Victoria worked late at the office . It’s just after 10pm as she walks down the busy street to the train station. As she walks past an alleyway an arm grabs her arm an pulls her in to the darkness. Do as I say says the dark masculine voice as he has his big black hand on her throat and pushes her against the wall. His big overcoat hides her from the pedestrians who are only metres away.
Unzip my pants pull out my cock . Victoria fumbles in the dark, his free hand guides her hand to his zipper , feeling the size and girth of this mans penis its huge and it grows in her hand as she strokes it, caresses the head , he pushes Victoria down , she provides little if any resistance .
Lick it white girl , put it in your mouth , his coat encloses me nobody can see the smile on my face as this big black man makes me suck his big black cock. Her little hand can not wrap around it I can barely get the head in my mouth , my tongue swirls around he tries to push more in. Her husband has an average limp 6″ white cock and he hasn’t fucked her in six months. Despite the money she has spent on sexy lingerie , sex toys, and I dragged him to a naturist park , nothing perked him up. If this big black cock is going to fuck me ….Oh god i’m so horny.
He comes in her mouth come so much cum she tries to swallow but can feel it down dribbling down her chin. Good girl he says. He spins Victoria around facing the big glass window of the closed shop and lifts her off the ground my skirt is around my waist as his big calloused hands run up my legs , pinned by his strong arms ,his hard manhood slides between her bare thighs , the gusset of her underwear is in the way .
Pull your knickers down …. My hands quickly push them down to my thighs … I’m gonna stretch your tight little white cunt with my big black cock he murmurs…
Victoria flexes her butt pushing back as she feels the head spread her pussy lips then rapidly fill her wet cunt , she is turned on she wants this… Fuck that … She needs to be fucked by this big black man with the big fuck stick .. he
withdraws , thrusts in and out, until his balls slap against her ass , harder and harder. Victoria feels her braless perky tits mashed against the cold glass her nipples respond through the sheer fabric of her blouse. She is stretched beyond pain, skewered on this pole she reaches her first climax , the second comes as the relentless pounding of her trimmed tight pussy continues , the waves come faster now , her body constantly trembling now orgasm on top of orgasm.
She feels his cock grow larger , how is that even possible she thinks, as his black seed fills her with warmth.
He continues pumping his hard dick in to her spurting more cum , his hand wipes some that has leaked out then puts it in Victorias mouth. She sucks his big rough skinned fingers covered in their juices… Mmmmmm
He lowers her gently to the ground and tells her to suck him clean which she eagerly does. The taste of her juices on this big joystick in her mouth .. Her fingers rub her clit … He tells her to stop that.. She complies…willingly, submissively … She puts his soft cock back in his pants . He has her handbag , he grabs her purse and walks away.

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