Nothing Done in Love Ch. 09


Kaitlin was not sure if she wanted to laugh, cry, or scream. Instead, she merely fought her way up out of the haze of dreams. She tried to turn over, but it felt like she was stuck between a rock and a hard place. She opened her eyes a bit more and smiled up at Chase.

“Good morning,” she whispered as she tried to ignore his hard cock pressed tightly against her tummy. The same way she tried to ignore his brother’s, sandwiched just as snuggly between the cheeks of her ass. The way that she had ignored it every morning for the last couple of weeks.

Everyone knew that guys had only one track minds. Sex. Her addled brain seemed to have the same one track. The truth was that she was confused and more than a bit hurt. Why would two hot twin brothers not want to actually fuck her when they had a willing partner between them?

Yet over the weeks, not once had either of them made any move to take things further. Well, further than the heavy petting like those teenagers. Fingers, first two, then three and eventually four until she felt stuffed to overflowing, yet somehow wholly empty. Fingers, her toys, their tongues even were not what she wanted.

That was Chance and Chase though. They had always been so much more than they seemed. Always the perfect gentlemen. It was what had made them Kaitlin’s best friends since high school. And why her mother had adored the boys as she called them.

But that perfect gentlemen shit was wearing thin. When she wanted…

Chase shook his head as he brushed hair back from her face, “Not morning, princess. Afternoon.”

“Evening almost,” whispered Chance behind her as his hands ran comfortingly up and down her arms for a moment. Then she felt the bed shift, “You need something to eat and drink, Katy-did. I’ll let Chase tell you the rest while I get us all something.”

She turned to nod at him, but the air rushed from her lungs as he stood up from the bed. Fully naked. He was completely naked. Her eyes went wider still as she realized that she was naked too. So was Chase as he chuckled and rolled onto his back, taking her with him so that her head rested just over his pounding heart and his lips pressed soft kisses to the top of her head.

“Don’t worry, princess. Nothing happened,” he assured her.

“Not yet anyway,” winked Chance from the doorway. “We want you fully awake for that one, Katy-did.”

Katie tried to swallow at his boldness, but she realized then just how dry her throat was. “What did happen then? How long have I been asleep?” She tried to remember even as she waited for Chase’s answer.

He lifted her face towards his with gentle fingers beneath her chin. “Do you remember Joy’s memorial service?” he whispered.

She nodded her head slowly as pieces of the puzzle began to come together. All of the people taking turns to speak of what her mother’s life had meant to them, how she had touched and changed their lives. She frowned then, “I spoke?”

Chase chuckled, “Did you?” He shook his head, “Something did that is for sure, but how much of that was you, princess?”

Katie nodded her head at the truth of his words as the rest came back to her. Her declaration to them all that she would be continuing her mother’s work through the foundation.

As if he could read her thoughts, Chase asked, “Did you mean it?”

She sighed heavily as she pondered her answer. It was a long moment, longer than that one before she made the public declaration. “Yes, yes, I think I do,” she shook her head and tried to smile. After all these weeks and months, she was stunned at how easy that decision had been to make.

Not that she was even sure she was the one actually making it. It felt as if something more significant, more powerful was moving through her, taking the tough choice from her hands. She nodded at how right it all felt, “Yes, yes, Chase, I do. I am going to quit teaching and run the foundation the way Mom wanted.”

He returned her smile as he placed a chaste kiss to the top of her forehead as he squeezed her tighter, “She would be so fucking proud of you. You know that?”

Katie chuckled, “Yeah, tell me that in a few years if I have not screwed everything up.” Her hand flew to her tuzla eve gelen escort lips, her fingertips covered them as she realized what she had implied. “I didn’t mean…”

“We do,” said the deep voice from the doorway as a very naked Chance joined them carrying a tray of food. He sat it on the table beside her bed and lifted a glass and pitcher. He poured juice and held out the glass as Chase scooted up in the bed a bit, keeping her tight in his embrace and drawing her into a reclining position.

Chance sat on the bed next to them and brought the glass to her lips, “Drink.”

She obeyed almost automatically. She drained half before Chance passed it to Chase. He finished it off and handed the empty one back to his brother. She shook her head against Chase’s chest as Chance refilled and drank his fill before silently pressing it once more to her lips. Her mind said it was just a glass, only juice, but somehow it felt like more. A symbol of so much more.

“Because it is, princess,” she turned to look up at Chase. ‘Had she spoken her thoughts aloud?’ she wondered.

Chance chuckled, and she looked back towards him, “Not exactly. But your face had always been so fucking easy to read, Katy-did.” He bent forward and brushed a soft kiss on her lips. “I think I know what our favorite game is going to be…”

“Strip poker,” her boys laughed together.

She clutched the sheet tighter, pulled it up to cover more of her tits, though it seemed ridiculous considering they had undressed her, seen it all already. Still, she shook her head at what he was implying.

“Oh yes, our sweet Katy-did. We are not going anywhere,” Chance replied to another unspoken question.

“Not ever again, princess. You are stuck with us this time,” said Chase as he held her so tightly that she could not have escaped if she wanted to. And with the safe and secure way they made her feel just then, she was not sure she wanted to at all.

“You don’t think we are going to abandon you now, do you, sweetheart? Running that damned thing would be hard enough on anyone. But with your gifts coming into their own at last…” Chance answered.

She shook her head violently then, “What? How did you know? I never said…” she stammered in shock.

Chase chuckled, “We know because we’ve been there ourselves.”

She looked up at him confused. “I don’t understand.”

“Don’t you, Katy- did?” she looked at Chance as he spoke, but his lips were not moving.

“Your mother always said that the goddess brought us to her for a reason, princess.”

Katie was more confused than ever as she looked back up at Chase’s unmoving lips. “I don’t…”

The bed shifted as Chance climbed in as well. Chase rolled over so that she was sandwiched once more between them. It was the only way all three could fit into her small double bed, and even then, just barely.

“Let us tell you a fairy tale, princess,” whispered Chase behind her as he ran his hands up her arms.

“You see that night…”

“The first night that we held you between us…”

“The first time we tasted those sweet fucking lips…” whispered Chance as he bent slowly to capture them as if to re-enact that other night. Then as if to fulfill that fantasy, he turned her, and it was Chase’s lips that stole her breath.

“Something shifted inside us, princess. We could feel it,” explained Chase.

“But it scared the ever-loving shit out of us,” chuckled Chance.

“It was weird. Chance and I had always been close. At times we would know…”

“Just be able to feel what was happening to him.”

Chase nodded as he continued his brother’s story, “But this was different. It was like he was in my head.”

“Actually in my fucking head. Like we could hear one another think.”

Chase shook his head, “Not think so much. Talk. We could talk to one another in our minds.”

Katie looked from one to another of them. “I still don’t understand.”

“Your mom was the only person we could turn to, Katy-did.”

“The only one that we were pretty sure would not lock us up for being crazy anyway,” smiled Chase.

“She helped us as best she could.”

“Even tuzla otele gelen escort when she did not always agree with how we used our gifts.”

“Still she helped us.”

Katie nodded, yes, that was so like her mother. “Okay, so you two abandoned me, but you never lost contact with Mom, the way I thought you had.”

“We didn’t want to, Katy-did.”

“But we had to, princess. Well, we thought we had to anyway,” Chase blushed.

“Now you really have lost me, guys.”

“You, Katie, you brought it all out,” explained Chance.

She shook her head at what he was saying. It was way beyond even her understanding of how these things worked.

“And yes, we brought it out in you as well,” Chase added solemnly.

“That is not possible,” she denied the truth even as she felt it grow and burst within her spirit. “No, it’s not possible. Gifts don’t work that way. You are born with them like Mom. Or you are not.” She almost added ‘like me,’ but the memories of the memorial service were too fresh. There was no denying that something happened then.

“Isn’t it, Katy-did?”

“Try it yourself if you don’t believe us. Say something…in your head. Anything,” Chase’s voice added to his brother’s in her mind.

She thought for a moment about what they had said earlier, about being able to read her thoughts from her expressions. Maybe that was all that was happening here. That was the logical explanation for all of this. Well, except for how she could hear them in her head when their faces were utterly stoic. But if they really could read her thoughts from her face, then she needed to make this more difficult — something they would never expect her to say.

“Fuck me,” she said with her eyes closed and her face as blank as possible given the fact that she was lying completely naked, sandwiched between two of the hottest bodies she had ever seen…even on the covers of her raunchy e-books.

The quick dual intake of breaths was the first sign that they had heard her. The almost instantaneous thickening of cocks against her stomach and in the crack of her ass was the other.

“Look at us, Katy-did,” Chance growled low and harsh.

She wanted to ignore the command in his voice, but she was no good at it. Slowly she peeked up beneath her lashes first at Chase over her shoulder. Somehow he had always seemed softer, more comfortable to talk to. But his face was dark, his eyes clouded as his hand cupped her breast and his fingers began to slowly twirl her hard nipple between them.

He shook his head, “Be damned sure this is what you want, princess.”

She inhaled deeply whether from the depth of need that she saw in his blue eyes or the intense need that his hand and fingers were re-igniting in her suddenly wanton body. She nodded and turned to face Chance. His face was even darker if that was possible.

“He is right. You have to be absolutely sure this is what you want.”

“We are who you want,” added Chase without pausing the sweet torture of her body for even a moment.

“We cannot know for sure. Not even your mother did, but odds are that the further we take things…” Chance explained.

“The more intense this connection will become. After my accident…after…”

“After Chase lost his leg, we had practically lost the gift ourselves. Whether it was the drugs…or just how screwed up our heads were. You have no idea what it is fucking like to feel your brother’s pain and be on the other side of the world and not even able to do a fucking thing to help. The one fucking time that we were not deployed together – the one fucking time…”

“Let it go, Chance. It was not your fault. It was no one’s fault, but the fucking insurgents who planted the damned IED. Even if you were there, there was nothing you could have done. You would just have been injured too, or worse.”

It felt strange, disconcerting, and oddly reassuring to be part of such an intimate conversation between them. She realized then that she too could feel their pain; emotional pain yes, but so intense that it was almost physical. It left her feeling intensely hopeless. Her head throbbed, and tuzla sınırsız escort the juice she had drunk earlier threatened to come back up.

“Shit, she is feeling it too, Chase.”

“Breathe, princess. Just close your eyes, breathe. Feel the tension leave your body,” Chase coaxed as his hand left her breast and began to caress her arm soothingly once more.

She whimpered. She knew Chase meant the action to calm and reassure her, but it had the opposite effect. It made her feel alone and lost in grief and sadness: of her mother’s death, of Chase’s leg, and Chance’s guilt. Of half a lifetime wasted.

She trembled as she fought back the tears, “No, not like that, Chase. Touch me. Touch me like you were before,” she pleaded, only half believing he would understand her.

But suddenly his hand was once more cupping her breast, his fingers plucking her hard nipple, making it harder still. “Like this, princess? Do you want me to play with your perfect tits?”

“What do you want me to do, Katy-did? Do you want me to eat your sweet little cunt again?”

Their dirty words in her mind only fanned an inferno that she knew on some gut level would consume her. Consume them all perhaps. “No, no, I’m tired of it always being the two of you servicing me.”

She bit her lip as she sought the courage to give him the answer she knew in her heart she wanted. In the end, she took the coward’s route, “No, Chance, I want to taste you this time.”

He inhaled sharply as he shuddered, “Look at me, Kaitlin.” He waited as she found the courage to obey him this time. His face showed through the bright blue light that encompassed him in its warmth, which radiated out to embrace them all.

“I meant it. There is no going back if we do this. Do you understand that?”

She looked from him to Chase then back again, “Is there now? Could you walk away like you did that night?”

“No, princess, not this time. It practically killed us to do it then, and we were just fucked up little boys playing at being men. We could no more leave you now, especially after what you said yesterday than we could stop being brothers. Like I said earlier, you are stuck with us,” smiled Chase weakly.

“But that does not mean we have to take it to the next level either,” Chance answered.

Katie shook her head and swallowed as she watched a dark black hole right over his heart. Her fingers moved of their own volition to caress that spot. She smiled as the darkness began to recede.

“For how long, Chance? Isn’t that just fighting the inevitable? Wouldn’t we be trying to live half in and half out of this world?”

Chance nodded slowly as he searched her face for a long moment, but she noticed that his body had already decided for him as his cock jutted out thick and fully. Her hand slipped down his chest, across his six-pack to encircle his hard flesh. Her finger traced the slit, collecting the clear fluid that was already leaking from it.

“As smart as you are beautiful, princess,” whispered Chase from behind her as he rolled so that she lay almost atop him. “Ever heard the term ‘reverse cowgirl,’ sweetheart” he whispered as he shifted her hips and fisted his cock, bringing it to rest just at the entrance to her pussy. “When you are ready, just slide down my hard cock, baby girl.”

She smiled directly up at Chance as she answered his brother’s challenge. She moaned as she felt the tip of Chase’s hard cock pierce her hole, even the head stretched her and burned as she brought her finger to her lips. She stuck out her tongue and licked the clear fluid from it as she forced her body slowly down on the invader between her legs.

“Sweet,” she murmured half in shock as she felt another couple of inches slip deeper inside her. “More,” she pleaded, but she was not sure which she was begging for; Chase in her increasingly wet pussy or to fully taste Chance. “Please, more, damn it.”

Chance chuckled as he shifted on the bed, kneeling close enough to her face now that she could reach out and take what she wanted…and she did. Chance’s cock forced its way deeper into her mouth even as his brother’s forged new depths in her practically virgin cunt.

Another woman might have felt frightened or overcome even. Hell, she should be. Except that it was them. Chance and Chase. One thing she knew to the bottom of her heart, they would never do anything to hurt her. Never. So, she smiled around Chance’s thick cock as they began to move slowly inside her. See-sawing back and forth as their hands began to toy and torture her.

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