My Daddy’s Porsche


I’m a 19 year old college freshman living and studying at home due to the Covid stuff. I had looked forward to getting out on my own and having the first year college experience or experiences… I am an only child and lucky to have wealthy parents the make sure i want for nothing.

I am Daddy’s girl and he knows it. Any time Mom says “no” all I have to do is go to Daddy and I get my way. He takes the heat with Mom. I love him for that and much more…

So my Mom took a trip with the girls to Palm Springs for some fun and who knows what else, it’s an annual thing and she always comes back happy and smiling. good for her and me, no arguments, at least for a while.

It was Friday night and I was a bit bored Mom being away and Dad doing something at work. He is a Doctor so often works late when something unexpected comes up at his practice. My dad is is a Stud. He is 6’5″ works out every day and is is still built like the All American Basketball player he was in College. He could have gone pro but opted for Medical school.

I got his height and a lot of his athleticism, I’m almost 6 feet tall and was a varsity runner for 4 years in high school. I hope to be running again in college when the sports resume. I’m a natural blond and although my boobs are a little small my toned body and long hair never fails to turn heads.

Here’s what happened when I decided to take Daddy’s Porsche out for a trip to the Store last Friday night:

I am forbidden to drive the Porsche ever since Daddy bought in 2 years ago. it a Turbo 911 some ungodly amount of horsepower and it is (or was) Daddy’s favorite toy. Nobody gets to drive it but him. I can only describe the power from the passenger seat but my head would snap back whenever Daddy pulled out onto the freeway. Daddy always smiled when he saw the look of amazement on my face feeling the power of that car take off. Why i disobeyed him and took the car is something i will always cherish. I learned a valuable lesson from Daddy.

It was about 5:00 PM and I was getting hungry. I checked the fridge and it was full of all the healthy stuff Mom buys. Not Interested. I needed some decadent comfort food to end the week. Besides I had popped an edible gummy and was getting the munchies.

I found the Porsche key and backed it out of the garage and was idling down the street toward my next stop at the local Taco Bell. I stopped at the Corner looked both ways and stepped on the gas a little too hard. Before i knew it I shot across the the street, no time to even finish turning the wheel bang right into the curb. I felt the bang and and scrape of metal against cement. I had no time to react. I hit the brakes as the rear tire went up the curb and stopped sitting on the side walk.

“SHIT, What the fuck did I just do?” I said it out loud.

The car was still Escort bayan running and i figured I better get off the sidewalk before someone saw what happened. I backed the car off with a loud scrape as the under carriage made contact with the curb. I could tell the front tire was flat and I literally backed up to our driveway and pulled the car into the garage where it had been before. i closed the garage door and went inside. My thoughts about how i would get out of this one began to swirl in my head. Thank God Mom was away, she would be one to reckon with, or so i thought. My buzz from the edibles was long gone and i kept replaying what happened in my head. I was still hungry and all that interested was some toast with butter and a cup of herbal tea. The toast had just popped when I heard the garage door open, Daddy was home and I hoped he wouldn’t see what I had done, I was dreaming. The next thing I heard was a resounding:

“WHAT THE FUCK!” He yelled.

Daddy did not curse much and the f-bomb was only in Mom’s vocabulary and was usually reserved for me. I started to shake. I heard the garage door close and the mud room door open and slam hard.

“Uh-Oh.” I said. His face was beet red and eyes squinting at me.

“You did that didn’t you?” he said.

“Uh.” Was all that came out, I started to cry.

That caught him off guard a little and his look softened.

“Are you OK?” he asked.

I was sobbing at this point. Mascara was starting to run down my cheeks.

“I didn’t know it was that fast, it happened so quick.” I said.

“Are you hurt?” he said.

I shook my head no.

He stood for at least 2 full minutes composing himself, looking down at me, the red was starting to leave his face. His eyes began to open and his fists were no longer clenched. I was still sobbing.

“Leave me alone for a while, just leave me alone.” He said.

I left him in the kitchen, my toast and tea on the counter. I went to my room and took a long shower. It relaxed me as I washed the mascara off my face and felt the warmth return to my body. Somehow I felt icy cold in the kitchen, maybe the shock of what I had done or maybe just the edible wearing off. I washed every part of me twice not wanting to see my Dad again ever. I was in the shower for at least an hour, my fingers shriveled from the water. I got out, slowly dried off, dried my hair and put on a robe. I popped another gummy to calm down. I was still a but spun up mentally. I quietly snuck downstairs to see what was next.

He was sitting in the Kitchen, his back to me and I could see a glass and a bottle of his favorite Scotch whiskey next to a glass. The bottle was half empty. I slowly approached and touched his back, he jumped. I had snuck up on him and he was not ready for the touch.

“Dammit.” He said.

“Tell Bayan escort me what happened.”

I recounted the story, of course leaving the part of the edible out.

“I told you to never drive my Porsche, right?” He said.

“I know, and now I know why, it’s too fast.” I said.

“Right, and you disobeyed me, did anyone see what happened?”

“No cars came by and no doors opened on the street.” I said with a straight face. Who knew?

“Your Mother is going to deal with you.” He said.

“No, No, NO PLEASE NO!” My eyes began to well up. Mom was almost perverted in her punishments.

“I’ll do anything PLEASE not her, I’ll pay whatever it costs to fix the car. Please don’t tell her I’ll do anything.” I pleaded.

At that, he put his fingers to my lips and said “SHHH, okay you said anything.”

I could smell the Scotch on his breath and see his eyes were a little glazed.

“I am going to teach you a lesson about obedience.” He said.

I nodded in agreement.

He stood up and looked down at me in my terry cloth robe and untied the belt.

My jaw went slack.

“D-D-Daddy?” I said.

“You said anything, right?”

Wow, I had always thought he wanted me to stay a virgin, was he going to take me? Take my virginity? My Mom had always kept a keen eye on me. She made me swear regularly that I would save my virginity till marriage.

He pulled my robe off my shoulders and let it fall to the floor. I stood naked facing him. He stepped back and smiled. I could see the liquor had hit him. It was a devious smile.

“Are you really still a virgin?” He asked.

“Yes.” I replied.

“Well let’s just keep it that way.” He said.

He stepped toward me and spun me around.

“HUH?” Was all that came out of my mouth. Was he going to fuck me, and take my virginity?

He pulled me away from the counter and pushed my back forward gently till my hands rested wide apart on the counter. I was staring at my toast still in the toaster and the butter next to it. I heard his pants unzip and hit the floor, I tried to turn but his huge hand pushed down on my back.

I heard his underwear fall. Then I saw him reach around me and smash his fingers into the butter. This is getting interesting I thought. I felt his finger press into my but hole then enter slowly.

“He’s a Doc he’s done this before.” I thought about Mom taking it in her ass. I was no stranger to doing anal. It was the only hole I would let my numerous boyfriends enter, I would have loved them in my sweet tender pussy but there were no birth control pills for me because I was to be a virgin. I did not trust the stupid football players and runners I dated with a condom. So I kept my pussy off limits. Daddy’s second finger entered and began to stretch me a little. Escort He pulled them out.

“It’s time to pay the piper.” He said.

I could feel his hard-on against my thigh. He lowered himself and slid up my ass crack. His knob probed my butt-hole. He reached for the butter again. I could feel him lubing his cock as it slid up and down my crack. The tip found the opening and slowly he began to slide it in me. It felt awesome, I think the gummy was kicking in at the same time. I grabbed his scotch glass an downed a nice slurp. I loved his Eighty dollar a bottle scotch and would often sneak some when no-one was around. The warmth it gives going down and the quick buzz is relaxing. His shaft began to slowly stretch my sweet ButtGina, all my boyfriends laughed when I called it that.

God he was good, My Mom must have trained him well. I began to moan and my pussy began to get moist. I reached down to feel my juices. My clit was hard as a rock and starting to throb. I needed to rub it. His cock slid in further. I know he had a at least 8 inches. My Mom always referred to him as above average when joking about his “manhood”.

I fingered my pussy and moistened my clit with the juices. I felt his hot breath on my back. He was beginning to hump me. His hands were on my hips pushing me in and out. I moaned as I stroked my clit harder. He pumped. My heart was racing, I began to pant, he began to grunt. I thought, then I knew we were going to orgasm together. I felt the first wave hit me just as I felt him gush. He pumped deeper and my knees began to buckle from my own orgasm. His hands held me up as I felt his cock throbbing in my ass. Another orgasm hit me. I laid on the cold counter my swollen nipples cooling and my red hot face enjoying the coolness of the granite.

“OH God amazing.” Popped out of my mouth for some reason.

“MMMM.” He said as he pulled out of me.

I lay still on the counter my heart returning to normal and pussy juice, or maybe come running down my inner thigh. I stood up an turned. Daddy had a big smile as I looked into his eyes. He kissed me on the forehead like always. I could see the sweat rolling off his muscled chest and 6 pack abs. My eyes went down to his cock, yep, above average for sure.

“You’re not done.” He said.

I looked at him, not sure what he meant.

“What do you mean.” I said.

“You need to clean me up. On your knees.” He ordered.

I obeyed. Slowly I began my job. I lifted his cock with my hand and began to lick from the base up. Strange taste, my own juices and butter all mixed up. Not all that bad but not something to brag about. I cleaned him up , every drop, he grabbed the scotch glass.

“Here wash it down” he said

I drained the glass and wiped my mouth with the back of my arm. He took the glass and stood me up.

“Okay we’re even now, I will have the car towed in the morning and your Mom won’t hear a word about it. Deal?” He said.

“Deal.” I said. I kissed his cheek, and grabbed my robe.

I can’t wait to drive that Porsche again…

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