He Takes Care of Me Pt. 03


The following story is fiction and does not describe any real person or situation in particular. All characters are at least eighteen. This is the conclusion to Gabrielle’s trilogy. I highly recommend reading parts one and two first. Nice or constructive comments are very much appreciated. Rude comments are just mean and will be deleted. Enjoy the fantasy. -xoxo Daphne


He had always taken care of me. When I was in high school, he was my dance instructor. While in college, he became a close friend. Over the past year, as I was finishing my veterinary medicine degree, we started fucking each other…a lot.

It began at a modeling session when he took advantage of me while I was unable to move. He used me, stripped me, and fucked me out of my mind. I should have been furious that he took me without my permission. As it was happening though, I discovered just how horny it made me to lose control of my body to him. I found that I actually wanted my former instructor to do whatever he pleased with me.

Since that day, he has fucked me in so many ways, in every position, and in every perverted sexual scenario his mind could imagine. Each time was more creative…and more intense than the last.

Most recently, he had me taking hormone medication to turn my full, gravity-defying breasts into large, milk-producing tits. I was locked into a metal rack while he attached industrial teat cups to my very erect nipples and milked them while torturing my pussy with a powerful vibrator. He had me absolutely begging to be fucked. When I felt his large hard cock spread the walls of my pussy and tunnel deep into my womb, I knew that I wanted to give him everything of mine.

I wanted to give him complete ownership of my body.

I wanted him to impregnate me.

After he released me from my restraints, having just been milked and fucked at the same time, I told him what I wanted him to do to me. I confessed that I wanted him to get me pregnant.

His reaction was cautious, but very loving. “Are you sure, Gabs?”

“I’ve never been more sure of anything.” I gently put my arms on his shoulders, my blue eyes welling up as I bared my soul to him.

“I want you to own my body completely. I want my pussy to always be yours to tease, torture, fuck, and impregnate whenever you wish. I want you to put a baby inside me with your massive cock. I need to feel your liquid firing into me knowing that you are inseminating my pussy…fertilizing me…breeding me.”

He listened, taking in what I was asking him to do. I held my breath, hoping I hadn’t said too much.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, he nodded. “Yes.”

“Really?” I flashed him a cute smile with my adorable dimples that he loves so much.

“I love you, Gabs.” His words were like sunshine to me. “And I want to get you pregnant.”

I couldn’t contain myself.

“Thank you!” I hugged him excitedly. “Oh thank you so much!”

“Well, if we’re going to do this,” he said, coming out of our hug, “we need to make it really special.”

I tilted my head to the side and smiled. “What did you have in mind?”


I loved the beach, and would go there as often as I could. It was one of my absolute favorite places to relax and enjoy myself. He knew this, so he booked a week at a small beach house on a private part of the coast. Purposely, he picked the week of the month in which I would be the most fertile…and easiest to impregnate.

We settled into our little house and just enjoyed being together for the first few days, purposely abstaining from any fucking so he could build up his supply of liquid with which he was going to inseminate me. We snuggled, took long walks, had romantic dinners, and said loving things to each other. It was everything a girl could ask for.

On the fourth day, in the late afternoon, the two of us were walking along the beach watching the sky as the sun was going down. I was wearing a new bikini I had gotten for the trip. The red strapless top held my gravity-defying breasts perfectly. The white and red striped bottoms had little strings that tied on my hips. The bottoms gripped my pussy beautifully and fit my rear so well that even the curves between my ass cheeks were outlined. I knew I was driving him insane wearing it.

“Hey, Gabs,” he stopped walking. “Let’s take a picture of you jumping with the ocean and sky behind you.”

“Okay,” I said walking a few steps away. “Ready?”

He held up his phone and nodded.

I jumped into the air as he snapped a picture trying to catch me in mid-jump. He took several pictures, enjoying watching me jumping over and over while wearing that tight fitting bikini. My breasts would bounce hypnotically each time I landed, and he made no secret of looking me over with his gorgeous penetrating eyes. In his mind, we were fucking already.

After we had gotten several shots, I stood next to him with my hands on my hips looking over the pictures in the camera.

“That bikini looks kartal escort amazing on you,” he said to me.

“Is that why you wanted the picture?” I smiled playfully.

“Well, I also wanted to preserve this moment.” He replied. “After all, that will be the last picture of you taken before being impregnated.”

I looked up at him. “You mean…now?”

He nodded, putting his towel down on the sand. “I’m going to get you pregnant, right here, right now.”

I swallowed hard as my pussy flooded, knowing what he was about to do to me.

“But,” I looked around carefully. “We’re outside…”

He nodded. “On a private beach with nobody around for miles. The ocean, the sky, the gentle breeze, it’s perfect. Imagine how primal it will feel when I strip that bikini off your amazing body, spread your legs wide, and pump my seed into your fertile pussy while you scream at the ocean…as loud as you want.”

“Ohgawd…” I whispered partly to myself. “This is really going to happen, isn’t it?”

“Yes,” he answered. “I’m going to fuck your unprotected, fertile pussy, and breed you…right now.”

He placed his hands gently on my bare shoulders and pushed downward. I understood his wishes and got down on my knees in front of him, my steamy blue eyes locked on his. My hand, almost subconsciously, slipped down the front of my bikini bottoms and began stroking my clitoris in tiny little circles.

“Gabs,” he whispered, kneeling with me and placing his soft hands on my hips. “I want nothing more in this world than to fuck this pussy.”

I trembled in anticipation as I felt him gently tugging the bikini strings on my hips.

“I want to own you completely.”

“Yes! Please yes!” I thought to myself as I felt the strings give and my bikini bottoms disappear.

“I want to possess and control your gorgeous body.”

“Oh fuck yes!” I yelled in my mind as I continued to masturbate in front of him, my eyes pleading for my owner to knock me up right now.

“Most of all,” he said, reaching around my back and unhooking my top. “I want to violate your pussy and impregnate you.”

I shuddered in pleasure as he freed my large breasts from my bikini top and tossed it aside.

“Are you ready?” He asked intentionally to draw out the moment.

Nodding my consent, I laid back on the beach towel and spread my legs as wide as they would go, my pussy completely exposed and his to take. I was so horny, I began pumping my hips as if I were fucking an invisible cock. I needed him pounding into my cunt right now!

“Ohgawd! Please fuck me!” I begged. I was a bitch in heat, and nothing was going to satisfy my need until he unloaded his cock inside my womb.

“Please please PLEASE fuck me hard!!! Ohhhh!! My ovaries are aching. I need you to fuck my cunt and get me pregnant now!”

As he moved in between my legs, I prepared to have my fertile pussy defiled. I closed my eyes and waited for the sensation of his cock parting my pussy walls and tunneling into me.

Instead of his cock, however, I felt his warm moist tongue begin to lap away at my clitoris.

“No!” My eyes opened suddenly and saw him going down on my pussy like a wild man.

“Oh fuck! Please…no more torture! AHH!!! I need your cock…OOHHH…inside me!”

Ignoring my pleas, my owner licked and sucked and swirled his tongue all over my pussy, making my clit unbelievably sensitive to the slightest touch.

“Oh fuck! You bastard!” I cried as I tried to survive his all out assault on my clit. My hips were bucking on their own in reaction to the jolts of intense pleasure that were firing through me. He had taken control of my pussy, and I loved it just as much as the sexual frustration he was putting me through.

“OH FUCK!!! OH FUCK!!! OH FUCK!!!!!” I came hard, and I could feel my pussy contracting as liquid squirted from my cunt.

“FUCK YES!! OH FUCK YES!!!!!” I was screaming at the clouds above me as my pussy gushed everywhere. It was raw orgasmic pleasure like nothing I’d ever felt before. I was flat on my back, completely stripped, with my legs in a mid-air split, my entire world vulnerable and at his mercy, begging him to impregnate my fertile womb with his masculine seed.

…and yet, he was making me wait, torturing me, pulling orgasm after orgasm out of my cunt while all I could do was lay there and take it.

Then, he took things to another level entirely…

“OH!!” I yelped as I felt both his hands grab my ass cheeks firmly and spread them apart.

Something began to push up against my opening…oh no!

“AHH!!! FUCK!!! OHGAWD FUCK!!!!” I screamed as I felt my bikini bottoms being shoved into my ass.

“Take it, Gabs.” I heard him order me before going back to eating my pussy. “Take your bikini deep in your ass.”

“AAHH!!! AAHH!!!! FUUUUUCK!!!!!” I cried out the loudest I’d ever yelled before as I felt my ass being violated. There was a peculiar sense of fullness as little by little, inch by inch, I could feel the cumhuriyet mahallesi escort soft fabric of my swimsuit invade my most forbidden entrance.

He was torturing me…violating me…and I loved it. I felt a kind of perverse pleasure at being treated like a sex object. My body belonged to him and he could do anything he wanted with me.

I was in tears, whimpering like a little puppy as the last of my bikini disappeared up my ass, all while he continued to force powerful orgasms out of my twitching, convulsing body.

I kept trying to beg him to stop, but only gasps and lustful moans came out of my mouth. I couldn’t handle all the torture, and I couldn’t stop coming. All I could do was try to survive it.

Finally, just when I thought I would pass out from pleasure, he stopped, leaving me a trembling, orgasmic mess. My breasts were heaving as I tried to catch my breath, my nipples so hard they looked like rockets ready to take off. The contractions in my pussy became slower and fainter as the orgasmic haze began to clear in my mind.

I looked into my former instructor’s deep brown eyes with a look of pure exhaustion.

“My gawd…” I could barely get the words out. “What you just did to me…was… unbelievable.”

“Yes, it was.” He said with all the confidence of a dominant male. “Now, I’m going to put a baby inside you.”

I swallowed hard as he undid his trunks and pulled out his rock hard man staff. This was it. The cock with which he was going to breed me.

I was exhausted, and my legs were quivering, but I wanted this so bad. I gasped when I felt the head of his cock press between my pussy lips.

“Are you ready to get pregnant?” He said softly, his beautiful eyes looking into my soul.

I nodded. “Yes…”

“I love you,” he said as he began to enter me.

“AH!!! I…love…OHHH!!!…love you too…AAHH!!!”

My former instructor’s large cock had been inside me many times before, but this was different. As his shaft tunneled deep into my pussy…my fertile pussy, I felt complete as a woman. I was being taken by a man whose only desire right now was to impregnate me.

Inseminate me.

Breed me.

Our eyes stayed locked on each other as the full length of his shaft came to rest inside my love canal, the head pressed up against my cervix, ready to deliver his potent liquid into my waiting uterus.

“Fuck me,” I said softly, our hands interlocking.

Slowly, and firmly, he began to pump his cock back and forth inside me.

“Oh!!! That…feels…fucking…amazing…” I kept my eyes on him as he lovingly took me. With the bikini that he had shoved up my ass, the sensation of fullness was enhanced as it competed for room with his powerful cock.

“I’m going to impregnate you Gabs,” he said softly as he thrust his large member inside me over and over. “I’m going to fucking breed you.”

“Yes!” I cried out as his strokes inside my pussy became faster. “Knock me up! Make me pregnant!”

“Fuck, Gabs,” he said ramming hard into me. “I’m going so deep inside you.”

“OH!” I yelped suddenly as my entire body jumped in reflex. “No fucking kidding!”

My tortured pussy was stretched out around his massive cock, and I could feel him invading the deepest part of me with each new thrust. It was raw, primal fucking, and nothing could stop it.

“Fuck!!! Give it to me!!! Impregnate me!!!”

My body took over as he pounded me with his massive cock. I wrapped my legs around his back and started pumping my hips into him, pulling his shaft all the way inside me. Each time he pulled out a little, my pussy clung to his shaft, trying to keep him inside until it had delivered its load and inseminated me.

“OH FUCK!!! OHGAWD!!!! FUCK ME!!!! FUCK ME!!!!” I screamed to the sky as I felt his shaft expand inside my depths, ready to fill my cunt with his masculine liquid.


My pussy clinched around his shaft, holding him inside my cunt as I came hard.

Then he exploded.

“OHH FUUUUUCK!!!!” I could feel it. I could FEEL him coming inside me. He cried out as his over-sensitive cock unloaded, firing into me while my pussy contracted beautifully around his shaft, milking his rod for everything he had.

“AAAHHH!!!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!” There was a warm sensation spreading through me as his liquid splashed everywhere inside my depths. Every muscle in my body contracted in tension as the mother of all orgasms had its way with me. My pussy suckled on his cock, pulling every last bit of man juice from his tool…the tool that was impregnating me. I knew there was an egg in my uterus just waiting to be fertilized by my former teacher’s potent masculine seed.

“Oh fuck, Gabs!” I heard his gasping voice. “Your pussy is gripping me like a vice!”

My hips were bucking on their own from the orgasmic aftershocks, but my cunt was holding him tight inside yunus escort me, desperate not to lose a drop of his gift. We were momentarily trapped together as I felt his warm liquid working its way slowly past my cervix and into my waiting uterus.

“Oooooo…fuuuuuuck…” I managed to say weakly as my fertile womb accepted the gift.

My entire body shivered in delight as my pussy finally released its grip on his drained cock and I collapsed onto the towel in total exhaustion.

My impregnation was complete.

In an instant, my new baby daddy was on top of me, kissing me with a passion I had never experienced before. I kissed him back shamelessly, throwing my arms around him.

“Oh my gawd!” I said between kisses. “Oh thank you so much! I love you! I love you!”

He smiled sweetly and caressed my face. “I love you too Gabs.”

Gallantly, he reached beneath my back and legs with his strong hands and lifted me in his arms. I kept my arms around his neck for support and stared lovingly into his deep brown eyes as he carried me back to our beach house.

That’s when I remembered…we still had another four days to ourselves…

I didn’t count how many times he fucked me that week, I just remembered screaming the cabin walls down as I was getting laid over and over. I pretty much went the entire week with no clothes on, getting fucked in every possible position and in every one of my holes. I did sexual things I had never done before, and I let him do anything he wanted to me. It seemed like we were fucking each other all the time, and I loved every moment. He owned my body, and I knew I could count on him to do wonderful things to it.

He always takes care of me.



A few months later…

“Good morning, sir.” I said as my former teacher walked into the office of his dance studio.

“Gabs!” He stopped in his tracks. “What are y—”

I was perched on his desk with my legs crossed, holding a pen and note pad. I knew he loved the “hot secretary” look, so I thought I’d take the day off from the vet clinic where I was now working and surprise him.

I had put on a tight grey pencil skirt that stopped just above my knees, a black pullover top with a plunging neckline to show plenty of cleavage, a matching long-sleeve office blazer, and black heels.

Looking down at the bulge forming in his pants, I peered at him over the top of a pair of black-rimmed glasses and gave him a sultry smile.

“Sir? Can I do anything for you?”

He set his bag on the desktop and sat down in his chair. I took my glasses off began sucking on the tip of the frames.

“Gabs, you look so fucking hot wearing that.” He said, undressing me with his eyes.

I cocked my head to one side and smiled cutely. “Thanks!” I said, breaking character for a moment. “You can’t even see my little baby bump.”

I arched my back and raised my shirt a few inches to show him my little pooch. Of course, my posture made my gravity-defying breasts jut out like twin majestic mountains…the breasts our baby would soon suckle onto for my wonderful milk.

“I’ve got so many things to do today though, Gabs.” He said, massaging the tightness in his shoulder.

“You’re mistaken, sir.” I shook my head. “The only thing you need to do today…is me.”

Like a girl gone wild, I whipped my hair back to give it a tussled look, lifted both my legs onto the desk, and began crawling on all fours towards him.

“Gabs…” he began, but I wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

“You look tense.” I interrupted. Crawling slowly on purpose, I gave him the most incredible look down my top, my braless mounds swaying hypnotically as I moved.

“I know just how to relieve that tension.” Reaching his chair, I unzipped his trousers and pulled his already massively hard cock out of his boxers.

“Mmm hmm,” I said, confirming what I already knew. “You just can’t resist me.”

I flashed a coy smile at him as I made a point of taking off my engagement ring…the one he had given me a month ago when he asked me to marry him. Taking the ring off my finger was our signal that I was going to go wild on his cock. I didn’t want to accidentally scratch him with my diamond after all, and I was planning to go really hardcore on his dick.

“Oh Gabs!” He cried out as I took his cock in my warm moist mouth and began slowly bobbing my head up and down his long thick shaft. “We can’t! AH!! I’ve got…UM! I’ve got people coming…”

I stopped sucking long enough to answer. “I’ve cancelled all your students today, sir.” I peered over the top of my glasses with my gorgeous blue eyes that he loved so much. “The only one coming today…is you.”

“Oh fuck…” he sighed, laying his head back in ecstasy as I started going down on his cock again with a suction that would make an industrial vacuum cleaner jealous.

“I…love…you…Gabs.” He shivered as I began what would be the most wonderfully intense blowjob of his life.

This time…I would take care of him.


A lot of time went into writing this final chapter, so if you enjoyed it, please give it some stars. Feel free to browse my other stories as well, and I hope all of you remember to love yourselves as well as others. — xoxo Daphne.

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