Good Morning


I awake just as I fell asleep with you cuddled beside me: your head on my chest and arm draped across my belly; my arms around your shoulders and our legs intertwined.

I lightly kiss the top of your head and reflect on last night. It was amazing: dinner, drinks, dancing and then home for some much needed fun.

I didnt intend to wake you with my kiss bit apparently I am your Prince Charming and you my Sleeping Beauty. You stir and begin lightly massaging and kissing my chest. My nipples arise to the occasion.

You feel my hand slide from your shoulder to the back of your neck. I grip the hair on the back of your head and pull your head back so I can kiss your mouth deeply. I continue kissing you…down your exposed neck…then on to the sides.

I slide out from under you and force you face down in the bed. I grab your hair again but this time I expose the back and sides of your neck. I straddle you. You can feel my manhood saddled between your soft cheeks.

I begin kissing and nibbling at your hairline…almost biting you. I continue down your spine…stopping fixbet at the base of your neck. I kiss and bite there…not hard..but hard enough to redden the skin.

I move on…sliding my body down…kissing down the spine to your tailbone…I kiss and bite a little harder here…actually hurts a little but you like it that way.

I shift from straddling your legs to kneeling between them.

I release your hair. You feel my hands glide down your back on either side of your spine. My strong fingers and thumbs working your muscles…down the back…then out across at your waist and onto your cheeks.

I part them and begin kissing between them. I stop over your tight hole and press my tongue to it. Lightly at first…massaging it with my tongue. Then I point my tongue and press into your ass. You feel my tongue slide inside you. You arch your back, lifting your beautiful, perfectly shaped ass and exposing yourself; allowing me to enter and probe deeper with my tongue.

You moan…I probe deeper. You feel my hands to explore fixbet giriş the rest of your body. They glide over your ass, down the outside of your thighs to your knees.

Then I massage the back side of your knees for a moment…and begin to caress the insides of your thighs as I bring my hand back up towards your pussy.

One hand goes back up and grabs your hair again…the other slides to your pussy.

I explore your clit with my strong fingers: it’s hard and ready. Your pussy is wet with anticipation. I use my fingers to massage your clit as I place my thumb against your lips. Not penetrating yet just applying pressure…massaging.

Your moans are louder now. My thumb slides inside you…you are so hot…so ready. Your back arches more making access even easier…so ready.

I shift and you feel my cock slide into you effortlessly…gracefully. The intended result of a little foreplay…a wet wanting pussy.

I slide deep inside you. You can feel my balls pressed against your clit. Then I slowly withdraw the full length of my shaft…leaving just the tip of the head in.

Slowly back in all the way…you feel me filling you. I pull on your hair to pull you onto my shaft. You feel my head against your cervix…I’m very deep.

I’m moving very slowly. Pulling back slow then penetrating deeply. Each thrust is just a little faster.

Your breathing changes…I’m can feel you rocking with my. Matching my rythm…faster and harder each time. You are close. Your moans are intense. Very sexy and what a lovely view I have.

You press back against me. Matching my rythm and force trying to take more of me into you…even though there is no more to be had.

You shudder as the orgasm over takes you…like waves breaking on the rocks…building then crash…I can feel your walls squeezing my cock.

My thrusts grow faster and harder…you feel me stiffen. I am nearing the edge myself. Then it happens you feel me spasm as I press deeper into you. Pulling your hair…bringing you to me…you feel my hot seed fill your eager pussy.

I collapse onto you for a moment, breathless. I slide off of you and onto my back. You cuddle up beside me just as we were when we woke.

I kiss the top of your head and whisper the first words of the day…good morning.

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