New Year’s Eve


“Hey Mom, I’m home.”

“Hi baby! I’m in the kitchen, I will be right out.”

Ron was returning home from college for his last Christmas vacation before he graduated. Home was a relative term since his mother had moved into a new house while he was away this past semester. His father had passed away suddenly at the young age of 50 this past summer and Jean had decided the house held too many memories. Ron was an only child and since the it was just Jean at home, she decided a change was needed. Her husband had done pretty well for himself and left them enough money so that school tuition was not a problem and she would not have to struggle, although that was not a problem anyway as she worked as a paralegal at one of the high powered law firms in Boston and did pretty well for herself.

“There’s my baby boy! Come here and give your Mom a big hug.”

Her face was lit up and Ron smiled as well as he had missed her too. She practically jumped up into his arms and he picked her up and twirled her around before setting her down.

“Hi Mom, I missed you.”

“I missed you too sweetie. But, you’re so big now just picking me up like that, I guess you are not my baby boy anymore.” she pouted looking up at him.

“Mom, I will always be your baby boy,” he said to her and kissed her on top of the head.

“Well I have to say though that you really have become a very handsome young man, Ron.”

When Ron had gone away to college, he was kind of a string bean, six feet two inches tall and weighing about 170 pounds. However, in the next few years he had worked out a lot and filled out to a muscular 215 pounds. With blonde hair and blue eyes, he had done pretty well after his sophomore year with the girls and his girlfriend thought he resembled Matt Damon.

“I had good genes, Mom.”

Indeed he did. Jean was simply put a knockout. She and Ron’s father were dating in college when she got pregnant and they got married and had a baby boy. At 42, she was still a head turner that would make women half her age jealous; with fiery short red hair and green eyes, high cheekbones and a little turned up nose. She had kind of an athletic build from running all the time with great legs and a nice tight butt, and fairly firm breasts that while not huge, were big enough. Ron’s friends called her a cougar all the time and talked about how hot she was. Working in a law firm, she always wore business suits with heels and hose, and she had always preferred to wear short skirts. There were times as Ron was growing up that he would fantasize about her like a lot of young men do about their mothers, and ,many times he would end up stealing her stockings and pantyhose out of the hamper and jerking off in them.

That thought had crossed his mind as he looked at her wearing a grey skirt about two inches above her knee, black sheer hose, black three inch heels, and a black silk top.

“So how long are you home for?”

“A whole month. Classes don’t start again until the 15th so a good 30 days.”

“I’m so glad to have you home son. It’s too bad that Danielle could not come.”

Danielle was Ron’s girlfriend from college. Her family lived on the West Coast and Ron had decided that he needed to spend some time with his Mom, since this would be their first Christmas without his Dad. “It’s ok, Mom. Thirty days apart won’t kill us. Besides, we can always Skype. So show me the place.”

“After dinner, son. I just got done making dinner for you.”

They went into the dining room and sat down and Jean served dinner. As they began to eat dinner, his Mom uncorked a bottle of wine and offered him some.

“You know, this is pretty cool now that I am 21 and can drink legally.”

“Don’t remind me. I can’t figure out how you keep getting older and I don’t age.” They both laughed and continued to eat their dinner.

After dinner, he helped his mom do the dishes and then she took him on a tour of the new house. It was a three bedroom colonial with a two car garage located on a couple of acres of land out in the country. The downstairs had a family room with a fireplace and, as Ron noted, she had put in a large flat screen HD TV.

“Oh man, Mom, this is perfect for watching football!”

She laughed. “I figured that would be your reaction. I wanted to make sure that there was some reason for you to stay home some so I can visit with you.”

They continued the tour. The upstairs had a huge master bedroom over the garage and a bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub as well as a shower. One of the bedrooms had been converted into a workout room with an arc trainer and treadmill, and then the other room, was his room, although a lot of boxes still sat in it.

“I was not sure where you wanted everything so I left a lot of your stuff in boxes. You can unpack whatever you want.”

“Oh wow this is nice, Mom.”

“Glad you like it. There are plenty of towels and stuff in the guest bathroom so you can just use that for yours.”

They hugged each other for a moment and then she left him to unpack.

Ron unpacked his bags and threw his clothes into escort bayan his dresser. He then set up his laptop on the desk and put it online, using the code for the wireless that his Mom had provided. He started going through his boxes and looked at his old trophies, yearbooks, and other items from his childhood. He also went to another box and pulled out his old books and magazines. Oh crap, he thought. I had a couple of old Penthouse magazines in here and they got packed. Oh well, I guess she probably expected that.

He sent a text Danielle to say he had gotten in and missed her and she replied back that she missed him too and that they were just sitting down to dinner. They texted back and forth that they would chat online later. He decided to go downstairs to watch some TV and found his Mom watching something with a blanket thrown over her.

“Come over here and sit with me.”

Ron had changed into his normal sleeping attire of gym shorts and a t shirt and was a little cold.

“Do you have another one of those blankets?”

“Yeah, upstairs but I can share this with you.”

He got under the blanket and his Mom moved over to snuggle with her son. He could feel a lot of skin and he realized that she was just wearing a short nightie and panties. She leaned in and rested her head on his shoulder which gave him a nice view of her breasts. He could not quite see the nipples but he could see that they were sticking out through the fabric, probably because she was cold, he thought. He began to feel a little stirring and realized he was starting to get an erection. He immediately started trying to think of anything but his Mom’s boobs in order to make it go down. This is really bad, he thought. I must really be horny and missing Danielle.

“MMM, you are nice and warm, son.”

Wow this is really nice having him home, she thought. She leaned into him and put her arm across his stomach. She noticed that he had washboard abs and liked the fact that her son had really grown into quite a young hottie. She quickly tried to put the thought out of her head. They watched TV for a while and then she yawned and said she needed to go to bed because she had to get up for work. She got up, kissed her son goodnight, and walked out of the room. Ron could not take his eyes off his mother’s ass as it was barely covered by her short nightie.

Looking at the clock, Ron realized it was still early on the West Coast so he texted Danielle to see if she wanted to do a Skype session. She said of course so he headed up to his room and fired up his laptop. A minute later, there she was. Danielle was a cute little brunette about 5 feet five inches and 125 pounds. She had a spectacular set of boobs that were easily 36C and on her frame they really stood out. Her dark brown eyes were mesmerizing.

“Hey hon, hang on a minute, I want to hook up my big monitor.”

“So you haven’t seen me in 24 hours and the first thing you can say is that?” she laughed.

“Ok that’s better. Sorry, I just wanted to be able to see you better.”

“I miss you, Ron”

“I miss you too Danielle.”

They chatted idly for an hour or so, asking how each other’s families were, their plans for the Holidays, and lamenting the fact that they could not be together.

“Danielle, are you alone?”

“Yes, everyone ran out to go look at some lights and I stayed behind to talk to you.”

“I got an idea.”

“And what would that be?”

“Why don’t you take off your top and let me see your boobs?”

“You nasty boy you. You are such a perv…but I like it. However, if I do that, you have to show me that nice big dick of yours.”


Ron watched intently as Danielle pulled off her tank top to reveal her boobs, her nipples standing out like pencil erasers. As soon as he saw them, he could feel the blood rushing to his cock.

“Nice baby.”

“Ok, let’s see it, Ron.”

Standing up, he pulled down his shorts and underwear and slid them off, standing in front of the camera. He wiggled back and forth and he could hear her laughing.

“I sure hope your Mom is not up right now.”

“Nah she went to sleep an hour or so ago.”

“Ron, move your camera so I can see your dick I want to watch you play with it.”

“Cool as long as you play with your tits.”

“Tell me baby what are you thinking?”

“I am thinking about how much I would love to be sucking on tits of yours right now.”

“Oh yea, I would love to have you sucking on them.”

As they continued to talk to each other, they each got more excited. Danielle was reaching down into her shorts and was fingering herself as she watched Ron stroking his erection.

Jean thought she had heard something and she quietly got up to see what is going on. More than likely her son had fallen asleep watching TV she thought. When she walked out of her bedroom, though, she could tell that the sound was him talking to someone in his room. Quietly, she walked down the hall and noticed that his door was partially open. She was shocked by what she saw. There tuzla genç escort he was, sitting in the corner of the room at his desk, naked, masturbating, Wow he has a nice dick, she thought. She was hypnotized by the sight of it until she noticed what he was looking at on the screen. It was a woman with bare breasts who appeared to be fingering herself. Oh my god, she thought. That must be Danielle. No wonder he is excited, she really has nice firm breasts. Ah, to be young again, she thought.

She knew she should just go back to bed but she could not look away. She looked in and watched as he continued to move his hand along the length of his shaft. She thought about how long it had been and she found herself sliding her fingers inside her panties. His pace was picking up and he groaned as he began to cum. She was amazed at his first shot as a hot white missile of sperm shot over the screen and onto the wall. As he continued to stroke, his cum flew everywhere, on the screen, the desk and the wall again before he grabbed his shirt and began wiping it off.

I’d better sneak back to my room, she thought before he finds me. She carefully tiptoed down the hall and closed her door.

Meanwhile, Ron was in the middle of cleaning up while his girlfriend was laughing on the other end.

“Wow you shot all over the place didn’t you?”

“I did, and I am trying to get the stuff off the wall. I can’t have my Mom come in here finding cum stains all over the wall.”

“Oh Ron, that was so hot. I love how you shoot when you get excited. Now just remember, no doing that with anyone else while you are home.”

“Don’t worry, sweetie, I love you.”

“I love you too. I have to run now, I need to get cleaned up myself, and I hear my family outside. Bye”

Ron looked at the blank screen and then down at his now semi-erect penis. He really had shot a huge load and he decided that he needed to just go to sleep. What he didn’t know was that his Mom was feverishly fucking herself with her dildo thinking about what she just saw.

The next morning, Jean woke up and looked over at her toy sitting on her nightstand. Quickly she put it away and then went downstairs to make some coffee. Once it had brewed she poured herself a cup and stared outside thinking about what she had seen last night. She must really be lonely for a man if she is turned on by her naked son like that. Yes, he has a great body and a nice big cock but he is my son! She was lost in thought and looked at the clock and realized she needed to get moving. After taking a quick shower, she looked at her wardrobe deciding what to wear. Still feeling a little turned on by last night, she decided to be a little daring today. She pulled out a sheer set of stockings along with a white garter belt, panties and pushup bra. Looking at herself in the mirror, she thought she still looked good for an old lady. Pulling out a black short dress, she put on a Blue jacket and black pumps.

On her way out, she stopped down to see if her son was up. She doubted he would be as he normally slept in anyway. She knocked lightly and then went in. He was still asleep and apparently had fallen asleep naked. Oh geez, she thought, this is the last thing I need to be seeing this morning. She walked over to the bed and grabbed the covers to pull up over him, pausing to stare at his semi flaccid dick. Damn, that thing soft is about as big as my husband’s was hard. Pushing the thought from her head, she covered him up and gave him a kiss on the forehead. As she turned to leave he stirred.

“What’s up Mom?

“Nothing son go back to sleep, I just came in to check on you before I went to work.”

She turned and kept walking, and before she left, Ron thought what a great set of legs his Mom had. Damn, I sure hope Danielle looks like that when she hits her 40s. He lay in bed for a second thinking about that and as he heard her car start up and drive off, a thought popped into his head. Getting out of bed, he walked over to her bedroom and found her dirty clothes hamper. Near the top he found a pair of black pantyhose that she must have just worn yesterday. He grabbed them and took them back to his room.

Lying back down on his bed, he took the pantyhose and wrapped them around his cock which was getting harder by the stroke. He had a vivid image of his Mom in his mind, dressed as she was this morning. As he continued to stroke himself, he thought of how it would be to have her sitting in his lap facing him as she stroked him, her nylon covered legs across his. He quickly felt himself getting ready to erupt and he shot a huge load into her pantyhose. He kept pumping himself until he had finished and then threw the pantyhose on the floor and went back to sleep.

Later that morning, Ron got up and got dressed. Finding the pantyhose on the floor, he grabbed them and threw them in his Mom’s clothes hamper and then went downstairs and got something to eat. After watching TV for most of the day, he went out for a run and then came home. Peeling off his clothes, he went into the bathroom and was tuzla kendi evi olan escort looking forward to a nice long shower.

Jean had tried to work a normal day but all she could keep thinking about was her son. Actually, more like her son’s dick she laughed to herself. She got plenty of flirtatious invitations at work which was not unusual and at times it would piss her off to think that they were all married men who would jump in the sack in a minute without thought. Still, she figured that she should probably at some point get out in the dating scene again but she was not quite ready. She left the office and wondered to herself what tonight would bring.

Walking into the house, she could hear the shower running upstairs. She went upstairs and poked her head in the bathroom.

“Hi hon, I am home.”

“Geez Mom you scared the crap out of me. I was just taking a shower after working out.”

“Sorry, hon. Hey I am going to do some laundry, I assume you have some?”

“Yeah my duffel bag is all dirty clothes. I dropped it off in the laundry room.”

“Well that is an improvement. The next step will be for you to do it someday.”

“I know I know. Just leave it and I will get to it.”

“It’s ok son, I need to do some anyway like I said. Besides, it makes me feel good to be a Mom again for my baby boy.”

She backed out of the bathroom and picked up his workout clothes and walked down to her bedroom and threw them in the hamper. When she got down to the laundry room she sorted out everything and got our her lingerie bag to throw her nylons and delicates in. As she grabbed her black pantyhose she noticed that they were a little damp. What the hell she thought. She looked at them and could see some white sticky spots on them. Oh my God, she thought, I think my son jerked himself off in my pantyhose! She had long suspected that he did it as a teenager but this seemed to confirm it. The thought also crossed her mind that he may have been checking her out as well.

About an hour later, she was sitting down having a glass of wine when Ron came downstairs dressed in jeans, turtleneck and white sneakers.

“You aren’t staying for dinner?”

“No, Mom I am going to go out with the guys tonight. We were going to get a burger and hang out at a sports bar.”

“Do you need money?”

“No, I have some. Don’t wait up.”

“Ok but be careful hon. Don’t let anyone drive drunk.”

“I won’t Mom.”

“Give your Mom a kiss before you leave.”

He leaned down and kissed his Mom and gave her a hug.

“See you Mom. By the way, you look really pretty today.”

“Thanks, hon. Have fun”

He ran out the door and jumped in his car and drove off. Jean continued to do the laundry and folded it and brought his clothes to his room. After folding the clothes, she went to her room and fired up her laptop and logged on to a site she had found called Literotica and was drawn to some stories about moms and sons. The stories were rather erotic and she could imagine herself in them.

Taking off her dress, she kicked off her shoes and lay down on the bed. Lying on the bed with her legs spread, she began rubbing herself, tweaking her nipples. Shedding her bra, she flung it to the side and began rubbing her tits and massaging them having freed them from their restraints. With her right hand, she pulled down the waistband of her panties, and began fingering her clit and rubbing her legs together while she continued to pinch first one nipple and then the other. Taking her fingers she spread her pussy open and slowly inserted first one and then two fingers in and out slowly, using her thumb to massage her clit as she did so. Reaching into her nightstand, she pulled out her dildo, and began rubbing it across the entrance of her pussy and her clit. As she did so, she envisioned her son on top of her, holding her with his muscular arms. As she inserted the dildo into her pussy, she imagined it was her son’s cock fucking her for the first time. Immediately, she began to shake and moan and started screaming as she fucked herself harder and her orgasm overcame her. Her clit became so sensitive that she had to stop, with the dildo still inside her, and she imagined it was her sons cock resting inside of her after filling her with his load. This is going to be a long month she thought to herself as she gradually got up, put on her night gown, and went downstairs to watch TV.

It was Midnight when Ron’s friends dropped him off. They had a pretty good time and had run into some girls but they did not turn out to be too friendly so they ended up just watching a hockey game and drinking beer. Of course, the girls were invariably compared to his Mom and they kept asking if she was still pretty hot and he had to tell them to shut up. He quietly unlocked the door and walked in, locking the door behind him, and he could hear the TV. He chuckled to himself that the family gene must be to fall asleep watching TV.

There was some show on about celebrity biographies or something. His mother was laying on the couch with a blanket pulled over her. As he walked up, he noticed that her nightie was open a bit at the top and he could not resist looking down her top to see her boobs. Oh man, I have to stop this crap he thought as he sat down on the couch with her feet next to him and he changed the channel to ESPN and watched Sports Center.

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