Office Mate Ch. 02


My sister and me spent a couple days in silently exploring each other and teasing our sexuality. No words were spoken just a loving bond between a brother and a sweet little sister.

The following day I told my sister I was going to the company gym and will be back in the office to finish some work. She said that she has a gym class as well and will meet me back so we can car pool back home. After my workout, I showered and put on my basketball shorts and a tee shirt and came back to work. I saw that my sister was already in my office waiting for me. She was wearing her college sweat shorts and a tee shirt with a low round neck. When she saw me she had a big grin on her face, which made my heart jump. I sat at my desk for 10 minutes making random chit chat about our workout, dating, and foods we enjoy. However, we both knew our minds were elsewhere.

I looked at my sister got up to go to the men’s room. I paused and gave her a big smile. I walked into the bathroom and went into a stall. I waited for over 3 minutes. I started to think that maybe my sister is having second thoughts. I was about to leave when the men’s room door opened. I stayed in my place quietly and with my eyes closed. I hoped that it was my sister. A few seconds kurtköy escort later I heard a soft whisper of my sister’s sexy voice saying:

“Bro, you in there?” All I could say was “Uhuh.”

The stall door opened and my sexy sister walked in and closed the door. She whispered to me and said,

“You know what you did to me yesterday big bro? Well do it again. But this time make use of your fingers too.”

She had a big evil grin on her face. I asked,

“What do you want me to do sis?” She responded,

“Just keep sliding your finger up and down my crack.”

I smiled and got down on my knees and slid her sweat shorts off along with her panties. Her panties were wet and had a very strong smell to them. It was clear that my sister was extremely turned on. Her panties fell around her feet allowing her to spread her legs apart, spreading her pussy lips wide and her butt cheeks open. I slowly moved my tongue close to my sister’s sexy pussy and started to suck on her clitty and chew on her puffy pussy lips. I then started to slide my tongue in and out of her moist warm pussy. In the meantime my finger started sliding up and down the crack of her gorgeous ass.

After a few minutes aydıntepe escort of my sister catching the rhythm of my tongue fucking her sexy pussy, I noticed that she had started to gyrate her ass against my finger. As my finger got close to her ass hole she pushed her ass back against my finger. After a couple minutes of her constantly shoving her butt back onto my finger I realized what she was trying to do. So I stopped moving my finger around and held it in one place. I felt my sister gyrate her ass and let her ass hole find my finger tip. As soon as she did that, she pushed her ass back more pushing my finger tip against her puckered star-like ass hole. Not wanting to break the contact of my tongue fucking her pussy she pulled my head against her cunt shoving my whole tongue inside her gorgeous pussy hole. Here I was kneeled down on the bathroom floor with my tongue shoved deep inside my sister’s shaved pussy and my finger shoved up her horny sexy tight anus. My sister started to moan and whimper uncontrollably saying,

“Oh God bro fuck my ass, oh daddy yes eat my pussy.” Her hand went into my hair, pulled my face into her pussy allowing me to tongue fuck her pussy and finger fuck her tight little tuzla içmeler escort ass hole. She must have cummed three or four times in less than 10 minutes.

It was intense for her. I could tell. After a few minutes of her standing static, she pulled me up and kissed me on my lips, tasting her own pussy juices. She then gave me the most evil smile and got down onto her knees and slid my shorts off. As soon as my cock sprung free she got under it and started to suck and lick and chew on my huge shaved balls while massaging my cock with one hand and grabbing onto my butt with the other. Then it was my turn to shudder. My sister took my whole cock in her wet mouth and started sucking deep. I could feel the tip of my cock in the back of her throat. She spread my butt cheeks and with one hand pressed her finger into my anus. I immediately became harder and larger and thicker and fatter as I felt her finger enter my ass hole for the very first time in my life. I felt my sister’s tongue lap around my cock and her mouth suck me hard as I felt her finger start to move in circles and in and out of my tight virgin anus. In a matter of few minutes I was pulsating, my cock had swollen fat and my balls were full of cum. I spurted gobs and gobs of cum into my sister’s sucking mouth and she swallowed all of it. As soon as I started to shoot my cum, she shoved the rest of her finger deep into my anus. After I came, we stood there for five minutes quietly and smiling at each other. We both got dressed and walked out of the men’s room.

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