With auto driver in cinema hall


With auto driver in cinema hall

my age is 24 am married and I done b.tech and am married guy who is mba graduated and working .we both
are very close and happy..My height 5.4 weight 53 bra size34d.am looking fair and good looks.my husband is very gentlemen and we both are happy.he used to go to office daily morning 7.45am and he will reach back to home by 8.30pm.and this is the experience am sharing with u is happens 4-5 months back.actually one of my favorite hero movie releases on that Friday actually.am from Telugu.that trailer created impact to watch that movie.I have asked my husband to go to movie together on next Friday he said okay will go he said.I felt happy and days are passed and one day before movie release night I asked my hubby bujji will go to movie tomorrow he said to me no I have huge work tomorrow its not possible ..I felt very bad .my hubby find it and said go with swetha (she is my friend). I said okay I called to swetha but she was at village.I said to my husband I ll go with another friend .he said okay.actually I don’t have any friends to go movie.so we slept on Friday morning I woke up at 5 am and I prepared breakfast to my hubby and he taken breakfast and ready he went to office by 7.45.once he left the home I started ready I don’t know what to do.I thought my self go with flow and I taken a bath and I wore red low neck chididar and it tight.I wore black bra and high heels I applied lipstick and eyelashes.even I have big boobs so its came some cleavage put and high heels so back looks big.I went to road by 8.45 all are watching me at the road because am sexy at that moment.so I called one auto and asked him to take outskirt theaters.if I go to city theater my hubby friends may see me alone going to movie.my husband may feel.so I decided to go to outskirts.I have reached one theater by 10 o clock.I gave the money to auto and came into movie theaters but the tickets already sold out .I don’t know what to do.even here also all are watching me…one guy continuously watching me.i know he is watching my boobs.I called him and asked him y are u watching me.he:no madam

Me:okay is there any tickets

He:tickets already sold out


He:where is sir madam.is he went to take tickets?

Me:no I came alone here.is there any tickets chances.

He:okay I have one ticket but one condition

Me:okay tell me what is that

He:u have to sit beside me

Me:smiled and said okay.he immediately called to his friend and said no tickets will go evening.he already taken two tickets but he stopped his friend.

I smiled

He:madam we have 1.15mins time

Me:If you want to go out and come I’ll be here only

He:no madam here its hot na we can sit my auto up to there.

Me:where is the auto?

He:yeah right behind movie theater there is no parking for autos in theater. I said okay I have walking to his auto he is watching my bouncing boobs

We reached the auto.and I sat back side.he sat front.my black bra straps came out.and he is watching it.I smiled

He madam your bra came out?

Me:adjusted and said thanks and I asked about his family and k**s he said about it

He:madam why sir not came with you?

Me:actually he has work on office.

He:he has work there and he Gave work to Me (by watching my boobs).

I smiled loudly.

He:yeah I have big work so much big boobs.I said okay.but only in hall.no phone number Okay he said okay and he came back to seat and pressed my boobs once, we enjoyed lot in movie theater.

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