Olivia’s Back Seat Ride to College


I’m working on two new characters with multiple part stories. One is a school teacher and the other a SEAL. So in the meantime here is a little story with some mind candy. I love back seat stories. Hope you like this one.

WARNING: This story involves incestuous sexual relationships with family members. It’s first an erotic back seat story. It includes described scenes of graphic sex including anal and incest. If that is not what you are looking for don’t read on. All sexual acts depicted in the story are committed by adults over eighteen years.

Chapter 1.

My name is Olivia and I had graduated high school turning eighteen that spring. Yes I lost my cherry after the senior prom but this is not that story. I was accepted to college close enough to drive with a one night stay over. It was the same college that my brother attended. My mom and dad and my twenty year old brother were gonna drive me and my stuff to college in dad’s van. All my stuff with overnight bags would fit in the way back with the last row seats down.

We were just about to start out with the fully loaded car when my mom found a last minute box. It was bedding and kinda large and the only place for it was between my brother Lawrence and me. We wedged it in there but that left little room for each of us by each window. Of course my brother complained about now being cramped by his dumb sister and for the long ride to the hotel. My dad told him to suck it up and make the sacrifice for his little sister.

We all climbed in the van and started out late that afternoon. It would be dark by the time we reached the hotel. We drove for two hours and it really was cramped in the middle seats. The box was tight against my thigh and I was scrunched up against the window. I’m sure Lance was scrunched also. My brother Lawrence was nick-named Lance since the day I tried my first time to say his name. We have had a close brother-sister relationship since then.

Lance was a junior when I entered high school and he took me under his wing. Lance was a multiple letter athlete on the basketball, baseball and track teams. He is a full athletic scholarship student at the college where I was gonna start. All my girl friends told me he was hot and they would ‘give it up’ with him if he would just ask. We would all laugh embarrassed anytime I had sleep overs and he would check up on us.

He cuddled me when I came home from the prom and I told him my jerk of a date had taken advantage of me. He asked if I was hurt and said he had a gun and a shovel and all I had to do was ask. He got me to laugh about losing my virginity to someone I thought loved me. He said I’d now have no problem being popular at college. I gave him a sister punch on his arm and we laughed some more. While on his lap I kissed him on the lips and told him I loved him. He gave me a quick kiss back on my lips and told me he loved me too. He hugged me for some time until I was ready to go to bed.

We stopped for dinner and both Lance and I complained how cramped we were. My mom suggested moving the box against my window and my cuddling or sitting on Lance’s lap for the next two hours. Lance and I discussed it and were both ok with doing that as we often sat that way watching television in the den.

We started out in the dark heading for the hotel. The dinner and the darkness lulled Lance and I to sleep. I must have shifted during my sleep and woke up to find out several things. I was straddling Lance’s thighs so my legs were wide open. My short pleated skirt had slid far up my thighs. Lance in his sleep had cupped his hand on one of my breasts and his other hand was under my skirt massaging my pussy lips through my panties. I was so shocked I didn’t do anything!

I felt something very hard and very long along my ass cheeks and pressing against my panties. Lance was snoring very lightly but was humping my pussy in his sleep. He must be dreaming something sexy because his cock was rock hard directly against my panties. His hand and his hard cock had made my panties very wet while my body reacted to him while I was also sleeping. His fingers had pushed my panties between my pussy lips and he was now rubbing my swollen clit.

I had my back against his chest and my head was lying on his shoulder. I turned toward his ear. “Lance, you have to stop what you’re doing,” I whispered to him.

“Come on Betty. One more time before I leave for college,” he moaned.

He must be dreaming about his local girlfriend and getting all hot in his sleep. I whispered for him to stop once more but that didn’t work at all! He lifted me up and fumbled under my ass then shocking me he pushed my panties down my thighs. Before I could react he sat my wet pussy right on his fat bare cock. He gripped my hips and rode the top of his long cock through my now wide open dripping wet pussy. I was giving him a cameltoe massage.

His fat cockhead rubbed my swollen clit from below and his fingers rolled it from above. Soon there was no way I was gonna get him to stop. I moved my face and escort bayan started kissing his neck and ear and moaning against him. His other hand slid under my top and found its way into my bra cup. His strong sports hand cupped my large breast and his fingers tweaked my nipples.

Over the summer I had found the delights of my own maturing eighteen year old body and had made myself cum many nights in my bed before sleep. With my hymen out of the way my fingers slid easily up my pussy. With my cunt filled my other hand worked my love button driving me to crashing orgasms. In one dream I realized that Lance was driving his cock deep into my cunny driving me to a huge orgasm. I woke to find my fingers shoved up my cunny and my bed all wet. I was so shocked that this first time I really wet all over my fingers and the bed sheets.

My mom and I had a tight mother-daughter relationship and I asked her if something was wrong that I had wet so much. She laughed and said I must be a squirter like she was when she was much younger. She then said somewhat sadly that she misses those days. “Your father doesn’t seem to have much time for me lately and it makes me very lonely and frustrated. I often have to take care of myself but it’s just not the same being made love to.”

“Mom! TMI,” I said laughing.

“You keep exploring your body and finding out what pleases you!” mom said to encourage me and set me at ease.

So Lance’s cock was hitting all the right spots to warm me up and keep me dripping. All too soon I was reaching the tipping point and I pulled my tee neckline and bit down as my orgasm overwhelmed me. I tried my best to keep quiet but still moaned as I shook through a body shacking orgasm.

Before I could recover Lance lifted my ass and his cockhead found the wet slick entrance to my cunny. His fat cockhead pushed my pussy lips open and invaded me. He slowly pulled my hips downward sliding more and more of his fat long cock up my cunny. My stupid boyfriend and my fingers did not prepare me for such a fat cock pushing my inner pussy walls outwards to take all his girth.

My pussy felt overwhelmed with cock. I moaned as more and more of his cock pushed its way upwards as I slowly sunk down onto his cock. Finally my ass was back on his lap and his cock was way up to the top of my pussy. I felt stuffed and exploded as his cock pulsed within my hot wet pussy. I never expected I’d love the feel of a big cock up deep within me.

I knew he was my brother and I knew this was supposed to be wrong but I now knew I loved his cock filling my cunt. He gripped my ass and slowly raised me to his cockhead. My pussy then reclaimed his fat long cock as I sunk back down on his man cock. I put my feet on the floor of the van and took over riding his fat cock.

“Yea Betty just like that. I love your wet tight cunt! Suck my hot cum out of my cock with that tight cunt. Give me one last hot fuck before I leave. My cock loves your hot wet cunt. Fucking make me cum bitch,” my brother groaned.

He still had his hand in my bra pulling on my now hard nipple. I realized I loved that. His other hand was around my hip stroking my clit. His hand and cock was driving me to another powerful orgasm. It struck me suddenly! My destroyed pussy walls pulsed on my brother’s cock as I throbbed through my own cum. My hot pussy juice dripped out of my cunt and fell to the mat on the floor.

It was dark in the car but I saw stars behind my closed eyes. “Honey turn up the radio. I really like this song. Also turn up the A/C blower it’s getting warm in the car,” I heard my mom say.

I opened my eyes and saw my mom was turned towards us watching everything going on. From the occasional highway light she could see where our crotches came together. She could see how long and thick her son’s cock was each time Lance lifted my hips. She could see my face grimace each time her son’s fat cock filled her daughter’s pussy. She could see how wet her daughter’s pussy was from her son rubbing that clit.

I watched my mother’s face as Lance drove his cock in and out of my damaged pussy. Her tongue stroked her wet lips each time his fat cock appeared. Her lips even formed an ‘O’ as if she was sucking her son’s cock.

Suddenly Lance slammed my hips down hard. His cock went so deep and his cockhead must have pushed against my cervix. There was now a little pain and discomfort but my brother ejaculated his hot sperm up his long cock and soaked the door to my womb. I’m so glad my mom started me on birth control worried about my going off to college being unprotected.

I felt my brother’s cock pulse over and over and felt his hotter cum fill my hot wet pussy. He rode his cock deep up inside me for several minutes until he let out a long breath and let me sink back to his lap. He stayed in my warm cunt and slowly rode his cock in and out. He slowly regained his hard erection while still in me.

He placed his strong hand on my sweaty back and pushed me forward so my tits were hanging over his legs. I guess I was now tuzla genç escort in a modified cowgirl and my pussy was riding his long thick cock. I felt his fingers playing around where his thick cock was entering my pussy. Suddenly I felt him playing with my anus circling it and slightly pushing against it.

OMG I felt something push against my anal ring and enter my ass. I tried to guess and thought it was his big thumb trying to push all the way up my ass chute. I felt it spin inside my hot tunnel then felt his other fingers on my back. He was making room to use my ass with his thumb and his fat cock in my pussy. I made the mistake of moaning softly.

“Betty you’re such an ass slut! I gotta keep working on opening that ass of yours to fit my fat cock. I know you will love getting your ass pounded deep with my long cock. Keep riding me Betty! I’m getting close, I’m getting close, I’m cumming!” Lance moaned as he shot another hot load up my pussy.

Lance pushing his cock and thumb into my two over excited holes caused me to cum hard on his cock and spray all over the car mats. I moaned over and over as my pussy pulsed on his hard cock. I sat back up against Lance and tried to calm down.

Lance immediately started softly snoring. I sat on his lap feeling his cock slowly soften and now staring at my mother’s smiling face. I don’t know from where but my mom passed me a wet-one, a diaper towelete. She touched my hand fondly in the exchange.

I lifted off Lance’s cock and moved the cloth under my abused pussy. I grunted and globs of brother cum flowed out onto the cloth. I pushed for a minute or so and the cloth was full of two big loads of cum. My mom reached out her hand for it and passed me several wet naps. I wiped my pussy as best I could then looked at my mom. Socking me she was running her tongue through the mixture of her son’s cum and my pussy juice getting it on the tip of her tongue then swallowing.

I slid off next to my brother removing my brother’s thumb out of my ass and pulled up my panties. It felt so empty now. Was I really becoming an ass slut like Betty? My mom made an ‘O’ with her lips and nodded towards my brother’s cock. I was shocked at first but giving in fully to worshiping my brother’s cock I dropped my mouth onto his cock and took him into my mouth. Even soft he filled it. I sucked up his soft length cleaning his cum and my juices as I went. I licked along the base of his cock and also softly took each of his nuts into my mouth and cleaned them off too.

I slid off my cum and pussy juice soaked panties and wrapped them around his cock. He will find them later and wonder how they got there. I zipped him back up and buttoned his shorts. I threw mom a kiss and snuggled up against my brother lover. I kissed him softly on his lips several times. He hummed each time I did. He hugged me tight and moved a hand back onto one of my tits. It felt so right to have it there.

“Thank you Ollie. That was very nice. You really made my cock feel good,” he moaned softly.

“OMG he knew it was me on his cock!” I thought in horror!

“It’s ok Ollie, what are big brothers for but to love their little sister. I think we should have fun together at college now that we know we love each other. It’s a shame I can’t help out mom. She’s so lonely,” he murmured as he fell asleep again.

I turned and looked at mom and knew she had heard what her son had just said. I wondered how we could make that happen soon.

Chapter 2.

We arrived in the hotel and Daddy checked us in. The room had two queen beds. We worked it out that Mom and Dad would sleep in one and Lance and I would take the other bed. There was a Waffle House next to the hotel and we decided to get a late night meal then turn in. My mom would look at me from time to time and when she caught my eye she would lick her fork all over the tines and smile mischiefly. She even dropped a shoe and ran her foot up between my thighs. I called her bluff and pulled her toes up against my cum dripping pussy and wet her big toe through my pussy lips. She huffed loudly and had to make up a story to dad that a piece of waffle had got stuck in her throat.

We got back to the hotel and started preparing for bed. I watched my father in a new light and wondered what it would be like to have sex with him. Damm that was so naughty and so wrong but Lance has awoken something in me that had me thinking about Daddy’s cock. He got ready for bed and dropped his pants and took off his shirt. That left him in an undershirt and boxers. I stared at Daddy’s boxers too long and he caught me.

Instead of being upset at me his eyes looked me over in lust. He saw his daughter’s breasts as something to play with. His eyes ran up my legs and stopped at my crotch and tried to imagine what sweetness lay behind my short skirt. I then saw his cock start to rise and push against his boxers. We had stood there frozen way too long. I turned and bent over my overnight bag and knew my short pleated skirt had ridden up my thighs. I was tuzla kendi evi olan escort sure my Daddy could see my shaved pussy lips. I made a show of looking through my bag and told my mom I forgot my sleeper shirt.

“John, can you give Olivia your undershirt for tonight. That should be fine for her until the morning,” Mom asked. Daddy fussed but Mom stood her ground and he gave it up. Daddy was in his mid forty’s and worked out to keep himself in shape. He even had a nice set of abs and no tummy fat. My cunny suddenly got moist as I thought about sleeping my head on that chest.

“Olivia come help me in the bathroom,” Mom announced.

We closed the door and Mom told me to strip. I pulled off my short top, bra and short skirt and stood naked in front of Mom. She pushed me up onto the counter then stood between my legs. She put both hands on my breasts and gave them a squeeze. She then pulled out my hardening nipples. I took in a deep breath and my pussy juice let down to wet my swelling labia.

“You fucked your brother in the back seat,” she whispered.

“No Momma! Lance fucked me. Twice! He pushed his thumb up my ass and I loved it! He thought I was Betty at first but by the time he came hard the second time up my cunny he knew it was me, his sister. He said we would have more fun together now that I would be on his campus,” I said trying to defend myself. I then took in a deep breath as Mom ran her fingers through my wet pussy lips.

“Well lucky you’re on protection. Just don’t do something stupid and get caught fucking with your brother. I don’t want your two lives messed up over your inability now to not take that huge brother cock up your slutty cunt,” Mom growled. “Now I’m gonna get you started on another aspect of college life,” Mom groaned as she dropped to her knees and pushed my thighs apart.

Mommy’s face dove right onto my pussy and sucked my clit between her lips. My body shook in response and I let down a pint of pussy juice. Mom ran her wet tongue up and down my pussy lips circling my clit each time. Mom pushed me up a little and started licking my anus. OMG that felt great! I felt something enter my wet pussy and looked down to see her two fingers moving in and out of my dripping wet pussy.

She knew what she was doing as her fingers found a lump way up in my cunny and started rubbing it while she sucked hard on my clit. I grabbed a wash cloth and shoved it in my mouth. I exploded in a hard orgasm and for the second time today I shot female cum out my pussy. Mom was ready for that and had her mouth tight on my pussy lips and she drank my juices all down.

Mom wasn’t done with my body yet. She pulled my ass right to the edge of the counter and pushed my thighs up by my chest. She ran her fingers in and out of my poor pussy and licked my clit again. I was quickly moving towards another orgasm. I felt her fingers slip out of my cunny and rim my asshole.

Slowly but firmly she pushed her fingers against my backdoor and it gave way. Lance must have loosened my anus as it opened easily to accept Mom’s fingers. My pussy juices were dripping out and coating my asshole with its warm lube. Mom kept up the pushing in my ass and soon her palm gripped my ass. Suddenly mom shifted her pointed fingers to two wide and I felt stretched out wide. Mom pulled her fingers back slightly and I felt even more fill in my ass. Mom must have added another finger and slid those three up my ass.

I realized I loved this new feeling of having my ass filled! New feelings ran up my body as nerves in my ass started firing off. Mom sped up fucking my ass with those fingers and when she felt me tightening she sucked my clit back between her lips. I bit that wash cloth shoved in my mouth as I came all over Mom’s fingers and mouth.

I ejected pussy fluids into my Mom’s mouth again as my ass pulsed down on her fingers shoved deep up my ass. My body shook out of control as my legs stiffened and shot out straight. My body got so hot as I grabbed my poor breasts and mashed them against my chest. My Mom licked my clit softly and moved her fingers easy out and back into my ass.

I spit out the washcloth and said, “What the fuck was that Mom? What the fuck did you just do to me? You made me cum so hard with your fingers up my ass! What was that all about?”

“I got you ready for college girls who love pussy and will be in your bed the first chance they get, and for your brother’s thick fat cock pounding into your ass. I’m sure he will want your warm ass caressing his cock soon enough,” Mom emphasized. “Now I want you to help me get my son’s fat long cock into my cunt tonight! We’ll switch beds later and you’ll fuck your Daddy while Lance is destroying his mother’s poor lonely cunt.”

We worked out that plan then washed up. I slipped Daddy’s undershirt on and the hem just covered my naked pussy. I walked out of the bathroom and both Lance and Daddy ate me up. Daddy’s undershirt was a ‘wife-beater’ and my hard nipples were pushing out the shirt. The tee scoop allowed my big breasts to leak out the armpits and show off my deep tit cleavage. My triangle of pussy hair above my labia was visible through the tee. Both Daddy and Lance stared at my hardening nipples and my curly red patch. My pussy lips started dripping again wetting my inner thighs.

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