No Talk Just Sex Ch. 01


Well we had house guests coming to our house to live with us for about a year until they could get on their feet. It was my uncle, his wife and one son. They are Indian and speak their language. The thing was that they did not speak English very well, and my aunt did not really at all. They would stay in our guest room and the tension was there. They arrived at the airport and we brought them home, for the first month everything was fine, but then it went down hill. They started to get on my nerves and everything that they would do would get me angry. Even the little things like them coming out of their room. I had a feeling that they were talking about us in their room and I was fed up.

One day my aunt came out of her room to take a shower, now to put it into perspective when my family was not their they would act comfortable and be like they were at their own home. I know this because I set up a cam and observed their behavior. They would not stay in their room all day and they would walk around without shirts on, well at least my uncle and his son. My aunt kaynarca escort must have not known I was home because she thought everyone was at work or at school so she came out of her room in just a see through gown, she did not see me because I had my door partly closed and when she walked by I saw her through the crack of my door.

At that point I did not feel hatred towards her, but something that I would never have felt, lust. She entered the bathroom and I walked out and heard the shower go on. This gave me a plan, I would place my cam and peep on her next time. Later she got out of the bathroom and went into her room, she then went into the kitchen where she noticed me. She did not say anything to me and I left as soon as she came over. I went into their room stole her panties and noticed the great aroma. She had granny panties but that was ok.

My plan was to catch her in the shower the next day and see what goes from there.

The next day passed by and it was all the same, I went into the bathroom placed my cam that orhanlı escort was disguised in the center and waited for her to use the shower. She later did and I later grabbed the cam and saw the evidence. To my surprise she had nice tits and a great ass. My uncle is very lucky.

SO as i examined the evidence, my aunt had a rocking body. From that point on, I repeatedly took her underwear and came in them. This was done after she was in the shower. I would grab her panties, watch the newest video, and then put the panties back in her hamper. The next day, she was doing her laundry and she put it all in the machine, while one dropped. I was in the next room and I noticed the panty and I knew it had a stain in it. She picked it up and threw it in the washer without noticing. I was so relieved.

The next day, she went to make some tea for herself. I had been saving some cum in a container and placed it in her tea. She returned and started to drink it and I just looked at her face. She actually drank my cum. So afterwards I went to grab tepeören escort a pair of panties and I came in them, but as I went to return them, she spotted me and freaked out. I could not understand her. All I knew was that she saw me with her panties and she blew up. She grabbed the panties and noticed how wet they were. She then started to yell at me some more. Then she said something I recognized, translated “where did this come from” and I did not want to say my penis so I just dropped my shorts and while I had a semi hard on I pointed to my penis and grabbed the panties and started to rub them on it. She shut her mouth and just watched. I was going at full speed and she was just staring at me. I was about to cum and I stopped and said look. I then dropped the panties and came it shot far away and landed on the table and the floor.

By this time my adrenaline had ceased and I was wondering how could I have done this. I then picked up her panties and went to give it to her. I then dropped it in front of me. She then bent down to get it and as she went up my cock was staring at her right in the face. I wanted to tell her that I would fuck her while my uncle was at work but I did not know how to. I then heard the door open and someone came home. She then got up and my penis brushed her cheek. I lifted my shorts and went to my room.

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