Guys’ Night Out


What could make guys night out better than it already is? How about the company of a delightful woman at the bar?

The guys in my neighborhood go out once a month-it’s been a thing for years. On the first Thursday, there are between 3 and 12 guys having a few beers, shooting pool, or playing poker at pushed-together tables. I’ve been doing this since we were the new couple on the street four years ago. Some of these guys are nodding acquaintances, and some are close friends.

Last month, attendance was pretty low. It was cold and rainy, and the email exchange was full of “I’m busy” and “Sorry guys.” I wasn’t excited, but I definitely didn’t want to stay home that night-my wife was tied up with family stuff, and the kids were on their phones as soon as dinner was over. Once I got there, I was glad to be out, but there were only three of us. We had a drink, but none of us were particularly close, and it seemed like a perfunctory meeting. There were only a few other customers there, and no good games on the TVs over the bar. After one slow Guinness, we all sort of drifted over to the bar to settle up. The other guys headed out, and I waited for my credit card receipt-having no cash is usually a problem, but it worked out well that night!

As I waited, I gave one of the women sitting at the bar a small, non-predatory smile. She was drinking Guinness as well, which I always find appealing in a woman. Her two friends were putting on coats, but she didn’t look ready to go-there was still half a pint in her glass. Her body was appealingly trim in soft boots, comfortable jeans, and a dark blouse. Her shoulder-length hair was brown, but the bar lights showed red highlights as well. I was admiring her smooth, lightly tanned skin and the dark eyes when she turned my way, catching me off guard. She knew I was checking her out, but seemed to appreciate the polite attention.

“Everybody’s ready to go except us, huh?” she asked.

I nodded and said something senseless about the rain. When my credit card slip came, I signed it, folded it into my wallet, left the few dollar bills I had on the bar, checked my phone, and then turned to go. I didn’t make it very far. Standing just outside the door was the Guinness-drinking brunette, smoking a cigarette and holding onto her glass. Her friends were gone, clacking down the street with quick steps before they vanished into the parking lot next door.

As I zipped my jacket and glanced up and down the rainy street, I heard her speak again.

“Want another? They left before I was finished-you can keep me company.”

Thoughts raced through my head. In no particular order, they included “Hell yes, I want another beer,” “I would love to fuck you right here,” “How late can I stay out?” and “Did she really just say that?” Without too much pause, I smiled and unzipped my jacket. I fished out a cigarette and lit up to keep her company.

Her body relaxed when I did that, and I realized she was a little nervous about asking me. That made two of us, so a drink sounded like a good idea.

“I’m Karen,” she said.

“I’m Steve. We took a few more drags, then I held the door for her and followed her inside. She had a twenty out already and ordered two Guinness before I could say a word. As the bartender poured and we watched them cascade slowly, Karen and I didn’t say much. She paid, and grabbed both glasses. Instead of resuming her seat at the bar, she smiled and nodded toward a quieter booth away from the bar. We slid in facing each other, smiled awkwardly again, and then clinked our glasses together.

“Cheers,” she said.

We chatted for a few minutes-I explained the guys’ night out thing, and she told me the two who left were work friends who didn’t live nearby.

Then she went quiet for a moment and said, “Thanks for staying.”

“Thanks for asking me to,” I replied.

“Why did you?” she asked. “You’re out with the guys, you’re married, they left, and you stayed to have a drink with some woman who asked you at the last minute. Why is that?”

I wasn’t expecting that kind of directness, but I found myself smiling. I told her as honestly as I could (with a grin) about all the thoughts that ran through my head back outside the door.

She laughed. “Guys are amazing,” she said, shaking her head. “You wanted to fuck me right away after three words and a smile?”

For once, my brain was working quickly, and I had a come-back ready: “Women are amazing, too. You want the same thing, and that’s why you asked me to stay and have a drink, right?”

I tried not to sound cocky-forgive the pun-but I suspected I was on the right track with this idea!

She almost blushed, but covered it up with a smirk Her eyes, though, stayed locked onto mine and she said, “Well, you got me there.”

After a moment more, she regained the initiative by saying, “So let’s go…I’m pretty sure you have to be home by midnight or wifey will think you’re up to something!”

“Where to?” was all I said to that. Tacit admission of guilt, check. Still gonna do it? Check.

We escort bayan drained our pints, stood up, and put our jackets on.

“I live one building down-I just got an apartment on the top floor,” she told me.

I don’t know why I wasn’t more hesitant, but ever since I turned and went back in the bar, I was only imagining her soft lips against mine-no flashes of my wife or kids or anything else, just enough to be practical about it and plan to get home on time.

I opened the door for her and she took my arm, guiding me to the right and into a well-lit entrance. We stayed close to the buildings to avoid the rain and ducked into the vestibule without incident. There was no name on the buzzer yet. The elevator was small but efficient, and as soon as its doors closed, she turned her face up to mine. Before we reached 3, our first kiss was well underway, and I felt her body against mine. The ding broke the spell, and we got out, headed down the hall a few steps, and she paused to fish out her key and unlock the door.

The lock clicked, but Karen turned to me before she fully opened the door.

“You’re not some axe-murderer posing as a horny married man, are you?”

“Nope. I never use an axe. Too messy.”

“Fair enough,” she answered with a quick smile.

I followed her in and we hung our jackets behind the front door. I looked around as she flipped on a light. Short hallway, shadowy living room ahead, all simply furnished and neat. Like Karen herself, the apartment was tasteful and no-nonsense.

In the living room, Karen turned on one small lamp to cut through the gloom. She turned toward me then, caught my hand, and pulled me close. Her face was suddenly serious.

“So, Married Guy Steve-I have a question for you!”

“Fire away,” I responded.

“We both know why we’re here, but I have this whole fantasy playing out in my mind right now. But first, I have to ask you a question.”


“Have you ever done this before?”

“Nope. I think every married guy has fantasies, but I never have had the opportunity.”

“So obviously you would, given the right opportunity…since you’re here!”


“What if we pretend that I’m not some horny woman who’s new in town?”

“OK…so who are you?”

“I’m the high-priced escort you called because your friends left. This is just an apartment I used to see my clients.”

“How much am I spending?” I said with a smile.

“A thousand dollars sounds about right. Since you have to get home, though, I’ll knock it down to an imaginary five hundred, okay?”

“That’s very reasonable of you,” I told her, smirking. “What do I get for $500?”

“Anything you want.”

“In that case,” I said, “I want everything I can get before I have to leave. And I want you to talk a little dirty while we’re at it!”

Karen laughed happily: “Sounds like you’ve thought this one out!”

I had to laugh, too. “Just trying to find the opposite of my real life.”

I think she understood as clearly as I did that marriage consists of routines, and even if they are happy and comfortable, change is a powerful aphrodisiac. Her words and actions that night certainly showed her awareness.

“Can I get you anything before we get started?” she asked in a businesslike way.

“I’d love a bottle of water…”

Karen spun quickly into the kitchen, and I saw the light wash along the wall as she opened the fridge. Then the light blinked out and I heard a rustle of clothing. After a moment, she appeared back in the soft light of the living room, but God what a difference!

The jeans and boots were gone, and the dark blouse fell softly to the tops of her thighs. Her hair looked a little tousled, and there was a smoky, sexy look in her eyes that I hadn’t seen before. She held a bottle of water in each hand, but I had forgotten all about that in the face of such an abrupt and spectacular change. She stopped for a second next to a speaker and clicked a button-soft music I couldn’t identify floated out, filling the room with a catchy beat.

“Drink some water, Steve…you’re going to need it!” she said in a low voice.

Obediently, I took a bottle from her hand and cracked the top open, taking several gulps to soothe my suddenly dry mouth. Karen took it back and put it next to hers on the coffee table. Then she stepped closer to me and put one hand on my chest while the other grasped my arm. The top three buttons of her blouse were open, and I glanced admiringly at the shadowy cleavage revealed behind them.

“I’m all yours, tonight, Steve…and I’m going to drive you crazy! But first…”

Her hands made quick work of unbuttoning my shirt, then moved to the waistline of my jeans. She slid the belt buckle open and popped the button, but stopped there. Then she flowed forward toward me and her breasts nudged my bare chest. My arms wrapped around her as our lips met, and her kiss almost took my breath away-she tasted sweet and fresh, and her tongue darted delightfully from the start. tuzla genç escort Her thigh nudged between mine so that her hip was nudging my growing erection, and I could feel the heat of her pussy on my thigh as she moved sensuously against me.

Just when I was about to grab her delightful ass, Karen took charge again. She stepped back a half step, smiling wickedly. She pulled my hands in front of her and then pushed, rocking me back toward the dark leather sofa. It hit just behind my knees, and I folded myself down onto the firm cushions.

Standing over me, Karen was backlit by the lamp across the room. Her body swayed to the music playing softly from across the room. Looking directly into my eyes, she ran her fingers through her tousled hair, then down her face, her neck, and along the closure of her blouse. At the hemline, she bent over slightly to let her fingers travel all the way down to her knees, then reversed course. Up her thighs, this time tugging the blouse along with her thumbs. When she reached her hips, I could see the light glancing off dark, silky panties as they came into sight. She held her hands just below her waist and moved with the music, her lower body moving in a hypnotic rhythm. I couldn’t figure out where to look-my eyes jumped from her swinging hips to the dark panties, then up to enjoy the subtle movements of her breasts as they moved inside her blouse, then on to the sexy, intent look her face and the tendrils of hair that brushed across it occasionally. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sexier sight.

I was so wrapped up in the private show that I almost didn’t notice her hands move. They slid up from her hips to her waist, then in across her body, squeezing her breasts together to create a dark line of cleavage in the shadow of her open blouse. Her fingers began to open buttons starting at the top. Each one revealed a little more of her beautiful torso, and my gaze locked onto this new territory as it came into view. I noticed in passing the dark line of her bra, and the ripple of her abdominal muscles as she continued to dance. When the last button came undone, her blouse fell loosely apart, and I could see almost all of her in the soft light.

Karen stood straight again and let her arms fall backward. The blouse slid down her arms and fell to the floor. For a moment, she swayed above me like a vision, covered only by the dark satin of what I could now see were matching lingerie. Her breasts were not large, but filled each cup perfectly, allowing a glint of paler skin as she moved. Her panties were cut high on each leg, creating a line that drew my gaze down from her hips, across her belly, and on to the dark patch of fabric below. I wanted to reach for her, but this was her show, and I was still.

“Do you want to touch me, Steve?” came her soft voice, responding to my unspoken desire. “You can soon…I want to feel your hands all over me. I want to feel you holding my breasts…”

Her hands matched her words and came up to cup each swaying treasure. Then she gracefully unsnapped the front clasp and opened her bra, turning her body to free the straps one at a time. My eyes drank in the sight of each perfect breast, each dark pink aureola capped by a small, hard nipple.

“And I want to feel your hands on my ass,” she said, sliding hers down her waist and hips.

“And I want to feel you touching my pussy, Steve…I want you to grab me and feel how wet I am for you, and I want your fingers inside me!”

As she said this, her hands came together across her mound, and I could see her curling her fingers upward to squeeze against her pussy. I was aching again to reach out and grab her, to let my fingers take the place of hers and feel that soft, damp heat…

“Do you want that, Steve? Do you want to feel my pussy? It’s yours tonight…you paid for it!”

I grinned in response, and Karen hooked her thumbs in her waistband. Slowly, teasingly, she slid them down an inch or two, giving me a glimpse of the dark curls they concealed. For a brief second, I thought she was going to stop and tease me some more, but to my relief, she kept pushing them down and when they passed her thighs, they fell to the floor at her feet.

Karen was standing over me still, stark naked in her living room. She let me enjoy the full picture for a few seconds, then reached down and cupped her hand over her opening once more. My eyes were glued to that spot, and because of the angle, I could see her middle finger slide between her lips and then dip into her pussy-once, twice, three times. After that, she raised her hand to her lips and they wrapped around the glistening digit. Her eyes closed in pleasure as she tasted herself-I could see her cheeks hollow as she sucked and licked herself clean.

“God, Steve,” she said in a sultry voice. “I may not be an expert, but I think I taste delicious. Do you want to taste me?”

“Hell yes!” I said with some force.

I’m not sure what I expected, but Karen’s next move was amazing. She stepped forward and put one foot on the couch beside me. tuzla kendi evi olan escort She swung her knee to the side and ran her fingers through the neatly trimmed curls on her mound, then moved down and held herself open for me.

“Lick my pussy, Steve…lick my pussy and suck my clit and make me come!”

I scooted forward a bit and Karen moved her leg over my shoulder, holding onto me for balance. I dipped my head and gave her one long lick from bottom to top, moaning softly as her sweet, tangy flavor filled my senses. With more urgency, I grabbed her ass with both hands and pulled her toward my tongue, driving it deep inside her over and over again.

“That’s it…” she moaned above me. “Fuck me with your tongue!”

Knowing just what she wanted now, I let my nose bump against her clit while my tongue jabbed between her labia and explored her deepest recesses. Her fingers twined in my hair and held me in place, and I could feel her body starting to shiver already.

I wanted to stretch this out, though-getting my imaginary money’s worth!-and so I stopped what I was doing. Karen groaned in displeasure and then gasped when I slid two fingers inside her. To add some serious stimulation, I had crossed my index and middle fingers, and the different thickness seemed to hit all the right spots as I pumped them in and out of her, rotating gently within her.

After giving her a chance to get used to this new development, I leaned back in. My tongue passed lightly across her clit and she gasped again, thrusting her hips toward me. I decided to finish her off quickly and so I zoned in tightly, sucking gently while I flicked my tongue repeatedly over her most sensitive spot.

Barely a minute later, Karen was humping my face frantically while I lashed mercilessly at her clit and drilled her with my fingers. She began a murmured crescendo of “yes…yes…yes!” and her fingers tightened in my hair, telling me she was close. I sucked as hard as I could, groaning with my desire to make her come, and I think the vibration of that sound was what did it.

One final “YES!” exploded from her mouth, and Karen’s orgasm raced outward from her clit to envelop every part of her. Her whole body spasmed, and I had to use my free hand to hold her upright. Her heel jabbed into my back as she tightened her leg around me. She grabbed my head and held me hard against her. Her stomach and legs twitched spasmodically, and her pussy clamped down in a fluttering rhythm around my probing fingers. I left her clit alone when her orgasm hit, but I licked everything I could reach, tasting a fresh outpouring of her nectar.

When she finally stopped shuddering, Karen removed her knee from my shoulder and sank down onto my lap. My arms went around her and she turned her lovely face up to mine, our lips meeting in a long kiss that let us share her taste back and forth as her body relaxed once again.

“That was so fucking amazing!” she said quietly against my lips. In the dim light, I could feel her smiling as she paused to make that statement and then came back in to kiss me again, putting both passion and gratitude into her wordless communication. I could have stayed like that forever, lost in the feeling of her naked form in my arms and her darting tongue playing with mine.

Karen began to disengage, however, and I could almost see her thought processes happening as she remembered where she was and what role she was playing that night.

“Now it’s my turn to make you feel good, Steve…are you ready for that? I’m here to do whatever you want, especially after you made me cum so hard!”

I nodded, and with one graceful motion, she slid off my lap and onto her knees between my legs. Her hands tugged once again at my jeans, and this time, she pulled them all the way off. My boxer briefs followed quickly, and while she was doing that, I shucked my shirt off and leaned back against the cool leather of the cushions.

Karen’s hand wrapped for the first time around my aching cock. Her fingers were cool on my shaft, and she used her thumb to delicately spread the copious precum around the head.

“I’m going to suck your cock, Steve…I’m going to suck your cock like your wife never does anymore. You don’t have to do anything…you just have to lay back and let me take care of you.”

I nodded dumbly, my mouth dry with anticipation.

“There’s only one thing, though…you have to decide where to cum. I don’t know if we have enough time to do both, so you can let me finish you off like this, or you can tell me that you want to fuck and I’ll climb into your lap and ride you until you cum inside me, okay?”

“I’ll let you know!” I said thickly.

Karen smiled at me, then lowered her eyes to her work. First, she took a tighter grip around the base of my cock, causing it to throb and harden even more. Her other hand came up to cradle my balls,and she began a gentle rolling motion there as well. Finally, she bowed her head and took just the tip into her mouth, sucking softly and letting her tongue swab the sensitive underside. After a moment, she tugged me down to a better angle and began to bob up and down slightly, taking in a bit more with each descent. All the while, she maintained a steady suction. At the top of each stroke, she swirled her tongue around once and then descended.

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