Wife loves sex insanely .. until the part (14)


Wife loves sex insanely .. until the part (14)
For the first part
Sex is the soul to whom we love life, life without sex, like the river without water, ah, sex, and wagons, I feel like starting with my real story.
My name is Hanan Omri now 23 years married with my spirit and my love for 40 years I married and my age is twenty years from Ali start my life by sex What I married means I was lustful and warm and I have 14 years I started watching movies from the net and so I became addicted Sex movies and I liked the movies black men black They have a sexual energy is not reasonable and Azabarhm giant clear the important body is very sweet breast center teams Bshoyh and rectal and pink nipples and coordinates This was the cause of my excitement as soon as the touch and my body Harmonious very avalanche above the average Turgoy as I walk Dreaming any girl in short My body ideal and imaginary wish any girl dreams of him Any man that owns a daughter has this I did not have any relations with anyone before the husband because of the keenness of my people and customs and traditions and I was always watching from my family and I can not get out of my mouth with me Or one of my brothers to the extent that they prevented me from continuing to study at the university and when I was twenty years old offer me to marry and he was 37 years old and Ali was divorced first wife in the beginning of it eased because he was divorced before but my appetite was greater than my fear for this accepted Ali and also rich Where a water plant and another factory owns and shops Rih and his singing is very rich, so you agreed to it, and the engagement, the contract and the wedding took place in a month, and we stayed in the wedding and in the night of the income and after the zodiac and after the spirit of the family from the palace my husband’s right to spend the services I preferred in a large palace and I entered the room take off the wedding dress and wear an attractive shirt showing all my songs Aljabbara covers only the nipples of my chest and remained chest exposed and color red and up to half Tizi and what is under it Shi means everything is clear Cassie blown and Tizi big and chest of milk and sat looking at my body in the mirror and happy that I have this body magician to dissolve all men and Alzbar important important My husband and I are in front of the mirror and A Shafni and Shaf my body was surprised and said his age is not as clear as my body and I felt ashamed and smiled at him and near me and hug me from the back moving his hands on my chest and Tizi I and I listened and I sat and lust went all over my body and my body and my chest nipples stood and I began to feel his family between Feltat Tizi and carried me up the bed and dropped me On my back and lay on top of me and looked Yabos Shafiifi and I estimated I grabbed myself more and began Abus Chafeeh and took my tongue to him to suck it and gag of nectar mouth of course, many of what I saw pens Saks I have experience in sex and then dropped his tongue on my chest and appeared to take me back to wear it originally I was not She wore everything that was clear and sat sucking my chest and nipples and I salvation Talaat Even craziness and I have issued Ahat ah ah ah ah ah and my hand fell down I try to bring to his zebra but it was a long distance because it came down on my belly I feel it Ahhahahahahahahahah and slaughtered me and my hair is strong my love Ali Belize entered him and he said my love and lifted my legs and removed Alboksr was wearing his lips Frankness disturbed because the small zebra important near Zbh of Cassie and entered it and as much as open me I tried to help him move more with her and raise the Cassi and Tizi and click on Tiz Ali to be without Vaidh suddenly suddenly Zbh semen and did not open a hostel after five minutes of trying to open the Cassie I was very upset, Me and said my love, Hanan, let us rest. Shui, the wedding, you wear me down, I said, Take your rest, my love, and you I went to the bathroom crying and shocked and suddenly I heard the door of the bathroom beats and said my love Hanan in the Shi said to him not my love outside now and came out of the bathroom naked and chest shaking with each step Aktouha Tizi Raja her and near me and said my love do not make me make up for the morning I said to him my soul, the king of longevity and approached him and his father held his small Zbh attempt to raise him but not Vaidah and carried me to bed and fled to the bathroom and suddenly glimpsed pills under the head right and take them and if they are Viagra pills and the tape minus two loves known He entered the bathroom and drank one but the first maybe he drank it What’s attempts to open and Casey and realized as much as he is weak and that gender his first wife asked for a divorce because it is impossible estimated women live with this one ED shocked and the salvation of black everything in my eyes ,,,,,,,,,, complete the second part

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