My Daughter Cuckolds Me 03


Now that both my daughter and son were part of the cuckold team that had their dad by the short and curleys they were enjoying their new roles cuckolding their sissy cock sucking faggot of a dad.

My kids each had a ton of friends and many were home for the summer. We had quite a nice home which was perfect for hosting parties of all kinds. My ex loved to host swingers and bdsm folks as well as ts/tv/cd gurls and other assorted lifestyles that didn’t have a safe haven for which to practice their crafts. Turns out the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and my daughter was also a fan of hosting her friends for theme parties.

Valentines day was coming up and the kids decided to host a theme party called “Cupids Dirty Arrows” which basically was a sex party disguised as a Valentines day party. Invites were sent out and catering and bar had been arranged. Chrissy instructed me to dress as a sissy complete with tutu, white thigh highs, tiny panties(floss thong) and fuck me pumps. . . complete with blue wig and full makeup. I was wet in anticipation of what would happen to me that night.

The day came and I was made up by one of Chrissy’s gay friends who fawned over my transformation. Chrissy made me rim his ass as a form of payment and she made sure his ass was pulled apart at the cheeks so that I could bury my freshly made up sissy face deep into his ass.

Chrissy made me do the same to her as she explained what was about to happen to me that evening. My son Jason was in attendance as daddy received his instructions on what my duties would be.

“Daddy you look so good as a sissy cock sucking faggot” Chrissy smiled. My son Jason grabbed me by the hair and had me suck his semi hard cock while Chrissy explained my duties for the evening.

My son’s pre-cum was oozing out of his piss slit and he wiped it across my freshly made up face before re-inserting his cock into my mouth for a proper fluffing.

“Dad you are going to man the glory hole” Chrissy instructed. “We have a slim panel of wood Escort bayan nailed up to the entrance of Jason’s bedroom. You will have access thru the Jack n Jill bathroom and will spend a great portion of the night on your knees sucking anonymous cock thru the glory hole.”

I inspected the hole, it was a perfect height and would enable any man attending the party to step up and shove his cock thru the hole having my mouth eagerly awaiting on the other side to suck and swallow their loads. Then buckle up and off they go back to the party. Back to eating all the food and drinking all the booze that “I” was paying for.

Jason shoved his still semi hard cock back in my face and said “suck my cock faggot!” I took his lovely piece of meat into my mouth and worked on it as Chrissy’s boyfriend was getting his own blowjob from my daughter. Watching her suck off that asshole was strangely a turn on and my tiny dick was hard the harder he pumped my princess’

mouth. Jason grabbed my ears and shoved his cock deeper in my mouth as he prepared to dump a load in my mouth. I prepared to swallow his load as his balls tightened and his breathe got heavier. He grabbed the ears and gave one final push as he shot cum into my mouth but pulled out and finished on my face and fresh makeup job. Eyes were watering from gagging on his cock and now I had an eyeful of semen and several ropes of cum dripping down my face. “Thanks dad e o” teased Jason as he walked away pulling up his sweat pants.

I felt a tug on my head, it was Chrissy pulling my head up and opening my mouth so she could snowball me her boyfriends load of goo that she was waiting to deposit into my mouth and eventually into my belly. She forced me to show her the load before finally telling me to swallow it which I did like a budding little porn star.

“I’ll be back cum slut” she laughed at me as she walked away to tend to her guests. “Take your place slut” she yelled at me pointing to the glory hole that had a flaccid cock poking thru waiting for me. I ran Bayan escort over and got back on my knees and began my job for the night.

It appears that the glory hole was going to be a popular place that night as the steady stream of cocks lined up was non stop for almost two and a half hours. I sucked off and swallowed or wore the loads on my face time and again. Every cock appeared to be the single guys that were at the party sans a woman. I thought that I would have a non stop supply of single guys cocks.

Chrissy kept coming to check on me and with each visit she would feed me the contents of used rubbers that she was collecting from the wastebaskets of each of our bedrooms. This was the used sperm of all of the couples that were in attendance and were fucking on my 600 count sheets of my many bedrooms. Chrissy made sure she told me whose cum I was swallowing if she happened to know who it belonged to. Strangely a turn on for me knowing I was swallowing her girlfriend’s boyfriends’ goo. I had long ago lost count of how many loads I had swallowed but I know it was approaching bukkake type numbers probably at least 70 loads by midnight.

I was cum drunk and my knees were bloody from carpet burns. My throat was sore from the abuse it was taking, my face and hair covered with fresh and dried semen along with some piss from the smart asses that thought it would be fun to use me as their urinal. I am probably going to have to replace the carpet in that room I thought to myself as I knelt in the urine soaked carpet. I have only puked twice and those were due to the guys who snuck into the room and brutally throat fucked me choking me to within seconds of passing out as they buried their big cocks down my already worn out throat.

The glory hole was finally closed for the evening and after a break I was brought out to the garage where drinking games were taking place. Chrissy paraded her faggot dad around looking like a bukkake recipient who didn’t fair well for the night. She led me to a round table Escort where about a dozen guys were standing around sipping on beers discussing a game called sticky biscuit.

“Daddy you are going to play a game with the fellas called Sticky biscuit” she laughed at me.

“You all will stand around this plate with this big biscuit on it and jack off onto the biscuit. Last one not to cum has to finish and then eat the biscuit in front of the crowd. So basically the loser wins” she said.

“Gentlemen take your places and jack those dicks for us” Chrissy shouted.

We all took our places with dicks in our hands and one by one the guys jacked off their loads all over the biscuit and plate. One by one they walked away leaving me and two other guys furiously beating our cocks trying not to be the last. One more dropped out leaving me and one stranger who I did not recognize. Chrissy walked over and offered to help the other guy finish as she grabbed his cock and after only a few wanks he was shooting his goo all over the prize.

I stood alone, tiny dick in my hand suddenly able to finish myself off and then prepared to entertain the crowd by eating this sperm covered biscuit which was totally saturated in fresh jism. I took about ten minutes but was able to eat the contents of the plate as well as lick the plate clean. iPhones snapped photos and video’s of my performing the clean up duties, God I was a hot mess I thought not even worried that I would forever be enshrined on gaytube or dogpile or any other number of sick websites.

“This is what my life has become” I thought to myself as I fought back tears. “What else could they possibly do to me?” I thought as I collapsed into a heap on the cement floor. I woke up a couple hours later as the sun came up. My mouth and ass were sore as hell. . . “What happened to me I wondered?” My ass sore and bloody from what I can only assume was a chain of cocks being shoved in and out. “I don’t remember a thing I thought as my head was pounding. I think I was raped” I looked at my cellphone and noticed some videos and pictures that weren’t there before. I sat there on the cold stained cement and looked at video and photos of myself being raped in both holes. Stay tuned to find out what happens next.

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