Halloween Wishes


Once again, the doorbell rang. It was October 31st, 1998. A look out the window would have revealed the dancing and frolicking of ghosts and goblins, as well as Power Rangers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and some of the other more popular “walking billboards” for toy companies, sold as Halloween costumes.

Mike Crane was much more fond of Halloween in Phoenix, than back home in Chicago. He’d always thought it was somehow a contradiction, to buy a costume, or in some cases spend weeks making one, and then wear a heavy coat over it. Although the Windy City didn’t give the “Trick or Treater” much choice, in Phoenix the weather allowed everybody to wear almost anything they wanted. While it could get brisk on an October evening, it seldom ever actually got cold. And this particular Halloween was even warmer than usual.

Mike opened the door and was greeted with an off key chorus of “Trick ‘r’ Treat!” He smiled and dropped a few Hershey’s Miniatures into each bag, giving a few extras to the kids with the more creative costumes. As usual, most of the kids were accompanied by adult chaperones, who often took part in the festivities as well, dressing up in all sorts of costumes. He had to admit that this was the key reason he enjoyed Halloween in Phoenix.

Mixing the great weather with the ability to lose one’s inhibitions behind a mask, meant that many young mothers would wear costumes that revealed more skin than would otherwise be appropriate. Frequently after admiring one of these outfits, he couldn’t help but imagine a different kind of Halloween — One where the treats were more adult in nature. “Happy Halloween, ” he called back, as each child said their thanks (after being prompted by their parents) and ran off in search of additional sugary treasures.

It was past 8:00PM when Mike had grabbed the last of his candy and opened his door to reveal a little princess and her chaperone. He almost forgot about the child as his gaze lingered over the form of her guide. She, was a little over five feet tall, and appeared to be in her early twenties. She was dressed as a genie, complete with a bottle dangling from a small nylon rope around her tanned and well-toned bare midriff, and a tiny sapphire gem stuck in her navel. A translucent purple mesh covered her hips, legs, arms, and breasts, and underneath the thin fabric Mike could see the hazy image of a modest pink bikini.

Her mouth and nose were concealed by a sheer veil made of the same mesh that covered the rest of her body, which gave Mike just a hint of her cute button nose, and luscious pouty lips. Her facial features were framed in soft strands of hair seemingly spun from gold, which were pulled back into a ponytail. More stunning than her gorgeous body, were her blue-green eyes, which sparkled to the point of distraction. Mike couldn’t keep his eyes of the genie, so when he released the candy from his now sweaty palms, he missed the little girl’s plastic pumpkin by a good six inches. He apologized and dropped to his knees to pick up the sweets, still watching the glowing eyes of the genie, as she descended to his level offering her assistance.

Her voice was even more mesmerizing than her crystalline eyes. “No problem. Here it is.” She said in her musical tone as she picked up the morsels and placed them with the rest of the little girl’s stash.

“Sorry about that,” he said again, “I don’t know what came over me.”

“It’s no problem. What do you say Melanie?”

“Thank you,” kartal escort the little girl chimed.

“You’re very welcome. Happy Halloween.”

“See ya later,” the genie called out as she guided Melanie down the sidewalk.

Mike continued to gaze at the departing genie as she gracefully sashayed down the street, her long golden ponytail swinging back and forth, the end dancing across her slim waistline. After reluctantly acknowledging that he could no longer pick the genie out of the crowd, he turned off his porch light and locked up for the night, and finally realized that she had said, “See ya later.” He wondered what she meant by that.

A little after 10:00PM, Mike’s millionth viewing of a Halloween episode of MASH was interrupted by yet another ring of his doorbell. He was puzzled as he walked to the door and realized what time it was. The doorbell rang a second time as he confirmed that he’d remembered to turn off the porch light. He opened the door and flipped on the light, about ready to give some kid a lesson on Halloween etiquette, when his eyes fell upon the gorgeous blonde in the genie costume. This time she didn’t bring the little girl with her.

Mike’s eyes darted all over the genie’s body, touching her in places his hands longed to be. He did a double take as he realized that the porch light was shining through the purple mesh, revealing that she had removed the pink bikini. He could see just a hint of her small burgundy areolas tipped with delicate stiff nipples. His gaze continued downward, past her jewel embedded belly button, to the shadowy areas between the genie’s legs. He thought he could make out a small triangular patch of hair, but the shadows of the night were not as kind to his eyes below the genie’s waist, so he wasn’t sure if he was just imagining it, or not. His eyes moved back up her body, lingering over her tempting breasts, passing by her obscured ear to ear grin, and returned to her dazzling eyes.

Her eyes in turn had roamed over his body. He was wearing sweat shorts and a tight T-shirt, which exposed his muscular arms and toned legs, as well as his well-chiseled chest. His eyes were a deep brown, and were highlighted by his dark short hair. She allowed her gazing to be quite leisurely when it reached his obvious erection concealed behind his shorts.

When Mike realized that his arousal was quite evident, he uncontrollably turned red with embarrassment. It was a silly emotion, of course. She’d shown up at his door, deep into the evening, wearing practically nothing. No doubt, she’d gotten the reaction she was looking for. The question was, what else was she looking for?

They didn’t speak for several minutes. They just allowed each other to gaze upon the other’s magnificent physiques. Finally the genie broke the silence with little more than a whisper. “Trick-or-Treat!”

Mike didn’t know how to respond, so he stood in silence for a moment longer. When the genie’s eyes changed from erotic mischievousness to nervous anxiety, he finally shook his head to clear it and replied, “Sorry…Uh…I’m all out of candy, but I might be able to find some kind of treat for you. You want to come it?”

“Oh, you misunderstand,” her melodic voice intoned, as she floated across his threshold, and moved to the side so he could close the door. “I mean, would you like a trick, or a treat?”

Mike didn’t know what she had in mind, but it didn’t take long to decide he wanted to see what kind of treats this kartal otele gelen escort stunning genie had in store, so he responded, “How about a treat.”

She guided Mike over to his couch, and pushed him with more strength then he’d imagined a girl her size having. He plopped backwards, sitting down on the sofa, and watched intently as the genie knelt in front of him. She pulled his shorts down, exposing his fully erect eight inches of manhood, and pushed his knees apart. Then she massaged his balls with one hand while sliding her other hand up and down his thick shaft. She didn’t waste anymore time, as she moved into position, and guided his long penis underneath her gauzy veil, and lightly licked the tip of his cock with a velvety tongue. Her tongue glided up and down his shaft, and all around the crown of his cock, while her hands caressed his balls and thighs. Then her hands roamed up his body, rubbing across his sculpted abdomen and chest, and her mouth opened up to his eager penis.

The warm wetness of her mouth was indescribably comforting and exciting at the same time. Her tongue tickled the underside of this cock while her mouth engulfed him. He grabbed onto the seat cushions for dear life as she continued the sensations she was sending up his spine and down to his toes simultaneously. He opened his eyes long enough to see her staring up at him, and his hard-on disappearing beneath her veil. She closed her eyes and moaned in pleasure, and he hadn’t even touched her. He grunted and encouraged her by saying, “Oh Gawd! That feels sooooo Good.”

She opened her eyes again and stared deep into his. Her beautiful orbs were smiling with gratification, and then she closed them again, and began to suck with even more energy than before. She stroked his cock with one hand while taking as much of it into her mouth as she could. Her other hand crawled under his T-shirt and caressed his nipples. He removed his shirt and placed both hands gently on the back of her head, and continued to moan in pleasure. This seemed to turn her on even more, because she continued to moan as well, and she concentrated her efforts on the sensitive part of his penis just under the crown. He finally warned her that he was going to come, and she sucked with a fervor. Finally he exploded, seeing stars before his eyes, and feeling his orgasm spread tremors from his toes to his hair.

After swallowing everything he shot at her, she continued to lick his limp dick, cleaning up all evidence of what had just happened. When her eyes met his again, he felt like he was being hypnotized. She simply said, “Well, as you are probably already aware, a genie grants three wishes. I would say I just fulfilled one of them. What would your next wish be?”

Mike was still coming out of the delirious aftereffects of his climax, so it took a moment for her question to sink in. He helped her up off her knees, and positioned her to straddle his lap. Then he began removing the thin fabric covering her glorious breasts. Her breasts were perfectly sized for his hands, and he began to kneed her soft, warm flesh. He lightly rolled each nipple between a forefinger and thumb, and leaned down to lick them. His tongue grazed over each nipple, then he took each one of them in turn and sucked them into his mouth. She smelled so sweet, and she tasted so delicious that he felt he could just sit there and suck her tits for hours. His attention to her tits had sent shivers kartal eve gelen escort down her spine, and her pussy was beginning to soak through her costume. Mike felt a wetness on his thigh and was struck with the realization that there were many more places on her body yet to be explored. He laid her down on the couch and removed the bottom portion of her costume, exposing a small triangular blonde bush, just above her smooth, glistening pussy lips. He dove for her ambrosia, kissing and licking all around her thighs, lips, and belly, before finally licking her leaking juices out of her slit. She let out a growl, and pushed his head into her mound, with a soft pressure of her hands. Her fingers ran through his thick hair, and his tongue glided in and out of her moist folds, taking in her intoxicating scent. Then he used a hand to separate her lips and expose her engorged clitoris, and began licking it very lightly. When she let out another growl, he started licking and sucking on her clit more vigorously. After a few minutes of direct attentions on her clit, he felt her body spasm, and she was screaming.

They rested on the couch for a short while. Mike wearing nothing at all, and the genie wearing nothing but her veil. Mike’s eyes met hers again, and she declared, “Well, with wishes like that, you might be able to convince me to extend to more than just three.”

She crawled over to Mike and began sucking on his semi-erect cock, once again. Soon she it was at it’s full length, and she straddled him again. She guided his re-hardened dick deep into her pussy, which was still hot and moist. She took it slow, making sure not to hurt either of them, until she had it all within her canal. She closed her eyes and began gyrating on his pole, seemingly guiding it to a particular spot in her body. Then she lifted herself slightly and dropped back down. Within another few minutes she was pumping up and down on his cock with reckless abandon. Mike held on to her sides, occasionally grasping a nipple in his mouth and nibbling and sucking for all he was worth. The genie rotated between bouncing up and down, and pushing her pelvis back and forth. The sensations were once again about to drive Mike over the edge. He told her as much, and she slowed down, trying to make it last a little longer. Finally she sped up again and said, “Ahhhh…I needed this so bad…cum baby cum.”

It didn’t take much more than that for Mike to be shooting his seed deep inside her. As soon as he came she threw her head back and let out another scream. Then she wrapped her legs and arms around him and squeezed so tight he thought he would suffocate. When she finally quit squeezing, he pulled back to look at her beautiful face. Her eyes still sparkled with unharnessed energy, and she said, “Well, I think I still owe you a wish.”

“I only wish to see you face,” he responded.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t let you see it.”

“Why not?”

“It’s just one of those ‘genie rules’,” she replied with a shrug of her shoulders.

Mike smiled, thinking she was still playing a game, “How can I kiss those lips, if you don’t remove the veil?”

“Close your eyes.”

Mike did as instructed, and a suddenly felt her warm tongue parting his lips. Their tongues shared a short dance, and far too soon, she’d pulled her silky lips away from his.

When Mike opened his eyes, he was sitting on the couch, alone. He was still naked, but there was no sign of the genie. He looked around the house, confused, but couldn’t find her. Then he opened the front door and caught a chilly breeze blow past his bare skin. From the darkness something fluttered past him. Resting at his feet was a translucent purple veil. He closed the door, locked up for the night, and began his wait for next Halloween.

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