Third and Fourth Bi Times

Third and Fourth Bi Times
Following on from my meets with the two guys named Tony, I kept on looking on the adult friend site I was a member of for more. A guy from nearby Macclesfield who could accommodate who winked at me first and I winked back in March 2006. And then we started to message each other and I talked with Alan and then talking about meeting so we arranged to meet at his place as I was due to visit Macclesfield on the coming Saturday. On the Friday evening I phoned him at home as directed to finalise the visit and all was well. On the day I travelled by train to Macclesfield and then walked to his address as per his instructions. I knew he was disabled but not much more than that so I went with an open mind and was soon knocking on his door. He was partially disabled and used crutches or his wheelchair to move around the ground-floor flat where he lived. He is also a smoker, which I didn’t know and so this certainly made him look his age of 50. After a quick chat on his sofa, we moved to his bedroom and striped off our clothes and got onto his bed and I started to wank him. I wasn’t too impressed by his cock as it certainly wasn’t 7 inches when hard as he said on the site but not much I could do about that now so I just got on. Nothing against guys with small cocks soft or hard they can sometimes work magic (as I would find out during the next few years) but with a barely 3 ins. soft cock I got to work wanking him. He got hard quite quickly and was puffing and groaning long before I made him cum after a few minutes. I had brought some squirty cream which I sprayed onto his cock and I gave him a nice blow job on his bellend. I’m not sure if the cream really worked but anyway he came and creamed his cock onto his body. He did at least have a good load of cum for me and I took some photos of me wanking him and as he was cumming.

I then laid back and let him wank my cock. I said I was ok if he wanted to suck my cock but he said he didn’t not just yet so he just got on and wanked me and it wasn’t long before I came and spurt over me and the bed sheets. After laying there chatting for a few minutes we got up and cleaned up and we both had a quick wash to get the cum off our bodies. We soon got dressed and I left. We were going to meet again later in the afternoon but that didn’t happen in the end as his carer was coming round to visit.

I met him a further 7 times and it was mostly wank suck stuff that we did although he did let me rub his anus with my bellend, which he seemed to like but I never went any further with an anal sex. After March 2007 I didn’t hear from him again.

My fourth guy was another from the same adult friend site and I only met him twice but boy did he have a massive cock. First meet Andy drove me in his minibus van to a quiet spot and we got out in the darkness and had a good wank and suck both cumming. I didn’t have a tape measure on me but he was well over 8 ins. long and very meaty thick shaft at least double of mine in thickness. Wow doesn’t even describe him. Second meet was a bit rushed and it didn’t feel as good. Shame as he really was well hung….

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