Gifted Ch. 02: What the Dr. Ordered


Chapter 2: What The Doctor Ordered

I lay on my bed in the cool light of the rising sun, absent-mindedly playing with my dick. I started at the base, hands completely inadequate for the task of encircling its insane thickness. Then I slowly ran my hand up the length of my mind-boggling shaft, having to stretch my back in order to reach the tip. My eyes were wide and my jaw was agape. It had been eight hours since that life-altering blowjob where Olivia had sucked eight inches more out of my dick and I still couldn’t believe it. I closed my eyes and pictured the events of last night again- dancing with Olivia on the dance floor, bringing her home, blasting an obscene amount of semen all over her. I wrapped both my hands around the head of my erection. It was heavy, pulsating, red. It looked angry. I shivered in pleasure. I had never seen, never a dick this big.

I dropped my penis and felt its significant weight falling for a moment, before it stopped. Rigid and powerful, my dick stood proud like a monument, stretching a full foot from my unassuming figure. I rolled my balls around in my hands. Each one was as big as my fist, as ripe as a piece of fruit. I could almost hear the cum sloshing around inside them. I sighed in satisfaction.

Yesterday I was a pretty normal guy. I’d had sex only once and no party involved had enjoyed it. My body was so ordinary it was boring, like a song you’d heard on the radio a million times. But now I had the dick that pornstars would fantasise about and an ejaculate quantity you could paint a wall with in three loads. I couldn’t fucking beleive it.

I got off the bed. Napoleon would be home really soon and I couldn’t let him see me like this. Not yet. He’d have too many questions and I honestly didn’t have the slightest idea how to answer them. I threw on a Hawaain shirt and some chino shorts, angling my flaccid cock so that it didn’t poke out through the leg holes. I splashed some water on my face.

Three quick rasps suddenly struck the door before it swung open. “I hope you’re not jerking off in here!” Nap shouted boorishly as he entered the room, the knock rendered pointless. Actually, he’d missed me jerking off by about five minutes.

“Well, well, well,” I laughed, “Late night for you buddy. How’d you go with Debbie?”

Napoleon lay down on his bed, arms behind his head and a content smile on his face. I scanned his wall quickly, hoping I’d scourged all the jizz I’d sprayed over his side of the room. I think I was in the clear. “She took me home! Not…like that. I don’t know, I was pretty drunk but at the end of the party I went back to her house and… and well I woke up on the couch this morning. But that’s promising right? Like, she obviously wanted me to stay over, I just overdid it on the drinks I guess.” He sat right up. “Oh and shit, I didn’t tell you the best bit! I saw Debbie in her underwear this morning! She was just straight up walking around in her thong and her ass is fucking huge! Like I knew it was big, man but it is incredible. And not a single stretch mark”.

“Fuck yeah, dude” I said. I felt a little detached from this information, I must admit. Nap’s asinine night of staying on a girls couch and seeing her butt seemed childish and mundane after my experiences the night before. Although I did feel my big dick twitch a little bit as I conjured a mental image of Debbie’s remarkable ass. I wondered how’d she’d like look bouncing on my cock-No Robbie, not a healthy channel of thought. “I’m so jealous of you!” I said.

“Hey enough about me,” he said, swinging his legs off the bed. “How’d you go last night? Obviously you left with Olivia, what happened? Was she a freak?” He laughed.

“Oh,” I said. “She was okay. We hooked up a little bit. She gave me a blowjob. We cuddled for a bit.” That was the truth I suppose. I just omitted one enormous detail that was currently hanging between my legs. “She was nice.”

“Yes my man!” he held his hand up for a high five. I relented. “She was there this morning and she definitely seemed suspect before she left to go home. I knew something had happened between the two of you. Look at us dude, things are finally going to change around here, I can feel it.”

I had a feeling things might be right.

* * *

There were a few things that worried me about the sudden developments from the night before. I was a pretty scientific man at heart, and although there were twelve, long, thick and very real inches of meat between my legs that were hard to argue with, I knew that this kind of thing couldn’t be good for my body. That extra mass had to come from somewhere right? And all the veins, erectile tissue, skin that had just appeared in a couple of minutes? There had to be consequences for that.

It was this line of thinking that had me sitting on the campus bus, headphones playing The Killers atmospherically as I stared out the window. My university was huge and sprawling, eco-consciously built. It required a bus to realistically get anywhere fast and luckily one came every fifteen minutes. I was on my way to the health kaynarca escort centre, a couple bland offices in the administration building that I assumed mostly dealt with STD’s and vitamin deficiencies. I’d never been but I thought having a doctor examine me might help put my mind at ease.

That’s not to say I wasn’t terrified about having a doctor give me a physical. As of this moment, less than five people had seen me naked and I wasn’t exactly comfortable in my skin. I was used to flying under the radar and very much wanted to continue doing so. But doctors are professional right? They see people naked all the time. They see dicks all the time. Hell, they see big dicks all the time too. I just needed someone to give my cock a look and tell me I didn’t have cock cancer now or something. I knew I’d never be at peace until I had that all clear.

I looked out the window as the brick buildings of my university zoomed by. It was Sunday morning and there wasn’t much going on today. A lot of sunglasses and heavy heads. We went by the pool. I thought about sunbaking, my huge cock unmissable in tiny trunks. I thought about all the girls who might see me. My dick lurched a little. I shook my head.

“Think about something else Robbie” I thought, “Or this will be one awkward check up.”

I pulled my eyess back inside the bus. There were only two passengers today, me and a tiny brunette woman sitting at the front of the bus. I’d seen her a few times, I think her name was Maxine. All of five foot two, brown hair, cute face. A real girl next door type. I’m sure she was uber Christian, one of those hardcore denominations-Jehava’s maybe? Very quiet. I started imagining walking over to her, kissing her thin lips. My dick crept even further down my pant leg. “Calm the fuck down man”. I pulled out my phone and just scrolled aimlessly through the news, letting my dick relax for a second.

Maxine left the bus at D block. I got off five minutes later.

I walked into the health centre and spoke to the lady behind the counter. Thank God, she was a mature woman, a bit on the plumper side, thin hair and an unsightly mole on her face. I couldn’t handle another attractive woman right now, my new dick didn’t need much coaxing. I flashed my student ID, filled out a form and sat down. The waiting room was simple, a couple chairs inhabited by some sorry looking individuals who had taken a bit far during last night’s festivities. The room smelt sterile, clean and chemical. There was a poster on the wall, a scene from one of the national parks. An overhead TV displayed a rotating apology, imploring the viewer to switch to HDMI1.

I waited. My dick felt heavy, like it didn’t want me to forget it was there. As if I could. I was hyper-aware of my giant balls, could feel them crammed into my underwear against my thick snake. I tried to think of all sorts of mundane things to keep myself soft: stats class, my grandpa’s lectures about the golden age of American baseball. I managed to keep the Leviathan at bay.

“Mr. Robert Newland?” called a warm female voice. Oh fuck.

I looked over towards the source. There was a young woman standing in the doorway, reading from a clipboard. She had flawless tanned skin, in a way that cast her ethnicity into ambiguity. Her hair was shoulder-length and styled very professionally, framing her face. She had thin lips, a wide smile that showcased her perfect teeth. A tiny beauty spot sat just below the corner of her mouth. I gulped and stood. She acknowledged me as I approached.

“Hi Mr. Newland” she said and shook my hand enthusiastically. “My name is Doctor Poulton.” As I came closer I noticed that she was taller than me, maybe a little over six foot. She was wearing a labcoat and dark slacks. Dr. Poulton was slim and radiated enthusiasm. I noticed to my horror that she had shapely thighs and the promise of impressive breasts underneath her shirt. I felt my newly reshaped cock shift for the umpteenth time today.

“Oh hey” I stared straight at the floor. She was unperturbed by my awkwardness and asked me to follow her down the hallway and through a door emblazoned with her name. I followed, trying to keep myself from looking at her round, pumpkin ass. I was in trouble.

Dr. Poulton’s office looked like every other medical practice I had ever been inside. It was lit by those rectangular halogen lights and its floors were covered by uninspired linoleum strips. The walls were blue and bare aside from a poster about sun safety and a diagram of the . There was a wooden desk in the centre of the room, a filing cabinet standing to attention beside it, and a steel, raised bed with blue padding tucked into the corner. Dr. Poulton directed me into a simple chair as she herself took one behind her desk. She studied her clipboard for a second and beamed that smile back in my direction.

“So, Mr. Newland. You’ve come in for a general check up?” she folded her hands on the desk in front of her.

“Uh-yeah!” I said, looking into her green eyes. “Uh-I’ve just been feeling a bit…bleh”.

“College orhanlı escort life will do that to you!” she laughed. “I can definitely help you out today. So I’ll just collect some information on you and we’ll move onto the physical component. Are you a smoker?”

“No” I said truthfully.

“Good man. Okay, do you drink?”

“A little. Some beers. Some whiskey. Not too often”.

“Great. Very classy!” She laughed. “Okay, do you exercise?”

“I like to go on runs, I guess. Maybe twice a week. I could probably do more.”

“Couldn’t we all. Okay, are you sexually active?”

I looked at her lips. God, I’d love to just –

“NO!” I almost yelled. Dr. Poulson looked amused. “I mean, yes! Sometimes. Sort of -“

“Okay, I’m just going to put ‘yes’ here.” I wish she’d stop fucking smiling at me like that. I felt my dick jerk forward, unwinding in its cotton prison. Dr. Poulson ticked a few boxes, crossed out some more, and made some notes.

“Okay Dr. Newtown. Robert. I’ll just get you to take off your shirt and I’ll check a few of your vitals.”

I complied. The doctor took her lab coat off and put on some latex gloves. Beneath her lab coat she was wearing a dark blue dress short. Very soon, this beautiful woman had her hands on me, recording my blood pressure, pressing a cold stethoscope onto my chest. That one actually helped me with my problem. She recorded my height, my weight. She sat me on the bed to the last couple of tests. I thought maybe I could get out of here without having to show this woman my penis. I’d come back later, get a fat, old, male doctor and ask him what he thought.

“Something’s on your mind Robet.” Dr Poulson said suddenly. I snapped out of my thoughts and looked into her eyes again.

“Oh, uh.” My throat was dry. My balls felt like bowling balls. Fuck it Robbie, just be a normal human being. “I guess I came in today because-” I wasn’t sure how to start this.

“I’m a doctor, Robert. I’m a doctor who works at the health centre at a college. I have seen it all and then I’ve seen more. You can tell me whatever’s going on.”

“I’ve grown.” I said and suddenly it was out in the universe.

“You’ve grown?” She studied me curiously. “Well, it’s not uncommon for a young man to keep growing into his twenties. I don’t think it’s anything to worry about. Hormones are a tricky thi-“

“My penis has grown.” My cheeks were burning red. I looked straight down at my feet.

“Okay. Well that’s not the most outlandish thing either. Your body is still going through some changes and they’re not necessarily a reason to stress out.” She paused. “Obviously if you’re concerned enough to come in for a check up though, we need to have a look at your genitals”.

I looked back at her. She could see the panic in my eyes and she laughed.

“Get ’em off mister!” she laughed.

I stood up. I was sweating up a storm. I could feel the thick snake of my penis stretching already. It was half-firm already and yearning for freedom. I took my eyes off this beautiful doctor and unbuttoned my pants. I pulled them down, my underpants as well and let my penis out into the world.

“Good man. I’ll just have to loo-” Dr. Poulson stopped like she’d been hit. I heard her exhale the contents of her lungs in one, husky breath. Her eyes widened as they landed on my cock. “Oh.”

My penis wasn’t hard but it wasn’t soft. It hung half-way down to my knee and swung subtly in the cold air of the doctors office. It felt bizarre, like it was dragging me into the building’s basement. I was a freak. My blush intensified.

“Well, Robert,” she said carefully. “Your penis is certainly…big. I mean, in the higher percentile for length and thickness. You say that it’s gotten bigger?”

“Yes.” I said, “A lot bigger.”

Dr. Poulson said nothing and just continued to stare. Her nipples made slight indentations in her shirt. I felt my penis stretching, growing. No! Panicking, I tried to cover its increasing length with my hands but they were woefully too small to do the job. My cock reached its full, incredible erection and I was powerful to stop it. It seemed to bridge the distance between Dr. Poulson and I. It was so close now she could touch it. I’m sure she could feel its heat.

“I’M SO SORRY!” I yelled. “Its just you’re really attractive and I don’t know how to control this thing and I should just stop talking.”

Dr. Poulson closed her eyes for a second and shook her head. “It’s fine…Mr. Newland. I’m a medical professional. This is a perfectly natural function of the human body.” She carefully put a hand on my throbbing cock. I caught a moan before it could escape from my mouth. “Of course, I will need to complete my examination.”

She rang her hand down the shaft of my erect penis. Was this normal? Of course, she’d have to touch my penis to see if it was normal. I don’t know what I had expected. My balls were boiling.

“This penis is well-above the statistical average in size, weight and thickness. It appears to be biologically normal tepeören escort aside from the obviously increased dimensions. Have you always been so well-endowed?” She asked me. She continued to slowly jerk me off with incredible care. I avoided eye contact with her to avoid ejaculating.

“N-No. Its only been this big for a few hours, Dr. Poulson.”


“What?” I spluttered.

“I’d prefer if you called me Emma. Its very unusual to experience such growth in such a small amount of time. I can’t think of anything that would produce such an…impressive…effect on a man. Can you think of anything out of the ordinary that you did leading up to this growth?”

“Aside from shoving my dick into a self-proclaimed witch’s throat?” I thought to myself. “No” I said. My cock was burning now. I could almost hear the copious amount of semen formulating in my balls.

“Simply remarkable, Robert.”

“Robbie,” I corrected her. “You need to stop doing that or I think I’m going to…um…finish”.

She looked at her hand, still stroking my cock up and down with a deliberate rhythm. She studied it like you would a peculiar insect in a jar, as if it wasn’t her own hand. “Oh I’m dreadfully sorry Robbie! How…unprofessional.”

Suddenly, Emma opened her mouth as wide as it would go and squeezed my throbbing cockhead inside. My eyes shot open and I moaned loudly as I felt the unexpected warmth of her mouth. I couldn’t help it. It was… I was..

“I’m cumming!” I yelled. I felt the machinations of my body moving to orgasm. My balls tightened. Warmth shot up the length of my pole. I could almost see the first explosion of cum travelling through my cock and into the doctor’s waiting mouth. The first splash filled Emma’s mouth completely and she swallowed as much as she could. Thick, white cum fell passed her lips, splattering her pants and pooling on the floor. Her eyes looked panicky. I grabbed her hair and pulled her further down my cock as I felt the second wave of my orgasm. I was fucking Doctor Paulson’s throat and I spewed enough cum for twenty loads into her.

I finished cumming and withdrew my cock from her mouth. The doctor took a huge breath and fell backwards in the cum that had created a puddle below her. “Robbie!” she gasped. “I am so sorry, I don’t know what came over me.”

I smiled awkwardly and gestured at her, clothes completely covered in semen, face smeared with the aftermath of my ejaculation. She laughed. “Well, actually, I know exactly what came over me. Holy shit.”

“I didn’t mean to-” I started but she quickly moved towards me. My cock had not deflated a centimetre. She took both hands to it, milking me expertly as her lips met mine. Emma tasted and smelled unmistakably like semen. But it was my semen so I didn’t care. I kissed her back passionately, moaning into her mouth. I felt her body press into mine.

Suddenly, I was undoing her shirt buttons and pulling the navy coloured mess away from her. She was wearing a pragmatic black bra and her D cup breasts bounced into view. I rubbed my hands over her stomach, feeling her faint abs. I felt her tongue circling mine as I undid her pants and they fell to the floor.

“On the bed!” she pulled away and croaked, facing away from me. She held herself up with her face pushed into the padding and her round, brown ass upon in the air. I could see her pussy was already gushing. Without taking a second to think, I positioned myself behind her-angling my titanic cock at her entrance. I thrust forward.

“OH FUUUUCK” she cried out. My dick pushed against her vagina, looking obscenely gigantic. I pushed slowly, feeling her tightness until suddenly the head had slipped inside. “OH FUCK!” she cried out again, grabbing onto the bed frame.

I was fucking her. Actually fucking a woman. A doctor that I had met twenty minutes ago. And by all accounts, she was actually enjoying it. As my massive dick pistoned in and out of her, I could hear her cries of pleasure. I pushed deeper and deeper and deeper until suddenly, my hips were pressed against her and my whole dick had disappeared. I reached back and slapped her hard on her ass. Her flesh wobbled and shook.

“OH ROBERT!” she cried. “FUCK ME”.

I went ballistic. I was fucking her like a man possessed. She was so tight. So warm. Her moans were getting louder, her breathing closer together. “Oh fuck Robert. Oh fuck, oh fuck, OH FUCK!”. Her legs began to shake and she slumped forward. “OH FUCKKK! I’m going to – I’m, I’m-AHH”

I felt her tighten around me and I only increased my pace. All my worries disappeared completely. Everything outside of this woman and me vanished as I thrust into her again and again and again until –

“UHHH” I pulled out of her. Doctor Emma flipped herself around and grabbed onto my gigantic hose. She jerked me off feverishly, helping me ride the wave of my own orgasm. I blasted her with cum again, this load not lessened by the previous one minutes before. The first shot splashed over her tits, painting them white. The second I aimed lower, towards her stomach and the third she directed into her own face. She kept masturbating me with both hands, taking shot after shot. Finally, there was no more cum to give but a trickle that ran down the head of my penis. The good doctor quickly lapped it up before planting a huge kiss on me.

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