My Sweet Lizzie


“Are we there yet?” she asked me for the seventeenth time in the past 2 hours.

“Yes, in fact, we got there yesterday and this is all a bad dream,” I facetiously responded. I knew she was just being playful and not really trying to annoy me as children often do. I was just giving her a dose of my playfulness in return.

I sometimes compare her to a child because she is a child to me, but she had already celebrated her 18th birthday a few months previously. Lizzie was my stepdaughter and she had been a part of my life for the past 4 years. I met her when she was just becoming a young woman. I saw her lose her childish ways and I had watched as she developed into a woman-child.

As she rode beside me on the way to the mountain cabin, I recognized that her body was no longer the body of a child but even now she was not yet completely developed. She had dark brown hair and brown eyes that were very alluring and seductive but her face was angelic and innocent. She had some pleasing curves and she was very unmistakably an emerging sexual being but her boobs were still relatively small. She wore a 32A bra; I knew because I had recently taken her shopping to select some birthday gifts and I helped her make a few selections in Victoria’s Secret.

I had teased her that she would be required to model for me when we got home, but I did not really expect her to do that. However, later that night, I was a little surprised when she came into the kitchen wearing just a bra and a thong. I’m sure she would not have done that if her mother had been home but Pat had gone to New York to spend time with her mother, who was terminally ill — and that is why I was the one who took her birthday shopping at Victoria’s Secret.

“It’s a good thing your mother isn’t here!” I exclaimed. “I don’t know whether she’d be angry or jealous, but she’d probably be pissed, for sure! Maybe even shoot one of us!”

“Daddy!” she retorted. She almost never called me ‘Daddy,’ and when she did, it usually meant that she wanted something.

“What do you want, dear?” I asked sardonically? “I already took you shopping.”

“Why do you always think I want something when I call you ‘Daddy?’ You are my daddy,” she insisted.

“I am your step-father and I know you well enough to understand that you only call me ‘Daddy’ when you want something.”

“Okay. What I really want is to have at least one man see me and say, ‘wow, you’re hot!’ I get it about not letting you see me undressed when I was under 18 but I’m 18 now and mom’snot here and I wanna know . . . am I hot, Daddy? I’ve never had any guy see me and say he thinks I’m hot. Just now . . . I walked in here in my underwear and not one word about what a hot looking girl I am.”

“So, what are you saying? You’re gonna start walking around naked until I tell you how absolutely beautiful you are?”

“Maybe not naked, but . . .” she trailed off.

“Yes, you are beautiful, you are hot, whatever you want to hear. Don’t you know you’re beautiful? If I was a young man and I wasn’t attached, I would certainly chase after you!”

She got an excited look on her face, took a step towards me, and placed her arms around me. “I love you, Daddy!”

She really knew how to work me.

* * *

Pat’s mother lingered for months and Pat stayed with her throughout the ordeal. She called home almost every night and talked to both of us briefly. She always had the same news for us. There were never any signs of improvement and we always heard how draining the experience was for Pat. I had empathy for her but honestly, hearing the same report every night got quite boring.

* * *

As Pat stayed gone longer and longer, Lizzie started walking around in her underwear on occasions, sometimes in the early mornings before she got dressed and sometimes late at night when she was getting ready for bed. If I said anything about it, she observed that I had already seen her in her underwear on occasions, she was 18 years old, and no one would ever know about it except the two of us.

Actually, looking at her cute little ass never got old and I started having some very non-paternal thoughts about what I would like to do with her body, but of course I never revealed those thoughts to her.

On a few occasions, Lizzie wore a thong that fit in such a way that it gave her an obvious camel toe. Maybe she was unaware that her thong was telegraphing the shape and size of her pussy lips, but seeing that sight certainly had an effect on me. And . . . there was one bra that was almost see-through and I could clearly see the size and shape of her nipples. Wait, isn’t this a novel by Nabokov?

I wondered whether she was intentionally trying to seduce me. I think Lizzie was very aware of the effect she had on me and she enjoyed seeing how long she could prance around before I would need to excuse myself and go take care of my rock hard boner. This situation was getting more difficult for me and I needed the companionship of Pat. No, that sounds good, but what I really needed was to have pendik escort Pat at home, in bed, so I could simply fuck her in every way that a man can fuck a woman! I needed a good fucking! A damned good fucking! Several damned good fuckings!

One Friday night, I took Lizzie to an Italian restaurant and she had a glass of wine with dinner. The waiter knew me and he knew it was my step-daughter, so . . . we were good! When we got home, Lizzie asked for another glass of wine and I poured a nice Cabernet for her. I cut her off after her third glass but she was already tipsy by that point. I sent her to bed and then I retired for the evening.

About 15 minutes later, Lizzie came into my bedroom. I always slept with the bedroom door open, and I was on the far side of the bed, turned with my back towards the door, so I didn’t realize she was in the room until she was standing at my bedside.

“Daddy, I don’t wanna sleep alone tonight. Can I sleep in here with you?”

“Uh . . . what’s wrong, baby?” I asked.

“I just don’t feel good,” she answered.

“Well . . . okay, I guess, but don’t steal my covers during the night,” I facetiously warned her.

She walked around to the other side of the bed and I assumed removed her robe before sliding under the sheets. I felt her snuggle up behind me and it felt as if she was wearing nothing more than a thong. I was fairly certain that what was poking my back was her nipples and not pencil erasers. Maybe I should have complained and sent her back to her bed, but I didn’t. It’s sick and stupid but Pat had been gone for at least 2 months and I needed some female attention. Having my naked step-daughter snuggled up behind me felt pretty damned good.

I didn’t go to sleep for quite a while but eventually I drifted away. I woke at 3 am when she got up to pee. I had rolled over and was now lying on my left side, facing her in the bed. I reminded her to drink some water before she returned to bed. She got in, rolled onto her left side, and scooted back until we were spooned together. I immediately felt my dick getting hard between her butt cheeks but, if it didn’t bother her, I wasn’t going to worry about it. Before going to sleep, she reached back, grabbed my right hand, and pulled it over her side and up until I was cupping her little boob.

“I love you, Daddy!” she whispered, and we went to sleep in that position.

* * *

When I woke up the next morning, my dick was hard and poking out of the flap in my boxers. That happens many mornings and it usually isn’t a problem, but on this particular morning, it was nestled between Lizzie’s butt cheeks. It felt wonderful. It felt too wonderful! I had a choice of staying in bed and inevitably trying to get frisky with her or immediately getting out of bed, getting in the shower, and taking matters into my own hands. I was not prepared to be unfaithful to my wife and I didn’t want my step-daughter thinking that I was an old pervert, so I instructed Rod to evacuate Pleasant Valley.

There is a hallway within our master suite that connects the bedroom and bathroom, but no door, so I was trying to be as quiet as possible so that I wouldn’t wake my princess. I was a little bit surprised when she walked into the bathroom about 2 minutes after I had just released a massive load of cum.

“Good morning, Daddy!” she greeted me.

I was startled when I heard her voice. I immediately moved my hand to cover my dick and I wondered if she had been watching me earlier when I waxed the Buick. Our shower had clear glass walls and I would have been absolutely visible to her in all my naked glory.

“Good morning, honey,” I responded. “I hope I didn’t wake you.”

“No, I woke up to pee,” she said. With that announcement, she lifted the toilet lid. I instantly knew what was about to happen and it all transpired as if it was a slow motion scene in a movie. She put her thumbs under the elastic of her thong and lowered it to her ankles and then sat. In a few seconds, I heard the sound of her stream hitting the water in the bowl.

“Again,” she said.

“Again what,” I asked as I stood transfixed by the site of my totally nude step-daughter relieving herself in my bathroom.

“I woke up to pee again,” she explained. “Remember, I woke up around 3 am to pee and, when I got back in bed, your pants monkey got hard as a rock. It felt good to me, but . . . is it painful, Daddy? Did you get in the shower to make yourself cum so you wouldn’t get blue balls? I heard that really hurts guys.”

I had no idea what to say but I guess Lizzie knew I felt a little bit embarrassed.

“Don’t worry, Daddy. That doesn’t bother me. I was kinda flattered to know that I have that effect on you. I guess you really do think I’m hot! That’s SO nice!”

I didn’t know what else to say so I paused and then said, “Well, I hope you’re enjoying the show!”

“Oh, I am, Daddy!” After a pause, she added, “Do you want me to fix breakfast for you?”

I agreed that it would be wonderful so she went pendik escort off to the kitchen to start cooking some grits.

* * *

At breakfast, Lizzie asked about going to the cabin in the mountains for her birthday. We had celebrated her birthday earlier but had not gone to the cabin because of the situation with Pat’s mother. We had decided to wait until Pat returned home so we could all go together.

I reminded her that we had decided to wait until Pat returned home. She suggested that Pat might welcome an opportunity to take a break if she could get one of her sisters to stay with their mom for a few days. I thought it was a nice gesture by Lizzie so I said that we could give it a try.

We looked at the calendar and selected a long weekend about two weeks away. I could take an extra two days off from work and we would have 5 days at the cabin.

We called Pat and told her about our plan. She said she would try to talk one of her sisters into providing a few days of relief so Pat could join us but she was not overly optimistic that this would fall into place. However, she added, that if she couldn’t join us, she didn’t want us to cancel our plans.

That night, I went to sleep alone. The next morning, I woke up to find a topless girl named Lizzie asleep in my bed. I just snuggled up behind her, reached around, brought my hand to rest on her sweet little tit, and went back to sleep. I realized that this was leading towards dangerous waters and I was not rushing into anything impulsively . . . but I was not backing away, either.

* * *

When I woke up, Lizzie was not in bed. I went exploring and found that she was taking a shower in her bathroom with the door left open. Her exhibitionism was getting bolder.

Later that day, Lizzie announced that she was going to lay by the pool to get some sun. I saw her walk out wearing her bikini. When I looked out at the pool 15 minutes later, she was fully reclined and fully naked.

We have a 6 foot privacy fence around the backyard so I was not concerned about the neighbors seeing her. I enjoyed the view of my step-daughter’s naked body as I walked out and approached the pool.

By now, I was accustomed to seeing her adorable little boobs. Her aureolae were a dark pink and about the size of a quarter and her little nipples really did look like pencil erasers. I have always enjoyed looking at and feeling smaller boobs because they are so damned . . . well, perky is an overused word, I know, but those little boobs just stood up proudly, without any sag whatsoever, and perky is the perfect word. I really wanted to just suck on her titties as long as I could and see if I could make her cum just with nipple stimulation.

Her skin was tanned and almost flawless. It looked like it could soak up some sun tan oil and as soon as I thought about her naked body being oiled, I started to get hard. My first instinct was to turn around and go back in the house, but then I thought that this was all her fault and she would just have to deal with me having a boner. I was tired of hiding it.

Her ass was as cute as an ass can be. Lizzie was petite and had virtually no body fat. Her behind cheeks were small and had no droop, no cellulite. I gazed at here butt crack and wanted to see more.

When Pat and I got kinky, I sometimes squirted whipped cream on her behind and licked it clean. That always culminated with me licking in her butt crack and when my tongue finally reached her little pink pucker, she would start moaning and ask me to fuck her in the ass! Anilingus had led to some very powerful ass fucking orgasms for me and I had no hesitation about diving in and giving her a licking at the back door.

I wondered how Lizzie’s asshole looked and whether it was like her mother’s. I wanted to just reach down and pull her cheeks apart . . . but I didn’t.

As I reached the pool deck Lizzie looked up and acknowledged my presence. “Hi, Daddy. You’ve seen me almost naked plenty of times so I figured this wouldn’t be a big deal . . . right?”

“Sure, honey . . .”

“Maybe you oughta take those pants off, Daddy. That looks uncomfortable,” she said as she gazed at the tent in my shorts.

“You’d better not ever tell your mom about any of this,” I said. I pulled my tee shirt off and then lowered my shorts. All that I was wearing was my boxers and Lizzie had seen me in my boxers many times.

“Why are you being so modest, Daddy? I’ve seen you naked before! Take off your boxers; it feels great getting sun all over!”

I ditched the last vestiges of maintaining a normal stepfather/stepdaughter relationship and stepped out of my boxers. Of course, I was staring at Lizzie so I was as hard as titanium steel and sticking straight out.

“Daddy, does that thing always poke out like that?” she asked?

“Only when . . . well, your mom hasn’t been home in over 2 months and whenever I see a, uh . . . well, I mean, you’re all naked and you are a hot looking girl and . . ..”

“It’s okay, Daddy. I’m not pendik escort a child. I understand about sex.” She was silent for a minute, then she asked, “Would you put some oil on my back?”

“Sure,” I said, trying to make sure that I didn’t sound too eager.

I poured some oil between her shoulders and started spreading it around her upper shoulders and back. I stopped around her waist and she soon prompted me, “I need some oil on my legs, too.”

I poured more oil on her upper right thigh and spread it down her leg, then repeated the process on her left leg.

“Well I don’t want a sunburned behind, Daddy. It’s okay to put your hands back there. After all, we slept with your thing between my buns! So it’s not like I don’t trust you!”

I squirted some oil on both cheeks and started rubbing in circular motions. By pushing outward on both cheeks, I brought her little hiney hole into view. It was cute, it was sweet, I knew that no man had ever touched her back there, and I wanted to dive in and lick it like a hungry animal! But I restrained myself . . . somewhat.

I began rubbing from her lower back to her upper legs, starting on her sides and working towards the middle. When I finally got to the middle, I extended my middle finger and slid it down her crack and across her little pucker. As I touched it, I felt her body slightly tense and then relax. I pulled my finger up and then slid it back down again, but I kept going until I reached her pussy.

“Mmmm, Daddy. That feels good!” she said.

That was all the encouragement I needed. Any idea of drawing a line that I would not cross . . . that idea had vanished.

I slid my finger down her crack again and this time, when I reached her pussy, she spread her legs apart and I pushed my finger inside her pussy.

“Oh, yes, Daddy. Keep doing that,” she begged.

“No,” I said. “that’s enough oil on your back. Roll over and I’ll do your front.”

Apparently, that idea sounded good to her because she rolled over and presented her naked front side to me. Although her boobs were by now familiar to me, I always loved looking at them and having a hand on them as we drifted off to sleep. I had never fondled her boobs and I was eager to get started on that.

I soon had oil on both boobs that needed to be massaged into her skin. Her nipples were already erect and I played with both of them as she responded with subdued moans of delight.

I looked down and took in the beauty of her naked pussy. It was gloriously simple. She had obviously shaved recently as there was no sign of any pubic hair. Her inner lips did not protrude at all; the only thing that was visible was a clean, simple slit.

I poured some oil on her lower abdomen and started pushing my fingers closer and closer to her little pussy. I finally reached her slit and pushed downward until I found her clit. As soon as I found it, her body shuddered as if she had been shocked.

“Don’t stop, Daddy. Finger fuck me, Daddy. Make me cum!” she implored me.

I began using two fingers, up and down her slit, one on each side of her clit. I then moved my other hand from her boob down to her clit so that I could use my right hand to penetrate her sweet garden of delight.

I began pushing my finger into her pussy and it was obvious she would not last much longer.

“Oh, Daddy! Oh, Daddy!” she moaned as she began to cum. I felt her pussy clamping down on my finger in spasms, and she was as wet as any woman I have ever known. She sat up and wrapped her arms around my neck and planted a very passionate kiss on my lips, then she lost it.

She squeezed my neck tightly and started humping my hand. Her breath was shallow and rapid and her entire body was having waves of muscular contractions as her orgasm coursed through her nubile frame. As it subsided, she kissed me again and said, “I’ve never cum that hard in my entire life, Daddy. That was awesome!”

She squeezed my body with one final hug and then fell back on her lounge. “I need to rest for a minute and catch my breath . . . why don’t you lay out on the other lounge for a few minutes?”

I acceded to her request and got horizontal on the lounge next to her. I closed my eyes and thought about what I had just done. I was proud of the fact that I had made little Lizzie cum like a freight train and, as I lounged on my back, my dick was hard and pointing at the sky my, but . . . I was still a married man and this was my step-daughter. I didn’t think about that very long before I felt something wet on my dick.

I looked down and saw Lizzie squeezing some suntan oil on my probe, which was still hard. As soon as she put the bottle of oil down, her hands went to my shaft and started massaging my meat. She had never before had her hands on my body for a sexual purpose and all rational thought in my brain immediately ceased.

I knew that I wouldn’t last long with her stroking my sausage and I tried to think of something very non-sexual, like kittens or Richard Nixon, to prolong the sensation but I soon felt the build of pressure that signaled an impending eruption. I felt a fullness in my dick and a need for release. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to cum in her mouth, on her pussy, or in her ass, but I knew that what I was getting ready to do was to cum in her hand.

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