Drake’s Story Ch. 03


Fiona checked her watch. It was time. She walked up to the door and knocked on it. When it opened she saw Drake smiling at her.

“Hello,” he said.

“Hello Drake, how are you?”

“Better now,” he said, blushing.

“Are you ready to try this again?


“It will be like last time, only better. I think I know what parts you liked,” she offered.

Fiona took Drake’s hand. She kicked the door shut behind her, and stood right in front of him.

“This will have to be quick, I am flying out tonight. I’m going to have to head to the airport soon,” she said.

“I’m just glad you are here,” Drake replied.

Fiona stroked his face, causing him to blush even more. “No need to turn red, do you want me to stop?”

“Well, uh, I don’t know. I’m still a little confused about the arrangement you and Frank have.” Drake stammered.

” I’ve told you he accepts that I will do what I like. And right now I like touching you. Do you like it when I touch you?”

“You know I do.”

“Let’s find out what else you like,.”

“Uh, okay.”

“Last time you did a good job listening Can you still do what I ask you to do?

“I imagine so.”

“Good. Then take off your clothes.”

Drake did not hesitate. He stripped off his shirt, then slid his pants to the floor. He was not wearing underwear..

“You do listen well, and you plan ahead. I like that.”

Fiona’s eyes were fixed on his broad, hairy chest. She wanted to reach out and touch him, but decided to give him a complete looking over first. The fact he was so willing to strip did not surprise her. She seemed to have this effect on most men.

“Socks too,” Fiona said. She watched as he pulled each one off, balancing on one leg then the other. His quads rippled as he maintained his balance.

“Just to make things a little bit fair, I will take off my top or my bottoms, just like last time it is your choice.” Fiona said to him.

“Bottoms,” he managed to stammer out.

Slowly she unbuckled her belt and unbuttoned her shorts. His eyes followed her zipper as it slid down, revealing a lacy black thong. She bent at the waist and removed her shoes one at a time, giving him a view of her cleavage. First she removed her shorts, then she slowly slid her thong down her legs. When they were on the floor she stepped out of them. She stood up and looked at him.

“I think you will enjoy tonight a bit more enjoyable than our last encounter. Remember you can say no if you don’t like what I am doing.” Fiona cooed, walking closer to Drake. Fiona ran her fingers through the hair on his chest. Her belly brushed against his erect penis. She clutched a handful of hair, gently tugging on it. Fiona felt thoroughly aroused. She glanced at Drake. He was standing completely still, mouth hanging open. He clearly had not been expecting things to move so quickly. Fiona knew he was putty in her hands.

“Am I doing something wrong?” she asked, ” Should I stop?”

“No, no, please don’t. Escort bayan I.. this never happens to me. What should be doing?,” Drake stammered.

Fiona wrapped one hand around his throbbing cock. ” If I want you to do something, I will tell you. For now, just stand still.”

Fiona stroked his cock, then held it with only her thumb and pointer finger. She slide her hand off his dick, but kept her thumb and finger together. Holding her hand at eye level, she examined it, then pressed the shape to her mouth. She compared the size of the ring formed by her hand to her lips.

“I think that’s about a perfect fit,” she said. Then she slipped her entire hand into her mouth. With her lips stretched around her wrist, she stared lustfully at Drake. He seemed frozen in place, even his breathing was barely noticeable. She pulled her hand out of her mouth, then turned and reached for her bag. She bent over, giving Drake a clear view of her sex, and opened the the main compartment. After rummaging around long enough to give him time to enjoy the view she pulled out her riding crop. Fiona gripped the handle firmly, then turned to look at Drake.

He looked eager. Fiona wondered if he could see how wet her thighs had become the moment she picked up the instrument. She sat down on the edge of the sofa, putting the riding crop across her lap.

“Come here and knee in front of me, ” she instructed.

Drake quietly obeyed her request, settling on his knees directly in front of her. He looked at Fiona, but would not meet her gaze. Fiona felt a bit of a rush. Men usually did what she asked, but usually with a smart ass remark or a look of defiance. Drake simply did what she asked. She extend her leg, putting the ball of her foot on his chest.

“You remember what to do?” she asked.

“I think so, but could you remind me?”

“Take my foot.” Drake wrapped both his hands around her, completely covering her foot. His grip was warm and strong. Fiona knew he could easily crush every bone in her foot, but he seemed to be completely under her control. She decided to explore the limits of her power.

“Suck my toes,” she whispered.

Slowly, Drake pulled her foot to his mouth. He gently folded all but one of her toes back, and wrapped his lips around it. FIona felt his warm, wet tongue caress her. One at a time, he repeated the process for each toe. As Drake lowered her left foot to the floor Fiona was even more aroused. She peeled off her shirt, letting her breasts tumble free.When he finished with her left foot, gently lowered to to the floor, and started on her right foot. Fiona watched him take each of her toes into his mouth. At the conclusion of his assignment he gently set her foot back on the floor.

“Stand up,” she said. Drake stood. Fiona spread her legs apart, placing her hands on her thighs.

“Now watch me.”

She move her left hand on to the handle of the riding crop, so it rested on her pubic hair. Her middle finger hovered right over her clit. Fiona’s Bayan escort other hand moved slightly to the center, pressing into the wet folds of skin between her legs. She noticed Drake moving his hands towards his penis. He was clearly struggling to comply with her instructions. He hesitated and put his hands down. Fiona resumed stroking her wet slit. Her eyes flicked back and forth between Drake’s cock and her cunt. She used her index finger to penetrate herself, sending a chill through her body. Fiona dropped the riding crop and put her right hand onto her breast. She closed her eyes and began tugging on her nipple. Fiona’s left thumb stretched out touched her clit. She looked back at Drake’s bulging erection. A few drops of pre-cum were forming on the tip. She wondered if she could bring him to orgasm like this.

“Don’t you dare come until I tell you to,” she whispered to him.

Fiona inserted a second finger into herself. She contemplated what part of Drake she would most like between her legs. His hands were one option. The were large and strong. Two of his fingers would be wider that most of the cocks she had felt, three would probably not be possible without a great deal of effort. Another option was his tongue. His display of oral talent on her feet had been impressive. She had no doubt he could bring her to orgasm that way. She pressed her thumb against her clit, imaging it was his tongue. Fiona moaned involuntarily as the first hint an orgasm ran through her body.

She shifted her stare to his cock. It was swollen and throbbing. FIona thrust her remaining fingers in between the wet lips of her pussy, trying to simulate the girth of Drake’s penis. She felt her vagina cinch down on her hand. Fiona pushed until her fingers were completely buried inside her soft, wet flesh.

The fingers of her left hand engulfed her breast, squeezing it roughly. At the same time she ran her thumb over her clit again and again. She was past the point of no return, and her orgasm quickly spread through her body. Fiona cried out as she came, letting her hands drop to her sides. She lay back in the couch and looked Drake up and down. He had not moved an inch. He was clearly enthralled with her performance.

Fiona reached out and wrapped her wet hand around Drake’s cock, smearing it with her wetness. Fiona picked up the riding crop as she stood. She slipped her still wet fingers between his lips.

“Lie on the floor,” Fiona commanded.

Fiona bent at the waist and stepped over Drake, facing his feet and giving him a clear view of her vagina.. She ran the riding crop up and down Drake’s dick. She ran it along the inside of his thighs. Then she put it between her own legs. Even though she could not see Drake, she had no doubt he was staring at the riding crop as she pressed it against her vagina.

“Drake, are you about to come?” Fiona asked, already knowing the answer.

“Yes, very close,” he answered.

“Well, there is a bit of a problem.”

“What’s wrong?” Drake Escort asked.

“I really like 69, but I also want you to fuck me. I’m concerned that if I put my lips around your cock you will come before I get a chance to have you inside me. What’s a girl to do?”

Fiona set the riding crop down next to Drake’s leg, and slowly got down on her hands and knees. She was straddling him.

“Would it be okay if I just barely touch your dick while you go down on me?”

“Yea, I think I will be okay.”

“If you think it is too much, just pinch me on the leg.”


“But Drake, ” Fiona said sternly, ” If you come on me, you know what will happen next, don’t you.”

“You will make me lick it off.”

Fiona smiled. This was a win win situation for her. She hoped Drake had enough self control, but she knew she would enjoy watching him lick her clean.

She felt Drake’s hands on her ass as he pulled her down to his face. What he lacked in technique he more than made up for in enthusiasm. His lips and tongue were everywhere. His tongue was moving like a hummingbird’s wings, rapidly licking her labia and clit. Fiona inched closer to Drake’s throbbing cock. She softly pressed her lips against the shaft of his penis. It jerked at her touch. Fiona pulled her head back, expecting Drake to pinch her. When he did not, she kissed him again. His cock felt hot against her lips.

Drake’s efforts were not in vain. Fiona felt her climax building. She moaned, and Drake pinched her. The vibrations passing from her lips to his dick must have felt pretty good. Fiona raised her head again, staring at the erection inches from her face. Her orgasm was getting closer. She felt a swell of pleasure building, like a wave about to break. Drake was clearly excited as well, a drop of pre-cum had formed on the tip of his cock. Fiona suspected that if he saw her come, he would as well. She was past the point of no return. She impulsively lowered her head and wrapped her lips around his cock. Drake reflexively thrust forward, plunging his dick into her mouth. Fiona moaned again as her climax surged through her. That pushed Drake over the edge. His cock began to jerk as it squirted a stream of cum into Fiona’s mouth, She gulped it down as fast as she could. She did not want to spill a single drop. Drake’s efforts at cunnilingus stopped as his orgasm faded. When Fiona was certain she had all Drake could give her, she let his penis slip from her mouth.

“I’m sorry Drake, I just could not resist. I guess I will have to come back again to finish this.”

Drake she groaned in response. Fiona was certain she could coax another erection out of him, but she wanted him to be at full strength when he fucked her. She also knew the perverse pleasure of having to wait.

“I’m glad you did that. I wasn’t going to last much longer,” Drake moaned.

Fiona turned around, still straddling him. She brushed her tits against his chest, then leaned down and kissed him on the lips. She poked her tongue into his mouth and he immediately returned the favor.

“I will call you when I get home, we can talk about this,” Fiona said, certain that Drake knew she was talking about phone sex.

“That would be excellent,” he replied.

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