Ultimate Sin 2

Ultimate Sin 2
Nancy Long stood under the shower the water running over her, she lifted her face to feel the fine spray of the water , she wondered if Troy was just making all this up .
He wrote in such detail , she dried off put on some clothes went to the den , got on the family computer, started to do some searching on dreams.
What she found was people do write in detail about their dreams cause they seem so real to them, but was Troy still making all of this up ? and if so WHY?.
Troy got home found her inthe kitchen cooking dinner he gave her a kiss onthe cheeck he told she smelled good, she smiled, oh : dinner smells good too he laughed went to do his home work .
Jim came patted her ass kissing her neck he told her he was going out of town for a few days had a trouble shoot a system she walked by him cupped his balls calling Troy to come and eat. Nancy told Troy his dad was going out of town for a few days .
Troy asked all whys he got the tech stuff ok
Troy help Nancy with the dishes , she told him maybe he could stay home and they could figure out his dream problem, he leaves tomorrow early, Nancy made a call to the school telling them Troy will miss a few days due to family problems
Nancy was naked on the bed , holding her breast together while Jim was fucking them, she got the idea form Troy`s dreams but once again she was seeing Troy instead of Jim.
His long cock sliding between her breast her tongue could just touch his cock head she knelt taking his cock in her mouth bobbing her head feeling the veins of his cock on her tongue.
her hand was between her legs playing with her pussy.
Laying on her back legs open she held her pussy lips open she watch as his cock went in , like a second mouth it flexed as he pulled out went back in harder each time , picking up the pace her legs wrapped around him moving her ass up to met each down stroke.
they fucked side ways doggy style, Jim had already came once, he fucked her hard she moaned, she felt his hot cum shoot inside her.
Jim kissed her back tasting her sweat once he got off they both took a shower, , he was asleep in no time, Nancy slept till she woke looked at the clock it was One Am, she got out of bed walked to Troy`s room, she could hear noises.
Nancy quitely opened his door, she stood in the dor way looking at him he was naked, the covers were kicked off him , she could see the outline of his cock , as he jerked his hips upwards, she looked at him he was dreaming
she held her hand over her mouth, as she watch his cock jerk as he came , she watched as it ran down the whole length he had to be a few inches bigger than Jim`s she thought.
She backed out of the room , closed the door, she would read what he was dreaming about later . Nancy laid in bed but all that was on her mind she just seen his cock kept cumming.
Nancy had Troy take his dad to the airport
she walked up to his room, her hands shaking as she picked up his notebook, found his latest entry. She is walking down the aisle of our church
the way her ass wiggle one wonder if she is wearing any panties .
It`s like she can read my mind, she stands unzips her skirt stand out of it she wearing sheer pantyhose with no panties on , you could see her pussy so clear.
She lifts her foot begins to rub my cock thru my pants, my cock is so hard she tells me to take it out,she rubs her foot all over my cock . I get precum on her toe she tells me to lick off.
I do as am told, she bends over tells me to fuck her along her ass she want to feel my hot cum as in hit her back .
Nancy puts the book down, she had a flash back as she watched him cum, thats what he was doing to her fucking her in a church she looked down her pants were wet she had cum just by reading it. she found her self breathing hard just as she would have after fucking.
She was once again in the shower when she heard Troy`s car pull into the drive way, Troy was watching tv when Nancy came in. he turned the tv off nancy sat next to him they talked she told him what she found on the Web.
Some how they didnt have the right bonding for she was still young, and her mother wasn`t much help either. so she figured he just needed the right amount of attention, and so his mind made up those dreams , Troy looked at her: Mom he said some of my dreams are pretty freaking wer id , she told him she understood.
Then she asked him if he would like to act out some of his dreams: I wont tell your father either ; we have a few days think about it she kissed his fore head .as she walked away.
Troy walked into the kitchen, he hugged her he told her he would love her help she tilted his head up she kissed him on the lips. told him to get his note book.
They sat close together looking over each dream
Troy also told her Helen broke up with him she was going to a different school she told him she was so sorry.
He picked one, she read it : You sure she said he told her yes for some reason he has this one more often ok she said, she waited down stairs
then began to walk up to her room she opened the door Troy was on the bed with a pair of her panties around his cock .
She shouted at him : You little bastard! she jerked him up , her panties hanging on his cock
she held them up to her nose they was soiled she could smell her own pussy.
She told him to put them on, Troy did half his cock was out of the waist band. she sat onthe bed bent him over her knees gave him several hard licks.
Then told him to jack off in front of her, he asked will you get naked, she told him :I will not! then how can i jack off? If i dont see you Nancy took off her shirt Troy could see how hard her nipples were, she dropped her pants she wore dark blue panties he could see a wet spot too.
He laid on the bed in her panties she took off her bra , panties she laid next to him .her hand shaking as it took hold of his cock .
Nancy was stroking his cock she was soon kissing it she loved the way it smelled and it was bigger than Jim`s fatter too it strecht her mouth more when she took in .
Troy watched as he fucked his cock with her breast, she took his cock head in her mouth
Yes fuck my breast she said .he came all over his cock between her breast even her chin got some cum .
But his cock was still so hard, Troy watched as his mom lowered herself on his cock , he watched as her pusy lips parted one of his thick veins was rubbing against her clit he watched as she lifted off him the lips gripping his cock up and down she rode.
Troy had never felt this with Helen the way is mom was squeezing his cock with her pussy
Nancy was on her back now getting pounded by Troy his balls slapping her asshole
YEESSS FUUUCCCKKK MEEEE: she moaned Troy was fucking her hard he soon felt his cock swelling he tried to hold off but couldn`t he came deep inside her .
Nancy came too they kissed she told him not to worry about her getting pregant she can`t
they laid inbed the rest of the day. Later they found another dream to do.
The days went by Nancy was getting fucked twice a day she sometimes didnt even dress. others she would dress up they went to the mall .
she was in a fitting room with Troy he was licking her pussy while she tried on blouses.
Then she would suck his cock as he tried to put on jeans too small for him she would cups his balls pull down the zipper his cock would come out she knelt and began to suck him .
They stood at the doors of their church, she dressed in a mid lentgh skirt he watched as she walked up the aisle looking at her ass.
Nancy dropped her purse she bent over to pick it up she looked back smiled at him .
she found the zipper pulled it down her skir fell she stepped out of it she wore sheer white pantyhose. She was on all fours when she felt his cock along her ass, he began to fuck her just rubbing his cock along her ass, he told her he was about to cum she turned to face him mouth open she took all of his cum as it sprayed her face .
She licked her lips picked up her skirt put it back on they left .
Troy never had another dream at laest not about his mom .

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