Hard Script Ch. 3


Another day they did this story. She was his daughter’s friend. He and she had fallen into a pattern in which he would take sexual liberties with her and she would ignore it. This started one day when she was visiting his daughter and as he passed her in the hall his arm brushed her breast. She continued walking as if nothing had happened. Later that day he met her again in the hallway, this time reached out and fondled her breast as they passed. She said nothing and kept walking toward his daughter’s room.

She realized that he was obsessed with her body, and enjoyed the feeling of power this gave her.

She sat on is left when they went out to eat in a restaurant, with his daughter on his other side. He placed his left hand on her leg above her knee. She continued chatting with his daughter about their shopping trip, and did not change the position of her leg. As the meal progressed he moved his hand higher and higher on her thigh, until his little finger was pressing against her pubic hair through her jeans.

Things kartal escort went along in this way. On some afternoons when his daughter was out, she would come to his house and find him in his study. He said “Carol’s not here.”

She said “I’m sleepy, do you mind if I take a nap?” and lay down on the leather couch in the study and pretended to sleep. She wore a buttoned blouse and short kilt skirt fastened with a large safety pin.

He walked over to the couch, knelt down, and fondled her left breast with his right hand. She continued to pretend to sleep, not moving at all in response. He unzipped his fly and took out his quite erect penis. Holding it in his right hand, he gently stroked her lips with it. She continued to pretend to sleep, though once her lips opened slightly as his penis moved over them. He unbuttoned her blouse and found she was wearing no bra. He used his penis to touch her nipples, which were erect, and compressed her breasts with his hand. She continued to pretend to sleep.

Letting kartal otele gelen escort his penis touch her lightly between the breasts and down her belly, he raised her kilt skirt. She was wearing cotton panties. She lay with her left leg slightly curled under her right leg, so that they were parted at the crotch. He gently pulled down her panties to reveal her pubic hair and vagina. She continued to pretend to sleep.

He knelt beside her and put his mouth between her legs, and his tongue in her vagina, sliding it up until he felt her clitoris. As he caressed her clitoris with his tongue he felt his penis becoming harder. He felt her clitoris becoming harder, too. He continued to caress her, occasionally reaching back into her vagina with his tongue. She did not move, but he felt a swelling of her clitoris, heard her sigh, as if in her sleep, and felt an increase in the wetness of her pubes which tasted slightly salty. He lifted his face from her crotch, kartal eve gelen escort removed a condom from his pocket and put it on his penis. He penetrated her vagina tentatively, only an inch or so, and withdrew, penetrated again, and withdrew. She continued to pretend to sleep. He penetrated her two times more, each time a little deeper.

Then he withdrew and took her hips in his hands to turn her over. As if in her sleep, she turned face down with her breasts pressed against the leather of the couch, and her buttocks exposed to him. He removed the condom and began to masturbate over her. This was difficult and took a long time. He began to breathe more heavily, and to groan with the effort. Finally, thinking of his daughter’s face, and particularly her mouth, and groaning deeply, he ejaculated over her back and buttocks. She didn’t move after turning over.

She lay there without moving until he had zipped up his fly, discarded the condom, and left the room. After he had left she pulled up her panties and rearranged her skirt. Later that night his daughter came back. They went to a restaurant at the mall where they sat in a banquette, his daughter on his right and her on his left. She and his daughter chatted about shopping. His left hand under the tablecloth was pressing hard against her crotch.

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