Two way mirrors


Two way mirrors
I married a woman with 3 daughters my wife Kim was never married but had 3 daughters by 3 men. Monica the oldest was 26 she recently got out of a bad relationship and moved back home. Her shoulder length curly burgundy hair outlined her beautiful face. She was 6’ tall and heavy. A bbw body. Huge thighs and ass. Big belly and a B- cup tits. But absolutely gorgeous face. Second was Hanna she was 22 long brown hair nice plump lips average weight for someone 5’7 nice figure C-cup tits nice thick ass and thighs. Flattish stomach.
And then Mia the wild card she was 18 skinny a nice tiny ass. A cup tits so flat as a boy. She had dreadlocks dirty blonde in color. Beautiful face always with dark makeup. And a thigh gap like I never seen before. She was a knock out as far as beauty. Her lips , nose and tongue pierced.

So we had to get a bigger house for all of us. We searched everywhere until one day I found a house. Me and Kim went and looked at it. It was lower than our price range and had all the amenities we wanted, including a fully loaded home gym. There was only one problem.
The house had mirrors everywhere even the walls in the showers were mirrors. But we figured we can always change that. So we put a bid in.
Our bid was excepted and a month later we were all moved in.

It was a Monday morning I had the day off and everyone was at work except for me and Mia.
Mia was in her room listening to music. I could hear it playing cause her room was right on the other side of ours.
I was trying to get the large mirror off the wall but it wasn’t glued on the wall it was built it. Slowly I ran my fingers around the edge of the frame . Suddenly my fingers hit something underneath the frame. I grabbed a flashlight and looked under. A toggle switch!
So I hit the switch. The mirror turned see through. My mouth wide open as all I see is Mia squatting on her table, completely naked . Looking right at me , pinching her nipples and bouncing on a suctioning dildo.
Her wet pussy dripping all over the glistening cock. I waved my hands in front of her but she couldn’t see me. I watched her mouth moaning as she creamed the dildo. She started slapping her pussy . Her clit swollen and bright pink. Her nipples hard and pink. I had the biggest erection.
Quick I flipped the toggle back. Thinking to myself I shouldn’t watch her.

I started looking at all the mirrors. They all had toggles on one side. Thinking to myself what pervert lived here before us?

A few days passed and it was the weekend, I jumped into the shower and heard the water come on the other shower. Please be Mia I prayed. I flipped the switch to see Hanna perfect round tits, the soap dripping down her ass crack. My cock erected. All of a sudden Mia is standing there and hands Hanna her dildo. She smiled and stuck it to the wall. Her pussy swallowed the dildo as Hanna’s ass cheeks slammed the mirror. Her pink asshole right in my face. Her tits bouncing. I start stroking my cock, wishing it was my cock in that innocent pussy.
My bathroom door opens, quickly I flip the switch. My wife Kim opens the door and gets in the shower. Her hard nipples on her firm C-cup tits. Her flat belly and thick thighs. I pull her close. My cock stabbing her in the stomach. We started making out. My hands holding her firm ass , my index finger rubbing her asshole. I spin her around. She grabbed hold of the seat. Fuck me baby she moaned. My Cock slides balls deep into her pussy. It wasn’t long before she was climaxing. She screamed as her hips shudder in my hand. She looks back. Fuck me in the ass!
I grab the oil and lather up her little brown asshole. Shoving my cock deep. I reach down pulling her hair. Her back meets my chest as I plow away at her ass holding her tits. I pulled my hand out and press her against the mirror as I hold her cheeks apart pounding her asshole. Out the corner of my eye I noticed in the corner of the mirror it had a mark. I knew right then someone was watching me plow their mother in the asshole. I made sure to put on a good show. As I squirted my thick cum all over her face.
She left the shower satisfied. The mirror still switched I hit the toggle. To see Mia asshole swallowing her dildo as she looked back at me. My cock flaccid I started to stroke . She smiled and did the jerking off thing with her hand. I watched as the dildo plunged in and out of her asshole. After I was good and hard she pulled it out and dropped to her knees sucking it. I stroked fast and came again on the mirror. Mia licked her studded tongue up and down the glass where my cum sat.
She looks me dead in the eye and mouths I want your cock in my ass…
She pulled her dildo off and switch the mirror back. I finished and did the same.

The next day i didn’t know what to expect from Mia. She was in her room and I flipped the mirror. She was sitting at the mirror doing her makeup. She noticed the mirror switch and smiled. Her eyes were Smokey her lips dark red she stood up. And started texting.
My phone vibrated
I look at it.
Have you found the secret room yet?
Wanna see it?
Ok let me get dressed.

She unbuttoned her shirt and dropped it to the floor. She grinned and bit her bottom lip. She pulled on baggy sweatpants and a tank top and walked out. A knock on my door.
I opened it up and Mia grabbed my hand. You gotta see this she laughed.

We went down to the gym. I always thought the room seemed smaller than the house. She pushes a tile on the wall and a narrow door opens. We walk in and the door closes behind us.
There were monitors and cameras in every room. With a leather couch and a bed, fridge, tv, bathroom a cabinet with every bdsm sex toy ever made. Whips, cuffs, chains and more.
Wtf? I laughed
I sit in here all the time. I watched you fuck my mom and jerk off to Hanna that’s how I learned about the mirrors! She laughed.
Who else knows? I asked
Just me and you and we’re not telling anyone ok! She smiled
Also it’s completely sound proof cause I was locked in yelling at Monica and she couldn’t hear me! I finally found the exit. She laughed

She turned on all the monitors and walked to the back of the couch. She stripped and leaned over the couch.
I wanna feel your cum spray in my ass. She smiled.
I was hesitant and she walked over pulling my cock out she got on her knees and started sucking. C’mon daddy she giggled.
I’ll watch the cameras you destroy my ass she giggled.
When else would I get to fuck a 18 year old I thought to myself. I took my shirt off and stepped out of my pants. She returned to the back of the couch.
No foreplay just fuck me! She smiled
My hard cock pressed against her tiny pre lubed hole.
She looks back I like it rough… as she bit her lip. My hands on her hips I shove balls deep.
Omg yes she cried
Hurt me!
My balls slapping against her bald pussy over and over as I hate fucked her ass.
My hands grabbing at her non existent tits pinching her nipples. The harder I fucked the more she moaned. I pulled her hair and smacked her ass hard. Omg I’m gonna cum she cried. I reached down and rapidly rubbed her clit. I pounded so hard the couch was sliding across the carpet. She came hard. But I was far from done with her. I pulled her hair back, her back to my chest and my hand around her throat I started squeezing. My other hand smacking her tits. My balls slamming her wet pussy. I pushed her to the floor ass high in the air slamming away. Then I picked her up and threw her on the couch on her back. Omg your so powerful she moaned.
Pushing her feet over her head I rammed my cock into her ass over and over as I spanked her pussy hard. , my other hand I put my fingers in her mouth gagging her. The look in her eyes was more…
I pulled my cock from her ass and dick whipped her bald pussy. Then I ran it down her throat. Suck it bitch! As she gagged and gasped for air. I pulled it out and pushed it into her dripping wet pussy. Oh fuck she screamed I slammed her pussy hard when I finally pulled out I slammed it back in her asshole and she squirted all over me. Her body trembling as I pounded her sweet asshole into submission. I couldn’t take anymore and blew my load deep in her bowels. She moaned loudly omg yes!
I pulled my cock and made her suck me dry.

I picked her up and laid her on the bed. Softly kissing her lips.
Hold on … you wanna kiss me? She smiled
She grabbed me pulling me down and we made out for a half hour. My hands explored her beautiful body and my tongue licked her from head to toe.
We fucked two more times and got cleaned up before anyone got home.
We sat on the couch talking.
So out of all the women in the house who did you really want to fuck? Hanna?
No I laughed
But I have no tits!
Idc about that your perfect.
She smiled. Ok well are we doing this?
What do you mean?
Are we having a affair?
Yeah that’s what we’re doing…
So this wasn’t a one time thing?
Fuck no this is gonna be a everyday, every spare time event! I laughed
Oh we should get a hobby together where we can go on trips alone she laughed.
That’s not a bad idea! But you should go on the pill ASAP!
Ok that’s a good idea! I wanna feel your cum in my pussy too she smiled.

The family got home and we had a nice dinner.

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