my neck towards the center of the room where it seems all of the fifty or so guests, young and old were dancing, except for me. I was trying to make out, in the dark, my drunkard husband who I knew from the way he’d been hitting the bottle since we arrived, before the sticking of the cake, was by now, as the local saying went, ‘pissing drunk’. The son of a bitch had been shamelessly hitting on ladies all night — much younger ladies — and was probably out on the dance floor grinding his drunken body against one of them.

The thought of my husband having illicit fun while I sat there all by myself, had me all worked up and seeing red. I’d only had two dances all night, one with a stranger that I didn’t care to dance with again because of him being so terrible at slow dancing and the other with an older uncle who surprised me with a hard on that kept ‘accidentally’ bumping my thigh. The stranger had asked me to dance twice again, but I refused. The uncle was too busy touring the flesh market.

I couldn’t understand it, I’m a good looking forty-three year old, thick and pretty woman; dressed sexily in tight, black, soft and stretchy pants that hugged me close all the way down to where it stopped just above my ankles which led down to high heeled, silver, strap sandals on my mid-brown feet. My top was also close-fitting — a bright navy, armless, waist length blouse with a severe V that showed a lot of cleavage. My black hair was in its recently cut and styled, short, curly afro, and I knew that my full pouty lips were looking vampish under deep red lipstick. But it seems that for some reason the males in the party saw me as out of bounds or something. I chose to blame it on my husband’s obnoxious behavior, and I was mad.

I’d been sipping on a glass of Bentley’s, only my second drink for the night, I’m not much of a drinker. I raised the half-full glass to my mouth and downed it in one go. Within seconds I felt the rush to my head. Directly in front of me a few feet away, my twenty-two year old daughter, Babs was locked in close embrace with one of her older cousins, her plump ass, sitting nicely on a body that was a less thick version of mine, rolled seductively under the short, shiny red skirt. I was glad she was backing me and I wasn’t looking at their side profile, for I sensed that the young man was way deep between her spread legs; how deep I didn’t want to see. Next to them an equally young couple of strangers, were really going at it; grinding against each other passionately.

With my eyes fastened on the bodies of the gyrating couple I leaned to the side to put away my empty glass on the floor. The back of my hand touched a bottle. I picked up the beer bottle that was almost full. I recalled that my fifty-year old sister, Una, who’d been sitting next to me had only taken a sip or two before getting up to go dance with one of our nephews half her age, some six or seven songs ago. I quickly convinced myself that by the time she got back the beer would be too warm and flat and she’d likely go for a fresh one. I put the bottle to my mouth and swallowed half of its close to warm content. When the next song started my daughter was nimbly and deliberately, I think, led into the crowd out of my view.

I kept my eyes on the unconcerned young couple and realized that I was feeling a familiar heat between my thick thighs and a tingling on the nipples of my B-cup, cone shaped breasts, thinking, ‘damn, girl Megan, you’re as horny as a bitch dog in heat’ and rightly so too! My husband hadn’t fucked me in more than six months. We’d had a nasty row about his drinking and infidelity, and from that night he kept himself close to his side of the bed, even though after about three days I would roll over to get close to him in an effort to mend things. When two weeks passed and I realized he was showing no interest in my pussy, I got mad, and vowed that I was not going to be the one to initiate sex. And just like that the weeks became months. I clamped my legs tight together as I downed the remaining beer in one quick drag, giggling at the thought of my big sis reaching for tuzla eve gelen escort an empty bottle on her return.

Think of the devil! I looked up after putting away the bottle and there in front of me wrapped up with her nephew was my sis, and they were really grinding — not as vigorously as the young couple, but grinding away never the less. I felt myself getting hotter as my eyes lingered on family having some sexy fun. When the song ended they came apart and walked toward me smiling, the nephew’s hand discreetly in front of his crotch. He gave me a quick nod and a smile and disappeared.

“Whew! Girl I hot … I gotta to go get a drink to cool down … you want something too Megan?” Una asked, fanning her neck with her hands and looking down at my empty hands

“Yes, thanks, I’m hot too,” I replied, still in something of a daze after looking at all that dry-humping.

“Wha you want, a beer or something stiffer?” Una asked, giggling, as she got to her plump feet. She was heavier than me, more on the fat side, but still with some shape.

“Whateva you havin,” I replied.

Una skipped away friskily, a sweet smile on her round face. She returned with something definitely ‘stiffer’, it tasted like rum and coke. After we both took a swig she leaned over and placed her mouth close to my ear.

“Ah wanted to bring de whole damn bottle, but there was other people in de kitchen,” she said, giggling.

Shortly after, my son Clark appeared. Bending over and placing one hand on my shoulder and the other on his aunt’s he said.

“What you two beautiful old girls doing sitting here all alone while everybody else dancing?”

“Old! Yuh talking about yuh mother … I look old to you?” Una quickly replied, rolling her eyes before breaking into loud laughter.

“We was waiting on you to come and ask we to dance,” I said.

Clark immediately straightened up, pulling Una up with him.

“Ah coming for you next wallflower, I hear you aint dance for the night,” my son said, looking at me.

“You got fake news from somebody,” I said, laughing as they moved away to the dancing area.

Una immediately wrapped her fat arms around Clark and he quite willingly let his muscular body sink into her ample softness as she leaned her face into his shoulder, his chin resting on the top of her head. She began to roll her big fluffy body in time with his. I sat there throughout two songs, watching my son and my sister take, not too subtle liberties with each other’s bodies to the enticing sounds of slow old soul. I found myself thinking that I must have missed the switch somewhere along the line over the years. I didn’t know that family danced like this these days. I finished my drink. They returned, and my eyes immediately travelled to the direction of my son’s crotch; as I expected, he was unmistakably aroused; not even the dim lighting could hide the slightly downward slanting bump across his right thigh.

When Clark took my hand and led me away, and started to position his arms around me, I pulled him into the crowd. In my light headed state and having not danced for some time, I didn’t trust my moves in front the eyes of onlookers. There was very little space for any moves. Anxiety overtook me as I wondered what to do; should I casually surrender my body to close contact with that of my son’s, like I’d seen other family do or was I allowed to maintain space between our bodies, because of the stronger relationship.

Before my fuddled head could make a decision, Clark let go of my hands from the classic dance position we’d started to adopt and gently wrapped his arms around me, pulling me close, one arm around my lower back and the other higher up, my breast almost smashed against his hard chest. I had no choice other than to throw my arms around his shoulders as I surrendered my softness to his comforting, wiry hardness. I immediately felt the pulsing muscle in his jeans, and my body shivered. I was amazed by the casual boldness he’d displayed.

Because of my high heels our cheeks were almost in line and I eagerly leaned mine against his. We stood in one spot gently swaying to the music, our hips definitely but subtly grinding and rolling; nothing close to the vulgar, unconcerned moves I’d witnessed earlier, but close enough for me to feel the pressure of him against my soft private region. The sides of our mouths were dangerously close and for a brief moment I nearly threw caution to the wind, but just in time I caught myself and kept my already parted lips away from his. My head was a mess, but my entire body was ablaze with the pleasure our closeness brought. It was an alien sweetness, but one unlike any I’d ever known.

When the second song started I felt Clark crouch slightly and shift his body a little more to my middle. I knew what he wanted, and surrendered it to him willingly, by parting my thighs a bit, and pushing forward, letting him slip between them. His hard cock came to rest where tuzla otele gelen escort he wanted it to, on my now hot, pulsating vulva. I closed my eyes tight, locking in the pleasure running through me. I found myself thinking that my twenty-year old baby was a frighteningly bold young man.

It was only after he was well settled on my bump that I experienced a prick of shock and guilt at what I had so easily allowed to happen. I wanted to pull away, but decided the deed was already done, best to just relax and enjoy. We moved in subtle, gentle unison, his hard throbbing cock nestled against my equally pulsating vulva. I relished the moments when the dancers behind us bumped into our bodies, slamming us closer. When the third song was close to ending I felt familiar sensations. I opened my eyes and summoned all my will power to shoo away the threatening orgasm. I decided that I couldn’t trust dancing a fourth song.

“Let’s go back now, these new shoes with their high heels are killing my feet,” I whispered.

He didn’t object or hesitate. Our bodies separated and holding hands we moved through the crowd. As we were approaching our chairs we saw Una beaming as she was being led to the dancing area by the nephew I’d seen her with earlier on. Soon after sitting down, as Clark was suggesting we go to the kitchen and get something to drink and eat, I felt an urgent need to pee.

“Not right away, darling, I need to pee badly.”

“Me too,” he said and we got up.

Both bathrooms in the house, the one used by the males and the one used by the females were occupied. The ladies’ had a line of four persons waiting. I saw Denise approaching, the same time I saw Clark coming back from the direction of the male bathroom. I told Denise about my plight and she suggested I go out the kitchen door and go to the back of the yard and relieve myself.

“I don’t think I could make my way safely to the back in the dark, with all de junk you does have in de yard.”

Denise laughed, “Let Clark guide yuh, he familiar with de backyard.”

Denise hurried away and we went into the kitchen and out the back door.

Clark put his hand around my waist and led me safely to the back of the yard, close to the fence. We stood between a coconut tree and high clump of bush. I felt the pee coming and quickly started to loosen my pants, backing the fence. I didn’t feel comfortable having him see his mother’s ample backside all exposed. I rather took my chances with a front view. Clark stood less than two feet away, facing me. By the time I started to hook my thumbs in the waist of my pants to pull them down, he had already thrown out his big, half erect member. I looked at the impressive cock wide eyed and couldn’t help wondering if he was going to pee right there down at my feet.

“Turn your face, Clark, and please move away before you pee on me,” I said, laughing.

He made a half turn to the side, but backed away three strides, which meant he was still facing me. I couldn’t wait any longer. I pulled down my pants and panties and let out a noisy, hissing flow, the same moment Clark let go of his water pistol-like shoot. He finished before me. I felt like I was pissing a gallon.

“Mammy, yuh butt glowing in de moonlight, and it look so nice.”

I couldn’t help laughing at that unexpected and bold outburst. And thinking where and when did my boy become so confident and free with his words. I liked it though — there is something exciting about a man just throwing caution to the wind and zooming in.

“Boy shut yuh wicked mouth,” I said, cracking up as the last spurts of liquid slipped from my crack.

“I don’t have tissue … you gat a kerchief?” I asked.

He nodded, and stepping close to me, gave me the handkerchief. I wiped my pussy.

“I’ll keep it and wash it tomorrow,” I said.

I started to pull up my panties, noticing at the same time that he hadn’t put away his cock, but was gently squeezing and pumping the big tool that was stretching out in response. Shocked, though nicely titillated, I looked up into his face; his eyes were staring between my thighs as I was slowly straightening up, in a daze.

“Mammy stop, wait!” Clark said. In what sounded like an alarmed voice, while grabbing both my hands and looking down.

I jumped back, then froze, with my black lace panties just above my knees.

“What?” I asked, heart pumping wildly as I looked around on the ground for some sign of danger.

“Yuh gat a lotta bush … I like that.” He said, grinning.

“Clark, boy!” was all I could say before exhaling heavily.

He started giggling and I joined in. then I felt him take both of the hands he was holding and wrapped them around his hard cock, while one of his found its way to my vulva and cupped it in a soft squeeze. I looked down at the hard meat in my hands and as if hypnotized squeezed it roughly.

“Mammy, let we have sex,” I heard him whisper.

“What! tuzla sınırsız escort We can’t Clark, it would be wrong, I is yuh mother.”

He pulled his hand away from my pussy, dragged his hips away, freeing his cock from my hands and stepped behind me. I felt his hand briefly grasp my soft belly as he pulled me against the throbbing cock. Then one hand was pressing my head down while the other pushed against my back. I bent forward and over as I knew he wanted me to, even as I was telling him we couldn’t do it. And as I mumbled that what he wanted to do was wrong, I felt my hands hurriedly forcing my panties down as I spread my legs and arched my back.

“We can’t Clark, we don’t have time. We gotta go back in before de people in the kitchen become suspicious,” I said, halfheartedly, hoping he would give up. I knew that I was beyond straightening up and pulling up my pants to put a stop to it, even though I was telling him no. I wanted him to help me out of this predicament, as I hadn’t the resistance to back away — I’d been so long without cock, and there I was with cold wind blowing against my bared ass and pussy and a hard cock inches away.

“Clark, we aint got time, baby,” I cried in a final weak attempt to abort his mission.

He dropped to his knees and I felt his face dive between my ass cheeks that he had pulled apart. I felt his tongue probing through the bush and into my crack. He was jabbing his tongue in there, and then he was sucking on the hairy lips.

“Clark, if we do it, we gotta hurry, put it in … yuh cock … now.” I whispered.

He stood up and felt around between my thighs as he was pushing forward. With my helping hand he slipped into my wet, sliming pussy in a flash. He pushed hard and sent all of the big cock up into his thick mammy.

“Hurry,” I begged, though I really would have liked him to stay in me forever.

Hurry he did, pounding me hard and fast as his fingers sunk into my fat ass cheeks and hips. I heard his lower belly going thwack, thwack, and thwack, against my ass in the silent night wind. I reached over and guided one foot out of the trousers so I could spread wider as my baby pounded my long denied pussy, plop and plop and plop, it went, mixing with the sound of crickets and other night criers. I groaned with pleasure, lost to the sweetness of hard man meat being moved inside of my cunt by nimble hip and waist movements, reminding me of the way he’d smoothly moved his hips on the dance floor to prepare and lead me into wanting this sweetness that I was enjoying. Providing an extra jolt of sweet sinfulness was the thought that this was my son in my pussy. I felt the climax aborted on the dance floor making a return

He pulled out and brought me up, then spun me around and pushed me backward till I was leaning against the slanted coconut tree. He put one hand under a knee and lifted the leg off the ground. He began hammering me brutally as I mewed and grunted. I saw that he was biting his lip with his eyes tightly closed in an obvious effort to hasten an orgasm. I did the same.

“Yes baby, make it quick, come fuh mammy, we aint got time.” I urged him on.

“Tek out a bubby,” he commanded.

I pulled aside the V of my blouse and quickly freed a soft, B cup, cone shaped breast. My baby found it with his hungry mouth and sucked hard, sometimes chewing on the stiff, little nipple, causing some pain. But it was pain I delighted in bearing as he was slamming away in my pussy with his hard cock. He bit hard into the flesh, dragging a noisy aiiiiiiee out of my mouth. He gave three deep and powerful strokes, stiffened and then started jerking wildly. While shivering he pushed in deep smashing against my engorged lips and clit. I began a frantic grinding, and from the depths of my shameless mother soul I dragged out an orgasm that nearly blacked me out with pleasure He remained a few seconds, draining into me after his spasms had ceased. As he pulled out I realized I still had his handkerchief in my hand, and though still shivering slightly myself, I stuffed it into my pussy.

I looked at my watch; I’d aimlessly checked it while we were stepping out the back door. The entire episode — walk to the back of the yard, pissing and fucking had lasted eight minutes. But how I’d enjoyed that quick hard ride. I felt deeply satisfied. We both heard, or sensed movement at the same time and sprang into action. Just as we were zipping up our pants we heard a distinct crack and looked in the direction slightly away from and at the side of us. We saw my daughter Babs approaching, a mere six feet away from us, a smile on her pretty face.

“Yuh make we jump … you come to pee too?” I asked in an unsteady voice.

“Yes, there was a crowd at the bathroom and auntie send me here.”

Without any obvious reservation, while still facing us, Babs pulled her short red dress up over her waist, lowered her red thong, squatted and began to pee, with a louder hiss than I’d made earlier. I guessed that she was so much tighter. Looking down at her made me realize that my breast was partly hanging out. I went cold, wondering if she’d noticed it. I quickly tucked it in. She opened the little purse she’d come with, took out tissue and sopped her pussy. She got up and slowly pulled up her panties and lowered her dress.

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