Time for another physical exam!


Time for another physical exam!
I had recently completed and appointment with a new doctor just to meet him and discuss my health. After arriving and sitting in the waiting room for about 15 minutes, I was called in to be seen. A cute, young female nurse attended to me by weighing me and taking me to a room to wait for the doctor. In the room, she took my vitals and blood pressure. After finishing, she said the doctor would be in shortly. I thanked her, she said “you’re very welcome”, and she left, closing the door behind her.

After about another 15 minutes, there was a knock on the door and then Dr. James came in. He cheerfully said hello and we began to talk about me. Dr. James was wearing the traditional long, white coat. He was a slender man, about 5 feet 10 inches tall, in his early 70’s probably with blondish/white hair. No facial hair at all but he did have at least 70 years worth of wrinkles. Not a particularly handsome man but he was a distinguished and professional looking man. I always observe the details about men when I meet them, I can’t help it since my motor is always running… if you know what I mean.

We discussed a few topics, nothing major and then he asked about my last physical. I told him that it had been many years since my last one. He said that he’d make an appointment for me for a week from now to have a physical exam. I agreed, the appointment was made with the girl at the front desk and I left.

A week flew by and I found myself thinking that the next day was my appointment with Dr. James again. Since I knew what basically happens at a physical, including probably being naked, my feminine side took over and just had to get myself ready for the exam. Being it was the day before the exam, I began to prepare myself by shaving my body in the shower. I’m not very hairy but whenever I’m going to be naked in front of any man, I make sure every bit of me is hairless and smooth. I began with soaping myself up again after already showering. A brand new razor did the job nicely as I shaved the little hair I had on my chest, legs and pubic area. I always keep my pubic area trimmed down to nothing but stubble so shaving goes quickly. In about 30 minutes, I was totally shaved and smooth. I rinsed off, stepped out of the shower as I grabbed my towel and proceeded to dry myself off. I took my bottle of aloe lotion and began to rub my whole body. I have a full length mirror in my bathroom so I was looking at myself as I rubbed my shaved, smooth, slim, feminine-like body. I couldn’t help but to slowly get an erection as I looked at myself as I rubbed the lotion on my stomach, thighs and genital area. I stroked my uncut cock in a satisfying manner then moved my hands to my perky, full buttocks and rubbed the lotion on and also rubbed it in between my cheeks and onto my anus. I focused on my taint, in between my legs and my smooth, full testicles. Although I felt rather horny, I knew I wasn’t going to masturbate. I didn’t want to just so I was at full horniness tomorrow at my appointment… you never know what could happen… or make happen.

After totally covering myself from head to toe, every nook and cranny with my lotion, I felt satisfied that I was done. My body was smooth and glistened and was so, so soft and caressable. I brushed my teeth and got in bed naked. My satin sheets felt fantastic against my smooth, fem body.

The next morning, I got up at 6am. I put on my robe since it was chilly. I went to the bathroom, made breakfast and put some things away in my garage that were in the den. My appointment was at 10am, it was 8:30 am now so I got in the shower. Again, I made sure every bit of me was clean and spotless. I payed special attention to cleansing my buttock and anus. I got out and quickly rubbed on another womans lotion that I love the smell of. It smells like sweet cherries. I rubbed it on my arms, neck, chest, back, buttocks, thighs, anal area, penis, testicles, calves, lower legs and feet. I smelled wonderfully delicious.

I decided to wear new, jet black boxer briefs. These were extra sexy mens underwear to me because they were made from a stretchy, spandex type material that was shiny when it stretched ultra tightly over my smooth thighs and plump ass cheeks and especially they created a cute, shiny, round bulge of my tightly packaged penis and balls. Of course I have a wide variety of panties, crotchless, G, thong and boy short type that I wear regularly for everyday and special occasions but I didn’t want to wear anything too erotic not knowing Dr. James well.

I finished dressing, putting on some nice jeans I like, short black socks, black tennis shoes, and a somewhat tight off-white polo shirt. I did my hair and left for my appointment.

Upon arriving at the doctors office, I sat down after signing in and waited a bit nervously to be called. I don’t know why I was nervous. I suppose it was actually nervous, excitement because my mind is always set on horny.

The same cute nurse from before came out from behind the main exam area door and called my name. I came up to her and she happily said “Hi! Nice to see you again!”. I replied as enthusiastically and she took me to the exam room where she proceeded to take my vitals again after jotting down my weight. “The doctor will be right in”, she said. I told her thanks and she closed the door. I waited with an excitement while browsing through my social media apps. I saw some pictures of some really hot, half naked girls and that got me going a little. Then I looked up some sexy crossdresser pics on my browser… oooh, I found some nice ones. Some CD’s in super sexy outfits in various scenarios: some legs spread, some giving head, some getting fucked. My penis began to swell and I felt my tight, spandex boxer briefs getting tighter around my crotch area. Just then there were two quick knocks and Dr. James came in. “Good morning”, he said. I said good morning as well and asked him how he was as I put my phone down next to me. The last image I was looking at of a crossdresser sucking a fat mans cock while she wore a blonde wig, tons of make-up, big red wet lips, red corsett, black stockings and red heels. I left it on on purpose.

Dr. James sat down on his stool and looked at my chart. He then said, “ok, go ahead and disrobe except for your underwear. I coyly said “great, it was getting warm in here!”. He chuckled and looked some more at my info as I took off my shirt, pants, shoes, and socks. I put walked over to a chair and put my clothes on it and bent over, my back to Dr. James, while I placed my shoes on the floor. I turned around and noticed right away that Dr. James was glancing at my smooth legs. I came back to the exam table and got up and sat on it, with my arms behind me bracing me. This position made my bulge more pronounced and unavoidable.

Dr. James asked me a few questions. One of the questions was if I had an HIV test. I told him I gave blood a few months ago. He said, “oh, then you’re ok because they check for things like HIV. Good thing you’ve had a healthy sex life”. I giggled and said, “a verrrry healthy sex life, haha”. “Oh sorry, that’s not how I meant it, oops”, Dr. James said regretfully. “It’s ok Dr., I’m just playing with you, I like to play around… safetly, hahaha” I was already trying to flirt with him, I can’t help myself sometimes. Regardless of what man is in front of me it seems. I love to flirt! Dr. James was just looking straight at me with his mouth slightly opened, emotionless then gave me a big, shy smile which relieved my thought that I might scare him. He rolled his stool up to me. His head was at the same height as my chest as I sat on the exam table. He began to start the exam by listen to my chest with his stethoscope, he then moved the stethoscope down to my stomach, then to my abdomen. I was looking at him the whole time. As he listened to my abdomen, he looked at my smooth thighs and my sexy black, uber tight boxer briefs. He stayed like that for what seemed like a minute. “You like smoothness”, he said. “Oh, you mean my legs, haha, yeah, honestly I prepped all over for our visit today. Is that weird, haha?” “No, I’ve seen it before quite a bit, not weird at all”, he said. “Very nice”, he commented. “Ooh, thank you Dr.”, I answered.

Old Dr. James then grabbed my chart from the edge of the exam table and wrote down a couple of things. I still wasn’t sure if we were mutually flirting, but I was hoping. I don’t have to find any man particularly attractive in order to fantasize about having sex with him or actually wanting to have sex with him. What turns me on is getting to a sexual point and going further, especially with someone I don’t know or hardly know. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had wonderful sex with friends, regular sex partners and people I deal with on a regular basis like co-workers, but I get a huge charge from starting from scratch with a man that I do not know how far sexually he’ll go with me, if at all.

I felt sexy and horny sitting on that table just because I was in there alone with Dr. James while all I wore were my small, tight, black underwear. “Hmmm, go ahead and lay down face up on the table”, he said. I gladly obliged and scooted my butt back and positioned myself horizontally on the table but near the side edge. I thrust my buldge up and down a couple of times to give him a good look at it. He was standing now next to the table and was looking at my crotch. Because I was near the side edge of the table, Dr. James caught me off guard by grabbing me by my hips and shifting me over more to the center of the table. He did it in three short shifts of my pelvis. “There you go, that the way”, she said with a smile. “Thanks Doc” I said with a flirty smile. He stood there looking at my body for a second with his hands crossed in front of him. I heard a quick “mmm” come from him. “I, uh, I just gotta tell you, being hairless and smooth really suits you, is this regular for you?”, he asked. I chuckled and very slowly, flirtatiously began to rub my legs together, raising my right knee up an down slowly against my other leg. “I like to be smooth”, I simply said”. YES! I knew I hooked him now! My mind and heart raced with what I came expecting to do here today!

Dr. James began the next part of my physical examination. I believe though that he still wasn’t very sure about me, but he would find out. He began to press gently with his hand on the right side under my rib cage. “Any pain?” “No”, I said. He then pressed in the middle of my stomach gently, almost caressing. I was looking at his hand and his face intently. He slid his hand over and touched my left side and squeezed softly. Then his hand came up to my chest and he very gently squeezed my left breast, “does that hurt?”, he asked quietly. “No”, I answered but I was also now breathing heavier so I answered in a bit of a breathy manner. He glided his hand left hand over to my right breast and gently squeezed it while putting his right hand on my right thigh. “Is that ok?”, he asked now. “Yes, uh-huh”, I said while slowly closing and opening my eyes. I was now rubbing my legs against each other more obviously. He left my right breast but he gently rubbed my right nipple as he removed his hand. I think he just wanted to be sure I was on board with the situation but he was still behaving mostly as a doctor. I wanted to push him over the edge. He took his right hand off of my right thigh and pressed on my abdomen. “Here, let me help you”, came from me. I pulled the top of my sexy underwear down just about the base of my penis and he caressed and gently put pressure on my abdomen. My eyes were closed now and my chest was beginning to heave a little as my breathing escalated in frequency of breathes. “Ok?” “Uh-huh”, I said as I swallowed the saliva that was building up in my mouth. Finally, as my eyes were closed, I felt old Dr. James place his entire hand on my tightly packaged cock and balls.

My cock wasn’t hard but it certainly was chubby. Together with my balls, it was a nice semi-soft, bulging package of sensitivity under my tight, black, spandex smooth underwear. Oh Dr. James. He slowly rubbed and softly squeezed my boy toys and I excitedly opened my eyes. I looked at Dr. James and he was staring harshly at my genital area. He then turned his sights to my face as I lay there and he asked if that felt good. I said it felt wonderful and I reached out and placed my right hand on his on his left butt cheek, or where it would be under his long, white coat. He then turned his vision back to my crotch as he continued to caress and feel me up. I continued to rub his left buttock and the back of his thigh as to give him my approval of his actions on me.

As he groped me, my cock began to grow in size and push against my tight underwear and his hand. His left hand was back at my right nipple and he was rubbing it lovingly as he still was enjoying himself. I was rubbing my left nipple with my left hand fingers, breathing very heavily now and moaning a little. “I love your smooth body, and your sexy underwear”, damnit, almost a womans body”, he said. I thanked him for the compliment, to me that was a great compliment. “You smell terrific too!” Dr. James said happily.

He then told me to stand up. When he stopped caressing and groping me, I was a little sad but I wanted to please him so I did what he said and stood up. He reached in his pants pocket and pulled out his phone. He put it up near his face and raised his eyebrows. He was asking if it was ok to take pictures. I smiled and nodded. Dr. James told me to put my hands against the wall and turn back to look at him, I did and he got a few full body pictures. I was still wearing my underwear. Then He told me to put my forearms on the exam table and stick my butt out. He snapped a few more photos. I pulled my underwear down as I was resting my left forearm on the table. I pulled my underwear down on the right side exposing all of my smooth, perky, plump right ass cheek. “Mmmm”, I heard from him as he took more pictures. “Have you had a prostrate exam?” Dr. James asked. “Not today”, I smiled. He did too. He turned over to his cabinets and took out a jar. He shoved two fingers in the jar, no glove, and turned back to me and told me to pull my underwear down. I gladly and quickly did pulling them down to my knees. My back was to Dr. James. He walked back over to me and sat on his stool which he rolled up to me. He then told me to bend over and hold my ass cheeks apart. I did. I was bent over the exam table, resting my chest on it and looking over my right shoulder at Dr. James. I saw him bring his face close to my ass then he kissed my right ass cheek softly, then licked it. My asshole was all the way exposed since I was spreading my cheeks. He came in close, inhaled and said I smelled delightful, like sweet cherries. Dr. James proceeded to lick my anus with his long, warm, pointed pink tongue. It tickled me tremendously and I raised my right knee in delight!

He licked my anus eagerly as I watched. He stopped now and then to lick around my anus and kiss and suck my ass cheeks. My cock was standing straight up, thick and hard. “Here we go”, Dr. James said as he poked his finger inside of me, then the other. I’m not tight at all so it’s not difficult to enter my asshole. As a matter of fact, my asshole is very pussy-like.

His two fingers entered and exited me in a rhythm, deeply. He placed his left hand on top of my ass while he enjoyed himself with my asshole. I grunted and moaned as he finger banged me. “You feel so good and soft baby”, Dr. James said as he poked his two, then three fingers in me. My asshole stretching easily. When he confirmed how easily he could get three fingers in me, he must have decided to experiment. He got more lube out of the jar with the hand he was finger banging me with. His hand was coated now. “Are you enjoying it?”, he asked. “Oh definitely”, I breathlessly said. Dr. James put the tips of all five of his fingers together and began prodding at my asshole again. I moaned quietly and said, “do it”. He grabbed the front of my left hip with his left hand and slowly but surely shoved his right hand into my ass. It – felt – AMAZING! My eyes rolled up. I could feel his knuckles enter as his hand brushed passed my prostrate. He went in up to his wrist without much resistance. He tickled me from inside and it was just such an incredible feeling! I wanted to pass out from ecstasy! He twisted his hand inside of me then started to pull out, but I quickly caught his hand and pushed it brutally back in me. My head went back in pleasure and pain as I grunted my delight.

Being a doctor, he must of had some extra special lube because there was hardly any pain, really no pain after the initial two times his hand entered me. He slid in and out of me for about ten minutes. It was heaven. He knew the human body well. He would pull out and drive be insane when he rubbed my anus. Oh my god! My anus itched and trembled with his touch and rub! My cock was now wet from extraordinary amounts of clear pre-cum.

He finally stopped after about 15 minutes of hand banging me. During that time, the nurses knocked on the door at least three times. Each time he said he would be out soon, I hoped he would stay all morning with me. He got some paper towels from the wall and carefully wiped the lube off of my ass and anus. Then he pulled my underwear back up. “Lay back down on the table sweetie”, he told me. I layed back down feeling like I just smoked three joints. After laying down on my back, Dr. James came up to me and stuck his hand down the front of my tight, black spandex underwear. He squeezed my cock and balls angrily. He had a very serious look on his face as he squeezed my bits. It hurt tremendously but all I did was let out a little whimper. Then he smiled and let go and rubbed my cock and balls and said “there, there”. I pouted and made a frowny face. He said, “It’s ok baby, here”. He then unzipped his pants and produced a long, pink, circumcised, hard cock. I immediately reached for it, grabbed it and brought it to my mouth and my mouth to it. It’s an automatic reaction for me to do that whenever there’s a penis presented to me.

I greedily took his cock in my mouth as I lay there and sucked it ever so willingly and eagerly. Dr. James looked down at me as I sucked his cock like a veteran prostitute and he enjoyed what I was doing. He wanted to pull my underwear off but didn’t want to take his cock out of my mouth so he partially got them down as I was lying down. I did the rest and pulled them down, raising my legs, first one, then the other to get my underwear off totally. After I got them off, I threw them across the room. I was now totally naked, Dr. James began to stroke my smooth, hairless body and cock.

I continued to suck his cock like a pro. I held his balls like a cow utter and gently squeezed and pulled them down and forward towards me because I wanted more of his cock to enter my mouth. I was able to deep throat him finally. He was a good 7 inches so I was able to feel the tip of his cock on the back of my throat. I don’t gag so I clicked the back of tongue against the back of my throat, he really reacted with joy to that feeling. “Oh yes sweetie, I love it!” Hearing him inspired and excited me to please him even more! I was sucking his sweet, old cock rhythmically and happily. He was now stroking my hard uncut cock at the same time. It didn’t take very much stroking to get me to the point of nearly cumming. As I sucked his cock, I would occasionally squeeze my eyes tightly shut and moan loudly. I’m sure the nurses heard me outside of this sexual exam room. As I felt closer to cumming, I angrily sucked and gnawed at Dr. James cock. I would stop every now and then and stroke him with the hand that was squeezing his balls. I stroked him hoping he would shoot.

Dr. James continued to stroke me and I went back to sucking him greedily, his cock and balls soaking wet from my saliva. I felt an explosion inside my rectum as the head of my cock swelled up twice it’s normal size. My hot man milk traveled through me and erupted in mad convulsions out of my rock hard cock. Dr. James continued to stroke me mercilessly as I shot! Long, gooey spurts of my milk landed on my face, chest, stomach and finally abdomen. I was writhing in ecstasy but I never once stopped sucking my horny doctors meat stick! As I was shooting, I sucked even harder and swallowed his cock even deeper!

Dr. James, still enjoying my blowjob, started to rub my cum all over my smooth body with his hands. He rubbed my cum on my face, nipples, tummy. Then he stuck his fingers in my mouth. At that point I stopped sucking his cock and grabbed his hands that were coated in my cum and began licking them clean! I licked his palms dry and sucked each finger of my sweet fem-man cum. When his hands were cum free, I turned over on the table, got on my knees, reached down with my face and picked up sucking my sweet doctors cock where I had left off. My smooth, totally naked slim body must have been hard for him to resist because as I continued to suck his cock, he still was rubbing my back and my ass now. Dr. James played with my anus as I happily sucked away. I could then hear Dr. James breath becoming heavier and heavier.

Dr. James began thrusting his cock in my mouth as I shoved my mouth on it at the same time. Then he grabbed the back of my head with both of his hands and began to give a long moan as he thrust. I was excited for the gift I was about to receive! “Ahhh!” “Ahhhhhh!” Dr. James first small spurts of the familiar taste of cum hit the middle of my tongue, then… SPLASH, SPLASH, SPLASH, SPLASH, SPLASH, SPLASH!!! Fat ropes of doctor cum shot the back of my throat as I made sure to get every spurt of hot cum. My mouth began to fill with cum. I sucked his cock tightly, very tightly in order to suck every drop of delicious, sweet honey cum out of him. There are some ancient societies that believe you can not become a man until you suck the cock and swallow the cum of the village elders. I remembered that fact and felt proud that I was swallowing down every drop of cum of a man as educated and important as a doctor… haha, not really, this was just great sexual fun! I love finding out if a man who is not obviously gay will let me have sex with him or at least let me give him a fantastic blowjob… I love it!

After I finished off Dr. James, I asked him if he enjoyed himself. As he was zipping up, he said “I don’t remember when I had a better time at the office!”. “Hahaha”, I laughed. I really don’t think he is gay, I just think he couldn’t resist a sexy, smooth, feminine guy like me making advances at him. Being that he’s so old, I doubt he’s had any sexual action from his wife in years. I saw a ring on his finger. “Well, you were delicious Doctor, thank you”, I said as I smiled and batted my eyelashes at him. He smiled and said we should make an appointment for a follow up visit in two weeks. “Two weeks!, I can hardly wait”, I said. “Let me take one more picture of you”, Dr. James said. “Ok”, I obliged. He grabbed his phone again and posed me, I was still naked with cum on my face – my cum. I posed naked on top of the table with my legs spread, cock now cute and tiny since I had shot already. He took a picture. Then I turned and showed him my ass, spread my cheeks and he took another picture. “This is great, I’ll use these later”. I guess he was going to be jacking off to my pictures whenever the mood hit him.

“Ok, I’ll see you in two weeks baby”, Dr. James said. “For sure doctor!” I happily replied. He smiled and left the room but left the door wide open. I was still totally naked. Nurses and patients were walking through the hall and of course they looked in my room as they passed. I wasn’t embarrassed because I’m an exhibitionist too. It was just icing on the cake to be gawked at by strangers as I stood there naked and fresh from a sex session. I started getting dressed, people still walking by and looking at me. After dressing, I walked out, went to the front desk, some cum still on my face and made the appointment with the girl at the front desk for two weeks from now. The appointment was made and I know she, as well as the people in the waiting room saw the strange substance that still was partially on my face. No one said anything but it was still a huge turn on to walk around with cum on my face, even if it was my own.

I was looking forward for my next appointment and was already thinking how I could spice it up more. Maybe wear a pair of my sexy, lacy panties next time, lingerie?, pantyhose?… hmm.

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