Fun on a Hot Summery Day


Damn it is hot today! I think I will go to the lake today and swim! So I put my skimpy thong bikini bathing suit on which does not really hold my huge tits cause of their size of 38DDD. I had shaved my pussy last night so it was smooth and it would look better with thongs on any way. I put everything in a bag I needed to have with me for a hot summery day and grabbed my keys and stuck my purse in the trunk of the car and the bag in the front seat with me.

As I was driving down the road, I noticed this handsome guy looking at me periodically in the next lane since it was a double lane on the interstate. He was in a pickup and I had my top down in my convertible and he could see me with my skimpy bikini on me. So I decided to give him a little show as I was driving down the interstate.

I took my left hand and grabbed my right tit and pulled it out of the bikini top and then put my left hand on the wheel and took my right hand and grabbed my left tit and pulled it out of my bikini top and looked over at the guy and he had the biggest grin on his face. So I put my cruise control on and lifted my leg over to the side and pulled my thong away from my pussy and started fingering myself. The guy kind of swerved to the right side of the road and he had to correct his driving. I started laughing to myself that I got him so excited that he forgot he was driving. The lake was up ahead and I did not cover myself up cause I was going to my secluded spot I always go to.

When I sped up ahead of the guy and put my turn signal on at a dirt road that will take me to my secluded spot. I looked in the rearview mirror to see if he went on ahead. He actually followed me and I just grinned. I finally got to my usual spot and pulled over to the only picnic table there and got out. The guy was just pulling up behind me so I walked over to his pickup and said, “Hi, my name is Susan. Did you enjoy my show back there? What is your name?”

He said, “I am Zeke and yes I did and that is why I followed you here.”

“I was hoping you would and you are very handsome and from the looks of you that you work out too!”

He said, “Yes I do and thank you.”

He got out of his pickup and followed me to the picnic table and when I sat on the table then I motioned him to sit in front of me. He sat down in front of me and I untied my thongs and bikini top and put them in my bag. He was grinning kurtköy escort ear to ear when I did this.

He said, “Susan, you are very pretty and sexy too. But what I am seeing right now is the most beautiful set of tits I have ever set my eyes on and that pussy of yours looks edible. Do you mind if I have a taste?”

“Oh yes! Please do and thank you for the compliment and why don’t you get comfortable and take your clothes off. I am sure your pants are a bit uncomfortable right now.”

He said, “Yes they are!” He took his shirt off and before he could unbuckle his belt I had to run my hands over his chest. He sighed and closed his eyes as I rubbed his chest and leaned over and took his nipple in my mouth and started sucking on it and then the other nipple. He was moaning and since he was so into what I had done he forgot to undo his pants even though his belt was unbuckled now. I reached out and unbuttoned his pants and then unzipped them and started pulling them down.

He came out of his trance and started helping me. What I seen pop out of his pants was impressive and as he let his pants fall to the ground I took his cock into my mouth and started licking the precum that was coming out of the slit. Damn it tasted so delicious and I wanted more of it!

He leaned own and took his shoes off and then he took his pants off too. He then took his socks off. He did not have any briefs on at all which made me wetter knowing that. After he was completely undressed and his clothes were on top of the picnic table with his shoes to keep the bugs out of them, he leaned into me and kissed me with such passion that I became aroused so fast that I could feel my pussy soak the picnic table under me.

He must have smelt my desire cause he reached for my pussy and stuck his middle finger in me and I gasped with delight. I wanted him to finger fuck me but he had other ideas and pulled his finger out and stuck his finger in his mouth and licked it clean. He seen me watching him so he took his finger again and inserted it into my pussy which was dripping with desire and he then inserted one more finger and started finger fucking me till he could hear the slurping sound of my soaked pussy. He then took his fingers out and brought them to my face and I opened my mouth and he stuck his 2 fingers in my mouth and I sucked and licked them clean.

He said, aydıntepe escort “So you like the taste of your own pussy?”

“Oh fuck yes I do!”

He said, “That is so hot! Cause then after I taste your pussy and make you cum then I will kiss you.”

I grinned at him with lust on my face and he laid me down on the table. He spread my legs as far as they would go and he smelt my pussy as he licked my thighs and the area where my thighs and pussy was connected. I groaned and my pussy leaked out a little more and when he saw this then he licked up from my ass to my clit and I went crazy cause I was so aroused that I orgasmed with his first lick.


He just kept licking my pussy and getting every drop of liquid and cream from me that he could. Then he took my clit in his mouth and started sucking on it lightly and every once in awhile he would lightly nibble on it and I would moan.

OOOOOHHHHH FFFUUUCCCKKK THAT FEELLSS SSOO GGOOODDD! DDOONN’TTT SSTTOOPP! I was thrashing around on the table so much that he had to put his hands under my ass and around my legs to hold me still. All of a sudden I felt his finger go into my pussy as he started sucking my clit even harder and he must have found my g-spot cause I started humping his mouth and holding his head there to keep him from moving away from me. I was humping one minute and the next one I let go with a scream that if I had not clamped my hand over my mouth then people would have been investigating what was going on where we were at and come over. I finally came down off my orgasm a minute later and looked down at his face and it was cover in my juices. I must have squirted all over his face cause his hair was wet too.

He said, “Wow that was awesome babe! I have never been with a woman that could squirt. I have seen it happen in porn but this is a first for me and I thank you for that.” He then stood up and leaned over me and kissed me and when he started tongue fucking my mouth, then I took my hand and put it between us and started stroking his cock as we both tasted my pussy juices together.

He then stood up again and when he did I raised up and turned my body to the side of him and took tuzla içmeler escort his cock into my mouth and started sucking the head and making my mouth feel like my pussy was squeezing his cock. I then pulled off his cock and started licking all around the head and tasted his pre-cum again and I moaned around his cock and it swelled even more. I then licked under the head where the slit comes down all the way to the underside of the head and he moaned.

He gasped when I went all the way down and deep throated him and held down for about 5 seconds. Then came back up and started sucking on his cock again but he pulled me off his cock and laid me down on the table again. He grabbed his engorged cock of his and rubbed my clit up and down and I started moaning. He grinned at me when I did that and started rubbing my nub again real fast against my hood and hitting it with his cock. It made me so hot and horny that I screamed, “Give it to me now cause I am starting to cum!”

He plunged his cock balls deep into my pussy that it made me come unglued and I started cumming multiple times simultaneously that it felt like one long cum that lasted about 10 minutes. I screamed but he leaned over and kissed me to smother the scream. I don’t know how he lasted through me cumming like that but he did and when I finally calmed down enough to enjoy him fucking me then he picked up the speed. He was fucking me faster and faster and he was so deep in my pussy that it almost felt like his balls were going inside me but I could feel them slapping my ass.

He started fucking me harder and harder until he could not stand it any longer and he pulled out and stuck his cock in my mouth and he exploded down my throat. He must have had a gallon of cum cause he shot about 7 times in a row before he started dribbling cum out and I was swallowing the cum as fast as it went in my mouth.

He looked down at me and said, “Damn woman you are hot and sexy! I want you again and can I have your number to call you again?”

I grinned at him and said, “Sure hang on and I will write it down for you.” I went to my car and opened my glove compartment and found a pen and paper and wrote my number down and handed it to him.

He said, “Thanks Susan and I will call you soon but right now I had better get to my friends down on the other side of the lake before they start wondering about me. I enjoyed myself immensely. You are the kind of woman I always look for and I can not believe my luck when I saw you do what you did on the interstate and I thank you for that. Good bye for now and I do promise I will call you soon.” He got dressed and went to his pickup and got in and drove off.

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