Good, Clean, Dirty Fun

Big Tits

I lather up my breasts with the shower puff, and billows of the coconut scented white bubbles camouflage my areoles and nipples. As I massage the fragrant foam into my skin with my hands, I allow my fingers to brush slowly over my breasts, teasingly. Playfully, I pinch and pull on my nipples, causing them to become erect, and my areola skin stiffens into goosebumps. The hot water rinses me clean.

I turn my attention to shaving. Methodically, I massage my body with a salt scrub, which softens away any rough areas – then I shave my legs, and underarms. My bikini area is shaved almost daily. I lather shaving cream all over. Careful to avoid nicks and cuts, I go slowly with my sharp 5-blade razor. Paying close attention to my labia, I part the lips gently with my hand and shave slowly in every direction to get any errant hairs or stubble. I run my fingers over the sensitive skin, brushing over my clit. I’m getting very turned on.

I love the way my pussy feels right after I shave. So soft, and bare, and clean. I rinse off the remaining shaving cream, and direct the water jets toward my clit and the sensitive areas around it. I enjoy the warm water massage spray from the hand-held shower – feeling like tiny tuzla escort fingers against my clit. I have no problem bringing myself quickly to climax. Today, I have the luxury of time, I brought in one of my waterproof toys. I lie back in the tub and really enjoy the combination of feeling of the vibrations and the water washing over me. I run it over my breasts and over my entire body. I slowly fuck myself, pushing my pink buzzing toy deep inside of me, gaining momentum until I explode with pleasure.

I rinse off my body, and wrap myself in a towel. As I begin massaging lotion all over my skin, I see your reflection in the mirror behind me. You are slowly stroking your hard cock.

You’d been watching me the entire time.

“Hi there.” I say to you. “Enjoy the show?”

“Understatement of the year” you reply as you continue to stroke yourself. “That was so hot watching you! You didn’t know I was here?”

“No, I didn’t hear you come in. I assume you found the spare key?” I asked.

You smile. “Yeah. I hope that’s okay. I was in town for lunch. I tried texting you and you didn’t reply. I figured I’d just stop by.”

You move behind me, releasing the towel which falls to the floor. Then you cup tuzla escort bayan my breasts in your hands, kissing my neck and nibbling my ear.

“I’ve missed you,” you whisper into my ear. “So very much.”

You wrap your arms around me press into my body. I can feel your stiff cock.

I watch our reflection in the mirror and watch you running your hands over me. You touch me all over. I shiver.

You grab my hand and pull me out of the room behind you.

“Come with me.” you order.

I oblige, and you grab my comforter off of the bed and tell me to lay on the floor in front of the mirrored closet doors.

I lay back and you dive enthusiastically between my legs. Your tongue seeks out my clit and makes me delirious with desire.

“Yes…I love it when you eat me.”

My eyes close in bliss. Then I remember the mirrors. I open them and watch you in the mirror while you go down on me. I am afforded the best view of you between my thighs. You lick me and slide your fingers inside me.

“Oh God, you are so wet!” you exclaim.

“You make me that way!” I say to you. “Please fuck me. I want it so bad!”

“You do?” You say with a wicked smile. You rub your rock hard escort tuzla shaft against my clit teasingly.

I arch my hips up toward you desperately. “Yes! Please! Fuck me!”

You continue to torture me with your game and finally plunge inside of my dripping pussy. I gasp at the pleasure of it.

Slowly, and controlled, you slide all the way inside of me pushing against my clit with your pelvis.

I want it so badly. “Fuck me hard, baby!”

You increase your tempo and I feel myself explode with climax.

“Yes, baby, come for me.” You encourage sweetly.

Wave after wave of pleasure wash over me. I cry out loudly, not caring if the neighbors are home for lunch to hear.

Wrapping my legs around you, I watch in the mirror as you drill into me over and over again.

“I want to be on top.” I whisper, breathless.

You smile and we roll over, still connected together. I straddle you and adjust my position. You rub my breasts and nibble them gently biting. I slowly ride you and grind my clit against you. I feel another wave of pleasure building. I come once more.

I start tightening my pussy around your cock. You go crazy. “Ooh! Yes! I’m going to come!”

I feel your release deep inside of me, filling me with hot cum. You make me feel so amazing.

I break the silence:

“So – wanna take a shower?”

We laugh and then you trail behind me into the bathroom…

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