I could not believe this was happening to me! I had read stories of such things when I was younger in Penthouse that my father had thought he had hidden, but I never expected it to happen to me.

This woman walked from her room, and stood in front of me. She was wearing a red satin robe and black high-heeled shoes. She looked into my eyes and said I had done such a good job that she needed to give me a good tip, and then she dropped her robe.

I worked at a hardware store for three years after I graduated from high school. It was not glamorous but I learned quickly and was promoted to department head rather early. I did pick up one benefit, and that was side jobs. Customers would ask if I could recommend someone to do a job and I would suggest some of the workmen that came in to our store for the job. But in time I took the jobs myself. I had a good background of basics and learned from the classes that the hardware had sent me to.

So I took on a few small jobs on the side. Some were all day ward work and some were quick fixes. Anything from cleaning gutters on houses, installing new mailbox posts, to framing and screening a porch. I knew better then to take on a job to big and took the jobs that were more manual labor. And most of the well to do clients did not want to get their hands dirty.

A man came into the hardware to get a new mailbox post. We had all wood post made for the “elite” area and he loved it. He asked if we installed them and I told him no. But there are some of us that do side jobs. He smiled and asked when would I be able to do the job.

We scheduled the job for the middle of the week on my day off to do the work. He said he would be at work but his wife would be at home. Since I was working outside I did not think anything of it and agreed. I knew the postal limits of just how high and how far the post needed to be from the curb since I had done them before.

On the day I was to do the job, there was no one there when I knocked. I called the owner to confirm if I had the right address, and I needed to know where the closest water spigot was. After telling me he informed me his wife must be out shopping. I told him that would not be a problem I had everything I needed to do the job.

It did not take me long to remove the old box and post.They never set them very good in new houses. As I cleared the hole for the new post and cement, I was looking forward to a beer and shower. I had time so I took a break and had a beer from my cooler in the truck, and then went back to work. I had the post set and was ready to mix the cement when she showed up.

She stepped out of a sleek red Corvette with legs that would kill. Red high heel pumps and a snug red dress slit up her thigh. As she stepped from the car I got a good look at her long legs. She caught me looking and I thought I saw a slight smile, and then went back to work. She did not say a word, just turned and walked into the house. But she did more then walks, she carried herself well as if strutting, like she knew I was watching, and I was! She had on a matching red jacket covering her breasts, but I still could see was large and full. Her long blonde hair gleamed in the noon sun. She had on a dark pair of sunglasses so I could not see her eyes.

As she went inside, I knew I needed a break, so I went to the truck and had another beer. Soon I was kartal escort bayan back to work. I ran the hose from the tap and started mixing the cement. I did not even hear her approach me, and when she spoke I jumped a bit. We both laughed and she said she did not mean to startle me. I said it was ok; sometimes I just get into my work.

I could not help to stare at her boobs, she had left the jacket inside and just as I had thought her tits were large and full. Her dress was strapless and it was all it could do to hold them in.

She spoke and snapped me out of it, “Are you going to be much longer?”

I told her, “No, maybe forty-five minutes or so.” She nodded and told me to let her know when I was done.

I said, “Yes.”

As she walked away she stopped and looking over her shoulder said, in a snide manner, “Go around the back, I don’t want my carpet to get dirty.”

And walked away into the house. It was then I thought to myself she was a stuck up rich bitch like all the rest. But it was a quick cash job just like the rest I have done in the past. By now I was ready to wrap it up and get the hell out of there. I finished pouring the cement and smoothing it out then stopped for a beer before cleaning up while the cement set.

I checked the cement and it was setting well enough that I could leave it and go. I did not want to just leave and not tell her since she asked; after all, it was a client. I packed my things into the truck and brushed myself off as best I could. By now it was two P.M. and I would like to enjoy the rest of my day off. I walked around back and found the gate, letting myself in.

Calling out, I said, “Hello.”

I heard no reply. I closed the gate and walked further into the yard. It was huge, trees all around with a large fence surrounding it, a large patio with a wooden deck around it, with a walk leading to it. As I neared the steps I could hear sounds of bubbles like a Jacuzzi. Again I tried to make myself known, still no reply.

I was about to go when I heard her voice. It was sweet to my ears, but yet stinging.

“Are you done?” she snapped.

I turned quickly to see her standing in the doorway. I told her I was done with the job and was ready to go. She just looked at me as if eyeing me. I was a bit nervous but could not help to stare at her. She was bare foot with a terry robe pulled tight to her body. Large framed semi dark sunglasses, yet I could still see her eyes. She knew I was ogling her. I quickly told her that I would be back the next day to take off the braces on the post and it will be ready for use. She laughed at that and I did not know what to think.

She took me by surprise then and said, “Want a beer?”

I tried to be polite and say No thank you, but she had turned and went inside before I could say a word. I walked up onto the deck and could see the Jacuzzi bubbling away and it looked inviting, but I knew I had to go. When she walked out with a beer for me, my thoughts got lost.

I took the beer and thanked her. As she walked around me I tried to tell her the post would be set and ready by morning. Taking a gulp of the beer I turned to see she had gotten into the tub, the bubbles enveloping her body up to her neck. The look in her eye was something to dream of, lustful and wanting. My cock was growing harder and she knew it by the bulge yakacık escort in my pants.

It was if she took over my mind, and commanded me. She told me to strip down and to join her. And I did without thinking! I was driven by lust! I downed my beer and dropped my clothes and headed for the tub.

It was then she said, “STOP!”

I froze in my steps naked in front of her, scared and excited.

She then said, with a smile, “We need more beer. Go to the fridge and get us some.”

Now I was so hyped up about this woman and so confused at the same time I did not know what to do. I did as she asked and went to get us more beer. I walked naked into this stranger’s house and found the fridge, grabbing two more beers before returning to the tub.

I walked into the tub with the beer as if I were a servant of an Egyptian queen. She knew she had me in her power! Handing her a beer she gulped down half of it in one hit. Then without warning she rose up partly out of the tub exposing her huge firm tits and took my hard cock deep in her mouth. I thought I would cum right there but was too afraid to. She slurped me for what seemed like several minutes then stopped and drank the rest of her beer.

Handing me the empty she said, “More.”

I went to get more beer. I had not finished mine, but did on the way. When I got back to the tub she was lying on a lounge chair sunning herself. This woman was so hot, large firm tits toned tan body (no tan lines) and a shaven pussy. I stood there just looking her over. Her tits were round and firm and nipples big and hard. Her skin looked smooth and soft and her stomach was flat and toned. She had her legs spread open slightly, I could see she was wet and her lips open like she was playing with herself, it was then I saw her licking her fingers and knew I was right. I wanted to dive in face first, and that is just what I did.

She was enjoying it as much as I enjoyed giving it. I sucked her lips and fingered her till she was soaking my face and moaning so loud, and then I went for her clit. She gripped my head and pushed me in deeper till I could not breath, then she let me up for air and I was back on her clit again. She was squirming and moaning so hard, really getting off on this, so I thought I would take a chance and slid a finger up her ass. This set her off and she came so hard she was bucking and gushed on my face. I have never had a woman gush like that! It caught me by surprise but I stayed with her and keep licking and sucking till she started to calm down. As I slowly slid my fingers out she had another orgasm.

I stood up and could feel the goo oozing down my face, I licked up what I could then downed half a beer as she caught her breathe. She still had her legs spread wide and you could see that her cum all over her. Her lips were open and inviting. I knelt on the lounge chair between her legs and guided my throbbing hard cock to her hole and pushed. Even as wet as she was she was still tight. With the first push she gasped and looked up at me, eyes glazed, as if I had caught her by surprise. I think she was still in a mind daze from her orgasm. As her head cleared she grabbed my hips and with a heavy heated sigh said, “Yes”, and pulled me into her all the way. I lay still for moment just to get use to her feel. My cock throbbed inside her as her pussy clinched hürriyet mahallesi escort on my cock. This woman knew how to fuck.

I started out slowly, pulling out and pumping in, her mouth was agape and breathing quickened. I worked in and out with short and long stokes. And even a little side-to-side movements. She seemed to be enjoying it, moaning and gasping, rubbing her tits and pinching her nipples. Then she snaked one hand down and started to finger her clit, I knew it was time to pick up the pace. I increased my speed just enough to still allow her to rub her clit. By now she had her legs pulled up high and wide, her knees were almost in her armpits. She started rubbing her clit harder and harder, till suddenly she grit her teeth and forcefully told me,


And I did, I slammed my cock into her pussy so hard I thought we would break the chair, but I didn’t care. I pounded her so hard and fast I could not tell if she orgasmed or not, by then it was all I could do to keep going. I could not take anymore I had to cum, and cum I did. I unleashed a load so hard and full it made her gasp, as if getting hit in the stomach. I collapsed on top of her and she wrapped her legs around me and bucked several times as my dick emptied into her.

We laid there for a minute, both breathing heavy, till she unwrapped her legs and I stood up. She surprised me by setting up quickly, grabbed my hips and stuffed my wet cock in her mouth. I was so surprised I shot another small load into her throat. She did not miss a beat, just gulped it down and licked my cock and balls till she had them clean. As she stood up I placed my hands on her tits and pinched her nipples, kissing her lips as she snaked her tongue to find mine.

She turned to the tub and looking over her shoulder said, “Get more beer before you get in with me.”

I could not believe this woman.

As I went for the beer I saw the clock, it was just after 5. When did her husband get home, shit I had to get out of there? I took two beers back to the tub and got in,

then asked, “When does your husband get home?”

She did not say a word, just held out her hand for the beer. After gulping half down she looked at me and said without batting an eye, “About 6.”

She could see the fear in my face, even thought I tried to play cool. I sat beside her and played with her tits as I downed my beer quickly.

Then giving her a kiss said, “I had better go, if you want me to come back tomorrow.”

Her eyes got wide and nipples hard, and took it as a yes. I told her I would be back at 12:30 to pull the stakes and check the post.

She said, “I look forward to it.”

The next day when I pulled up to the house I did not see a soul, so I checked the cement and post to see if it was solid, and pulled the bracing off. As I did the garage door opened and there stood her husband, my heart started to pound. He walked down the drive toward me with no tales of emotion on his face. As he neared he smiled, held out his hand and told me I did a great job. He was very pleased with the post and mailbox. He went on to say he was going out of town for several days but had more jobs for me if I was interested. I just nodded yes. He then paid me for the job and even gave me a little extra. As he walked to his car to leave he told me to see his wife, she has the list of the jobs that need done and we could work out the details later. As he left I just stood there stunned.

I went to the door inside the garage since he left it open and knocked. The garage door closed behind me and she opened the door to the house, stark naked.

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