Going Up


Just before the doors closed I caught the reflection in polished door frame and hit the button to stop the doors.

“Thanks very much,” she smiles with gratitude as she steps into the elevator and pushes the button.

I return a bright smile as the doors close. Actually, it was pure selfishness that motivated me in this case – a woman who can run in heels is always worth holding the elevator for. In my opinion at least.

These elevators accelerate quickly, which makes the slow start feel a little unusual. More so the audible “clunk” just about halfway up the building, bringing us to a standstill. Nothing more, just the silence of stillness. I roll my eyes in her direction and push the intercom button.

>Bzzzt< "Hello"

“We seem to be stuck in elevator number 3 – could you please check it out?”

>Bzzzt< "Yes just give us a moment, someone will be right there."

I turn towards her, noticing her impatience, “They’ve acted up before, but I haven’t heard of them getting stuck. Hopefully it will be just a moment.”

Sure enough, a moment later the elevator starts moving again, but slowly. Followed shortly by a sharp grinding noise and a much louder “clank”. And then the same silence.

“Oh no,” she exclaims, quickly pacing in small space. Pulling out her phone she sees the “No signal” display, then closes it again in exasperation.

>Bzzzt< "I'm sorry, it will be a while longer. The emergency stop engaged and we'll have to call in the service company."

“How long will that be,” I ask the panel.

>Bzzzt< "Hopefully less than an hour. Sometimes longer if they're slow to respond."

“Could you please call up to the nineteenth floor and tell them I’ll miss my meeting,” she says into the panel, giving her name.

>Bzzzt< "Will do, and we hope to get you going as soon as possible."

She lets out a heavy sigh, leaning heavily against the wall.

“And that probably means I’ll miss my date after the meeting,” she says to no one in particular.

“So, that’s the reason for the nice shoes which got you into this mess in the first place.”

She looks down at her shoes, then me, puzzled.

“Well I wouldn’t have held the elevator if it weren’t for the sight of a beautiful woman running to catch it in sexy heels.”

She laughs at my remark, relaxing just a little bit, “So instead of impressing my date I caught the eye of a pleasant fellow with a shoe fetish. I suppose it cold be worse.”

“It could be much worse – your lovely shoes might have gone unappreciated.”

“Is fixbet that so? And how would you suggest appreciating them?” With a coy smile she reaches out with her foot and rubs the sole of her shoe lightly against my leg.

“Well, in more pleasant surroundings I would have suggested over my shoulders,” trying my best to leer in a friendly way.

Looking down again to smooth her skirt and cover her blush she replies, “No, that wouldn’t be proper at all.”

“Practical is all I was worried about – trapped in an elevator with a beautiful woman, who has time to be proper?”

“You certainly have a point. And why should I deny you a chance to admire what turns your fancy?”

She smiles and lifts one foot up to the hand rail beside me, the other holding her skirt from riding too high up her thigh.

I step closer and demonstrate my admiration quite clearly, noting the lovely way her toes are outlined, the delicate straps creating quite an elegant profile, the line of the heel mirroring the line from her calf down to her ankle. As I draw my finger along her calf to demonstrate my point she wraps her legs around my waist and pulls me tight against her.

“Enough appreciation already, get to the point. Do they turn you on?”

I laugh at her wry humour, then answer with a kiss, first lightly on her lips, then feeling the passion returned I press my body tightly against hers, grab hold of her waist and kiss her much more intensely, our lips pressed tight, our tongues darting tentatively before entangling with the same hunger.

I stop for a moment, catching my breath, drinking in the sudden rush of lust. As I run my hands up and down her body, taking in the curves with my touch I whisper, “But there’s so much more to appreciate.”

By way of demonstrating I run my hands from her neck down her front, paying careful attention to the curve of her breasts, pausing ever so slightly at the touch of her nipple through her blouse. My kisses follow, my fingers slowly unbuttoning her blouse, reaching around to unfasten her bra, then cupping her breast in my hand before lightly kissing, teasing ever so lightly with my tongue.

Instead of continuing I stand up, look into her eyes and see a questioning expression, wondering why I’ve stopped. I kiss her again and then reach my arms around, lifting just high enough to perch on the handrail. She catches on immediately, wrapping her legs around my waist, pulling her blouse open wider before wrapping her arms around my neck, pulling my head fixbet giriş back to her breast.

I take her breast into my open mouth, letting my tongue play across and around her nipple, enjoying the feel of her holding me tighter with each lick. Concentrating on her nipple, I close my lips around it, my tongue flicking quickly over the top. As her excitement grows I start to tease it against my teeth, rubbing with my tongue, switching back and forth between lips and teeth, now and then swirling my tongue around and around. Her other breast needs attention too, but the build-up is much quicker, her breathing much heavier as I lick, tease and bite just a little until she moans out load, her body quivering in my arms.

I slowly lower her back to her feet, then step back a moment to look closely, holding her hands at arms length. Her blouse wide open, her hair somewhat wild from my hands running through it, her skirt riding high up her thighs.

“I’ve never seen a sexier sight in an elevator,” I say with a broad, lustful smile.

I come back close, pressing her against the wall, kissing passionately as I run my hands up and down her body. Kneeling down on one knee, I reach up under her skirt and slip her panties down to her ankles, allowing her to step out with one foot. Before I slip them over the other I run my fingers once more along the straps of her shoe.

“Oh no you don’t! Remember they’re best admired over your shoulders.”

She lifts her leg up over my shoulder, panties still dangling from her ankle. Reaching up under her skirt again I close my hands around her behind, squeezing as I place the first kiss on her lips. Her sex is wet with excitement as I begin to drink it in with my tongue, her fingers running through my hair, holding my face tight against her thighs while I lick, kiss and please. Holding her clit between my lips I lick lightly and quickly, listening to her moan with the pleasure, squirm with anticipation of more excitement still.

I stand up, kiss again, hold her tight against me, pressing my desire into hers. Whispering into her ears, “Those heels make me want to turn you around and fuck you from behind, holding your ass while you grab the rail, watching you bend over while I reach around to squeeze your breasts.”

Her hands start fumbling with my pants, opening them, pulling them down to my knees.

“Oh yes, please, please.”

I step out of my pants and toss them in the corner, turn her around and place her hands on the rail. As she bends over I run my hands over her back, then reach around to fondle her breasts. As I start rolling her nipples between my fingers I press my hard cock against her, pushing between her thighs. As she spreads her legs, bending just a little lower, I reach down and rub myself along her lips, spreading her wetness, feeling her slippery sex, her shudders as I rub myself back and forth. Then I plunge deep inside, her hands gripping the rail tightly as I push my hips hard against her. She squeezes me tightly as my hips press against her ass, moaning again out loud.

I build up a rhythm, hold her behind as I thrust my hips, reach around to tease her breasts as they swing in time, catching her eye in the mirrored wall as yoherur pleasure builds. When she comes her voice echoes through small space, she squeezes me tight and presses her hips back against mine, slowly savouring the waves of pleasure.

I slip out from her and guide her back to the corner, lift her foot up to the rail and then slip back inside her, our tongues dancing once more as we kiss and slowly fuck one another some more. I lift her arm, bringing her breast within reach of my tongue. Slowly grinding my hips against her as I lick and suck her nipple, a slower tempo now, but speeding up as her breathing quickens, as our excitement grows. Letting go of her breast as I start moving at a frantic pace, grabbing her behind again as I thrust quicker and quicker. Feeling her tighten, watching the pleasure build in her face until I bellow out my pleasure, coming inside her and setting off her own orgasm, our voices mingling as we collapse in each others arms.

>Bzzzt< "The repair crew arrived – they've just about got you out of there. Everything all right?"

“Doing just fine thanks. Will be glad to get going.” I answer to the panel.

We quickly scramble to pull our clothes back on, feeling the elevator move just as she’s trying to slip her panties over her heels.

I grab them from her just as the elevator door opens on the main floor, both our faces still flush from pleasure.

“It was rather warm in there,” I say as we step out, closing my hands behind my back to hide the black lace.

“Sorry bout the delay,” the security guard says as we brush past, not wanting anyone to look too closely at our dishevelled appearance.

Out in the lobby I whisper to yoheru, “Going anywhere, sexy? Can I give you a lift?”

“Sure, I can think of a few places I’d like to spend some more time.”

“No sense going back to work at this point. And I really don’t think your date would have shown appropriate appreciation of your shoes.”

“And I do need those panties back eventually. But no rush…” she answers with a smile as we head off to the parking lot.

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