Tom, Kimmy, And Shemeeka Part 2


Tom, Kimmy, And Shemeeka Part 2
Giggling at Toms reaction I go do my shopping and then head over to Kelly’s. I arrived a little early and did not see her, so I grab a booth in a quiet area, and told the waitress I was waiting on a friend and ordered a glass of wine. I see her come in and wave to her to get her attention, smiling, a little nervous smile she walks over and with a great deal of timidity she says hello again and sits down. We order food, eating quietly, I break the silence, “what’s up,” as I give her hand a gentle squeeze. “I’m sorry,” she said, “I’m Bi and seeing you laying there, so beautiful, I got carried away.” “No worries, Shemeeka, all is fine” I replied. As we were getting ready to leave, she quietly asked if I would consider coming over to her place for a couple of hours. “Only if you stick those fingers in me a lot deeper this time,” was my reply. Smiling, she gave me her address and phone number in case I got lost. We left Kelly’s holding hands.

It had been about 4 hours since Kimmy’s text when I heard her car pull into the driveway. She walked in, set her things down, came up to me and putting her arms around, kissed me long and deep.

“And, just what have you been up to.” I asked?

“I’ll never tell” she giggled.

“Really!” “You just march upstairs little girl; I’m going to spank it out of you!”

“Oh, thank you Daddy!”

As she goes up the stairs, I can’t help but wonder how her freshly waxed asshole and pussy look. As we’re going into the bedroom, she’s pulling her top off. Sitting down on the bed, she starts to dance for me as she slowly strips of her clothes. Turning around, swinging her ass and exposing her asshole and pussy lips, I start to kick off my cloths. Standing up I let my jeans drop and pull my shorts off over my rock-hard cock. She smiles as I walk up to her, embracing her I kiss her deeply, sticking my tongue in her mouth she starts sucking it hungerly.

Breaking off the kiss, “on your knees, girl!”

“Yes daddy.”

Kneeling in front of me, looking up into my eyes, I place my cock into her mouth and push to the back of her throat.

“You will suck my cock and when I am ready, I will take you over to the bed, put you over my knee, and give you ten hard slaps to your bare ass. You will then confess to me all you did with this girl you were with this afternoon.” Looking up she nodded yes and continued to suck harder and harder. “While you’re telling me what the two of you did to each other, I will give more hard slaps, as I see fit.”

Pulling my cock out, I help her stand up and lead her over to the bed. She willingly crawls over my lap and offers me her hand so she can’t cover up. I order her legs to be spread as I stick two fingers deep into her pussy, she’s dripping wet! Pulling my hand out I slap her bare ass, as hard as I can, ten times. She squirms, gasps, and cry’s out after each slap putting on an amazing show as her cheeks start to turn red.

“Tell me the story.”

In a voice that was slightly trembling, she said, “it was at the end of the session when she was oiling the areas that she waxed. When she got to my pussy her hands became gentle and she slowly rub the oil into my clit and lips. I could see that she was enjoying what she was doing so when I was leaving, I asked if we could lunch together.

“What, you asked her to lunch? That’s three more slaps!” The slaps were hard! “Continue!”

“When we finished lunch, she asked me to spend the afternoon with her, so I went back to her place. When she shut the door, she came up to me and we started to kiss. She kisses so good!”

“Oh, she kisses good, that’s three more slaps!” The slaps were harder. “Continue!”

“She said she wanted to take a shower with me, so we got undressed and got into the shower where we soaped each other up. When we were done, she took me to her bed, put me on my back, and kissed me long and slow. Then she went down on me. She pushed my legs back and rimmed my asshole before she started to suck my clit. She worked my clit until I came like crazy!”

Pulling my fingers out of her dripping wet pussy, I gave her three more slaps, and asked her, “what did you do for her?”

“The same thing, and then we laid there and kissed and played with each other the rest of the afternoon.

“Describe Shemeeka to me.”

“She’s about my height with dark brown skin and short hair. Nice round tits that hang a little, a little bit of fat around her waist, her eyes look like she might have some Asian in her. I think she’s beautiful!”

“Did she say anything else?”

“Yes, she offered to do a threesome with us.”

“All right then, we’re going to finish up this spanking and then you will go to the bathroom and get a tube of lube, you’re getting fucked in the ass!”

“Yes daddy, thank you for spanking me.”

Firmly holding her hand, I start slapping her ass. Slowly at first, watching her ass turn redder and redder, squirming and kicking her feet, the slaps keep coming harder and harder. When she can no longer hold back, she starts crying uncontrollably, I give her a few more and then stop. Rubbing her ass, I slip my fingers back into her pussy and start feeling her up, she’s dripping wet. In a few minutes I let go of her hand and she gets up and goes for the lube.

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