Nudist Camping

Adria Rae

NOTE: All characters are over the age of twenty-one (21).


She pressed her lips tightly shut, trying hard to hold her breath, but the feeling of his hand, as it slowly brushed over her hard and sensitive nipple, was too much for her as a soft cooing escaped her throat. His cock felt so good, as it grew with each of his heartbeats, against her soft, round ass.

She felt her own desire leaking from the cleanly shaven folds of her pussy, but her whole body wanted to feel more! Instead of only nestling itself between the smooth skin of her firm buns, she wanted to feel his hard cock pushing into her, but there was a tiny voice, in her mind, telling her she should stop him.

‘He’s probably dreaming something naughty’, she thought as his hand circled around her breast and gently squeezed her full, fleshy orb as his stiffened cock pressed against her anus. She had never been one to consider her butthole an erogenous zone, but feeling his hard-on nestled between her cheeks, and gently tapping against it with each beat of his heart, made her bite her lip harder in order to try to stay quiet.

‘OK, I’m going to stop this’, she thought, but his fingers found, and pinched, her second nipple while the palm of his other hand rolled over her other one. She felt her lubrication flowing freely as her body filled with desire for these carnal pleasures she knew they shouldn’t be enjoying. Something inside of her loins was getting the better of her and her resolve to stop him melted under his ministrations to her overly receptive body.

She slightly shifted her position, as if stirring in her sleep, but the slight adjustment pressed her ass more firmly into him. His raging hard-on pressed hard between her legs and laid across the entrance of her soaking, wet pussy. There was no way she could feign sleep any longer as the feeling of his hard-on was so intense and hot that both of them let out a moan.

She turned her head sideways and looked straight at him. His eyes were open, but there was no sign of him sleeping and dreaming of fondling another chick. Instead, his face showed a guilty expression, similar to a kid getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar. The differences being…neither hand was on cookies and the way they moved around her soft flesh and brushed against her rock hard nipples, sent little bolts of lightning through her body every time he rolled them around.

They hadn’t said a word because it wasn’t necessary. Their bodies were telegraphing all of the signals of wanting each other, yet, their minds were still present enough to keep it quiet. The tent they were in was anything but soundproof and neither wanted to alert anybody in the camp ground as to what was going on.

They stared at each other for a long moment, which seemed to be an eternity, as each of them was trying to get a grasp of what to do next. Rolling to opposite ends of the tent and thinking of a swim tuzla escort in the cold lake would have been the decent thing to do. But decency had quietly snuck from the tent the moment his hard cock had pressed against the bare, wet folds of her pussy. She turned, again, but so far onto her back, his hardness slipped from between her legs.

Had that been the perfect moment for decency to sneak back into the tent, it certainly seemed to have been lost wandering about with the gentle summer breeze because the young woman’s hand quickly found his hardness and closed around it. She laid on her back, her gaze locked with his, as he laid next to her, propped on one elbow with his free hand caressing and teasing her tits, while she stroked him.

“You know, we shouldn’t be doing this,” she whispered with a throaty voice.

He nodded, but neither missed a beat in the ministrations of the other’s body. She ran her free hand behind his neck and, with a gentle tug, he leaned in. He immediately caught on to what she wanted and his lips found hers with a soft and tender kiss. For a moment, their mouths had softly touched each other, hesitating and unsure of what to do next, but as if by a simultaneous command of their lustful, naked bodies, their mouths opened in unison and, as their tongues brushed, their kiss was filled with passion and heat.

Heat and passion flooded through them as their tongues entwined, like mating snakes, and their moves against each other’s bodies became bolder. He slowly crept his hand down her torso and abdomen, to find his way to the fleshy petals of her womanhood. Her moan into their kiss was muffled by his lips as, with a few tender strokes, his fingers slipped easily over the tender, sensitive bare flesh and coated her entire pussy with her juice, sending jolt after jolt of wanton lust through her.

His fingers were greeted, not only by the moist heat of her desire as they slipped into her, but also by a throaty moan barely muffled by their hot kissing. Her hips bucked upward against his hand as her back arched, in what appeared to be, an attempt to suck his fingers deep into her. She couldn’t remember if she’d ever been that horny!

She certainly knew she’d never wanted to get fucked as badly as then, there and in that tent, only a couple of feet from other people and separated by only a few thin layers of cloth…all added to the excitement. It appeared the little voice that kept telling her not to give in to the shameful desire of her flesh had given up. Instead, everything inside of her was set on getting off hard and fast. She knew she wasn’t going to last long but…did she want to?

She pushed his hand, maybe too forcefully, from between her legs and, as her pussy slurped around the withdrawn digits and her body screamed for continuing and wanting more, she saw shock on his face. For a moment, the situation was straddling on a knife’s edge. One word, one move, tuzla escort bayan one sound could have upset everything that was about to transpire.

For a long moment, they completely stopped and looked at each other, but the sound didn’t come, the move wasn’t made and the word wasn’t said! So, with the last of her morals evaporating in the heat of her lust, she pushed him onto his back and straddled his hips. She knew he wanted that as much as she did and, when a huge grin slipped across his face, it was met by an equal grin on hers. She slightly adjusted her body and grasped his thick, hard cock to run the tip between her soft, wet folds.

She closed her eyes and squeezed her lips tightly shut as she felt the unspeakable sensation of getting filled by a proper cock. She had never thought of it that way, but since she felt it slowly slipping further and further down her sensitive canal, she realized how thick he was compared to her previous experience: her former boyfriend.

She savored the feeling of getting her pussy spread further and deeper than ever before and she did her best to slow herself down until she felt all of him inside of her. She threw her long hair over one shoulder and leaned down to feel his body against hers as his cock filled and twitched inside of her.

“Don’t cum inside of me,” she whispered into his ear as she slowly gyrated her pelvis against his.

“I’ll take care of you, I promise!” she added before looking straight into his eyes, again.

“But no cumming inside of me! I’m…”

He pulled her towards him and kissed her to stop her from talking as they slowly gyrated against each other, fucking at a mind-bogglingly slow pace.

“Don’t worry, Sis, I won’t,” he said and kissed her again.

She gently settled into a steadier pace of rising and lowering her hips while she rode her brother’s cock. She lifted her body up and leaned back, to rest her hands on her heels, as she used her legs to lift herself up, and lower herself down, his shaft. His hands found her breasts and, as their pace quickened slightly, his playing with her nipples appeared to set her body on fire.

She’d never been fucked like that before. He appeared to care more about her getting off than his own release…something her former boyfriend had never done. Every now and then, his hips would buck up to meet her descent and send a jolt of electricity radiating from her clit to the outermost fringes of her body.

When they looked at each other, their eyes locked and their bodies moved in unison with each thrust as if they weren’t siblings. Being the same flesh by birth, they were also lovers who cared only about satiating the unspeakable appetite for each other’s climax. But she felt it…way too soon. Starting from the very core of her existence, and racing to the fringes of her conscious mind, a tidal wave of pent up sexual frustration and pure lust washed through her. escort tuzla Her mind went blank as she dropped her body onto his and their loins jerked and trembled in unison.

She wasn’t sure how long it had lasted or if she was conscious the entire time. All she knew, after her mind came back to her, was his rock hard, thick, stiff and pulsing cock was still inside of her. While she’d dug her teeth into the back of her hand, to keep from screaming, the relief and pleasure her brother had given her at the camp ground was pure ecstasy!

“Wow!” was all she could mutter.

She felt warmth on her cheeks and realized the relief had been so great, it had brought tears to her eyes.

“Wow!” she muttered, again, before kissing her brother, who was stiff and still inside of her.

Their kisses were much more tender than before as they were filled with the warmth of love rather than the heat of lust. She slowly sat back and started to move her hips back and forth, again, rocking slowly on his cock and watching him. He seized her hips as it was his turn to guide her and she raised her hips more and more as he guided her until he started slamming his full length into her. He held her as his loins bucked upwards, again and again, fucking her with earnest.

With a quick jerk he pulled himself out of her and she, immediately, knew why. Without hesitation, she slid down his body and put her mouth over his cock. It tasted weird, not like the cock she’d tasted before but, she reminded herself, that time she had done it for her boyfriend, he hadn’t fucked her to orgasm beforehand. In fact, he had never fucked her to orgasm, but that didn’t matter. What mattered was her brother’s thick, hard cock that needed, and deserved, relief.

She brushed her hair back over one shoulder and settled into bobbing her upper body up and down to move her mouth over her brother’s cock as her pussy had a moment ago. She felt him twitch and stroke her hair as her tongue pressed against the underside of his cock inside of her mouth. She looked up towards him, but his head was rolled to the side, his eyes closed and his whole body was tense.

“Oh…here it is!” he groaned.

He tried to stay as quiet as he could while she felt his cock twitching harder and more rhythmically. Then the thick, heady aroma of his cum struck her as a thick jet squirted from him. She swallowed quickly, again and again, ignoring the scratchy feeling in her throat and the tingling from the sperm her brother had given her. She wanted to make him cum as long, as hard and as complete as he’d made her cum.

After what appeared to be quite a lot of cum, the convulsions of his cock finally slowed and, after she’d made sure no more was coming out and had run her tongue around the head a few times, she slithered back up to lay next to him.

“Wow!” he said.

“Wow!” she agreed and giggled as they shared a soft kiss.

An awkward silence fell over them. They both knew what had happened was not supposed to have happened. They both knew it couldn’t happen again, it had to have been only a once in a lifetime fling and, yet, they both knew it’d been the best sex in their entire lives.

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