Glad You’re Home


Chaz had to work late and as always he was considerate enough to call the little woman to say don’t wait on dinner. She loved him for his thoughtfulness. She fed the kids then made a special plate for him for when he got home. After helping with homework the kids were shuffled off to bed.

The kitchen was cleaned; the house was quiet now, so she decided to take a relaxing bubble bath. Running the water, sprinkling in bath salts, her thoughts drifted back to the days when she and Chaz had first met. Those were sexually adventurous times. How she wished they could return to those days.

Erotic memories filled her thoughts; her womanhood was twitching as she eased her naked flesh beneath the blanket of bursting bubbles. Her ample breasts were floating as she eased back against the cold porcelain. “UUHhhnnnnn.” She groaned as her nipples jumped to erection. Slowly she smoothed her hands over both breasts caressing them the way Chaz does when he makes love to her. Capturing the hard buds between forefingers and thumbs rolling them back and forth. She was reveling in the sweet tingling sensations surging down to her submerged womanhood.

“Ohhhh Honeyyyy.” She moaned softly. “How I wish you were here.”

She sighed as she slid a hand down her ribcage, her stomach, her abdomen, pressing through her waving fur. Cupping her mound as two fingers captured her protruding pearl, teasing…then scissoring back and forth before slipping inside her tight vagina. Her knees fell open, resting against the sides of the still cold porcelain causing her body to jump while fingers penetrated inside her.

With eyes closed, she imagined her honey’s hands sweetly assaulting her sex. Unconsciously she began undulating, feeling fingers pressing deeper and deeper inside her fiery canal. Her large areolas were crinkling as her nipples shot out like newborn buds! The water was sloshing from side to side; bubbles were exploding all around her. Her beautiful exposed body was covered in matadorbet tiny beads of moisture as fingers plummeted in and out of her openness. Pulling out she pinched her clit as her orgasm screamed through her sex. “Ahhhhhhhh…” she moaned as her pussy spasmed and contracted. Her body felt on fire as her legs jerked up above the blanket of bursting bubbles. She leaned forward bringing her bent legs to her throbbing breasts, wrapping her arms about her knees…she moaned his name over and over again as she rocked back and forth in the churning pool of effervescence, feeling the water surge in and out of her spent openness.

She sank back beneath the bubbles, gently caressing her arms and legs with a loufa while humming that special song they shared together. How very much she loved him. She was hoping he would come home safely and not be too tired to make love to her tonight.

Rising up from her watery tomb, she looked like an emerging angel covered in white fluffy bubbles. She giggled as she released the stopper in the drain. The echoing sound of suction drawing water down the drain sent tingles through her gooseflesh-covered body as she carefully stepped out of the tub. It reminded her of sounds her hubby makes as he feasts on her beautiful pussy. How she loved it when he nibbled on her, thrusting his stiff tongue deep inside her warm love canal. Her juices were welling already just thinking about how wonderful he made her feel.

Gently she dried herself off and sprayed his favorite perfume about her shoulders before slipping into a sexy red negligee”.

After lighting a scented candle, she reached for her romance novel and nestled into her comfy recliner. Flipping the switch, gentle vibrations were soon traveling up and down her sprawled out body. Reading through chapter after chapter she felt something ignite in her loins. Her womanhood was jumping as she closed her eyes imagining Chaz to be the character in the just read pages. The book matadorbet giriş slipped out of her hands as her body began moving in a slow circular motion…

Her curvaceous hips were lifting up and down as Chaz quietly walked into the bedroom. He stood there in silence viewing the love of his life as she moaned softly. The tip of her tongue was sensually circling her lips. Her ample breasts were heaving; her nipples were hard erect buds protruding from beneath the satiny red cloth. Her scent of arousal was intoxicating.

He slowly peeled off his clothes as his eyes continued feasting on her beautiful undulating flesh.

Her negligee’ was inching up glistening thighs with every movement. Her sweet love nest was peeking out at him as he silently knelt down between her opening legs.

Gently he placed his hands on her lower thighs. She moaned softly arching her back off the recliner as her beautiful full breasts heaved outward.

Slowly he pressed his hands into her inner thighs gently spreading them open as he buried his face into her fluffy sweet smelling nest.

With eyes still closed, she moaned loudly, calling his name as she arched her pelvis up from her vibrating cocoon.

“Ohhhhhhh Honeyyyyy..” She moaned as he thrust his stiff tongue inside her wet canal.

She felt his throbbing organ pressed against her shins as he sweetly assaulted her pussy with his mouth. Her soft hands were cupped around his head drawing him tighter into her as her legs wiggled from side to side caressing his swelling organ.

He pulled back licking up her slit, teasing her clit with his nose before nibbling on it with his teeth.

She was rocking up and down; her legs were stroking his hard cock as he moved up her body. Sliding beneath the satin material as he kissed her furry mound…her abdomen…her stomach… while his hands were inching her satiny covering up over her head. Soon her big beautiful breasts were exposed to him as he kissed them while pulling himself up… straddling her, his knees wedged between her thighs and the recliner. His glistening cock was resting on her fluffy mound as he continued kissing her…. her chin. Her cheeks. Her eyes. Her lips! Their tongues intertwined, as she tasted her own sweet essence on his lips, in his mouth. Her sweet/musky scent was like incense emanating from his handsome coated face.

They moaned and groaned as she wrapped her arms about him drawing him into her, arching her pelvis up even more as he drew back. His manhood standing erect. With one thrust it found its mark piercing through her furry nest, penetrating inside her hot wet chamber!

Her walls collapsed around him capturing him deep inside. He felt the head of his cock buried behind her cervix, as her muscles tightened and released around his shaft in a euphoric rhythm. Their bodies were still as their sexes fused together in their own embrace. The sensations her contracting walls were affording him were intoxicating. He arched back, his mouth pulling away from hers. The urge to thrust overcame him as he began slowly pumping in. and almost out of her.

She opened her eyes, smiling up at him she whispered, “God, I love you Chaz.” As tears of joy trickled down her rosy cheeks.

“I love you too Sweetheart.” He said smiling down on her as the flickering candlelight illuminated her lovely face.

She arched up as he thrusted into her. Their moans were urgent as their sexes were throbbing for release.

“Oh Sweetheart!” He screamed out, “I’m going to cum!”

He leaned forward grinding the base of his torrenting cock into her swollen pulsating clit. “Sweetheart, cum with me.” He begged as he thrust into her with all his might.

“Ahhhhhh yessssss.” She sounded as her orgasm ripped through her. Her pussy was spasming around his emptying organ. The sensation of his hot seed filling her womb made her body quiver and tremble. She never felt so close to the man she loved as she did at that moment. Wrapping her arms around his back she drew him down on top of her, their sexes still joined as one.

“Honey I love you.” She whispered. “Glad you’re home safe.”

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