First Impressions Ch. 02

Big Tits

Thanks for the reads and the ratings everyone! It’s been fun to come back to this story that I wrote a long time ago and make it sexy 😉

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The next morning Cydalia and Katarina were fighting vicious hangovers, but they still couldn’t stop talking about what an amazing time they’d had. When Jennifer came down for breakfast the twins broke into a fit of giggles. Margaret ran to her oldest daughter and hugged her.

“There she is! The savior of our family!”

“What are you talking about?” Jennifer grumbled. She was NOT a morning person.

“You and David will be a perfect couple! Just imagine how beautiful your children will be!”

“Mother! One night of dancing does not equal marriage and children.” Laurel told her mother trying to remain calm.

“Well of course not, but I would say it’s a good start.”

Jennifer grabbed a granola bar and went back to her room. Laurel followed her. They both sat on Jen’s bed.


“So what?” responded Jennifer, refusing to make eye contact.

“Tell me everything!”

“He’s…wonderful, magnificent, fantastic, and everything in between!” she finally admitted.

“So I take it you had fun?”

“How does ‘it was the best night of my life’ sound?”

“I think he’d agree.”

“He’d better agree after what I did to his cock last night!” Both girls burst into fits of laughter then Jennifer continued, “I know I just met him, but I’ve never felt this way about anyone before. He seems perfect!”

“Well I’ll guess it won’t be too long before you hear from him again.”

Laurel was right, David called that afternoon. He wanted to take her out for the dinner he had promised her, but he had to drive back to the city right away to take care of a marketing problem with the new Mario game release. He promised he’d take her out for dinner when he got back.

They texted daily and Jennifer received more than a fair amount of dick pics from David in exchange for some rather revealing photos of Jen.

It was heard that Urs was in New York City much of the time on business as well. He was using David’s new home in Willow Springs as a get away from the city on weekends. David’s sister, MaryAnn was in town, but had everything delivered out to the house so she was never seen in the shops in town.

Three weeks to the day of the first meeting between Jennifer and David, Jennifer received an invitation not from David but from MaryAnn to spend a weekend at the mansion on the hill.

Dear Jennifer,

I would like to formally invite you to spend the weekend with me at my home this coming weekend. I understand from my brother that you are horse lover and my horses have just been delivered to the now renovated stables on our estate. I look forward to your company as my brother and his friend will be out of town for the weekend.


MaryAnn Miller

“Oh how heartbreaking!” retorted Laurel upon reading the invitation.

“What do you mean? It sounds lovely.” Jennifer responded.

“But David won’t be there,” reminded Laurel.

“Well, that is disappointing but I’ll get to know MaryAnn. I’ve been hoping we would have a chance like this.”

“I have no idea why.”

“Laurel, that’s not fair. She may come across as a bit self-centered but I’m sure she’s just shy.”

“Whatever you say,” Laurel rolled her eyes.

Jennifer went out to stay with MaryAnn on Friday evening. Laurel had not heard from her all weekend when she received a call Sunday afternoon.

“Hey Jen! Are you coming home soon? Do you need me to come pick you up? I assumed MaryAnn would drop you off in her BMW.”

“Laurel I need you to do me a favor.”

“Of course, what’s up?”

“I jumped down from the horse with a little too much gusto and sprained my ankle. MaryAnn has insisted I stay here until the swelling goes down a bit.”

“What do you need?”

“Just a couple changes of clothes.”

“Of course! I’ll throw things together and come right over!”

“Take your time,” Jennifer said. “Oh, and Laurel?”


“Don’t tell mom quite yet. She’ll freak out too much.”

“Got it.”

Laurel packed up a bag of Jennifer’s clothing and went to grab the keys to her car, but it was not in the garage. Laurel found Katarina in the living room attempting to watch a movie but was having no luck with working the DVD player.

“Kat, do you know where my car is?” Laurel asked.

“Cyd took it.”

“Uh, where?”

“She went to the soccer fields in New Haven.”


“The New York Nebulas are having preseason training there.”

“Did she even consider asking permission to take my car?”

“Huh?” Katarina asked with her head under the television looking at the wires confused.

“Never mind. Is mom gone too?”

“She and Heidi are at a music festival in Appleton all evening.”

“Great.” Laurel said sarcastically. Kat didn’t reply.

Laurel turned to leave the room, but then came back and turned on the DVD player. It lit up the keçiören escort screen and Kat looked at her amazed.

“Try it now, Kat.”

Laurel was frustrated as she pulled her bike out of the storage shed. It was at least five miles out to the Miller Mansion, but she wasn’t going to put off seeing her sister. She tucked her hair into her bike helmet and pushed off down the road.

Almost an hour later Laurel hopped off her bike at the gate down the driveway from the mansion. Laurel had only been there once before when the previous owner had passed away and the estate had been sold off. Her father brought her along to pick out some furniture. She left her bike inside the gate and walked up the driveway. She took off her helmet and shook out her hair.

She got to the house and rang the doorbell. She was shocked when the door was opened by Urs Buhler.

“Mr. Buhler.”

“Miss Bennett.”

“I wasn’t expecting you to be here.” Laurel was suddenly extremely conscious of her appearance. Her hair was wild and she was sweaty and only wearing a pair of leggings and a workout bra with her sneakers.

“I just got back from the city and David gives all their hired help Sundays off.”

“That’s nice of him.” Laurel smiled. “Can I see my sister?”

“She’s upstairs,” came a voice from the right. Laurel turned to see MaryAnn standing in the hall. “You’ll find her in the second room on the left up those stairs.” She pointed at the staircase. Laurel nodded her thanks and headed up the stairs.

Once Laurel was up the stairs and out of earshot MaryAnn spoke, “Did she run here?”

“I believe she rode her bicycle.” responded Urs.

“She should have brought along a hairbrush.” stated MaryAnn, smirking.

“I disagree.”

“Excuse me?”

“I think that the way her hair curled around her face was quite becoming.”

“I suppose you’re going to say next that her yoga pants were figure flattering as well.” MaryAnn rolled her eyes and continued down the hall.

Urs glanced towards the stairs where Laurel had gone up before returning to his own room.


“Laurel, I’m fine, really” Jennifer insisted. “I just stayed because MaryAnn insisted and she had a point. Things are quite a bit more peaceful here than at home.”

“How long do you think you’ll stay here?” Laurel asked.

“As long as she wants,” came the voice of David from the doorway. He stepped in and smiled at Jennifer.

“David, when did you get here?” Jennifer asked.

“Just a few moments ago. I came up when MaryAnn told me what happened.”

“Thanks David, but I’m fine.”

Laurel added, “It was wonderful of your sister to let her stay.”

“Jennifer can stay whenever she falls off a horse.” David smiled and Laurel looked at him curiously.

“Not that I’d like you to fall off horses often,” he reddened. “I just meant to say…that um…I, I just meant that I enjoy your company.”

David and Jennifer gazed at each other for a moment before Laurel awkwardly cleared her throat.

“Ah,” David refocused. “MaryAnn would like you to know, Laurel, that you are invited to join us for dinner tonight.”

“I’d be delighted; what are we having? I heard your chef has the day off.”

“Urs is a master griller and Maryann has made a most delicious smelling peach pie.”

“Excellent. I’ll wash up.”

Laurel wandered down and somehow found a bathroom. She cringed when she looked in the mirror and saw the state of her appearance. She found a comb in one of the drawers and attempted to flatten out her hair a bit. She hiked up her workout bra in attempt to cage her cleavage at least a little. She washed her face of the sweat and smudged makeup as well as she could before going downstairs. David met her there and escorted her to the back patio where MaryAnn was already sitting and Urs was hovering by the grill. MaryAnn was sipping a cocktail and David grabbed a beer from a nearby cooler. Laurel took a seat by MaryAnn.

“The house is beautiful,” she started a conversation. “I haven’t been here in years, but I know you’ve already done a lot of work.”

“Thank you,” replied MaryAnn. “Interior decorating is one of my hobbies.”

“I’d say it’s more than a hobby. It’s her talent and her passion,” David added.

“Thank you David.”

Urs brought the steaks to the patio table and they sat to eat. The conversation was bleak. Laurel tried to speak directly to David since he was the most agreeable of her dinner hosts.

“What brought you to Willow Springs?” asked Laurel.

“MaryAnn and I grew up in a town similar to this, but my work has me in New York City for the majority of the time I’m in America. I wanted a house in a small town that was close enough to the city.”

“I chose the house. It had character,” added MaryAnn.

“What about you Mr. Buhler? Why are you here?”

“I also do a majority of my work in the city. David is my closest friend and he was kind enough to invite me to live with him here.”

“I doubt this will be our permanent home.” Maryann said matter-of-factly. kızılay escort

“MaryAnn.” David tried to quiet her.

“David, it’s not a secret. We’re not sure if we quite fit in here. We’ll stay through the winter then reassess.”

“MaryAnn has had a different reaction to this community than I have.” David said.

“I don’t think we should make too deep of relationships we people we have no intention of living near for long.” MaryAnn explained.

Laurel looked at her, “Do you not think that there is anyone in Willow Springs worth getting to know?”

MaryAnn glanced at David who did not look happy then back to Laurel.

“No. I do not.”


After the dessert of peach pie with ice cream Laurel was ready to see Jennifer then be off for the night.

“Before you go would you like to see the rest of the house?” David offered.

Laurel was surprised when Urs cut in, “David, why don’t you check on Jennifer while I show Laurel around?”

David preferred this plan and Laurel was off on a tour of the house.

They started upstairs where there were more bedrooms than Laurel could imagine all with different themes, most of which MaryAnn planned to change. Along the way there were many awkward silences that Laurel tried to fill.

“May I ask you a question Mr. Buhler?”

“You may.”

“If you find Willow Springs such an inferior place to be, why do you keep coming back?”

“I did not say that I share MaryAnn’s opinion.”

“Ah, well I’m sure you can understand my assumption since you did nothing to contradict her statements at dinner.”

“It is true that there are many things about Willow Springs that I dislike, but there are some redeeming qualities.”

Laurel could not read Urs well as he kept his eyes straight ahead as they walked.

Urs continued, “And may I ask you a question?”

“That’s only fair.”

“What did your father do before he died?”

“He was an importer of fine French wines.”

“How did he die?”

“Heart attack.”

“Is it true that he lost your family’s entire fortune in one transaction shortly before his death?”

Laurel stopped and turned to him.

“With whom have you been talking about my family’s affairs?”

“One hears rumors in such a small town.”

Laurel felt like his eyes were looking right through her so she told him the truth. “If you must know, my father was an incredible trusting and sensitive man who wanted to see the best in everyone. He was taken in by his partner.”

“I trust you did not acquire the over trustworthy gene?” Urs asked.

“No. In fact I can be quite skeptical.”

“That is something we have in common.” Urs started to walk again. “Although there are many very good people in the world, there are also some very bad ones.”

Urs and Laurel walked down the grand staircase that faced a grand window looking out over the hills. This staircase led into a ballroom of sorts. Laurel was overwhelmed by the grandeur of the room and she didn’t mind the excuse to stop talking to Urs.

MaryAnn found them in the ballroom.

“What do you think, Laurel?”

“I think it’s absolutely beautiful. Perhaps you’ll consider having a party here. This room could hold more than half of Willow Springs.”

“I had considered a Christmas gathering.”

“That’s a wonderful idea,” Laurel agreed. “Now I really should be getting home. I never told my family where I was going.”

“Let me give you a ride,” Urs offered. “Have you ever ridden a Harley?”

Laurel laughed, “I have not, but unfortunately I rode my bicycle here.”

“Ah, then the Range Rover will have to suffice.”

“If you insist,” Lynnea thanked him. “I should run up and say goodbye to my sister before I go.”

“I don’t think she’s…available right now,” said MaryAnn looking warily in the direction of the stairs.

“What do you mean?” Laurel asked. Mary Ann didn’t need to answer as a loud moan of female pleasure came from above them.

“Oh. My. God.” Laurel was mortified and her cheeks burned red.

Laurel said an awkward goodbye to MaryAnn and Urs drove her home.

After dinner when Urs took Laurel on a tour of the house, David had taken a piece of pie up to Jennifer.

“Pie for the invalid,” he called cheerfully.

“I don’t think I qualify as an invalid quite yet,” Jennifer laughed.

David sat on the edge of the bed and handed Jen the pie. “At least now I know what it takes to get you in bed.”

“I think after some of our text exchanges this last week, we both knew we’d end up in bed,” she teased tasting the pie.

David leaned in and kissed Jen, tasting the pie on her lips.

“Mmmmmm, peach,” he laughed.

“My favorite,” Jennifer smiled setting the plate down on the bedside table and wrapping her arms around David’s neck and pulling him closer to her. David slipped his arms around Jennifer’s waist and kissed her deeply.

“Did you miss me?” he asked.

“Exceedingly,” she said dramatically kissing him again, pulling sincan escort him down on top of her as she lay back down in bed. David adjusted to hold himself above her as they continued to make out. Jen ran her hands down David’s torso feeling his abs through the thin cotton of his t-shirt. She pulled at the hem to place her hands against his warm flesh. David returned the favor pulling Jennifer’s t-shirt up her body and over her head. He gazed down at her small breasts encased in pink lace before dropping his mouth to them. He pulled one breast free from the lacey confines and took the small peachy-pink nipple in his mouth.

Jennifer cradled David’s head in her hands and moans when while his tongue assaulted her breasts. After a few minutes David continued down Jen’s body to the waistband of her shorts. He looped two fingers under the elastic and Jen lifted her hips allowing David to lower her shorts and her panties beneath revealing the small patch of well manicured hair above her snatch.

David tenderly kissed the soft hair and Jennifer shivered under him. David settled himself between her thighs pushing them farther apart and lowered his mouth to her already dripping center. He placed the tip of his tongue on her glistening clit and ran it down the length of her pussy lips then up again. Jennifer gasped which made David smile up at her before diving back between her legs.

He went to work on her pussy lips, licking and sucking on each one, lapping up her juices. Then he stuck his tongue as deep into her wet hole as he could, tongue fucking her while she writhed beneath him. Her moans got louder and louder which just encouraged him to increase his efforts.

“David,” she moaned pulling at his hair.

David looked up, her juices coated his chin and mouth.

Jennifer urged him up to her, “I need you inside me,” she pleaded.

“Yes, ma’am!” David said pushing his shorts down and freeing his solid cock. He leaned down and kissed Jennifer as he aligned his member with her pussy. She tasted herself on him which made her even more wet and ready.

David gripped Jen’s hip and thrust himself fully inside her with one hard push.

Jennifer let out a hairraising scream as she was suddenly filled with David’s thick cock. He held himself there inside her for a moment before beginning to thrust. Slowly at first until Jennifer wrapped her legs around his waist, pressing her heels into his ass urging him deeper and harder into her.

David panted and Jennifer moaned as he fucked her.

“Yes! Yes David! Fuck me,” Jennifer yelled.

“Yes…baby,” David responded between thrusts.

“Oh, David, I’m gonna cum!” Jennifer declared as her pussy clenched on David’s cock and her fingernails dug into his biceps. She shrieked again, loud enough for the whole house to hear her. David continued pounding into her, pressing through her orgasm, feeling the coming climax of his own pleasure. At the last moment, he pulled out and came on Jen’s soft, pale stomach.

He collapsed down next to Jen, both panting and sweating.

“Holy shit,” he breathed out heavily before he started laughing. Jennifer laughed along with him.

“Holy shit is right! That was amazing.”

“You didn’t warn me that you’re a screamer,” David teased.

Jennifer stopped laughing and looked at him wide eyed, “Oh God, do you think they all heard me downstairs?”

“Nah,” David shook his head. “It’s a big house. The walls are thick,” and they laughed again, holding each other for the rest of the night.


When Urs got back from taking Laurel home, he and MaryAnn sat in the informal sitting room.

MaryAnn spoke first, “How soon can I expect a wedding invitation?”

“I’m sure I have no idea what you are talking about,” was Urs’ reply.

“It seems that Laurel Bennett has caught your eye, I was simply wondering how soon I could expect you to make Willow Springs your permanent address.”

“Willow Springs will never be my permanent home.”

MaryAnn laughed. “I just imagine Laurel’s younger sisters and her atrocious mother at your home in Geneva. How horrid.” MaryAnn moved closer to Urs on the sofa and pulled his arm around her own shoulder.

Urs pulled his arm away and stood up, “I think I’m going to go to bed.”

“Good idea,” MaryAnn smiled. “I’ll join you.”

“Not tonight MaryAnn.”

“Really?” she asked throwing an arm over his shoulder and pressing her hips against his. “Hearing David and Jennifer didn’t turn you on?”

“Uh, no. Not really,” Urs lied. He was definitely in need of a release, but MaryAnn was not the woman he wanted to be with right now.

“Are you sure? Because I think I can feel how turned on you are.” MaryAnn ran her fingers over the bulge in Urs’ jeans.

Urs again pulled her hand away, “No MaryAnn, I’m not interested.”

“Fine,” MaryAnn backed away angrily. “Go jerk off thinking about Laurel Bennet and her frizzy hair!”

Urs did not respond but left the room for bed. He was alarmed by his attraction to Laurel Bennett, but also realized that MaryAnn was right. Any connection to Laurel was unwise because of her unfortunate family and financial background. And MaryAnn was proof that a couple sexual encounters, however impermanent as they had been intended led to more emotional entanglement than they were worth.

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