Happy Birthday


You get an envelope in the mail. No name on the outside, but you recognize the post mark. You wonder, “What is that girl up to now?”

You open the envelope. Just a birthday card. Well, that’s nice. Then you open the card. Inside you find a short handwritten note. It simply says to meet me at a specific hotel at 8:00 Saturday night.

This piques your interest. I am finally giving you what you have been requesting for months…a full night together.

On the proposed day I go to the hotel and check in early. I give the clerk directions to give you a key to my room when you inquire about me, and to call me when you are on your way.

In the time between my arrival and yours I keep myself busy with preparations. I go to the toy store and pick up a few things we may want later, I go to the lingerie store and buy something new, and I prepare myself. I take a shower and shave making sure to leave my pussy unshaven (as it has been for a few days). I make sure my finger nails are perfect and my toes are done.

I am reading a magazine and anticipating the evening to come when the phone rings. I know who it is…only one person knows where I am. The clerk tells me you are on the way. I arrange myself on the bed and am looking comfortable when you open the door. My excitement is hard to contain.

I stay on the bed long enough for you to see me and take in the sight of the things I have done to prepare for you. Then, I am next to you. Pulling you down to kiss me. We both let out a small moan of pleasure at the contact we have long awaited, neither of us willing to break the kiss yet. You pick me up easily bringing me to your level. My legs wrap around you as if on their own, pulling me closer to you.

You sit down onto the bed, freeing your hands up to explore. Your hands move to my face and down my body. They stop at my breasts feeling them beneath the light material of my nighty. You caress them and tweak the nipples feeling them harden and hearing me moan at your touch. I am feeling your arousal beneath me. Your hands continue on, down my body over my ribs and stomach, over my hips to rest on my thighs momentarily. Your hands retrace their path back up my body and come to rest on my breasts once again.

You lay me down and remove my panties. As you look up at me you notice the items laid out on the side table. You grin knowing exactly what I had in mind as you take inventory of what is there: a basin for water, a razor, shave gel, extra towels, a small torpedo vibrator, a escort kartal very large dildo.

You get up from next to me to inspect my display. You pick up the large dildo and hand it to me telling me to give you the live show that you have watched so many times.

Before I take the dildo from your hand I reach for your fly. I unbutton and unzip your pants, reach in and take your semi-rigid cock from its restraint. I am drawn to it. My hands are caressing you and I need to feel you in my mouth. I take your cock into my open mouth and slowly run my tongue across the tip of the head. I slowly start sucking on just the head of your cock until you are fully hard.

When you are hard, and begin to moan I stop. I take the dildo from your hand and lay back on the bed…my legs spread wide in your direction so you can see exactly what I am doing. I slide the tip of my toy up and down my already wet slit teasing myself. Finally, I place the head into my opening. Slowly, I work my toy into my pussy watching you slowly stroke your cock the whole time. I am working the dildo into me harder and faster with every stroke. The excitement of giving you a live show almost pushing me over the edge. I can’t quite get the angle I need. I beg you to help me, please. You take the dildo from my hand and begin moving it in and out of me. I lay there writhing in pleasure. When I am near orgasm you stop telling me that it’s not time yet.

You bend down to replace the dildo with your mouth, but stop when you see the blond hair that I have left growing. Without a word, you get up and take the water basin to the sink. You set the basin of warm water next to me and place towels beneath me. The water feels good against my swollen skin. You rub the rich lather over me and take to your task. Your fingers pull my skin taught and you begin shaving me. I am enjoying this new experience more than even I expected. The combination of your fingers and the razor on me is exhilarating. As you move down you are also letting your fingers drift once in a while. Each time your finger touches my slick inner lips I moan with pleasure. You take your time with this task making sure that it will be something I will remember for a long time to come.

When you are satisfied that my skin is smooth enough, you walk away again. This time I hear the shower running. You come back and carry me to the bathroom where I take your cloths off you, kissing your skin as I go. When I reach your waist again my mouth finds your waiting cock. I lick uğur mumcu escort and gently suck your flesh for a few minutes before starting our shower.

Once in the shower, we take our time. We slowly lather each others bodies exploring as we go stopping occasionally to kiss, lick, or nibble an especially alluring area.

When we are done, you wrap me in a towel and take me back to the bed. You return to the task you started earlier. When your mouth touches my freshly shaven skin I let out a moan. Where your fingers explored just moments ago your mouth now takes their place. Your tongue darting in and out of me and over my sensitive lips. You suck and lick just about every millimeter of me as I moan and my hips undulate from your touch. Finally, you allow me my first orgasm as my hands are wrapped around your head and I am screaming in pleasure. I know this is just the beginning, but the release is so great.

As I come down from my peak I have a hunger that only you can satisfy. I need to have you in my mouth. You are over me and I begin licking just the tip of you. Slowly, I lick your entire cock from the tip to the base being sure to pay particular attention to the sensitive underside. I reach up and take your balls one at a time into my mouth and give the same treatment that I have just given your cock. I lick my way back up to the head. When I reach the head my tongue swirls around the tip as my lips engulf it. Slowly I begin gently massaging your cock with my mouth, working it in and out a little more each time. You hit the back of my throat and I hear you let out a soft moan. I continue on. Slowly, I am taking you down my throat further and further. My pussy is dripping wet, and your moans are getting deeper. Your thick cock is stretching my throat and you are reaching parts of me that have never been touched. I feel your cock straining against me.

I pull your cock from my throat. You roll from above me, and I move on top of you. I straddle your chest and kiss you deeply, our tongues intertwining. My hips begin moving on their own again. I am rubbing against your chest, my juices running over your skin. I slide down your stomach kissing, licking and nibbling as I go.

My ass bumps against your cock. I slide the head of your cock between my lips. I reach my hand between us and begin rubbing you against my swollen pussy and clit. I sit up so that I can grind against you properly. I hold your firmly in my hand and rub and grind against you, sliding çavuşoğlu escort you up my slit and back to my peak.

My juices are running over your cock and my hand and I have to feel you in me. The last time that I slide you past my opening I angle my hips so that you slide into me. I let out a small sigh as I feel your hot cock begin pushing its way into me. Slowly, I ease myself down your long hard shaft, feeling you pressing against the walls of my pussy. I am sliding down your cock and driving us both up the wall. You are pressing deeper into me than any man before you and I want to savor the feeling. Eventually, you are totally in me, your balls nestled in my ass and my clit pressed tightly against you. My pussy rhythmically spasms against you.

I lean in and kiss your chest as I begin slowly moving up and down on your cock making sure it hits home on every stroke. I begin moving harder and faster. My small breasts are bouncing as I slam down onto your cock over and over. Your hands are on my hips helping me move.

I am so close to orgasm, yet can’t cum. I need to feel the release and begin begging you, “Please, Baby, please roll me over and fuck me. Please make me cum.” The urgency in my voice tells you I am ready.

You put your arm around my back and roll us both over onto my back. You slowly begin moving in and out of me again. Slowly, you pull almost out of me and sink back in. I move up to try and hurry you, but you don’t let me. You are going to take your time. My legs are wrapped around you pulling you to me. I am begging you to go harder.

Finally, you start doing what I have been begging for. Your cock is pounding in and out of me. You are moving so hard my whole body is moving from the force. I am screaming in pleasure begging you not to stop. My legs are wrapped tightly around you now, and I am so close to cumming that I can’t stand it. Then you do it. You burry yourself as deeply in me as humanly possible and you stop. That sends me over the edge. I start spasming and screaming, the sheets locked in my fists so I don’t scratch you. Then I feel it…you are cumming too. That sends me even further over the edge. My pussy is locked on your cock and my legs are not letting you move. We stay like that for a long time until I am finally starting to come down from my peak. You roll off me, but I am not done. I lay there still lost in my orgasm for a long time more.

Finally, I am able to move again. I roll over to you, give you a deep kiss, and ask for something cold to drink. I would get it myself, but my muscles all feel like Jell-O.

After we have rested I roll over and begin kissing down your chest again. When I get to your cock, it begins to rise. I just smile and think to myself, “I’m glad we have all night…”

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