Nasty Little Sister Ch. 04

Big Dick

Kelly was completely exhausted as I held her in my arms. I started to regret some of the things I’d just said to her and the way I treated her — like she was my personal submissive. Leaning my head down, I started to kiss her neck, placing tiny kisses all over her. “Kyle….” She moaned. “Thank you for that.” Kelly sighed sweetly.

Pulling back from me, she looked at me and asked, “But, how could you tell?”

“Huh?” I replied.

“How could you tell I wanted that? For you to just take control of me like you did?” My sister asked.

“I don’t know.” I answered her. “I really wasn’t trying to do anything specific, I just got carried away looking at you in your panties. You’re so beautiful and I just wanted to make you do what I wanted. I’m sorry, Kelly.”

“No!” Kelly exclaimed. “I loved it! It was exciting and I would have never asked you to do any of that. I’m not kidding, Kyle, I loved it and I’d like you to do that kind of thing again…… make me do things and say things. Make me be a…….”

“What?” I asked.

“A slut, Kyle.” Kelly said as she looked up at me. “Your slut. Make me be your little sister slut.”

Kelly fell back into my arms and hugged me tightly. “I love you, big brother.” She whispered. Then I held her for several minutes feeling her naked body against mine. Finally, I pulled her down on the bed with me and I held her hand and looked at her.

“I still haven’t made love to you yet.” I said.

“Well, maybe it should go on our wish list.” Kelly answered. “You wouldn’t tease me about that, would you?”

Before I could answer, she made her intentions known, saying, “I don’t want you to fuck me, Kyle. I want you to make love to me. There’s a difference, you know.”

I told her I serious and that I wanted to make love to her in the worst way. “You’ll see, Little Sister.” I added.

We talked about the nasty wish list and I suggested we make the list right now. Then, reaching for the notebook and the pencil she’d taken out of her book bag, I handed them to her and smiled. “Go ahead.” I said. “You start the list off.”

Kelly, stretching out on the bed next to me, flipped to a blank page in the notebook and wrote on the top of the page, ‘Kelly and Kyle’s Christmas Sex Wish List!’ and then underlined it several times.

“I don’t need to think about this much. I know what’s going to be number one.” Kelly said, not even looking up at me. As she started to write, I tried to glance over to see what she was putting on the list, but, she smiled and turned away from me as she wrote. When she was done, she held the notebook out for me, and I read it aloud.

“Number 1: Kyle promises he will make love to Kelly in the next 1 hour and take her virginity. It will be nice, slow and loving and Kyle will cum inside of Kelly’s vagina.”

“I want to make sure you’re positively sure about this.” I said to my sister with a serious look. “I don’t want you to regret it or hold it against me after it’s over.”

“Do you agree, or not?” Kelly asked as she grinned at me.

“Absolutely.” I replied. “But there’s no backing out once we decide, remember? That’s what we agreed to. Once it’s on the list, it’s a done deal.”

My sister smiled and handed me the notebook and told me it was my turn. I thought about it for a moment and then started to write. I couldn’t help but smile to myself as I wrote, and when I was finished, I handed the notebook back to her and she read it.

“Number 2:” She read. “Kyle will be in complete charge of every aspect of Kelly’s panties until the last day of Christmas break without any arguments what so ever.”

“Alright, Big Brother,” she said curiously, “what exactly does that mean?”

“That means it will be my job to pick which panties you wear. And, I’ll have the right to see your panties anytime I want. Plus, I can make you change your panties, make you take them off, give them to me and I can keep them as long as I want to. It means I’m in total control of everything related to your panties.” I said, as I smiled at her.

“That’s pretty kinky,” Kelly replied, “but, okay. I agree. We have to be careful around Mom and Dad, though.”

Kelly kept the notebook and immediately went to work writing down her next wish. She looked up at me and burst out laughing and then went back to work writing. Playfully, she tossed the notebook to me and I read it.

“Number 3:” I began, as I almost choked, seeing what she’d written there. “Kyle will masturbate once a day for Kelly in whatever way Kelly wants to see him do it.”

“Agreed.” I said immediately.

“Oh, yes!” She exclaimed as she gave me an evil grin. “I’ve got two years worth of fantasies thinking about you jerking yourself for me. I’m really going to enjoy this!”

“My turn.” I said, as I snapped my finger at her, beckoning her to hand me the pencil. When I finished writing, I handed her the notebook and she read it back to me.

“Number 4: Kelly will spend one hour every day learning how to give eryaman escort blow jobs and hand jobs to Kyle.”

“Fine with me,” Kelly said as she sat up and looked at me, “but this doesn’t include the ‘Once a day masturbation’ you agreed to.”

“All the better for me.” I said. “You need to learn to make me cum with your hands and with your mouth properly. And that means without any help from me, Kelly. And not only that,” I laughed, “if you don’t learn by the end of Christmas break, we have to keep working on it every opportunity we can until you get it right.”

My little sister gave me a sinister grin and asked, “You promise?”

I nodded and laughed as I handed her the pencil, and she began to write. She took on a quizzical expression as she stopped and thought for a minute. Then, finishing what she’d written, she handed me the notebook.

“Number 5:” I read. “Kyle will help Kelly explore her submissive side.”

“I really don’t know what to do on that one, Kelly.” I admitted. “That stuff we did before was off the top of my head. We can do more of that, I guess.”

Kelly leaned forward and pressed her lips to mine and said, “I don’t know what to do, either. But, I was thinking more of what you did before — making me do things, making me say things, or exposing me. Maybe you should spank me in incredibly embarrassing or humiliating ways.”

As she explained, my hands went to her breasts. I felt their heaviness as I held them from underneath, feeling her boobs in the palms of my hand. “That feels nice,” Kelly whispered, “But, I need to teach you how I like to be touched, or pinched, I mean.” Kelly giggled as she told me it was my turn.

As I started to write, I stopped and wondered how I was going to phrase this so it wouldn’t sound completely juvenile. Then finally saying, “Screw it” to myself, I just wrote it down and handed her the pencil and the notebook.

“Number 6: Kyle will be able to touch, examine and inspect every inch of Kelly’s body for at least thirty minutes every other day.”

“Ooohhh.” Kelly said, looking up to me. Then she asked, “why don’t we change that one so we both get a chance to do it to each other, and we’ll just alternate days?”

I thought it was a fair idea. I didn’t realize at the time she would be the one benefitting from the change, and she wouldn’t even lose a turn for it! So, without thinking, I changed it to read, “Number 6: Kyle and Kelly will take turns having complete and total access to each other’s body every day for touching, examining and inspecting for thirty minutes. Kelly will have the odd numbered days and Kyle will have the even numbered days.”

Kelly nodded and smiled. “Kyle?” She asked. “Just so I know, does that include…. you know…. touching back there? Anal?”

“Of course.” I answered. “That’s part of the ‘complete and total access’ I was referring to. It means we can touch and look anywhere.”

“Hmm,” my little sister replied, “I’ve never had any one touch me there…… or even look at my…… uh, my butt hole, Kyle.” My little sister said as she blushed. “But, as long as we both get to do it, I guess I can handle it. I trust you, Big Brother.”

The look in my sister’s eyes as she agreed was somewhat reluctant and hesitant. I could, however, see she was intrigued, and possibly excited at the thought of me seeing and touching her secret place. But, thinking perhaps she might enjoy it from a submissive point of view, I decided to take a chance and try something.

“Kelly,” I said, as I stood up from the bed, “get up on your hands and knees, please.”

“What?” She replied, looking up at me with questioning eyes.

I leaned down and kissed her lips lightly as I stroked her long hair. “Just do as I’ve asked, please. I want you to show me your butt hole.”

Kelly’s eyes almost popped out of her head, obviously shocked at my answer. “Don’t be afraid.” I added as I leaned down to kiss her again. “It’s just to get you over your fright, Little Sister. And once it’s done, you’ll see how easy it was and you won’t be nervous to do it again. Come on,” I urged as I pulled her up, “face the wall and get on your hands and knees, please.”

I didn’t give her much choice in the matter. I wasn’t mean with her at all, but, I wasn’t taking no for an answer, either. I reached down to gently lift her up, and she rose without any resistance at all. Then, turning her to face the wall, I nudged her onto the bed. “That’s good,” I said, “hands and knees now.”

Just as I’d hoped, my little sister got down on her hands and knees and looked back at me. Her obedience so far was good, but, it wasn’t exactly what I wanted. “Here.” I said, as I reached for a pillow and placed it on the bed and lightly pushed her shoulders down. “Rest your head on the pillow and stick your butt up for me.”

This position forced Kelly to bend her arms and bring them in under her body, leaving her bottom completely exposed for me. Still not satisfied with her position etimesgut escort yet, I knew I had to get her to move her knees apart. “That’s great, Kelly,” I praised her, “but you need to move your knees apart so I can see between your butt cheeks now.”

Kelly’s head popped up and she turned it around to look at me. Her expression was one of fear and embarrassment, and I knew I had to get past this quickly if I was going to be able see her bottom hole. “Yes?” I said, looking up at her.

“Uhm,” she answered, “but, uh….. what if I’m not, you know…. clean back there?” Kelly asked.

“No problem.” I said. “Just stay like that for a second.” I got up and went across the hall into the bathroom and brought back a warm, wet washcloth. “I’ll just wipe you off and you’ll be fine. Just relax.”

Kelly shook her head from side to side slightly and then laid her head down on the pillow. Gently, I spread one of her butt cheeks apart and pressed the washcloth against her, dabbing it against her hole and then rubbing her softly. As I did, I said, “I’m not going to open your vagina while I’m back here, Kelly. I want to save that for when I make love to you, so don’t worry about that. I just want to see your butt hole and maybe touch it for a few minutes.”

I saw my sister’s shoulders shudder when she heard my words, but she didn’t move, and when I was done wiping her off, I tossed the washcloth on the floor. “Now,” I said softly, “just move your knees apart so I can see you clearly.”

Kelly did as I requested, moving her knees a few inches apart. Although I could have used my hands to open her cheeks to get a better look, I opted to ask her again to move her knees further apart. “Kelly,” I asked, “a little more, please. I can’t see you well enough yet. You have to spread your knees some more. Please don’t resist like this. I know you’re embarrassed, but, you’ll get over it in a minute.”

This time, my little sister moved her knees way apart, much more than I would have expected, which gave me a perfect view of her cute little butt hole. “Oh, God!” She sighed. “Is that enough now?” Kelly asked.

“Yes, it’s perfect.” I answered. “I can see everything now. Thank you for being a good little sister, Kelly.”

From behind, I could see her butt hole and her shaved pussy. Her outer pussy lips were slightly spread – enough for me to see a little of her pink inner lips and I fought back the urge to spread them open and look inside her. I kneeled down on the floor next to the bed and wrenched my head around to see if I could see up inside her — past her inner labia, hoping to get a quick peek at her hymen, but, she was so small down there I couldn’t see anything. I stopped myself from reaching up with my fingers to spread her pussy open, regretting my statement that I wasn’t going to open her pussy up.

“You’re beautiful back here.” I said softly. “Everything is so beautiful, Kelly, and I’m not sure I can look at you very long with out having to jack off. Would that be okay with you? If I jerked myself for a minute while I look at you, I mean?”

My sister’s only answer was to nod her head, so seeing her do that, I dropped my hand to my pole and started to stroke it. “I’m probably going to be looking at you a lot like this.” I said quietly as I stroked. “I can see your vagina and your cute little butt hole at the same time.”

Then, I reached out and touched my fingertip to her exposed anus. “Oh!” Kelly moaned.

“Be still, Little Sister,” I instructed, “just lie still and relax. I’m not going to hurt you, I just want to touch you for a minute while I jack myself.”

Kelly had adjusted her head and shoulders, which allowed her to look back at me while she laid there. I moved to the side so she could see me better once I saw her trying to look, and when we made eye contact, I smiled at her. “You’re so pretty like this, Kelly.” I moaned. “Now, just lie still for another minute and then I’ll let you get up.”

Leaning closer to her ass, I bent my head down and ran my nose in between her bare pussy lips. Then, on the upstroke, I didn’t stop, running my nose up to – and then held it against her back hole. There was no odor, no bad smell and nothing to repulse me. But, when my sister felt my nose on her butt hole, it must have startled her and she jumped a bit.

“Be still, please.” I said to her. “You’re going to have to get used to me seeing you and touching you back here, Kelly. If you think I’m going to be able to resist a cute little butt like this, you’re sadly mistaken. You know,” I added for effect, “I might have to put anal sex on my wish list, Little Sister. Does that scare you?”

“Yes.” She answered in a voice so faint she was almost whispering.

“Well then,” I replied, “we’ll leave it off for now and when the time comes, I’ll just make you beg me make love to you back here. It’ll be nice and sweet, Kelly, I promise.”

I turned my attention back to running my nose up and down between her pussy lips etlik escort and her butt, smelling my sister’s arousal as I did. She was obviously excited and as my nose creased its way through her labia, her lubrication was evident. When I got back up to her anus again, I tentatively licked her little starfish. “Oh! God!” Kelly sighed.

“Did that feel good?” I asked.

“Yes,” she answered, “I can’t believe you licked me back there.”

“Why not?” I replied. “You’re clean. Other people do it, Kelly. And besides,” I added, “you can’t expect me to avoid any part of you.”

After saying that, I intentionally tongued and kissed her butt hole. I didn’t realize doing it would have such a profound effect on either one of us, but it did. Kelly spread her knees even more and I reached up to open her cheeks — both of us doing what we could so I could get into her deeper. It was incredibly nasty, which didn’t concern me one bit — I was enjoying it too much to even think that I was kissing and licking my sister’s butt hole.

Before long, I was panting as I kissed, licked and tongue fucked her back door. This was a first or me, as I’m sure it was for her, but I didn’t want it to be my last. Feeling the throbbing of my cock and knowing I’d made a commitment to take her virginity in less than an hour, I reluctantly pulled my face from between her butt cheeks and sat back.

“Damn,” I said to her, “I’m going to have to do more of that. But, you better get up before I push myself too far back here.”

Kelly scrambled up from the bed and literally pounced on me, kissing my cheeks and my face, but avoiding my lips. I finally looked her in the eyes and told her it was okay to kiss my lips. “Don’t be afraid,” I said to her, “it’s perfectly fine to kiss me.”

Sheepishly, Kelly lowered her lips to mine and softly kissed me. Then, as I pressed my lips up to her and opened my mouth, she did the same and our tongues touched and swirled together in each other’s mouths. “See,” I said as I broke the kiss, “its fine. We’ll just make sure you’re nice and clean before I kiss you again back there.”

Soon, Kelly and I were hugging and kissing on the bed, rolling around like two passionate, naked lovers. My cock, now hungry and throbbing to enter her virgin pussy, poked her belly as we kissed. She giggled each time she felt it poke into her.

“We need to get back to our wish list.” I said as I looked at her and smiled. “It’s your turn, I think. We’re up to number seven.”

Kelly picked up the notebook. Then, she put the eraser end of the pencil in her mouth and stared up to the ceiling for a few seconds. Deep in thought, she finally looked at me and asked, “We said no laughing or making fun, right?”

“Yep,” I answered, “you can put down anything in the world and I promise I won’t laugh or make fun of it.”

“And if it’s a fantasy,” Kelly continued, “you’ll try to help me live it out?”

“If I can.” I replied. “I don’t know what you’re thinking about writing on there, but, if I can possibly pull it off for you, I will. However, I expect the same in return. Quid Pro Quo, remember?”

“Yes,” she answered, “Quid Pro Quo, indeed.” With that, Kelly pressed the pencil to the paper and began to write. When she was done, she held the notebook in front of her face and blushed, peeking at me over the top edge of the notebook.

“Is it nasty?” I asked.

Kelly shyly nodded her head. I held my hand out for the notebook, but she was uncertain about letting me have it. Finally, when I pulled my hand back and reached down to stroke my hard phallus, she handed me the notebook and I read it.

“Number 7: Kelly has a fantasy of touching another female in a sexual way. Kyle will try to help her make it come true.”

Well, I didn’t laugh, that’s for sure. I looked over at Kelly and she was totally red faced as she sat there, just staring at me, and waiting for some response. “I’ll have to think about this one.” I said to my little sister. “I might know a girl at school, but that’s three hours from here. I don’t know if she’s left school for the break or not, but, I’ll call her this afternoon and try to bring it up with her.”

Kelly was quiet as she sat there, looking at me. “I’ll try to make this happen for you if I can.” I said, and then I explained, “Beth is a pretty good friend and she’s in one of my grad classes. She’s a closet lesbian, or so she says, and never had a boyfriend in her life — probably a virgin. Maybe I can get the two of you together during the break.”

Kelly’s head tilted up to look at me and her blush seemed to start to fade. “But,” I added, “If I can get the two of you together, you gotta let me watch!”

“What?” Kelly exclaimed.

“Just kidding,” I replied, “I don’t think Beth would ever let me see her naked. I see her too often around the school and she’s about as modest as an old nun.”

“You’re not shocked about it?” Kelly asked.

“No, Little Sister, I’m not.” I answered. “I think it’s completely normal to be curious about the same sex and I think girls have a natural tendency to be attracted to other girls. I’d be happy for you if it’s something you’ve always wanted to do, and you finally got the chance to do it.” Then I added, “I’d still like to watch, though.”

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