Finding Release


A little more…tilt the leg, the pen…Carla’s sigh of pleasure was soft against the sounds of nature in the park, but to the man standing watching, the sound was like thunder.

Justin had been jogging, working out the frustrations of a business negotiation with the pounding of feet on pavement. He felt hemmed in, worked up, caught up, and, not for the first time, like he needed a long vacation. He’d caught a glimpse of white in the woods and stopped, curious. Thinking deer, he’d maneuvered silently through the trees until he’d seen her and stopped still.

She was young, probably her early twenties, and wearing the white blouse and blue and black plaid skirt of the elite woman’s college at the edge of the park. She was sprawled on a rock, leaning against a tree trunk, her head tipped back, her long blond braid trailing down over stone. A full backpack sat at her feet. Her eyes had been closed, but that hadn’t been why he’d stayed hidden and silent.

She had one leg up on the rock, one foot on the ground, her thighs spread wide. She wore no panties under her skirt, her pussy shaven and pink, exposed. As he’d watched, she’d slid a pen in and out of her hole, teasing herself, whimpering as she pleasured herself. He could see how her flesh glistened in the dappled sunshine and his mouth watered. He could see the tension in her thighs and wanted to stroke his hands over her tight flesh. The little noises she made had him hard as steel, swollen to his largest size, straining against his thin shorts. He felt the wetness at his navel as precum oozed free.

He watched for what seemed like hours but was mere minutes as the young woman stroked herself to orgasm, her hips gently rocking, her blue pencap becoming coated with white, her swollen flesh quivering. The instant she came, her eyes shot open and she saw him.

Carla gasped, both from the sudden release of pleasure in her core and the sight of him watching her. He was tall, athletic, hot. The look he gave her was hot as well, hungry, demanding.

His blue eyes on hers, he crossed the few feet to her rock. On his knees, he grasped her knees, holding her open as he lowered his mouth. A few tentative licks, tasting, savoring the honey of her release, and he fastened his mouth to her pussy, sucking greedily. She cried out, her hips jerking against his mouth as he drank from her core.

Carla felt her belly pulse, the lightning flash of pleasure as she came again, hard and fast. He was eating her like an animal, sounding like a pig, but the sensations, the way all the blood in her body pooled in her womb, she was dizzy and aroused beyond belief.

As she went limp, shuddering wetly, Justin tugged her blouse over her head, stripped her skirt, socks, shoes away. His own clothes followed, the desire to have hot, emek escort sweaty, naked flesh on flesh foremost in his mind. He slid her to the ground, to the small patch of grass and covered her body with his.

Carla felt dazed as she tried to focus through the utter pleasure he’d created. She knew they were naked, his skin smooth and hot under her hands, the brush of his cock against her belly making her whimper with need. He had calluses on his hands, the rough texture against her nipples making her shudder. His mouth was hot on hers, devouring, urging her to surrender everything.

With a moan, she did. Justin felt the release and slid his hands up inside her thighs, parting her, settling his hips, rooting with his aching penis. He found her, pushed against her, and slid a hand under her back as he began to penetrate.

God, he was thick…she moaned, arching her back and spreading her legs, attempting to reduce the pressure as he pushed inside her. His hand was hot on her back, but strong, and she pushed against him, taking each short thrust of his cock as he moved deeper into her body.

Hell, she was tight…he groaned, rocking his hips against hers as his penis burrowed into her body. She was hot as a volcano, her slick pussy eagerly embracing him, her inner muscles rippling around his shaft as he worked himself inside.

And long…she clutched at his arms, gasping as he drove the breath from her lungs with his final push. She felt every inch of him, long, hard, throbbing inside her. It was like being filled with a live animal, the heat of him searing her, the quiver of his need sending shudders through her.

Yes…he growled his pleasure into her throat as he suckled her skin. He was buried to the hilt, embraced, enveloped by sensual wet heat. The desire to move grew and he began to slide back and forth, to rub himself intimately against her inner passage. When she whimpered and writhed, he felt like a god and increased the length of his strokes, the smooth in and out rhythm of his cock.

She moved under him, with him, her hips lifting to meet each push, tilting to make his outward slide caress her endlessly. Her fingers dug into the muscles of his shoulders as he filled her, then they melted and slid lower as he drew back the pressure. His arm under her, supporting, he rolled so she came up on top.

She flung her head back with a moan, her braid swinging. Her naked body arched above his as her weight drove his cock deep. She straddled his hips, her knees giving her the leverage to ride, sliding up and down the rigid length of his manhood, her juices making her slick enough to enjoy the friction of flesh on flesh. She bounced once on him, slamming his head against her core and his eyes narrowed. With a delighted sigh, she placed eryaman escort her hands on his shoulders and began to rock and glide, his cock moving easily against her dripping pussy.

She was a sight, young, firm, perfect. He groaned as he watched the pleasure on her face as she took what she needed, as she destroyed him with her eager sensuality. Her breasts bounced lightly, tipped with little rosebuds, the flush of her excitement pinking her skin. His mouth watered, his balls tightened, his cock swelled even thicker as his vision reddened with desire. More…he wanted more.

She was on her back again, his hard body plunging into hers. Gasping, panting, she clutched at him and bucked and writhed under him. Her hands slid down his back, even as his gripped her hips, his penis pistoning in and out of her pussy. She dug her nails into his ass as she arched up suddenly, crying out as her body clamped hard on his cock.

She’d never imagined it could be like this. It had never been like this before. Breathless, fire blazed through her, followed by the gush of release. She would swear she felt every nerve, every cell as she arched and tightened to a minute point, then exploded into a million fragments.

Justin’s eyes crossed as her inner muscles gripped his shaft like a vice. He couldn’t move, buried so deep inside her body as if they were one being. His back arched as her nails dug in, as her body tightened around his. His balls burned and clenched, his ass muscles squeezed, his cock ballooned, pulsed – he came hard with a long howl of primal pleasure. Again and again he ejaculated into her body, waves of heat making her shudder and melt under him.

Groaning, on his knees, he eased his spent cock from her. He was still hard, but the edge was gone and he thought he could will away the rest of his erection. Now to deal with the lusty woman sprawled before him.

“Justin Grimes,” he said, holding out a hand. She took it and sat up with a little wince and a bigger grin.

“Carla Sanderson,” she offered. Her little escape on the way home from class had turned in to an incredible – and probably addicting – adventure.

“What do I say?” he started awkwardly, the situation not something he’d ever dealt with before. Voyeur, rapist…God he was screwed if she screamed.

Carla shrugged, “I’ll say thanks.” She shifted to hands and knees to reach her blouse.

Her bare ass faced him and his erection surged. Hot, horny, he saw her kneeling, dog-style and moved without thinking. Carla moaned as his thick cock sank deep into her still quivering pussy. “I’ll say more. Need more…” he growled, the slurp and slide of his cock in her dripping hole making erotics sounds in the small clearing

“Oh, yes, more…” she murmured as he mounted etimesgut escort her, surrounded her, filled her. His body was hot against hers, his massive cock familiar and yet still so exciting, thrusting in and out of her, causing little zings throughout her system. He rode her eagerly, his hands stroking her breasts, his mouth licking, nibbling her ear.

“You like this, don’t you,” he growled, his legs parting hers wider, his hips tilting to add more force, to ram her hole like a spear. He was loving every second, her slick body snug and hot around his aching penis.

She vibrated in his arms, panting and moaning. “Yes, yes, you feel so fucking good,” she managed, clutching at the arm across her middle as he lifted her back against his chest. Unable to fully thrust, he humped her, his fat head bumping her core as his shaft rubbed exquisitely against every inch of her passage.

He came like that, like a geyser spouting up inside her, his molten seed filling her again and again. She shuddered and spasmed around him, wet heat spilling down her thighs, over his balls.

“Man…” he groaned, finally letting go of her, slipping free of her. He was spent now, his cock hanging, as he gathered their clothing. He dressed, keeping his eyes from her body as she slipped her clothing on, unsure if he’d be able to get it up, but sure he’d want to try if he saw her. He heard her sit on the rock and finally raised his head.

Carla squirmed a little on the rock, feeling swollen and sticky, but sated. “So, Mr. Grimes, do you come here often,” she asked casually. A regular fling might be nice. His cock was huge and he knew just how to move to please a woman.

“Other than twice this afternoon, I don’t make it a regular practice to cum in public places,” he answered, enjoying her quick grin.

“Do you want to cum here often?” she questioned, giving in to his interpretation.

“Couple things,” he held up a hand, “One – please tell me you’re legal.” She shrugged and he felt his stomach clench. Deep breath. “Two – We were damn lucky no one heard noises and investigated. You make me want to roar like an animal.” She nodded with a little smirk. “Three – there are a million safer places to meet than four feet from the jogging trail in a busy park.” This time she grinned.

“I’m eighteen, so you’re safe. My parents are divorced, my mother lives in Paris, my father lives at his club until 8pm. No one would even care if I weren’t legal,” she ticked off one finger. Justin nodded with a smile.

“I want to hear you roar and I want you to make me scream, so I agree, we were lucky today, but it won’t keep,” she ticked a second finger, “Lastly, I’d love to hear about the million places we can meet so I can ride your cock on a regular basis. I’m assuming you live around here?”

Justin nodded. “Tomorrow at four, I’ll pick you up at the main entrance, silver bmw,” he said. She nodded and smiled. “Give me a couple minutes lead before you head out….” He took off at a mild pace, loose, limber, the problem negotiations forgotten.

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