Totally Chesty – Chapter 03

Totally Chesty – Chapter 03
Chapter 03 – Construction (aka How to Build a Bar)

Days of discussion, planning and meetings resulted on a final plan for the rundown bar Victor and Chris bought. The first thing to do was to get the original place’s blueprints and the blueprints of the new building, that Victor asked to be done by one of the region’s top architecture and building design offices.

Next, with the help from Lydia, Sam, Suzy and Pauline, they went to hire a construction company to help to bring down the old bar and raise a new one from their ashes. Rowman & Eccles was the one who signed for the job, one of the Steelport’s finest and they quickly appeared to start to do what they were paid (handsomely paid) to do.

First, the old building was completely torn down to give place to the new bar. The sextet watched the wrecking balls and machines put to the ground the old structure, ending its reign of decay and abandon. Many people would shed some tears if it was with some historical landmark but for a place that was being empty for years, no one would miss it.

After cleaning the debris and remaining wreck from the old place, a new bar and club had to be brought from the ground to the glory. And for the following months, Rowman & Eccles personnel were there to do their job and make those blueprint and drawings plans to become reality. To overseer the whole process, the company brought a couple of beautiful ladies, both of them with large chests to their record and very sexy looks and figures.

One of was a longhaired ‘dirty blonde’ called Michelle Quinn, Micki for short. The other, a short-haired brunette, was Charlene Jackson. Both were at their mid-30s and were at the top of their sexiness. One could wonder if they were enough distraction to their colleagues or anyone who hired them to manage a construction process, but they .

“Are you two the ones that came to manage the bar construction?”, Victor asked.

“Yes, the company sent us to help with the construction and oversee the guys. I am Micki and this is my friend and colleague Charlene”
“Nice to meet you two girls… Will be fun to see you girls helping us to build the bar”

“Well, seeing that the bar will be run by someone like you, it will be more than a pleasure”, smiled Charlene.

During the building construction, Micki and Charlene got to know better not only Victor, but as well Chris and the ladies. Right from the start, the two girls got the liking for Vic, but also had something of a flirt with Chris, Suzy, Sam, Pauline and Lydia. As both men already knew that Suzy, Pauline and Lydia knew each other more than just a regular friendship, it could mean that their best sexual fantasies could, someday, become reality, as big fans of lesbian sex and female bisexuality as both Victor and Chris were.

Rising from the ashes like a phoenix, the building became reality, twice the size of the original and with a more imposing look than the old bar. After the building work as one, Chris told Micki and Charlene plus the employees of the company that they were invited for the opening of the bar and the girls received the promise they would be installed at the VIP area. With nice ladies like those, a promise has to be a fulfilled one.

After the structure was one, it was time to work at the inside, and for that, the two partners plus Sam handed budget and freedom to Lydia, Suzy and Pauline to work on that. Through Sam’s advice, they hired the services of Stella, mother of her best friend Clover, a decorator that quickly took the handle of the job and started to guide the three ladies through the ordeal to make that bar the best thing ever done at Steelport.

It took some time, but when the things finally fell into its respective places, the bar was pretty much done and set. It had two floors plus a mezzanine where people could oversee the dancefloor and where the VIP boxes were housed, if someone wished to have privacy and watch a show or performance with a privileged view from the place.

The first floor, known as the ‘ground floor’, had the main entrance and a lobby where people could spend some time before taking a place at the bar, twice the size of the original, with a larger counter and the double of tables, everything set like if it was a mix between a ‘classic’ place and anything 21st century state of the art. At the aforementioned level, there was the dance floor with a large stage, where DJs and bands could comfortably do their job and also the kitchen and the storage room, both ‘protected’ from the main bar by corridors.

The second level, above the mezzanine level, housed most of the VIP rooms, where people could enjoy special sets of music and a special list of food and beverages. There, also it was located the offices of Victor, Chris, Sam and Lydia, plus a meeting room and the club’s employees’ special boxes, where they could be if they wanted to enjoy their time without being bothered. Everything like any respectable bar demanded, plus a vast number of restrooms, emergency exits and other stuff to make everyone safe and happy.
During the retooling process, they found out they still needed help and went to shop for a waitress. They found theirs with Britney Houston, a longhaired brunette that also was a nomination by Sam, showing how much the young redhead was influential (not in a bad way) for their decisions.

“I never worked as a waitress before, Mr. Victor, but I am here to do the best possible job I can”

“You will have time to pursue that, Britney. We are going to train you for a while so you will be like a champion waitress when we begin to do the real deal”

Other thing present during that time was the fact the group was getting really close to each other, with one of the notable cases being Sam and Chris. The other members of the team knew they had a history given the fact one of the bar’s owners was a friend of her family but they did also noticed that they glanced at each other in a way that it didn’t seemed ‘boss-employee’ way. Chris admired her personality, intellect and the way she ran the things but also admired her body and looks. At Sam side, the same could be told given she always noticed the muscles from the former Army member’s body, taking a liking for the gracious man that had the idea to bring him to that place.

Victor’s relationship with Suzy and Pauline was another case for study. Both pretty much became closer together to the point they started to talk about anything, even about their sexual lives. The ladies shared their deviant adventures with each other and Lydia while Victor shared details of his relationship failures. Also the way they looked at each other made it sure that they were about to tear each other’s clothes and have all the sex right at the spot.

As the days for the great opening approached, a last detail was still standing: how to name the bar. The team put up a few suggestions until Chris gave the one who won the hearts of his colleagues.

“I had the idea of naming the bar ‘The Den’”

“’The Den’? Why this name?”, Victor asked.

“It was a place me and the guys at the Army visited after the training. One of those road places where people drank and talked about the good days”

“It’s not a bad name. It’s better than the names of bars I went”, pointed Lydia.

“I like it… its striking and the sound really gets you to be interested”, added Suzy.

With the name being chosen, only the last preparations were to be done before the grand opening. Now they had the place and the things to start a new chapter on their lives. And a journey of lust, fun and material and spiritual wealth was about to begin…

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